The Office of RollerMan

Neither Ship nor Katran would be familiar with RollerMan's office, so the area would be new to them both. This homepage appeared to encompass only the interior of a building, rather than the exterior, thus, they were teleported straight inside the waiting room. Here, they would see a great many women waiting in chairs, which lined the left and right sides of the office. Towards the back of the office was a teleporter out. Near the front, they'd see a blue door as well as a red one, which stood out more due to the "VIP" wording lit up above its frame. The left door had a small window next to it, where a normal navi was waiting, presumably to see new entrants and give them a number in line to see RollerMan. The other side, however, had no window... instead, it had a small slit around mid-level, like a drop slot for letters. Perhaps they'd show their cards there? It was more likely than someone looking through the slit, as one would have to be around three and a half feet tall, at max, in order to do that effectively. Beyond those doors, the decor consisted of some nice propaganda posters related to the Wunderbar Cakes and Confectionaries company, a nice bit of cross-promotional advertising, as well as some tasteful potted plants. It certainly didn't feel like the kind of atmosphere to cheat on your wife in, since it was more like a doctor's wait room than anything.

The other occupants of the room wouldn't appear familiar to either of the two navis. The only noteworthy thing about the group was that they were indeed all women, though not all of one appearance or apparent age group. There didn't appear to be anyone as young looking as Ship, however. All of them were seated except for one standing navi: a tall girl with long, white hair and a fully black suit consisting of a zip-up catsuit and light body-armor, with "SWAT" printed across its breast in white, capital letters. Despite the rest of the gear, she wore no helmet, allowing her hair to fall free and showing off a sulky looking face with cold, blue eyes. She looked like she was ordinarily pale-skinned but had recently acquired a heavy... "tan," putting it nicely. More accurately, she'd been severely sun-burnt. That humorous detail offset her otherwise intimidating appearance. The navi was leaning on the wall and watching the other guests, causing some of them to squirm uncomfortably and making the otherwise peaceful room ominously quiet.
Ship arrived in the Netspace with a crash, her ship rather immediately filling up the free space between rows of chairs in the waiting room before she could hurry to get her .GMO activated. "Sorry! I'm sorry," she apologized to those gathered. At least she wasn't spraying actual water everywhere, just her graphic... unless the floor happened to be liquid.

At any rate, Ship felt sure all eyes would be on her now, which would make the next part a bit difficult. Something felt wrong about cutting ahead of the group that had been here waiting after making such a splashy entrance. One of them, in particular, looked like she could use a good aloe rub-down even more than Ship herself did, sore backside and all...

"Oh my gosh," the Navi suddenly wondered. "I wonder how... all-over... this massage is going to be? I think I'd die if anyone even got a glimpse of that... Nevermind! That's besides the point," the Navi reminded herself. "We're not here for the massage, we're here to get RollerMan on the same page as his wife... but a VIP massage ought to be nice," she admitted to herself.

Reminding herself she'd taken some punishment and ought to be allowed to pamper herself now and again, Ship put aside her shame at cutting for VIP service and made her way to the slot by the VIP door, presenting the pass data quickly. "Excuse me! My friend and I are here to see RollerMan for the VIP service..."

Ship had put aside any shame she'd formerly had in doing this, now. It didn't seem to occur to her, at least at the moment, that there was an impression of salaciousness surrounding the service here, one that might be considered even more scandalous when a "VIP service" was involved...
A quick flash and Katran had appeared along with her partner, her reaction speed having just enough time to give Ship's boat more room as she darted to the side. She felt bad for her partner in a sense, wondering just how inconvinient that form could be at times for her. She frowned.

As Katran waited for Ship to re-assume her more managable appearance her eyes roamed over the new location taking in as much information as she could. Well, the clientel seems to be pretty one sided for gender. Perhaps I shouldn't be surprised. She mused as she sized up the different women around, taken particular note of the one displaying the word SWAT on her chest. I can't help but wonder just how good his methods are, given the waiting rooms lineup. An eyebrow raised as she counted the attendance.

It was then she had noticed Ship was ready and already making a motion towards the door, briefly causing Katran to question how she had been so distracted she hadn't noticed Ship shift GMO, before quickly following. Maybe she was concerned about the single imposing figure standing off to the side. Would she cause trouble?

She just let Ship handle the talking as she kept on her guard. Perhaps she was just being to cautious, but that was the way of military life.
Ship's appearance was bound to create some alarm, seeing as most of the women had had nothing better to do than sit around, sleep in their chairs, or read some magazines until this point. However, it became apparent that she wasn't really a threat once she lost the boat and started apologizing, so everyone went back to what they were doing pretty quick. Katran entered much more inconspicuously.

