Chip Residence

"...Why are you going to begin again? Why now?" Soryu said softly as he looked at Area over his shoulder. Area had just returned from a store and kept a Navi Starters Kit under her arm. Soryu knew she was planning on starting anew once again, but was still curious about her motives as always. "I have no reason," she replied while flashing her eyes at him. She had set one foot on the first step of the stairs already, but before she could leave to her room above the Chip shop she was called back by Soryu. "Create your new Navi here. Use my laptop. You might need Persephone's help for scripts. You're going defensive again, I presume." Reading his sister as if she was an open book, she shrugged and walked over to his laptop. A hologram of Persephone was already waiting for her with some programs in her hand that'd load the examples of the scripts necessary for a Navi that Area had used before.

Immediately her fingers raced across the keyboard while Persephone muttered to her and sent files to the main disk to show it on the screen. Soryu returned to his duties as he was the owner of the chip shop. "Why do you help me again?" she suddenly asked Soryu while the laptop was busy completing the design of the Navi she had programmed. Soryu returned to her and took out some chips for a customer and spoke to her shortly with a grin only he could bring on his face. "I have no reason," he said and then returned to the counter. A few seconds he came back again and then continued, "You're family. Your only programming experience is with Solaria." "Solaria..." Area muttered and then looked at the screen of the laptop. "The store is going a bit slow today. Let's see what you got..." Soryu said as he looked at the screen as well, over Area's shoulder, and read the name of the Navi.

"Divinity.EXE", he said with a bit of confusion in his voice. The Navi already had parts of its design equipped and Soryu nodded thoughtfully at it. "Defensive again as I suspected." Area remained quiet and looked at her new PET. She had customized it a bit by adding a see-through case while making the buttons black so she could see them. "Healing programs," Soryu continued and then walked away again. "Area, catch." She turned around as Soryu said those words and noticed a small package headed for her. She caught it with one hand and glared at him. "Why does this make me think of the time you programmed Solaria for me..." she spoke to him in a clear voice and opened the package. "Suitachi needed some chips and I was capable of buying those from him with a discount. Just don't think he'll give you a discount. You don't own this place after all."

Already installing the new products into the Navi, she turned to Soryu for a bit and nodded. "Thank you. This time--" "Don't worry," Soryu said before she could finish her reply, "Solaria's disappearance wasn't your fault. She was somehow attracted to the strength of viruses." Just as Soryu spoke those words, the screen of the laptop switched itself off and eventually the entire computer was shut off. Area and Soryu both stared at the screen as Area slowly took her PET. "Don't worry. She's already in here." Area held her PET up towards Soryu and a hologram of the Navi appeared. "The laptop wasn't creating my design, but sending all information. We used a new program, not an old one as you used for Persephone." Divinity turned around and jumped on Area's shoulders while Area started to walk away after putting the PET in the pocket of her leather jacket. "I'll be in my room, checking out the NetScape of ACDC," she said as she placed a foot on the first step of the stairs. Soryu crossed his arms and nodded slowly while Persephone landed on his shoulder as well after a big jump. "Good luck." Area grinned and went to her room slowly. As she opened the door, she immediately held her PET out to the connection point on her own PC and sent Divinity to the NetScape.
"SORYU!" shouted Area from her room after logging off Divinity from the Net. "I NEED A SWORD CHIP! I'VE GOT THE MONEY!" After shouting this to him, she checked her PET again to check if the unknown buyer of her RageClaw chip had deposited the money properly. Running down the stairs she was about to enter the shop part of the building as Soryu shouted back at her, "YOU, LIKE ANY OTHER PERSON, MUST STEP IN FRONT OF THE COUNTER." After shouting this, his head appeared around a corner and grinned wide. "Including family." And his head disappeared again. "But... HEY!" she shouted. A soft sigh escaped her lips and Divinity's hologram formed itself upon her shoulder. "We'd better do what he said if we're ever going to want that chip." "Yeah yeah. You would think he'd do me a favor."

