Navi creation.

As Timmy hopped off the metro and headed right home, he didn't want to make a new navi, but he had to have one, if only Nikko had never gone into that rift so suddenly, she would still be around, he could only hope for the best as he went up into his room and turned on his PC, he then started up a new navi creation program on his computer that he had instaled a while back. it had a tutorial that Timmy could use to make a basic navi, but he just went right into it, he alrady had a file for a harpy type navi that he just needed to breathe life into and give her a personality, this could take a while.
a while later, Timmy had finished up making his new navi and when he had, he transfered the data into his PET and then with a single beep, the transfer was complete, he then looked at the new navi that he had created with his own hands and a new sleeker design with a grey and white trim, all the upgrades from when he had Nikko and with the ability to hold in music that he and his navi can listen to any time they wanted, but before he could do anything, she had woken up, and looked at Timmy with grey eyes.

"Helo there." The navi had said, in a beautiful and soft voice.
"Helo, welcome to the world. Siren.EXE." Timmy had said, in a mostly calm voice.
"So, that is what you are gonna call me? I hope that i can still be of service. I have already read all of the files that are within, I know what you know, i just hope that nothing happens to me like your......old navi......" Siren said as she looked up at Timmy's eyes.
"I know, anyways, I shall jack you into the net Siren, i want to see what kinds of abilities you have in combat." Timmy said as he got his battle chips ready for combat.
"Please.....I don't wish to fight, I hate fighting." Siren said as she closed her wings around her body and still looked at Timmy with a sad expression on her face.
"How do you know if you have never fought before?" Timmy questioned Siren.

Siren said nothing as she opened her wings back up to their full extent.

"Lets see how you respond to fighting when you start out here in ACDC town, the viruses are weak here, you should be able to handle them with ease." Timmy said as he jacked in Siren, she was about to find fighting fun.
As Siren returned to her PET, she looked up at Timmy, a slight glare in her face.

"Siren, what happened back there? why did you suddenly turn into a complete bitch?" Timmy said, anger in his voice.
"Shut up Timmy, it was the music, i could hear some sort of.....powerful music in my head, telling me to fight." Siren said, as she sat down.
"Whatever you say siren." Timmy sighed as he walked out of the house, headed over to the metro and the navi shop in scilabs.