Oh, say can you ACDC?

"Ah, ACDC Town. A suburb of DenCity, of the country of Electopia. The nearby SciLab has a world-cass Navi customization shop, and ACDC itself has a renowned chip shop! The viruses in the various Nets here aren't too hard, since so many people do virus busting here! Yep...this is gonna be good!"

"And exactly who are you talking you? Since if you're talking to me, I wasn't paying attention for about 3/4s of that."

A young man pulled out his PET, stared at his Navi for a moment, then sighed. He had just come all the way from Electopia, experienced all sorts of hardships on the way, and he starts off by getting ignored by his own Navi. HIS OWN NAVI.

"What?! Cmon Tara, it was a nice little speech!"

"Yeah, yeah..." The female Navi rubbed her left eye underneath her visor. "I know what's coming up, so how about jacking me in already?"

"What? I can't do some sightseeing first?"

"I know you too well, Brandon Jetto! If it doesn't involve virus busting, battlechips, or Navi customizing, you're not interested in it!"

"You're no fun at all, you know that?"

"And you're no fun for not jacking me in somewhere!"

"I will once I find a spot!"

"...There's a squirrel statue next to you. We can access the main ACDC Net from there!"

"Oh, now I see the jack-in port! All right, are you ready?"

"That hasn't already been made incredibly obvious?"

"Bah!" Brandon quickly spun his PET around a few times, then pointed it at the squirrel. "Jack in! Target, Execute!"

(OOC: Not my best work, I know...but I'm rusty, dang it! Also, I'm off for ACDC Net. Since, ya know, I just jacked into it.)
"Well, that was a close call. Nice job back there, Tara!" Now highly relieved that his Navi didn't get deleted, Brandon got to analyzing the victory data himself; something he wasn't used to, since his Navi usually did it for him. "Hmm, looks like there's chip data in here! Cool!" He inserted a blank chip, which gained all the appearances of a Cannon chip. "Cannon, huh? Well, beats the heck out of nothing..."

"Ahh...it's good to be back!" It was obvious the cursor Navi was already regaining her strength. "Guess going for four battles in a row's pushing it, huh?"

"For now, yeah. But that won't always be the case...I promise you that!"

"Roger! So, what do you want to do now?"

"Hmm...we could always try our luck in another area!"

"But isn't ACDC Town supposed to have some of the easiest viruses in the world?"

"What? You don't think you can handle a battle or two somewhere else?"

"...What?! I never said that! Quit putting words in my mouth!"

Brandon snickered. "Then you won't have any problems with trying another place!"

Now it was Tara's turn to snicker. "One problem with that logic."


"I know you too well. And you never check out a new place on the Net just once!"

"Er, well..."

"Am I right?"

"...Sigh...fine, we'll stay here..."

"Heh, good! I feel great again now, so how about jacking me back in now?"

"You're back to top shape?"

"Would I be saying that if I wasn't?"

"...Point taken..." Brandon aimed his PET towards the squirrel statue once more. "Jack in! Target, Execute!"

(jacking in, woo x 2)
"Well, that was fun. What do you want to do now?" Brandon put his PET back into the case, then began walking aimlessly.

"Let's see...if you've got the cash for whatever you want, there's the ACDC chip store, or SciLab's Navi Customization shop! Or we could try our luck virus busting in another area!"

"Nah, we don't have nearly enough cash for what I want to get, so let's just go somewhere else!"

"Any specific place you had in mind?"

"Hmm...the Navi Customization shop is in SciLab...let's go there!"

"You're the boss!...Whether I like it or not..."

"What's that supposed to mean?!" Brandon stopped, and looked around. "Also, can we get there from the MetroLine?"

"Yeah, there's one that goes directly to it!"

"Then we're off!" Brandon's walk turned into a run, as he dashed towards his next destination.

(off to SciLab)
Once he arrived at ACDC Town, Brandon started making his way towards the only jack-in place he knew. However, before he made the turn towards the squirrel, he pulled out his PET, and held it towards the chip shop. "You sure you don't want a Sword? With a little more cash, I could probably get a better sword chip if they had one!"

"...Thanks, but no thanks...I'd be more content with some more Shotgun chips!"

"What's that? AreaGrab and Sword? You're getting riskier!"


"Just kidding!" Brandon headed inot the park, and aimed his PET at the squirrel statue. "Although I am serious about us getting a sword at some point, in case we need to get close range for some reason! But enough about that...we need to get virus busting! Jack in! Target, Execute!"

(And now I dare to jack in! Will the insanity never cease?!)
"Well, I'm back!" Despite sounding cheery, Tara had an aggrivated look. "Now, tell me where we're going right now!"

"A place called ElecTown! I remember Dad talking about it before. It's famous for its electrical device stores!"

"And lemme guess. You want me to jack into one of said electrical devices and do some virus busting."


"...Well, all right then! What are we waiting for?"

"We aren't!" The sound of an automated door could be heard opening. "We're on our way right now!" And a minute or so later, they were on their way...

(off to ElecTown)