Knowing Soryu wouldn't cooperate with Area, she walked over to the door at the back of the building to walk around it and started to talk to Divinity, "So what is your idea of us working together?" "What is there to think, Area? I was created by you. It's not like I had a choice in the matter," Divinity replied while sitting down on Area's shoulder. "I'm your Net Navi. You're my Operator." "But there should also be a bond of friendship... We need to cooperate," said Area while opening the front door to the chip shop of Soryu. "Do not worry. I'm not going anywhere, Area... We've got plenty of time." "I guess so..."
"Stop chewing on the desk, Soryu," said Area as she entered the Chip shop from the back entrance and noticed her brother. Soryu was kneeled on the ground and nibbling the side of the desk, while paying attention to costumers and sometimes muttering about the lack of them. "Just get something random to eat," Area continued as she placed her PET down on a table and rummaged around in one of the cabinets. "Seriously..." she muttered as her head appeared again and a pack of dry crackers in her hand, "Just nibble on this or something. I doubt wood is going to do you any good..." Soryu just whined softly at her and looked at the pack with big eyes full of joy. "Yeah yeah," she muttered as she tossed the pack to him. "Anyway, I'm heading out for a while. I'm going to hang out with a new friend of mine at Yumland," she said as she had already turned around to pick up her PET again. A quiet snarl came from Soryu's lips as he ripped the pack of crackers open, consuming three of them at the same time. "I won't do anything I regret, blah blah blah," Area said to him as she kept her back towards him and walked up the stairs.

"THERE WAS FOOD THERE!?" she heard a female voice shout from downstairs as she entered her own room and sat down on her bed. "I need to get out of these clothes... It's way too warm lately," Area muttered and threw her jacket away after taking it off. "Luckily it's always cool in the PET," said Divinity as she appeared, standing on the PET's screen, and continued shortly after, "The homepage you made for me is also cool. The wind going around the church is soothing." As Divinity returned to the dream world in her mind, Area had already gone into her closet for other clothes.

"I want to wear something cool..." she said as she flung the shirt she was wearing out of the closet, "Cool as in refreshing..."

Divinity's hologram spread its wings and flew over to the window while executing some programs to check the temperature. "True, it is hot," she said as she held her back towards the sunlight, "It's not smart to overdress."

"I know, that's why I'm checking out-oh, this looks nice-my other options," said Area as she kept looking through her closet with clothes. Eventually she turned around, towards Divinity, with a bikini top stretched out in her hands to show Divinity. "How's this? I can wear the custom gloves with them," she said as she held it against her own chest to see how it'd look. "Not bad, eh?" she continued and put it down on her bed.

Divinity started to speak as Area got busy with taking off her black bra. "It looks nice," said Divinity as she sat on the edge of the window and pointed at a small jewel box on Area's desk, "But you should wear those earrings with them! It'd make the picture perfect!" She jumped up again and flew over to the desk while trying to open it, forgetting that she was just a mere hologram.

"Let me..." Area said as she walked over to her desk through various clothes that had landed on the ground and bent over to look at Divinity. "That ain't working..." she muttered and grabbed the jewelry box after Divinity had jumped on top of it. Understand that this wouldn't end well, she started to float around while beating her wings as Area opened the box slowly. There wasn't a lot in the box as Area didn't usually wear jewelry but this was a special occasion. Taking out a set of golden cross earrings, she put the box back and put the earrings in.

"Much better," said Divinity as she jumped on the bed while turning around to face Area. Her Operator was already wearing the bikini top she had taken out previously and was now looking for different pants to wear. "At least you've got that belt to wear. It'd really complete the set," said Divinity as she laid her chest down on the bed while watching Area.

"Why are all my pants black?" she said as she took out two black pants and held them up, "Different fabric usually, but constantly black. Well, it suits me. I'll get a normal one this time, the leather is getting a bit annoying and too hot in this weather." She took off her pants slowly, not wanting to get the leather to scrape her skin off, and dropped it on the ground. Looking down at her legs she could almost hear her legs scream "AIR!" only to put on pants that were as tight as the previous ones but had better fabric for her skin to breath. After putting the pants on, she took the belt and put it on as well. The cross buckle on the front shone slightly in the sunlight as Area turned towards the window. Taking the gloves from where they were placed, she put them on slowly and made fists of her hands for a few seconds. "I'm ready," Area said as she grabbed the PET and a small pack of cigarettes. Trying to put the last pack into her pocket, she grunted softly and sighed afterwards. "Too tight! Gah. Where did I keep that?" she muttered as she jumped back into her closet.

