Odd begainnings

A tall man in his earily thirdies stands outside A small building with a sign that reads "Alexanders eleconics and gameing emporeim" He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a set of keys, and uses them to unlock the door and goes inside. When he turns on the lights, you could see a number of verying eleconics and servreal old games. He bellows out a laugh and says "Finally!!!! In three days we will open up shop, and will beable to start new!" "...You mean like the last 23 times...." said in a dull ton voice. The man stops, then in agrovation goes "Shut Up Ozho....." Then in a calmer voice "Well, just for that comment, you have to put signs up on the net to inform people of our opening." Ozho sighs, as he already had to do this serval times in the past, and says in a even duller voice "Yes Alexander." Alexander then walks to the only reaigester and jacks Ozho into the net.
Ever since he jacked Ozho in, Alexander watch on him. After hearing whats happening at the springs, Alexander chuckels, and says in a solf voice, "Well, he seems to be insterested in something here." He then just sits back and contenues osvering.
Alexander, watching all of what is happening trough his PET, is now shocked at what is going on. He wishes that he could help Ozho more, but right now theres almost nothing that he can do.
After all of the events that just happened, Alexander is glad that Ozho was not hurt, although he can't say the same about some other naivs. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out 6 chips, knowing that they will need them.
Alexia, after what was supposed to be a short walk with Stryder, walks into Alexander's store. "Cool, this shop has games. Awesome," Alexia shouts. Startled, Stryder calmly says, "Alexia, your shouting." o.0 "Ohh my, sorry," Alexia responds. She looks around the shop for no game in particular. Just adoring the wide variety of games. "Stryder, have you seen how many different games are in this shop? You have to see this." Alexia holds her PET in one hand, and slowly rotates herself so Stryder can see. "Amazing. I've never seen soo many games. I wonder who got them all," Styder says in shock. There were soo many games. Stacked neatly, almost from the floor to the ceiling. Old games, new games, adventure games, puzzle games....practically every game you could think of...was here. Alexia continued to rotate, and let Stryder look at the vast collection of games.
Alexander herd some shouting and looks ahead, He sees a girl that seem intreuged at the games. seeing how he will probly need more them himself to run the store, he gets an idea. "You seem intersted in games young ladie, if you would like to work here, you can, but only if you help my navi with something.
Stryder didn't beleive what she just heard. "You mean....me.....work...here...?!?......OF COURSE!!! I'd love to work here, no matter what!" Alexia jumped up and down, and spun herself around holding her PET. Dazed from the spinning, Stryder asks, "By...the way...what do....you want..us...to...help your navi...with?.....Alexia...I feel sick." ><
"Full of energy, arn't you. Well, your going to help Ozho, my navi, catch some theives. Just jack in to netfrica from here, and look for a blue robed navi, thats Ozho. Just remember that if you help him, he will be your boss." claims Alexander.
"Theives huh? Ok. Alexander, you've got yourself a deal. Strdyer, Jack in!!"
After a bit, something hit Alexander....something he finds odd. "How could you know what my name was, when I never said anything about it. You care to explain that?" Alexander said with some confusion.
Alexia stood puzzled. Her eybrows raised in confusion. "How do I know your name? It's on the sign isn't it? 'Alexander's' right? Unless your like, a assistant manager or something."
"I guess thats true" Alexander sighs while putting in a shotgun chip. "Of coruse Ozho is wondering why your navi knows both of our names. So he might think that she knows him from over 4 ye-" and with that he stops. then mumbels "Why am I telling her all of this, how can I trust this girl I just ment"
Alexia blinks a few times, and leans toward Alexander in a 'flirty' manner. "You say something, Alexander?"

(Not trying to really flirt with your character. Just the way she acts sometimes. lol)
"Nothing" Says Alexander, ina nervos voice, then in a sadish voice "by the way, have you been looking at Ozho durning this?" as he slots in the two miniboomers
"I mean, when he attacks and trys to dodge."
Alexia gasped. "Oh my! He doesn't look too good. I'll have Stryder help him out, ok?"
Alexia's facial expression suddenly changed from shocked, to worried. "Alexander, I'll do my best to save your navi....Even if it means losing my own. As long as I know it was a worthy cause, I wont mind. And I'm sure Stryder would say the same."
Alexander was confused at what his future empoly said. she missed the point that he was trying to show about Ozho with that question, the fact that he is not normal. But then he looked at his PET, then saw that Ozho colasped. He's shocked at this, but then says something. "I think I know how to get him back up, but it's going to be curel."
"Cruel? What do you mean by that?" Alexia's eyes were as wide as a crater, stunned to hear Alexander say something like this. "Please tell me that you aren't gonna....ya know..."
*gasp* "What?!? /blah I wasn't going to say that. I just thought you were gonna turn on god mode or somethin'. It'd be cool I guess. Godly Ohzo!"

And with that, Alexia had burst out laughing, unable to control herself.

"Naa, I'm just kidding. I don't have a clue what your going to do to Ohzo. You weren't really going to do that to him, were you?"