New start

Here we find timmy.....sleeping......while his navi, nikko.exe, is trying to wake him up.

"Wake up Timmy!"
"*sigh* i hate doing this. WAKE UP TIMMY!!!!"
"ZZZZ......WOAH! *crash!* DO know that there are better ways of wakeing me up nikko."
"hehe, i love this part of being your navi."
*10 minutes later.*
"OK....what to do today?"
"i heard that there is something going on in net city today."
"Ok. Jack in Nikko, execute!"

*jacked into net city square*
after jacking out.

"Ugh.....i still hurt, even after being healed."
"it will have to do. Jack in Nikko, execute."

Timmy then jacked Nikko back into the net, as she was headed back twords the net square.
*after jacking out*

"do KNOW where your going!?"
"yes i do, now be quiet and help out."
"jack in nikko....execute."

*headed to help out with a little virii problem*
*after jacking out and Nikko woke up*

"so....were to timmy?"
"just to get some chips back from a few navis."
"i was given a mission from the internet cops."
"......and WHY are we having to get some chips back from idiotic navis?"
"their mission.....and that we need to get some more battle chips and zenny."
"Jack in Nikko, execute."

*jacked back into ACDC net*
*a while after jacking out*

"Ok...time to go back in."
"Ya...we still need that regen40."

Timmy then jacked nikko back in.
*after jacking out*

"were are we gonna go timmy?"
"Hmmm...i don't about yoka?"

Timmy then ran out of his room, and headed onto the metro twords yoka.
after jumping off the metro, timmy headed over to the park, he needed some fresh air.

"Now then.....where's a jack in point?"
"Up your ass?"
"what's that? you want to be deleted?"
"not funny timmy."
timmy found a jack in point shortly after, jacking in Nikko after he sat down on the dry grass.
*after jacking out*

"Where to now?"
"i don't know."
"how about somewhere other than here?"
"Ya. Yoka?"

Timmy then headed off to yoka once more.
after geting off the metro, timmy headed twords the park and to a jack in point next to a lamp post.

"Hey. Nikko. wake up."
"Zzzzzz.......i don't want to go to school today.....zzzzzzz"
"Ahhh....sweet, sweet revenge. WAKE UP CAT GIRL!"

Nikko quickly woke up as she jumped and nearly hurt herself from a random prog.

"There are better ways to wake me up timmy."
"It's sweet, sweet revenge Nikko."
"Shut up."

Timmy quickly jacked Nikko into the ACDC network. she wasn't happy.
"So, what now?"
"No clue."
"You never have a clue."
"Shut up."
"Sure, why not."

Timmy then hopped onto the next metro headed twords Yoka.
timmy found his way to ACDC town once more......while Nikko wasn't feeling so good.
"WHY did you install both programs when you KNEW they would overload the navicust?"
"Bugs CAN be good. but are most offten bad. i just hope we get lucky."
"If you jack me in now......i'll kill you."
"Jack in Nikko."
"I can ALWAYS force you."
"I'd rather not have that."

Nikko then Jacked into ACDC net. ready to face the viruses and hoped for the best with her bugs.
Timmy put away his PET into his pocket and then took the metro down to the scilabs, he had read the BBS post and knew where to find everyone.