"You can also just... Not take them along?" said Divinity in a small attempt to make Area not smoke at all.

"Silence!" Area shouted as she grabbed two pouches that could be attached to her belt as she did so. Putting the pack of cigarettes into her right pouch and her chips in the left one, she walked out of her room and down the stairs. Glaring around the corner to check on Soryu's condition, she noticed he had become normal entirely again. "Wait, did those crackers do that...?" she whispered to Divinity as she kept her eyes on her active brother for a few seconds.

"Magical crackers?" Divinity whispered back, but then shook her head, "No, that's just crazy... Right...?" Both glanced at the floor to see crumbs lying around and for a second they seemed to be sparkling. "I'm scared, Area..." muttered Divinity as Area left the house.

Closing the door behind her, Area set out for the airport to get to Yumland. "I know my brother has odd things, but..." she muttered and stopped for a second before continueing, "Magical crackers?"
"You'd better not be chewing on the desk again!" shouted Area before she opened the door. Slowly she opened the door and walked inside, immediately she started to look around for her brother but the entire room was darkened except for the light that came from the opened door. "...Soryu?" she muttered softly into the darkness as she closed the door behind her and took a few steps forwards.

"The room is darkened for a reason, my dear sister," came Soryu's voice from who knows where. A soft flicking sound came from the same spot and a small flame appeared, making Soryu's face visible in the darkness.

Area remained quiet for a few seconds and then laughed for a bit. "Brother..." she eventually started jokingly, "You'll burn your hair if you don't watch out."

"What? Seriously!?" he shouted and immediately flicked the lighter he held in his hand so the flame would disappear. "Well there went my idea..." he muttered with an annoyed tone in his voice. Area could hear a chair being shoved backwards, followed by footsteps into a different reaction and eventually a flick of a button as the lights were turned on again. In the middle of the room was a pretty big object that was covered by a black table sheet and a box on the table Soryu was sitting at previously.

"I really don't have time for this," muttered Area and had already placed her foot on the first step of the stairs when Soryu shouted out at her.

"Haven't you forgotten something?!" he shouted with a grin on his face as Area turned to look at him. He walked over to the big object and held his hand on top of it, as he started to continue speaking to her. "You've been complaining about taking the train, airplane and other things lately. And the profit has been going well lately here, so I figured I'd buy you something," he said softly while looking at Area.

"...What's the catch?" she muttered with her eyes squinted.

"Do your best at school," Soryu replied with sad watery eyes and his lower lip trembling all of a sudden. A bit taken aback, Area took a few steps backwards and looked at him with a confused look in her face.

"O-OK," she said, still confused by Soryu's reaction.

"Excellent," Soryu said, his eyes turning dry again and becoming his so-called normal usual self. With a quick movement he pulled away the black table sheet to reveal what was below it and walked over to the table to put the table sheet on it again.

Wh-what? Area thought as she looked at what was before her with wide eyes. Walking over to it, she moved her hand over it and felt a strange sensation surging through her body. How... Why? Hold on, what? she kept muttering within her mind as if she still didn't know what was going on.

"Oh wow, that's an awesome design!" shouted a rather childish voice from the customer's side of the counter, "Is it yours, mister?"

"No," replied Soryu softly and grinned at his sister. "It's hers," he said as he pointed at Area and walked off to get a chip for the customer that shouted. Having found the chip, he walked past Area and softly spoke at her, "Why not sit on it?"

Holding her hand on the leather seating, she went through her knees to look at its design more closely. "But Soryu..." she muttered softly as she shifted her hand's position to the pearl white paint on its design, also noticing a golden cross on it, "A motorcycle... Wow..."

