Finally! The Colosseum

At last Akio has travelled to his Navi's most highly anticipated destination, now, more waitng is in order until a fight can barely begin. "Alright Claw, you can wait for your next match"
"waiting... my least favorite word today"
Anthony sets off the Metro, and seems to be talking into his PET... "... And the reason why I have you now is because he failed my test. I did not really trust him after seeing the shape 'he' was left in." Anthony looked around, and started to head towards the entrence. There is some talk coming from the PET "I see, but just because you are Virgil's son does not mean you can DO that... And it does not mean I trust you much..." Anthony looked back at his PET. "And who was the one who signed up for a match without the Netop's consent? Well.. I should just sign up for this match, or create it if it is not there." Anthony said, as he walks into the Colosseum.
"THERE YOU ARE!" Claw outbursts. "What do you mean?"
Akio was confused at his partners shouting. "He's here! I had a scan of the area and there's a signature matching the guy who challenged us!" Claw then leads his partner to the mystery challenger. "Oh I see," Akio responds in a sudden realization as they pass something important. "Come on, Akio! He's this way!"
"Wait up, it says it right here, on the bulletin board, let's check it out."
"If we get anymore waiting and or distractions, my anxiety will come out and KILL YOU!!!"