The Cybeasts

Alright. The Cybeasts. The legendary enemies of myth. This topic isn't to discuss whether or not they exist, as the recent expeditions recently proved that they do, but to discuss anything else that's known about them.

What made them? What is with the tooth that appeared after the Squalo battle? Did similar things happen at the other battles?

Feel free to answer these if you can, or ask your own questions.

-Shigeru Yamada
If I recall, people have been discussing this issue for quite a while. The real problem is that tracing these things back to any creator is very difficult. They are somewhat like viruses, so like all all bugs, they may have been created for some malicious intent.

On the other hand, I've heard stories of great entities from the past who were actually connected to the net itself, or were even created to house a flawed creation and prevent it from destroying the current net. I know it sounds silly... some kind of man-made being on the net that's too powerful for humans to destroy without destroying the entire infrastructure itself. But really, I think that might have been the case in the past.

I've got a piece of one of the quills from Riccio, a giant hedgehog cybeast that MeleeMan and the others destroyed, stored here in my PET. I really don't know what kind of use it has or why it didn't disappear along with the mother cybeast.

I say mother, of course, because of the numerous cybeasts that seemed to pour out from her corpse as she was destroyed. I assume others had similar experiences, or was Riccio an anomaly?

-Rania Firebrand
Multiple cybeasts?
Now that you mention it, quite a few somethings darted away from Squalo when we defeated it, but they were underwater so it was impossible to tell what they really were. Could they have been multiple Squalos, as you saw multiple... Riccos? It could be possible...
But how? And why? We don't have enough info to determine that.

They could of been man-made, as there was a Cybeast called Falzar, who was man-made as a counter to Greger, a Cybeast formed from Bugs. I read on a history website of the net once.

Matt Wislion

Falzar went Backshift insane though. Also Gospel.