"A cruiser motorcycle," Soryu said, acting as if he knew everything about it immediately. Carrying a box with chips around he just continued to talk to her, "A friend of mine in Yoka offered to help me out with it. Her address is in that box on the table, be sure to check it out."

"Oh, OK," Area replied and stood up, taking a good look at the motorcycle before checking out the box. Its entire design was pearl white with a golden cross on the sides of the engine's case. The three headlights were replaced for crosses as well, capable of emitting the same amount of light in the darkness. On the back were two black leather bags, one on each side, with on the right one the word 'Darkholme'. On the right side of the steer hung a helmet with a similar white design and a golden cross on its front. Taking a few steps away from her new motorcycle, she walked over to the box on the table. "Hey Soryu... Why use a box this size just for a mere address?" Area said as she lifted the box but was slightly shocked as it was heavier than she anticipated, "Agh. What's in this!?"

"The address," Soryu replied bluntly as he walked past her again with a chip in his hand.

"Yeah right..." she muttered and opened the box to reveal a laptop with a silver design. ...What? was her first thought as she picked up the laptop in both hands. Just like the motorcycle was its design silver with a golden cross on the top. "Soryu..." Area muttered as she looked at her brother that walked past her again.

"The right bag on the motorcycle is padded and safe enough to keep your laptop in," he spoke with a grin on his face, "It allows you to access internet from any point in the world."

Still trying to figure out what just exactly happened, Area appeared to have frozen in position with the closed laptop in her hands. "I don't know... What to say..." muttered Area softly after a couple of seconds.

"Don't say anything and go out again," Soryu said jokingly from the counter. "Thank you for the purchase," he slipped through his words to a customer and walked over to Area after checking there weren't any more customers. "Use the freedom you have," he said as if he was the wisest human on Earth currently, "I'm tied to this shack. You are not. This is your home, but you've got the key to break free. Go out, OK? Don't worry about me. Persephone has checked some cooking books. I won't nearly kill myself... Again..." After talking, he made a fist of his hand and held it out towards Area as a smile appeared on his face.

"Heh..." was the word that escaped Area's lips before she held her own fist against Soryu's fist. They remained a few seconds quiet, then started to speak completely synchronized.

"Burnin' determination with the oath sworn through courage."

Some muttering came from the counter about people being nutcases and strange, but it stopped as Soryu walked back to the counter. "Who can I help?" he asked with a grin on his face.

Staring at his back, Area nodded and placed the laptop in the right bag of the motorcycle. Grabbing some food and a plaid blanket as well, which she placed in the left bag, she took the steer and rolled it out of the door slowly. Eventually outside, she took the helmet in her two hands and looked out on the road. "You've been quiet," Area suddenly said out of the blue and glanced down at the PET hanging on her belt.

"...I have my reasons," Divinity replied quietly with her eyes closed. She still had a personal battle with Persephone within her mind, but didn't want Divinity to realize this. An awkward silence came down upon the two as the Navi shut her mouth again.

"Remember you're always able to talk to me if something's bothering you... That's why we're a team," Area said before she put the helmet on her head, happy that Soryu got the measurements of her head right. "Let's go!" she shouted and jumped on top of the motorcycle's seating. Positioning her legs correctly, she took hold of the steer and started the engine. Looking back a final time, she smirked and raced off through the streets with her new motorcycle straight into a non-public-traffic world.
"What are you doing here?" asked Soryu as he turned around to face the new person that had come through the back entrance, "I remember telling you to stop coming here, old man."

"Soryu... Come on..." the man said with a wide grin on his face, "You'd push me away after all I've done for you?" The man was dressed in a long dark blue trenchcoat and wore a wide black hat with a hole in the back. He wore worn boots, tall ones, with his pants tucked into them. "I could do soooo much more," the man continued as he spread his arms out to the sides. "You remember when I-" the man started again, but he was stopped by Soryu's movement.

He just kept staring at the man and pointed at the exit from which the man had entered. "Leave," Soryu said, almost threateningly, while keeping his finger out. "She is not here," he added to it as he turned his face away and lowered his finger with a sigh escaping his lips.