As soon as the two of them entered, the sunburned, white-haired lady moved to approach them, reaching their side as the two arrived at the door. A murmur had started up as Ship announced the two of them as recipients of the VIP service, and now more than a little jealousy. Judging by the lack of VIP passes around here, one might surmise that the passes were fairly rare and highly sought after. The woman in black scowled, looking down at Ship, her seeming the easier to intimidate. "You two. I've heard that you turned down Showbizz's offer... this marriage needs to end," she hissed quietly, "and if you're here, I take it you haven't given up on doing the opposite of that. Listen... the breakup will be temporarily messy but in the end it will be the best for both of them. And more importantly, better for Showbizz's bottom dollar."

She placed one hand on the door, as if holding it shut from swinging outward. "If you two insist... go on in. But I'll tell you this: Showbizz will find a way to turn this into money. And if it's not by using the two of them, it will be using someone else," she warned them, before turning around with a swish of her long hair and retaking her place on the wall. She went back to a tight-lipped frown, as though not intending to answer any of their questions.

Finally, someone approached to accept the VIP pass. It was hard to make out much about them, given the thinness of the slot. The door opened soon enough, however, and a man stepped into view. The man was wearing a chef's outfit with a tall toque, a red kerchief covering his mouth and hanging down his chest. Two dark, brown eyes were visible in the space between kerchief and hat, but other than that, his face was obscured. He wore a white navisuit with a seam down the front to the waist. Similarly colored gloves and flat shoes completed the outfit. His size was very impressive, as, with the toque added, he'd have to stoop to get through the doorway. More so, his frame was extremely muscular. He might be quite a physical specimen, beneath the distracting chef outfit, which seemed somehow more out of place here in a massage parlor than his wife's did in a dance club.

"VIP guests, I see. I apologize for the wait... I was attending to another guest. Why don't you two come on in and we'll get started?" he spoke in a very deep but genial voice, moving out of the way so both of them could step inside. There was a small hallway inside, which seemed like it would veer off to the side quickly. That meant that they couldn't see much further than the entrance at this point. They might also notice another door on the wall, which seemed to connect to the other room. Assuming they accepted his offer and moved inside, he'd shut the door behind him; it was surprisingly heavy and latched quickly. "My wife must have sent you this way. That's great... she's always sending young ladies such as yourselves here for the VIP treatment. She has an eye for the ones in need of it, I suppose. Not a problem, of course. I'm always happy to help."

Once they'd moved a little further in, Ship and Katran would likely first notice the decor: the room was very low lit, with thick red carpeting, the walls too dark to see. Several ornate brown tables were set here and there with lit candles... definitely for the purpose of mood-making. They'd see a row of four massage tables, with pillowed head-rests that had a hole to allow the face to sit. As he quickly rolled two out of the way, they'd also see other massage-related items, like towels, lotions, and the like. One thing that would be hard for them to fail to notice: a giant, human-sized rolling pin lying against one of the walls, accompanied by several others of various sizes. "I'll go finish with the other client. In the mean time, why don't you two get ready for the massage? Please, remove your clothing and wrap yourselves in towels," he offered, gesturing with one hand towards the stack at the back of the room. "Be sure to note the different sizes... there are small ones and large ones. The small ones will barely fit around your waist so... I'd recommend the large ones."

The smell of scented candles would wafted through the air as RollerMan moved back the way they'd come. If the two wanted to speak to him and try to sort out the situation without getting a massage, now would be the time to do so. If they did not, he'd excuse himself and leave through the side door. They might notice, in the brief period when it was open, that it was a sterile, white, and much less sensual looking setting, much like the waiting room had been.
Ship tightened her lip as Swat approached to give her grief. Ordinarily, the militaristic Navi might be intimidating, but Ship wasn't concerned about being coerced while Katran was with her. Again, as had been the case with Showbizz before, Ship wasn't going to be dissuaded from the service of saucy romance by something so trivial as money or threats. "As it so happens, we do insist. Whatever unpleasant methods your employer uses to get her ratings are the concern of her and her audience." Ship had more she wanted to say while she was on a roll, but the mercenary Navi didn't seem interested in chatting.

With that out of the way, it wasn't long before Ship and her ally were attended to. Needless to say, there was quite a line to attend to, and Ship didn't intend to hold it up. As she let herself in, Ship gave the Navi that must surely be RollerMan an obvious head-to-toe scan with her eyes. She didn't have any flirtatious intentions in doing so, but if she did, she suspected she'd hardly be the first.

