Arriving at the park, Sabrina stretched, having still not fully recovered from the cramped quarters of both the plane and MetroLine. "Oi, free transportation's nice and all, but they could try to make it feel a little less like a sardine can!" She looked back to see if she was talking to herself. "Polonius? You there?"
"I'm right here I-I'm right here miss Sabrina..." Polonius said as he walked to her side, scratching his chin as he looked around the spacious area. "Odd... my dorm was around here but I don't think I've seen the park in person before...It's... beautiful."

"Ahhh..." DNR said as he appeared in his hologram form, giggling a bit. "Isn't this a nice place SplashLady? It's so calm and relaxing... A lot like the sea you love and revere so much.
Yep, he was there, all right. And he was right...the park really was beautiful. "Yeah, it really is. We've got an all right park where I'm from, but it's not nearly as good as this one..."

"Like the sea, huh?" SplashLady looked around, taking the park in. "I guess, but if it were up to me, I'd have more fountains and stuff!"

"Yeah, and how many millions of zenny would that cost?" Hmm...well, she had nothing to say at the moment. Which meant...making up small talk! "You know, I'm glad I've been able to check out Electopia! It's really a nice country!"

"And the Nets are pretty nice, too! ACDC and SciLab are taken care of even better than Netopia's Net! And of course, there's ones like Yoka that are really great for elemental Navis! There's some places we haven't been yet, though. Personally, I'd like to give that one place a try...what was it called again?"

Sabrina pulled out a pamphlet containing basic information on DenCity and its surrounding areas, and checked it out. "Let's see...oh, Beach Street! Sounds like a fun place to check out to me! We could go over and check out some place called Hades Isle, too!"

"Sure you wouldn't get scared if you went someplace like that?"

"Who, me? Never!" ...Okay, maybe not never. But she wasn't letting Polonius or DNR know that. "In fact, once we've got some free time after the tournament, that's where we're going!"

"We'll see about that!" A sudden glare from her operator let her know that continuing that particular avenue of discussion was not a good idea. "So...have you guys ever been to either of those places? It'd be nice to know a little more about them if we could..."
"Fountains eh?" DNR asked curiously "Well... I could see fountains popping up around here, very nice..."

"So where are you from then Sabrina? I know my family used to be from Netfrica but I've been to Netopia once... my father works there himself.

"But Hades Net isn't that bad Splashlady, sure the fiery lava popping up might scare some people to death but its really like a fountain sprout when you get used to it..." DNR said with a smirk.

"Oh I've been to Beach Street too! I kinda work there myself..." Polonius said with a bit of a blush as he looked to the flowers besides them.

...Well yeah, he'd been to Netopia once...where did he think the Colosseum was? Ah well, Sabrina didn't see any particularly good reason to make fun of the fact. "I was born and raised in southern Netopia! I have a little bit of Electopian in me, but that's several generations back, so it doesn't show any."

"Lava, huh? That's pretty fitting for a place called Hades...but I bet it'll be nothing once my water gets to it!" SplashLady held up her spear, but not in a threatening way...more like she was using it like a magical staff, summoning something. "This thing couldn't pierce a helmetless Mettaur, but I think you'd be surprised at just how good it is at making water!" "And if it doesn't, I'm up the creek without a paddle...and probably with Powies tied to my feet...

The Beach Street remark caused the Netopian girl to raise an eyebrow. "Really? On Beach Street? That seems like kind of a weird place for a med student to work..."
"Huh... well... mistakes happen... so your part electopian huh? Interesting..." Polonius said as he looked at Sabrina, his curiosity arising.

Mean while, DNR curiously looks in awe from SplashLady's little pose. "Heheh... Oh I'm sure you could raise sunken ships with that spear... Does it have a name?"
...Mistakes happen? Guess he didn't want to talk about his job..."Yeah, but it's really faint. Let's see, exactly who was it again...one of my great-great grandmothers on my mother's side. So I'd be...uh..." Shoot, why'd she have to bring up something that required doing math in her head? "1/16th Electopian, I think?"

"Sunken ships? It's not THAT strong..." Somehow, SplashLady doubted she could do that even in SplashMan form..."And its name? Well, uh..." It'd probably look sorta weird if she didn't have a name for her spear...but it still had to sound like a plausible name for a water-based Navi...wait, got it! "My spear's called the Leviathan. Sure, it's not the biggest spear around, but I think it can make enough waves to justify the name!" Man, she was on a roll since she underwent the transformation...maybe she'd have to stay in this form for a while. "Er...I forgot, what was yours called again?"
"Mine? Well it's called the Myocardium. Thats a layer of muscle that dwells on the walls of the heart. Can't really summon waves of water but its very precise and sharp." DNR said with a bit of a smile. Man, this lady was really something to actually talk weapons with him. Probably the best way to win his heart would be to talk science with him too, but beggars can't be choosers.

"1/16th electopian... yeah that makes sense..." Polonius smiled as he did the math in his head for correction's sake. Of course, he did it much faster in his head than Sabrina.

"Neat!" Well, she learned her random fact for the day. "Yeah, I definitely wouldn't want to get sliced up by that...unlike this." SplashLady pressed the tip of her spear against her foot. She felt some pressure, but nothing more. Definitely no pain or anything of the sort. "I kinda wish this thing was sharper, so I could actually stab something with it if I needed to, but I guess I can't complain too much if I can control water with it, huh?"

"Yep..." Hmm...well, their break time probably needed to end soon. Not if she was going to uphold her promise to Rose. "Think we should head back to the Colosseum? I mean, I did say I wouldn't be gone too long..."
"Sure sure... let's go back, I really don't like to abandon anyone..." Polonius said as DNR gave a quick thumbs up and a smile in response.
"All right, cool. Let's go!" As her Navi's hologram faded from her shoulder, Sabrina started making her way towards the Metroline, which would take her to the airport, which would take her to Netopia, which was where the Colosseum was. Transportation for the win!

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