"Where can I find her?" the man questioned Soryu, the tone in his voice becoming more serious, and an even bigger grin appeared on his face, but was countered by Soryu's own grin.

"Don't know. She's out on her motorcycle," he reacted and shrugged, "How should I know where she is?" He ended with his finger held out towards the man again, motioning towards the door. "Why don't you go look for her..." he muttered and then shouted as he came closer to the man, "YOURSELF! GET OUT OF HERE!"

"You're making a mistake, Soryu..." the man said with a sinister tone in his voice, "Just like the others..." The man turned around and opened the door, but was stopped as Soryu started to talk again.

"I did enough for you... Divinity is out of my reach, just as Area. Keep to your promises," Soryu said as he started to walk back to the counter, "Don't touch Persephone." And after those words he heard the door fall shut in a flurry of muttering from that section, while Soryu returned to his tasks.
"Get in. Quick," said Soryu who was waiting by the backdoor, being kind of suspicious as he glared at people passing by sometimes. "As I said, we've got to talk. Lock your motorcyle."

"What is this all about, brother?" Area asked as she walked into the building after locking her motorcycle and taking off stuff that could be stolen.

"CLOSE THE DOOR!" Soryu suddenly shouted as he looked at her over his shoulder. Knowing she did what he shouted, he continued walking on and stopped in front of the table in the center of the room. "Sit down," he said calmly with a tone of seriousness in his voice. In the middle of the table was a PET that shone from its screen with a dimmed light.

"What is going on here?" asked Area as she sat down on the chair, while placing her PET on the table as well.

"A conversation," Soryu replied as he too sat down, "A talk about the past, future and what we're going to do about it."

"What the..." was all Area could get over her lips, but before she could ask questions she was silenced by a hand motion of Soryu indicating for her to keep quiet.

"Not yet..." he whispered calmly and then started to speak in a clear tone so she could hear his every word, "Parts of this will sound hard to believe at first, but I promise you to tell the truth. This is mostly about Solaria so pay attention. If all goes well, you can seize your search for her... I'm aware of it all. Persephone." A light shone from the PET, revealing Persephone standing next to image data so she could explain about it.

"I'm sure you'll recognize this," started Persephone and dragged forth a picture of Solaria's base programming, "I mean... You used it for Divinity as well. Did you really think I wouldn't notice?" Persephone took out a copied image file in the light and held it next to the previous one. "Looks familiar, doesn't it? Because me and Soryu know what's going on around our family, we knew it had to be prevented somehow... I made some adjustments on Divinity's database so you might be alarmed and come back for inspection. But we had to do this the quick way..."

"What does it matter?" scoffed Area softly, "There were no problems in her base programming..."

"That is what you think," came from Soryu's direction as he stood up and signaled to Persephone to bring up another file of the base programming, "If you look closely and remember the lessons we were taught... You'll see nothing is odd here." Area slowly nodded, but Soryu continued before she could even start talking again. "Only to those not knowing of the virus..."

"Virus? You mean there was a VIRUS in her base programming?" asked Area, almost shouting, while Persephone got a different image file in the light.

"This man made that virus..." Soryu softly said and planted his hands on the table, arching forwards slightly, "Our father."

"Wait, what?" asked Area with a riddled expression on her face. Slowly putting the pieces of the puzzle together, she asked a question at her brother. "Why did he do it? And how?"

"Through us," Persephone answered, making Area turn back towards the Navi, "He threatened Soryu to do the same to me. Celsius, Soryu's previous Navi, had the virus in her already. That was the second Navi to receive the virus. Solaria was the last one. Soryu didn't want to lose me. You practically put the virus in Divinity yourself..."

"He did it to gain an army of Navis under his control," Soryu continued for Persephone and arched his back upwards again to stand straight up, "The virus makes the Navi go berserk, turning the Navi into a fusion of virus and Navi... After all, they're both made of data. The virus also possesses a feature that ensures the Navi will listen to the virus' creator at all times. You could say Icicle, our father's Navi, was the first and the leader of the gang."

"That doesn't make any sense... Why would our father do that? Why want that?" asked Area while looking down at her own PET.