"Yeesh," Lyn commented to Mira, not on a public mike. "Cake Head wants that guy to beat her up in the sack? He looks like he'd be tearin' her in half just from... when he, y'know..."

Ship tried not to focus on the mental images, preferring to consider Garnish's dilemma from a purely emotional and romantic perspective. "Yes, we're here on behalf of Garnish," the small Navi replied to the much larger masseuse, bobbing along beside him. She raised an eyebrow at the idea that Garnish would be sending women like her for RollerMan's services... Katran, certainly... in any case, she didn't draw attention to that concern. The Navi had decided to play her cards close to the chest for the moment, and she hoped Katran would take her lack of talkativeness as a sign to do the same. It'd be nice to be able to say this was a master strategy for completing the mission, but, in reality, Ship just wanted to make sure they didn't get to the difficult conversation they were going to have to have before she'd had a chance to get a massage.

As a habitual romantic, the mood of the room's decor wasn't at all lost upon Ship, who smiled a bit in spite of herself. "What a... cozy... massage parlor! I suppose that's to be expected for the VIP wing of such a highly-sought establishment. If you don't mind my asking... did Garnish help with the decorating...?"

Ship found herself staring at the rolling pins on the wall, and jumped out of her imagination when she heard the words "small ones and large ones," taking a moment to grasp the meaning. "Oh. Oh! Yes, thank you. By all means, don't let us stop you. We'll prepare." Ship started to add that they'd call when they were ready, but that might be awkward for the guest in the other room... RollerMan hadn't said that they should. "I guess he'll probably just knock when he's ready...?"

As soon as RollerMan had left the room, Ship turned back to the towels and observed them. She was small, but not that small. She figured the larger towels would be a bit oversized on her, but such was her curse. She grabbed a large one, assuming she could find it, and turned back to Katran. She smiled for a moment before blushing and looking away. "I suppose we can hash over strategy while we discuss, um, back to back...? If that's all right with you?" Whatever Katran decided, Ship certainly was going to keep her own eyes to herself. "Goodness knows I've probably made myself seem quite enough a pervert already..."

With her back to Katran, resisting the urge to turn back and make sure Katran wasn't peeking herself ("Wouldn't that be exciting...?!"), Ship set aside her hat and pulled the sailor suit mantle over her head. Setting both neatly on one of the free tables, the Navi pulled off her gloves, each making a rubber suck as it came out. She moved to the other edge of the table, allowing her to continue facing the same way, and hopped up. Wincing on making contact with the table, she pulled off her boots and added them alongside her other items. Finally, drawing her breath nervously...

The Navi dropped behind the table, feeling embarrassed. "What if she is looking? What if she saw me simply trouncing about in the nude, and thought to herself 'Oh, what a shameless girl, putting it all on display!'" Ship decided the safest course of action was just to hide herself: if Katran was looking, she'd be showing some girlish reluctance, and if not, Katran would never know.

With a bit of fiddling about, Ship managed to get the towel wrapped around herself and nicely wrapped. She had a bit of experience with this, which was a nice change of pace from her recent activities. Finally ready, Ship just barely managed to "accidentally" whirl around and catch Katran in whatever state of dress she might be in.

... "Oh dear! I completely forgot we were supposed to be discussing," she squeaked quietly. "My mind was somewhere else... Erm, Ms. Katran. I am of the opinion that, first, we should simply submit to massages and get a better idea of what's really going on with RollerMan's technique. When we judge the time is right, we'll reveal ourselves to be relationship counselors, who, after discussing with Garnish and learning of her upcoming anniversary, came to the conclusion, unaided by Garnish, that they should participate in S&M. We simply stress the importance and hope he will hear us out for the sake of his loving, lovely wife. We can continue to play by ear from there... I imagine, if we can get him on board, we will have to guide him to a specific plan of action for his time with Garnish... preferably one based on her earlier explained desires. Does that sound reasonable?" Ship started to turn around to see if Katran was nodding before remembering her position. "Oh! Oh, I'm decent now, so you know. Let me know when you are as well."
Katran cracked the slightest of smirks as the women in black approached, making her attempt to dissuade the girls from their mission. katran was always committed to her missions, and this wasn't something that would change from some weak threats. She looked her over, and was about to speak before Ship interjected first. Katran was a little surprised, but more so, impressed with Ship's determination and backbone. Maybe they shared the same sort of convictions in regard to work ethics? Either way she felt she did not need to add to the situation, as her partner handled it quite nicely, only nodding in agreement.

With that taken care of it was only a matter of time before Katran followed Ship into the VIP area, once someone finally came around to assist them. As she entered the room, and who she could only assume was RollerMan came into few Katran couldn't help but looked a little stunned. As her eyes looked over his impressive stature and musculature, the sound of Mira whistling in the background could be heard.

