Blubbity blub blub!

"And, we're here!" Brandon arrived and went and stood next to the squirrel in ACDC Park, but saw no one that so much as cared that he existed. "But, no one's here. Maybe it was a hoax?"

"I dunno, Brandon. This is kinda weird...I don't have a good feeling about this..." Tara shifted uneasily from within Brandon's PET.

"We came all this way for nothing? Aside from wasting time, what could possibly go wr-"

"Aha, gotcha!"

Brandon cringed the instant those words entered his ears. He knew exactly who that voice came from, and slowly, SLOWLY began to turn around.

"I knew that e-mail would nail you!" A girl similar in age and appearance to Brandon walked towards him, hands on her hips. "You're too predictable!"

"...Ugh...but, did you find me? I left without a trace, came all the way here without a trace, and started busting viruses!...With more than a trace, but about as few as could be left?"

"Like I said, you're too predictable. I know how you constantly whined about wanting to go to Electopia. And this place is kinda famous for an easy place to bust viruses, so I came here. The tracker Dad gave me said you were here, but left not too long ago. So I sent you that e-mail to get you back here!"

Brandon just stood there and gawked. "...Huh?"



"Oh, Dad figured you'd pull a stunt like this. So he secretly installed a tracker so he could see if you went somewhere else!"

"......Well, lemme guess. Dad sent you here to get me, send me back, and receive an incredibly harsh lecture about why I shouldn't do this."


"Sigh...and you won't take no for an answer?"

"You assume wrong!"

"Come on, why can't you...wait, what?"

"Oh, I'll let you go."

"Really?!" Brandon went over and hugged the girl. "Sabrina, you're the best sister ever!"

"Yep, I'll let you go...IF you give me all you chips and stuff?"

Brandon ceased the hug. "...Chips and stuff?"

"Let's see...Battlechips, NaviCust parts, all upgrades, and all your cash. I know you, you can get more of those easily, so don't complain!"

"What?! Not a chance!"

"Guess I'll get in contact with Dad, then..."

"...Er, wait...fine..." Brandon reached in his chip folder, and removed all of its contents. "'s all the chips I've got..."

"Much appreciated!" Sabrina relieved her brother of his chips, and placed them in her own folder...which was completely empty. "That's a good start, now keep going!"

Brandon opened the back of his PET, removed his HP Memories and NaviCust programs, and installed them into his sister's. "So, based on this, I'm going to assume Dad finally made you a permanent Navi?"

"Yep!" As soon as the back cover of her own PET was back on, Sabrina flipped it over, and showed her brother the screen. "Meet SplashMan!"

Brandon stared at the goofy looking Aqua Navi. "...Yeah, I think I'll stick with Tara."

"Hey, SplashMan could drown Tara in a NetBattle!"

"Wanna find out?!"

"I would, but you're a bit low on chips right now. And by the way, you never coughed up your cash!"

"...Gah..." Brandon sunk in, knowing his plan failed. "Fine..." Brandon did some button pressing, then watched as his zenny total dropped to 0. "There, that's everything. Happy?"

"Oh, very. Thanks for giving me a nice start!"


"Yeah. Since I've got your stuff, I think I'll do some things over here. Not like anyone'll bust me for it!"

"Yeah yeah..." Brandon started walking back towards the MetroLine. "Do whatever you want. I'm going to go do something somewhere else. Somewhere far far away before I go big brother on you and get my stuff back, and then get busted subsequently!" And without so much as a goodbye, he was gone.

"Huh...well isn't he the rude one!" Sabrina took a look at her PET. "So, how do you feel SplashMan? Brandon try anything funny?"

"Let's see...uhh...nope, everything's dandy! All the upgrades are installed properly, and the cash transfer went without a hitch!"

"Nice!" The operator looked around, before taking a look at the squirrel. "Hey, this squirrel statue can be jacked into. Hey, I know! Let's get some virus busting practice here, right now!"

"Already? Well, okay! I'll do everything I can!"

"That's the spirit!" Sabrina pointed her PET at the squirrel's jack-in point. "Jack in! SplashMan, Execute!"

(off to ACDC let the reign of Sabrina and SplashMan begin!)
The instant her Navi returned to her PET, Sabrina spun around and started walking towards the MetroLine. "Okay, we're off to SciLab!"

"Yeah! We'll show that Navi a thing or two!"

"Well, if he cooperates, we won't have to..."

"He's a bad Navi! He probably won't!"

"Even so, don't just up and attack him, got it?!"

"Er...yes ma'am!"

"Cool, glad we got that settled!" At this point, Sabrina was close to the actual subway-like area, so she placed her PET back in its holder, and boarded, and made her way for her destination; SciLab.

(off to SciLab, duh)
The streets of ACDC grew a little louder as a teenage girl whistled as she made her through them. Her goal was simple; find that squirrel statue and use it to send SplashMan into the Net.

"Okay, I'm ready, jack me in!"

"You're a little early this realize that, don't you?"


"...Yeah. I really hope that Speed Upgrade helps with your timing, too..."