"To gain power!" Soryu shouted as he slammed down his fists on the table suddenly, "He has psychotic problems! An alcohol addiction! But under this all he has an intelligent scientific mind! The break-up with our mother was the drop that tipped the bucket, so to say... While this was AFTER our Navis were created, he had always wanted to have power... That fool... The virus was created way before this all..." Slowly taking his fists off the table, he continued quietly, "Dian and Jian stuck by his side... They're also power-hungry fools... I only stuck with them to try and guide them on a better road... Roxanne and Nina don't even want to talk to us anymore... Their Navis had the same virus..."

After clicking a few buttons on her PET Divinity appeared in hologram form, still with the strange features on her body while having calmed down a bit. "What will happen to me...?" asked Divinity softly as she looked at Persephone and Soryu.

"You will stay here," Soryu said as he sat down again and took his PET in his hands, "And in return..."

"...I will accompany Area," Persephone continued, almost whispering it, and walked over to her own PET for now. "Soryu has the means to cure Divinity... But it will take time... And she hasn't been consumed by it entirely. Therefore she'll have to stay here. I will be copied directly on top of Divinity's base programming so your efforts up til now will not be wasted, while also deleting the virus. Divinity will be, entirely, copied to Soryu's PET so nothing will be lost. He already made back-ups of my data, don't worry..."

"So this is... Goodbye...?" Area asked softly and looked at Divinity, almost feeling some tears appear in her eyes at this. But staying her usual cool self, she looked up at Soryu. "Brother... One more question..." she asked while her face went from sad to angry in a split second, "Was our father the cause of that fire in the church?"

"No lies..." Soryu whispered to himself as a reminder and sighed before answering, "Yes. Yes, he ordered that. It was to break the final ties between you and Solaria."

"...I see..." Area softly spoke and stood up as Divinity's hologram disappeared. She then held her PET out towards Soryu so he could take over for her. "Make... Make it quick..." she said and turned her head away, "I'll..."

"Wait," Soryu quickly said before she could continue, "In your room there are two suitcases. Take them with you as they're filled with your clothes. No offense, but you'll have to leave here... Live somewhere else... He'll find you here, but he won't find you there. The answer where to go is already in your laptop, if you recall that..."

"But what if he returns here and sees Divinity in your possession?" Area asked while Soryu started the process of the big change. She could see holographic images floating by that were supposed to be a representation of data particles heading from one PET to the other. "He knows how she looks like..." she whispered, feeling a bit sad at the sight of the data floating.

"I'm prepared. I've got a GMO with Persephone's name on it. To the details, not the one you made. He'll see her as Persephone and there won't be any problems. Also... I've got the back-ups of Persephone, but you have the real one. Including her memories, so it'll be useful to you," Soryu said and held the PET out towards Area, "It's done."

Slowly she took hold of the PET and stared at the screen where Persephone appeared. "Hi... Persephone..." Area softly said and was met by a glare of the Navi immediately.

"Do you even CLEAN here!?" she shouted and started to walk through Area's files as if it were a field of mines. Taking her book with both hands, she started to use as a shovel to clean things up. "You go upstairs to get your stuff, Area," said Persephone while continueing to do her job, "I'll keep Divinity company. I need to tell her some stuff."

"I'll help," said Soryu and placed the PET that contained Divinity next to Area's PET, while dragging along Area upstairs.

"Talk...?" Divinity quietly asked and appeared in a holographic form on top of the PET, "How about you answer a question... Why do you want me to go through this so badly?"

Persephone sighed and appeared as hologram too. She stepped on top of her book and floated over to Divinity while starting to talk, "Because you're you... Soryu and I don't approve of Maarten's work..." Arrived at the PET, she jumped off her book and stood next to Divinity. "He's not the only one who can work with that virus... We modified the virus you contain within your system so you'd be the key to defeating the 'viral Navis'. It's a nasty trick, I know... But we had no other options," Persephone answered and quickly added something to it, "Also... It's because you're family. Believe me when I tell you we hold no evil intentions. Soryu is a weird guy... Somewhat feminine at times... And a lousy cook... But he's nice. And kind. He wouldn't hurt someone for personal gains. At least... Not anymore..."