"Haha, oh wow. I sure hope Garnish is flexible, that guy's huge!" Mira added following Lyn's remark.

Katran didn't let her gaze linger too long, worrying about being professional more than anything else. It was a little distracting though she had to admit. Certain questions began to pop into her head regarding the couple but she swiftly tried to push them aside as her tail bobbed curiously behind her. "Thank you." she remarked at his invitation, moving passed and entering into the dimly lit room. As RollerMan continued to speak, she had to wonder just how often Garnish had sent other women here? How many others might she have asked to potentially help their relationship? It felt a little odd to her, but Katran was far from the relationship expert. That too was pushed to the back of her mind, so she could focus better on the mission at hand.

As she got a better look at the room Katran noted the interesting choices in decor. Perhaps she shouldn't have expected anything else given her targets name. The feline contemplated just how they should approach the scenario, not having been in this sort of situation before. The mission was a fairly unique issue compared to her usual line of work. Katran herself looked a little uncertain as she looked to Ship who was being uncharacteristically quiet on the matter of their job. Perhaps she had a plan, or maybe she was busy trying to come up with something herself? She had seemed so vocally enthusiastic about fixing this romance that Katran could only assume the former. The cat opted to follow suit and let Ship lead. Her experience on the matter would probably result in a more favorable outcome.

"Ah yes, We'll get ready right away. We'll only be a little while. " She agreed with Ship, as RollerMan prepared to leave.

Once he was out of earshot, Katran let out a audible sigh. " Is this normal for a place such as this? I've never had the... privilege of partaking in such a novelty." A hint of uncertainty as she spoke.

"Oh c'mon, it'll be fun! Besides, you're always so wound up you could do with some relaxing." Mira added teasingly. "I bet you got tons of knots all over, no wonder you're a grumpy cat most of the time."

Katran had already begun removing her boots and gloves as Ship spoke up causing the feline to pause for a moment. "Well, it's nothing we haven't seen before as we're both women, but if you're uncomfortable I understand." She replied, before taking off her jacket and placing it aside. She grabbed one of the larger towels, and as per Ships request had turned away from the smaller Navi. "Have i done something to make Ship feel uncomfortable, or was this simply her shyness?" Katran felt bad that she hadn't been paying enough attention to tell, her ears slunk a bit as she wondered.

Her kevlar vest was next, followed by a huge sigh of relief as Katran could feel it's compressing fashion undone. "Whew, no matter how often I wear it I'll never quite get used to that feeling." She uttered, as her natural figure was now on full display and unbound. At the sound of the zipper she slowly began to remove her body suit, letting it hit the floor. She had made no real attempt to hide herself, as she finished up, and placed her things neatly together. It hadn't been the first time she'd changed around other females, and she had nothing to be ashamed of. After all, her tail and ears were always on full display, and they caused her much more embarrassment than anything else.

She casually wrapped the towel around herself, though now wondering if it would actually hold as she noticed it's tightness around her chest. She moved around a few times, to make sure she had wrapped it tight enough to keep from falling. She continued to remain turned away until Ship had spoken up once more.

"It's fine." She responded softly to Ships brief panic. "Seeing as you seem to be more experienced with this sort of thing, I'll follow whatever course of action you feel would help the situation best. I'm not trained to handle relationships, after all." She noted.

I've finished getting ready as well."
After passing the would-be door guard, Ship and Katran met their masseuse and their operators shared some quick garnish about how unlikely the combination of the regular-sized Garnish and her giant husband making love seemed to be. The two followed RollerMan's instructions, undressing and getting massage-ready by wrapping towels around themselves. Katran's would fit rather fetchingly, showing off her legs from the upper thighs all the way down, along with a bit of cleavage. Ship's would fit a little silly in general; if she wrapped it at the exact point Katran did, it would go all the way down to around her knees. Ship would, apparently, have as much time to appreciate Katran's body as she liked (unfortunately for her, it didn't seem like Katran was much returning the favor) before the two called to RollerMan that they were ready.

"Very good," RollerMan answered in a loud voice from the other room. "I've just sent my regular appointment out and I'm nearly finished preparing. Please, lie down upon two of the tables, close together," he instructed. That was easy enough to follow: there were several cushioned, body-length tables here, more than it looked like he could ever actually use at once. If they wanted to do as he said, they could lie down on two of them next to each other, so close that they could almost feel as though they were sharing a two-person bed. There was a indentation for them to put their faces in, though he'd probably give them the flexibility to do whichever they chose.

