Ranking, V2

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1.) Those who solved the intial riddle: 5 points
2.) Those of you who fought a Cybeast: 5 points
3.) Those of you who passed the recent exam: pending on amount of time it took you
4.) X points for every battle while partnered with other members, X= number of partners you have
5.) 5 points for Boxman and Avartar, another 5 if you survived Boxnix
6.) 5 for facing a Rogue, 10 for winning and surviving against them.
7.) 10 for facing Drakkas, 15 if we win and you survive.

8.) 10 points for the Cybeast research mission (While it took place before the revival, it was close enough that those with Original Status can cash in)
9.) 10 points for the battle with Twi.
10.) 1 point for every two questions right on the enterance exam. (Bonus question counts for 1 point)
11.) 5 points for recruiting a member, 3 for trying to recruit a member. (Note: The first stacks on top of the team busting points you get if they pass)
12.) One point for each entry you contribute to the Virus database. An extra point is awarded if you can add in the chip as well.

To recruit other members, you either need a rank of 50, Original status, or special permission.

((To register points, please contact me through PM, IM, or chat. Even if I was involved in the event in question, I still need to talk to you one-on-one about getting your points. This way, you'll know that I got them and I'll know that you know I got them.

Added note: Battles or events completed before joining Requiem do not count towards your point value. However, battles and missions taking part during recruitment do count. If unsure on whether something counts, confer with me.))
Okay, now we need to settle on ranking. Above, I have the point system that Majin created, which I shall use as a base. I'll add more to the list as I come up with stuff. First up for special consideration is the Cybeast battle and fight in Twi's area. Also, if you get any odd missions from the Netpolice or special battles in the net, such as fighting one of those marked as an enemy, contact me and I'll compensate you point wise.

Now then, do any of the old members mind if I reset the points? I can see that many of you hve started over with new navis, so it seems proper t start off fresh here as well. Don't worry, you'll all recieve an original marking under your rank that will give you special benefits, such as recruitment abilities.
Sure. Resetting seems like a good idea. No point in keeping ranking based on things that long ago.

I know that at least for me, my skill has gone down a little since I've been out of practice. Maybe it's just me though.
Yeah, reset it, gives us a fresh start.
New points oppertunity: the virus list. Give me the info you guys have on what area has what guys! For each entry you get one point, when you name the enemy, its element and its HP. You get an additional point if you can name which chip it gives, since that takes extra skill. So let's all try to find out as much as we can so that we can expand our database even more.