"Why are we here...?" asked Divinity as she looked up at the building while standing on Area's shoulder. Area walked forwards slowly towards the door and entered it. "Because I have to keep my body fit and I've got right on one hour of working out today. Soryu is paying for me so he'd dislike it if I don't go... And I like having some strength in my body," Area said as she moved a membership card past a device that operated a door. Walking in, she headed straight for the dressing room and sat down on the bench there. "I shouldn't have run here..." muttered Area as she panted softly, "It feels good to sit..." "But we're not here to rest!" shouted Divinity with a grin on her face. Area placed her bag next to her, which she had quickly retrieved from her house, and opened it while taking out her gym clothes slowly. She was the only one in the dressing room so she had the space for a change and stood up while muttering things about her legs being tired. Divinity had jumped on the bench, next to the PET Area had placed there, and sat down while looking at Area.

Area slowly took off her jacket and hung it over a rack close by her. Taking her hands at the lower hem of her shirt, she slowly lifted it over her head and threw it down on the bench. As she moved her hands to the back of her bra, Divinity spoke at her suddenly. "Why are you taking off your bra?" she asked while tilting her head slightly to a side. "I prefer to workout with a sports bra to prevent my breasts from bouncing to unexplainable directions." Divinity remained quiet and thought for a bit as Area took her bra off and placed it on top of her shirt. "Have they grown... Even more...?" asked Divinity quietly as she looked at the breasts of Area and Area looked downwards while blinking slightly. "I certainly don't hope so... They were already big." Area gently held her hands on her breasts and bounced them softly up and down while measuring their size. "I don't think so... I've already got cupsize DD... I wouldn't want anything bigger." As the breast examination was over she slowly took off her pants after unzipping them, now being completely naked besides her socks and thong, and bended over towards her sport clothes. First she took her sports bra and put it on as it was mainly made of strong elastic and fabric, no annoying closing mechanism. "Come on, move it!" shouted Divinity at Area as she got anxious to see Area workout but also anxious for the Netfrica research. Area practically ignored her Navi as she put on her black hotpants and a black crop top, leaving her belly button visible. "You look unexplainable sexy for just working out, Area..." muttered Divinity as she stared at Area with slightly opened eyes. "I like to wear less clothes when working out since I'll be sweating a lot. It's to prevent from getting too hot." Putting her normal clothes in her bag, she took her PET and chips and headed for the room with exercising material. Divinity jumped back on Area's shoulder as she started to walk and muttered softly, "I don't think you're the one who will be getting hot..." and looked at the amount of men in the room.

Walking to a corner where she usually worked out, she took a pair of dumbbells and sat down on a bench against the wall. In the distance was a black man walking around, helping people with exercising at the bigger devices, and Area shouted at him. "Hey Marco! Get over here!" A few seconds later, he was already standing close to her and looked down at her. "What is it, Area? Hey... What's with that Navi...?" he said as he pointed at Divinity who was sitting next to Area on the bench. "I became a NetBattler again and that's what I wanted to tell you about... I've got a mission at Netfrica Net, so I'll probably take it easy with working out and take several breaks. Just so you know..." Area had said this as she was already lifting the two dumbbells she had picked up and Marco merely nodded at her. "I know you wouldn't take it easy without a clear reason," he said and then started to laugh, "I bet you're the strongest girl here at the moment, so you can afford it to take it easy." Not amused entirely, she just showed him a fake smile and looked as he walked away again. Divinity looked around, noticing men looking at the Operator and Navi, and then jumped on Area's lap. "Netfrica time?" she asked softly and Area nodded. Placing the dumbbells next to her, she placed the PET in her lap to have an eye on it even while exercising. Typing in the correct coordinates of the meeting spot, she sent Divinity in a flash towards the desired place. As the transmission occured, she picked up the dumbbells again and started lifting them again in a slow, but rhythmic, pace. "Zoob-a-floob! Work it, people! We've got calories to burn! Work those buns!" she heard Marco shouting from her spot and sighed.
"I equal to tired," muttered Divinity as the two returned to the dressing room. "Likewise, Divi. I'm also damn sweaty from that working out..." Area replied as she placed the PET down on the only chair sitting in the dressing room, "Hang on. I need a shower. I'll be right back." "I'm not going anywhere," said the hologram of Divinity who layed down on the surface of the PET. Slowly undressing herself, she took the towel she brought along and wrapped it around her upper body so it would hang downward to cover the lower parts as well, if only slightly. Walking to the shower section, she stepped into a small shower compartment and dropped the towel on the ground out of reach of the shower. Taking a glance at the mirror hanging inside the compartment, she held her hands under her breasts and held them up slightly. "They have grown," she muttered as she bounced up and down slightly. "Damn!" she suddenly shouted and could already see the prizes of her bras increase in her mind. "Can't help it, I guess..." she sighed and stepped under the shower.

Tuning the water to get the perfect temperature, she just stood under it with her back to the wall and the water drops splashing on her hair. She lifted her head slightly to look at the ceiling and spoke in her mind, "What was that battle about anyway...? Cyber beasts... A weird scale... And that malfunction in the battle..." She turned around to face the shower and made the water come down on her chest as she moved her hands over her tanned skin. "I'm glad Divinity came out of it unharmed..." Area thought as she turned to the side and bent down to move her hands along her legs, "And that Druidman Navi is interesting. I'll have to ask Soryu to find information about him." Stepping out of the shower, she took a bottle with shower gel and started to rub it over her body smoothly. Starting at her lower body, she went with her hands over each part but stopped at her chest and sighed at the size of her breasts. "Christ... I wonder if Hal would like these..." she muttered as she poked the right one and then continued to rub the shower gel over the rest over her body. Stepping back under the shower, she cleaned her body from dirty smells and all of the sweat and then continued to dry her body. Stepping out of the compartment with the shower in her right hand. "Divinity, how are you... Eh..." she started but suddenly stopped as she looked into the direction of Divinity, but found this direction was blocked.

"I-I-I came to give back the chips you l-left in the hall!" Marco shouted as he took a few steps backwards after seeing Area's face. "I swear, I'll tell no one!" he shouted again, "I-I'll leave now!" "Do you like what you see...?" Area asked as Marco turned around slowly and immediately replied, "Y-Yes! Eh-I mean, no! I mean, aw shit!" He turned around to apologize to Area, but was intercepted by an identified thrusting object known as Area's fist. "FALCON PUNCH!" she shouted as she hit Marco against the right cheek, pushing him towards the door. She quickly put on her panties which were position close to her PET and took on her bra as well as fast as possible. "A-Ah, y-you're dressed... I'll leave n-now..." Marco said and opened the door to the hall slowly. "FALCON--" Area shouted as she thrusted her foot out towards Marco's back to thrust him into te hall, "--KICK!" After connecting with the hit, she shut the door and sighed.

"ARGH!" she shouted and glared at Divinity who had been laughing all the time. Quickly putting her clothes on she put her PET in her jacket's pocket after Divinity flew to her shoulder and put the chips Marco had retrieved for her in the other pocket. "He blushed," Divinity suddenly said as they left the room and flew away in front of Area's eyes. "GET BACK YOU," Area shouted as she started to chase Divinity wildly.