ElectownNet War

Hey, just another discussion thread.

What do you guys think about the NetMafia and the war in Electown?

And the fact that it looks like, based on that Broadcast, that they brought in their own CyBeast and summoned it with some sort of weird glowing circle.

So, supposedly, the NetMafia was fighting to liberate the net from tyranny. Are the NetPolice more controlling and doctoral then we like to believe, or are the NetMafia no better than a group of Terrorists here to bring down ordered government with a bunch of patriotic Keywords?

What do you think about the whole war in general? Do you have any theories or facts to bring to the public? Feel free to tell about them here.

WEll all i know is that the net was totally paniking when the whole war came out oh and the fact that the netmafia took over the broadcast station shows that theyre really connected and stuff. And like i think that they totaly could have made that cybeast themself you know. If they can take over a official net broadcast station why couldn't they do that too?

As a reporter who is also closely tied in with the netpolice, I can confirm that any rumors you've been hearing about netpolice corruption or the good intentions of the mafia are probably made by biased mafia supporters that have come out with their views since the incident. The NetMafia have been criminals as far back as I can remember and I doubt they've changed.

On a side note, my navi is finishing up a declassified report of some of the events that occurred then. Please view it once it's released if you have the time.

Also, I applaud your interest in public discussion! It's a healthy practice. I wish I... uh... did more of it.

~Donald Murdoc