Research and Relaxation

Wes walked out to the park and sat down, "All right, I'm going to try and track down the other two original members. The one has a monkey navi. That's unique enough to hopefully make finding them easy. The other.... well, as long as I make it obvious who we are and that we're looking for him, he should come to us." Wes said.

"Y-yeah." Junior looked a bit worried about something and then stared off.

While he found it curious, Wes didn't feel like asking at the present time. With a sigh, he sent Junior into the net via some squirrel statue, "Here you go."
Aida found herself wandering the park. Her eyes surveyed the whole place and her face was filled with a worried look. "Oh dear...wh-what if he's not here."

"He'll be here." Capuchin replied, "He wont leave us hanging. DOn't be so scared Aida. You gotta take it easy."

"A-alright..." Aida then began to look again but suddenly halted, "...wha-at if...he is a m-mean person?"

"I don't think someone evil would bring back requiem. They have to be a kind and loving person."

"D-do you think that...Mr. Wes brought it back up?"

"Hmm....I don't think so." Capuchin cheeped, "The problem is that Shin said it was someone new."

"O-oh...I wonder who it could be y-you think he-he's rude?"

"Aida, calm down and look for the guy."
Stepping out of the metro station, Rigel went over to his usual corner near the park to set up his base. He checked it out once everything was set up, just to make sure nothing had happened while he was out away from it while Pianissimo was fighting Squalo. Everything appears to be in order he said to himself before walking out into ACDC park. \"Wes said he would be here right?\"

\"That\'s what the e-mail said.\"

\"In that case...\" Rigel said, scanning the park and seeing only two people: a woman he recognized as Aida Ambridge and a man next to a squirrel statue muttering about the \"other two original members\"

\"...that must be him.\"

\"So...\" muttered Rigel, appearing behind Wes, \"you DO intend to bring it back.\"
Wes glanced over his shoulder at the man, “That all depends on what you're defining as 'it'. Assuming you're one of the two I e-mailed, then your answer would be yes.” He then shoved two chips into his PET.
\"Of course. We haven\'t met in person yet. The name\'s Duke Rigel.\" said Rigel simply. \"You...or at least your navi will recognize mine from that little incident in Sharo just recently.\"

The holoprojector on Rigel\'s PET activated, and an image of Pianissimo appeared next to Rigel.

"Hmmm.... looks like most of the navis we have are all a new generation. Shin has Red, you have Pianisimo, I have Junior... and there's no way that that Valience guy will have his old navi, if he shows up." Wes looked troubled as he pondered this, "I wonder if he even has a navi anymore or whether he's just a programmer now. I wonder if this Aida person still has her navi. We've encountered a monkey navi a few times in the past, but whether that was her or some other navi, we haven't confirmed. I wonder..."
It was not Rigel, but Pianissimo that responded.
\"If you\'re referring to Capuchin, I distinctly remember seeing her before that event at the netsquare. So unless she\'s independent now, like Swing, then she\'s probably still Aida\'s navi.\"

Capuchin's face turned to Aida. "Hmm....something wrong."

"N-nothing....I j-just thought those t-two over th-there said your name."

"GYAH! Really!!!?" She then began to squeal, "They must think I'm super cool! I am way cool!!!"

Aida began to turn red in embarrassment and decided to walk away before anyone took notice.

"HEYHEY! Where are you going?!" Capuchin asked, "If they know me, they must be the people were looking for!"


"MAYBE NOTHING!" Capuchin hollered, "Keep a chin up, positive thinking, and head over there."

"B-but..." Aida gives a sigh, 'M-maybe if I go over quietly, perhaps they won't notice me. Then I don't need to distract anyone and I...'

"HEYHEYHEYHEY!" Capuchin cheeped to the two, "HELLO HELLO!"

"Gyeh!" Aida immediately stuffed Capuchin in her pocket and replied with an embarrassed laugh, "Heheh...H-hi..."
Wes turned his head towards the source of the noisey hello, which was followed by a quiet one, "Monkey navi.... Ambridge and Capuchin, I take it?"
\"I know that overexcited voice,\" muttered Pianissimo, smirking. \"Looks like they\'re here, Wes.\"

\"So it would seem,\" answered Rigel, despite not being targeted by that statement. \"I doubt I\'d ever forget those two.\" He turned around to see Aida standing behind them.

\"Hello again, Aida.\"
Aida's face quickly light up as she noticed this old face. "AH! M-Mr. Rigel! H-how are you?"
Pianissimo disappeared as he begins to engage a group of rather noisy viruses. Rigel, however, answers Aida. \"I am fine, despite the battle my navi came out of not too long ago. You?\"
"Oh...I-I've been f-fine...A b-bit of tr-trouble at home b-but nothing to w-worry about."

"Your a horrible bluffer." Capuchin whispered.
Wes wondered what problems Aida was talking but realized that since he was practically a stranger, it was really none of his business. He was the one who invited the other two here, but he was the odd man out. Either way, he had other things to do while they were catching up. Two mets left... he inserted two chips that should end the battle, "Sending Areagrab, Rageclaw." He said into the PET. Junior could take it from here. Now to check his e-mail. Another response for a programmer. This one has information for him, but was it the info he needed? He meant for his little 'ad' to attract only the people he was looking for, discrectly asking for them without mentioning any names. So far, he had gotten in contact with the one person by chance rather than his ad, and also gotten some random guy more or less sending him a job application, though he clearly wasn't the one he was searching for. With a sigh, Wes sent a response to the newest message. While he would be surprised if this contact led him to Valience, it was worth a shot.
"Hmmm........." Wes thought to himself as his navi's battle wrapped up. He then stood and glanced at the other two netops, "Shin tells me that I might be able to find Valience in Electown. I'm going off to search our world and sending my navi to search the cyber world. If you're interested in assisting me, my navi is currently in the Net Square. Send your navis in and let him know that he needs to tell me to wait for you guys at Electown's metro station. My navi looks a lot like the original Soulman, though a bit younger and a bit.... nerdier. He'll be the guy in purple with the glasses and ponytail, okay?" With that, he wandered off towards the metro and hitched a ride.
Aida gave a slight nod, "A-alright then..." She then immediatley rushed over to a near jackport. "A-are you ready Capu-uchin?"

Capuchin gave a thumbs up and replied, "I'm always ready Aida! Lets meet this guy!"

With a single nod, Aida jacked Capuchin into the net.
Rigel sat down on a nearby bench. "Electown, huh?" he muttered. "Well, I can still operate from here, so if Wes needs me for whatever reason he'll just have to e-mail me about it."
Come to think of it, if I'm going to ask for a mission for an assassin navi, I need to be able to use that heavy damage technique I was designing. Rigel thought to himself, getting to his feet.

"I'll be back soon...probably," he said to Aida, heading for the metro station.
"H-Hold on C-Capuchin!" Aida said as she ran off to the Chip shop, "I-I'll be there s-soon!"
Shigeru ran up, just missing Aida. He snapped his fingers and sat down to wait. Being near a team member during battle could make that much of a difference, and who knows? Maybe his PET being already linked to the battle could help her reconnect with her navi faster.

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Seeing the same girl from before head to the metroline, abandoning her previous spot, Shigeru just sighed and went back to where he had been before.