Rose and her New Friend in ACDC Park

As Rose drove down the road, she glanced quickly at her PeT, mounted in it's convenient case on her dashboard and checked the time. "I don't really think going to the Park would be all that fun after all," she said aloud. It could've been to herself, but with NetNavis now, most statements can get a response. SummonerMan didn't provide one to this, though, as he continued resting.

"I mean, they seem like the place to go with your family, or class, or maybe a friend of boyfried. I'd probably look like a friendless loser if I went alone." Rose continued.

"Look like a friendless loser, why Ma'am, I thought" SummonerMan started absently, before Rose interrupted him with an unamused "Shut it."

She arrived at ACDC Park, apparently the destination of her aimless driving. She then parked, closed the hood, removed her keys, got out, and locked the door.

With SummonerMan and the PeT clipped securely to her belt, she glanced around the park. "Well, I suppose we should just sit down somewhere." She thought aloud.

"Why not try those benches right by this entrance?" SummonerMan suggested, still reclining with his eyes closed.

"Sure, why not?" Rose replied, as she walked towards aforementioned benches.

When she arrived, she found that most of them were fully occupied, gross, or unstable looking. In the one most immediately to her right was a woman, a young woman, probably mid 20s, dressed in some khaki shorts and a gray button up.

Since it seemed to be the remaining seat that seemed the least unattractive, Rose decided to sit with the woman. Sitting down on the bench next to her, she turned to the woman and decided to make some small talk.

"Hello there, I'm Rose." She said, giving the woman time to reply. Then, fumbling for something else to say, she decided to comment on the rather large folder the woman was holding. "Well, that's a huge folder you have there. What is it for?"
"Oh, h-hello there." Kedamono said, suttering a little at rose. "M-My name's Kedamono" She said, studdering again before hearing her question. "O-Oh, it's for any battle chips I buy or come across. I-I made it myself, because carrying around a binder or something of the sort wouldn't be v-very practical in the least, and it has more than enough room...though it's fairly empty at the moment." she said, her nervousness surfaceing while Koumori stayed silent.
"Oh, Battlechips, huh?" Rose said. "Are you a fan of NetBattling, or maybe Virus Busting?"

That's an obvious question, but since she seemed so nervous until we got to this part of the conversation, I might as well continue it with less intrusive questions. I wanted to make small talk, not give her a heart attack. Rose thought.

SummonerMan, on the other hand, heard the conversation, and his thoughts were less kind. What a loser. She's a full grown woman and she reacts like this to a little socialization. Grow a backbone, lady.

"Oh, and did you say empty?" Rose asked. Maybe she's new to this. "I'm no pro myself, but if you're new to the whole NetNavi businesses I could try and help you out if you wanted."

Oh great, that means I'll have to be helping this loser out, too, doesn't it? Maybe her Navi will be as different from her as I am from that friendless loser talking to her. I can only hope. SummonerMan thought to himself, Oh well, at least I have you, buddy. and then smiled as he rubbed a hand over the top of Dragon's head.
"Um...yea, sure, I need to give my navi some socialisation anyways, I think it's the perfect chance to get my navi into the net again, maybe even farther this time." Kedamono said, looking at Rose with a smile.
"A virus busting partner? I wonder what he or she is like." Koumori thought, her wounds healed from her previous trek into the net.
"Alright then, I think we've got a wireless connection here, so would you like to jack in and try out some virus battles right now?" Rose asked. She already said yes, but it never hurts to clarify.

She didn't bother asking SummonerMan if he was ready, she assumed she'd just get complaints, and she didn't want to deal with him in front of this new woman.

SummonerMan, knowing he had no choice, decided he might as well go on with it. Maybe this Navi will be very interesting. A powerful warrior or attractive sorceress or something. It's possible, I guess. he mused. Dragon was always ready to follow Summ around, so he sat at attention until Rose jacked him in.

"Well, I'll jack in now, and we'll go on once both our Navis have had a chance to meet up, okay?" Rose said, doing just that and jacking SummonerMan and his Puppy into ACDC Net.
"A-Alright." Kedamono said as she pulled out her PET. "You ready to jack in again?" She asked of Koumori.
"Yes, please jack me in." she said, another bow came from her.
"Alright. Jack in." she said, pressing the jack in button on her PET.
After SummonerMan and Dragon were returned to the PeT, Rose looked back over her PeT, placed it back in her belt pouch, and stood up.

"So, uh, the Colosseum is a little while away. Do you need directions or anything?" She asked. "I have a big map in my car, or I could look them up for you, if you need either."

She glanced back at her car before looking at Kedamono, waiting for her answer.
As koumori returned to the PET, kedamono quickly turned to rose as she heard her question. "N-No, I know that place pretty well, my father took me there a lot when I was a kid, wanted me to watch netbattles rather than being in them, so, I can easly make it there by metro." Kedamono said as she smiled at Rose.
"Metro?" Rose said. "Oh, I guess you didn't drive he yourself, then." she said, as the thought dawned on her.

"Hey, Kedamono, would you like to catch a ride with me? I have space in my car, and it would help me get there. I haven't really gone down that way much. Besides, then you don't have to wait on the train." Rose said.

"I mean, I have no problem with it." She said, "No need to be overly gracious or anything, I'd love to have you help me get there."
"Sure, i'd love to ride with you, I can easly get us there, I know a few short cuts to the Colosseum." Kedamono said with great enthhusiasm.
"Alright then that mattter's settled, too." Rose said. She turned and started walking towards her car, beckoning Kedamono to follow.

When she reached it, she went around to the Driver's side, unlocked her door, got in, turned on the car and rolled down the cover. "Alright, hop in." she said, buckling her seat belt.
"Alright." Kedamono said as she got in on the passenger side seat and buckled in.
And with that Rose pulled out of the ACDC Park's Parking lot and they headed off towards the Colosseum.