"Aha!" Sabrina stopped as she noticed the statue enter her visual range. She could even see the jack-in port from that distance. "There it is! I can send you in from here! Don't worry, there's no way I won't be in range by the time you find viruses!" She pulled pulled out her PET and posed before pointing it towards the pink squirrel. "Jack in! SplashMan, Execute!"

(ACDC Net's next)
"I'm back! Did you miss me?" SplashMan beamed as he returned to his operator's PET, for no apparent reason.

"Yes, I missed you for the entire 3 seconds we weren't talking."

"Really? Are you that lonely a person...?"

"...Never mind...anyway, hurry and recharge yourself, since we're going back in as soon as you're done!"

"Okay, but I'm not sure I want to leave you alone while I jack in..."

"...Just do it..."

"If you say so...okay, good as new!"

"Good! Now, back into the Net with you!" Sabrina aimed her PET towards the squirrel once more. "Jack in! SplashMan, Execute!"

(back to ACDC Net...again)
"Okay, I'm back! But, where are we going to find Aqua viruses?" SplashMan scratched the dome that served as his head. "Nowhere we've been has them..."

"Which is why we're going somewhere we haven't been! Aqua viruses would probably gather in a place that has water in the real world, correct?"

"Well yeah, as long as that Net has some water itself!"

"Right. So, we're going to place I heard of called Yoka!"

"Yoka? Never heard of it."

"It's a place famous for its onsens! So, I can relax while you bust viruses!"

"Sounds like fun! One question, though!"

"What's that?"

"What's an onsen?"

"Ahh!" Sabrina nearly did an anime-style fall. "It's like a hot springs! Do a search on onsens on the way, all right?"

"Okay! But I didn't know we were about to leave!"

"...What, you don't think I've been moving?" The operator flipped her PET around, to show her Navi she was in the MetroLine station at this point. "Shall we be going now?"


"Then let's go!" Sabrina boarded the MetroLine, and headed off to the hot springs...OF DOOM. For viruses, anyway...

(off to Yoka, woo)
Soon enough, Sabrina found herself in front of ACDC Park's squirrel. She had walked briskly there as opposed to running, so she wouldn't be too busy panting to operate. "Well, here we are. Let's get to work, SplashMan!"

"Okay! But...I dunno...this should be easy for us, but I have a feeling this is going to be harder than we think it'll be..."

"You're thinking too much! You're an Aqua Navi, they're Fire viruses! You've got a natural advantage!"

"...Yeah, guess you're right! I'm ready!"

Sabrina aimed her PET at the squirrel, specifically the part with the jack-in port. "Jack in! SplashMan, Execute!"

(to the Net!)
As usual, SplashMan found himself back in his operator's PET. "Ahh, I always feel all tingly when I get back in this thing! Well, not always...only when I'm hurt!"

"Well yeah, recovery programs are like that..."

"Okay, I'm all set! All healed up!"

"I'm all ready here, too! Let's go!" Sabrina did a twirl, then aimed her PET at her usual jack-in point. "Jack in! SplashMan, Execute!"

(to the Net!...again!)
As soon as her Navi was completely back, Sabrina began heading for everyone's favorite mode of Electopian transportation: the MetroLine. "Good thing Dad cleared me at airports. That way he pays when I travel!"

"Is that really right, though? The radar says your brother's in Sharo right now..."

"Eh, we can't go against the NetPolice now, can we?" The young woman smirked as she made her way down the stairs leading to the MetroLine station. "Besides, it's a discount airline. It doesn't cost THAT much...besides, it's not like I do it much!"

"I guess..." SplashMan shrugged. "Just try not to do it more than you have to!"

"I won't!" And so, as she actually entered the mode of transportation, Sabrina placed her PET in its case. "Let's get to Yumland!"

(Yumland, ho!)
"Geez, that guy needs to go outside once in a while!" Sabrina stepped outside the chip shop, still a little freaked out by Soryu's rather...odd remarks. "Oh well, I got what I wanted!" She held up her new Recover80, and all of its glory. "With this, we'll be able to go a while without having to jack out! Which is pretty nice if you ask me!"

"Yeah! I bet we can go 20 battles in a row now!"

"Well, I dunno about that...someday we'll be that good, but we're not there yet. So, wanna see how far in ACDC we can get? I don't feel like going anywhere for a while, and the LAST thing I want to do is sit down..."

"Sure! Better than doing nothing!"

"All right, let's go! To the squirrel!" And a few minutes later, the young woman was in front of said squirrel...statue. "Let's do it! Jack in! SplashMan, Execute!"

(to the Net!)
"I'm back!" SplashMan returned to the PET, looking a bit confused. "So, why do we need to go to SciLab?"

"Well, I was bored, so I checked out the BBS in Internet City, and apparently someone at SciLab needs help with busting some viruses. And since we're good at that, I figure why not?"

"Oh, that's why! Okay, I'm up for it!"

"Good, because it's kinda late to go back on my word now!" Sabrina turned on her heel, and headed towards the MetroLine needed to reach her next destination. "Right, left, far right...that's how we get to where we need to go! Right, left, far right..."

(to SciLab! namely the existing topic, "The Life of a SciLabs Director")