"I'll take care of him," Divinity suddenly said with a smile on her face, revealing the newly grown fangs slightly, "After all... We're family. And I think I'm a better cook than you... You're so small..." She held her hand above Persephone's head, comparing the length of each other.

"I'll get you for that... One day..." muttered Persephone while crossing her arms, making the book bump against Divinity's head softly.

"You really don't need to help, brother..." Area said as they came into the room, "I can handle these myself... I'm way stronger than you after all."

Soryu slowly shook his head and closed the door of Area's room behind him. "I need you to do me a favour," Soryu said as he looked at Area, "Way back... In the beginning... When Persephone was created... She was always happy. Cheerful. Kind to others. Something, somewhere, went terribly wrong. But that's not what I want to ask a favour about... She often spoke to me about singing... I'm pretty sure you can already see what I'm aiming at."

"You want me to make her sing?" asked Area with a raised eyebrow, "And are you serious? She was a KIND Navi once?"

"Shush..." Soryu hissed at Area, "Persephone doesn't like me talking about it... Strangely... But yes. With your classes, it shouldn't be hard. Right?"

"I'll do my best," Area replied with a smile and took the two suitcases. "Oh, by the way..." she continued as they left the room together, "What do you see as 'helping'?"

"Motivational support," Soryu replied as he pointed upwards into the air after arriving on the ground floor again. He whipped up both PETs and took them with him as the four of them left out of the backdoor. "Well then..." Soryu said softly while holding out Area's PET towards her.

"Yep," Area said as she took the PET after attached the suitcases safely on the bags of the motorcycle. "This is goodbye..." she continued as she looked at her brother, while Persephone appeared on her shoulder.

"One final note..." Soryu started again and sighed softly. "From now on," he said while slightly regretting that it had come to this, "We are no longer family. You do not know me. Got that?"

"What?" she asked, "Why?" Area didn't know how she had to react to this and shook her head slightly, but then felt a hand on her shoulder. Looking upwards she saw Soryu's head that had come closer and Divinity that appeared on top of Soryu's head. "OK... When the time comes, we will meet each other again," she said and put her helmet on top of her head, "Divinity... I'll never forget you... I apologize for never telling you the truth..."

"Don't worry," came Divinity's voice from Soryu's head, "He knows it was for a good cause. Wait a second..." The four remained quiet a few seconds, giving Divinity the time to think before she continued to talk again, "Wasn't there an update to the PET?"

"I'll look into it..." said Persephone and did a quick check on the system. A few quiet seconds passed before the Navi started to shout, "WHAT IS THIS!? WHAT DID SUITACHI DO--No. Control... Breathe... He made a new system for the PETs. This way people can program their Signature Programs more easily. We'll have to pass by him for some clarifications."

"..." Not a word came from Soryu and turned around to look at his chip shop. A few seconds later, he started to speak in a soft whiny voice, "Why do I never make anything new...?"

"Because you're lazy," said Persephone and Area almost at the same time. The two looked at each other, causing Area to laugh while Persephone continued muttering at Soryu.

"You two should go now," commented Divinity eventually which was replied to with a mere nod from Area. Persephone muttered something before she returned to the PET that was hanging from Area's belt. Eventually the two left with the motorcycle roaring out loud and Divinity looked at Soryu. "Do you think those two will be okay together...?" she asked quietly.

"No," he said, his eyelids falling half closed, "Not really... But I'm sure they'll work out. Area may not show it, but she's the same as Persephone. Both started out as very nice girls, but turned out... Differently. They'll learn from each other..." Stepping into the building again, closing the door behind him, he placed the PET next to the computer that was on a table. "Shall we start the curing procedure?" he asked, noticing Divinity nodded after this and started to tap buttons in the dark room.

"...When are we getting helped?" a customer asked from the other side of the counter, while another customer cried at the story she had just now heard.

"...I knew I forgot something..." he muttered and attended to his duties again. But I'm sure that from now on... Everything will go better...