"Coming in," Garnish's husband announced himself, knocking twice; it sounded as if he'd tried to keep it light, but his knuckles and arm strength were both so huge that he was unable to stop it from sounding alarming. If either of the girls were harboring any suspicions about the shady, overly intimate setting, those would prove founded, once the large man re-entered the room, turning to close the door behind himself. The navi had entirely removed his suit, clad not even in a towel, but only a fundoshi loincloth. Not even a white fundoshi loincloth, but a dark pink once, somewhat matching the decor. The garment covered only a strip down the buttocks and the front with a short, hanging towel tucked in. All of his awe-inspiring, perhaps frightening musculature was on display, although thankfully, not quite all of it... the cloth still hid some secrets. Without the toque and coat on, the girls would see his face, like something carved in an ancient Netopian statue, with short, black, slightly oil-slick hair, combed in an overly official part. It looked like his whole body was actually oiled, distractingly enough, and close-shaven. If somehow neither girl had looked upon his entrance, perhaps because they already had their faces towards the floor in the bed's indentations, the operators would probably still see and, if they had any decency, give their navis the heads-up.

"Sorry for the wait. Don't worry about the other guests; they'll get their turns. Your VIP pass entitles you to the privilege of expedient service, and I aim to please," he spoke. Although the last word hung in the air, there didn't seem to be any sensuality in his voice. "Let us talk about what sort of service you'd like to proceed with. I can give you a Roller Massage, either the Petite, Standard, or Jumbo service as you prefer. It's our most expedient and efficient, though not the preference of all. I can do a full body massage by hand as well, of course, if that's what you'd prefer. It takes longer, but I'm told by many of my clients that there are a variety of health and sensory benefits. I don't know how much my wife mentioned to you..." he murmured, rubbing his chin thoughtfully as he continued to approach. "But I offer further services at the guest's requests. If you have any more complex specifications, or unusual requests, I can certainly attend to them." They might certainly want to modify certain details of this massage before it began. For what it mattered, the guy's face showed no sign of shame, nor any sort of seductive smile or arousal; just a pretty blank frown, with his chin held high. If Garnish had really been trying to set him up to break their marriage vows here, her husband's lack of any reaction to Katran's sexy body made it pretty clear why that had never come to pass.
The small Navi was getting worked into an excited fit as she heard Katran sigh after removing a vest, biting her lip as she heard each zipper move and trying to maintain her discipline. She finished getting the towel wrapped around her petite frame, frowning at its fit... and if she'd already been feeling an inferiority complex, it ought to be amplified a few times as she finally got an eyeful of Katran's towel-clad form. "Goodness gracious! I forgot they were- did I ever see them before? I... Rrgh! Get your head out of the gutter," she internally chided herself, forcing her eyes shut and her expression into a sunny beam for her partner that didn't showcase what she'd just been thinking. "Oh good, you're ready. My, my, what a lovely figure! You must take very good care of yourself, Katran," she told the other Navi in a very obviously forced conversational tone.

Lyn let out a "Tch!" only Mira would hear, looking irritated (rather, even moreso than usual). "Does your arctic combat Navi really need to have such huge fricking' airbags?" It probably wasn't a question she really expected an answer to, and she didn't look to Mira to acknowledge a response.

At RollerMan's direction from the other room, she moved to a table, beckoning Katran to move next to her by patting the adjacent one. Hopping up, Ship carefully shifted herself face down, mentally patting herself on the back for taking the lead and resisting the urge to sneak peeks at her partner. "Remember: for now, the massage. After, we'll address the matter at hand. And I will take the lead, as you've requested. Not that I have more experience with massages..." That was probably not true, seeing as she had some basic massages before and she somewhat doubted Katran had.

Ship was indeed face-down as RollerMan entered the room. Lyn was not, of course, and Mira would hear the coach's teeth clench hard on her wooden pipe as she got a good look at him. "Holy f*ck! I mean... we already knew the guy would be f*ckin' ripped, but get a load of that damn dishtowel! That pink f*ckin' dishtowel! No way this guy ain't cheatin' on his wife here, right? It's like Bill Ockham said: when you're shaving, use the simple manual razor, right? It means the simplest solution is the right one." Lyn spoke without looking at Katran, obviously having a hard time taking her eyes from the masseuse.

Lyn's Navi was able to put a mental description together from what Lyn was raving about even without seeing RollerMan herself. The thought did make her gulp, but she had a different thought from her operator. She resolved that she wanted to, again, ask how much involvement Garnish had in this set-up later. RollerMan didn't seem to have picked up on the question before, but knowing the answer could be critical here. "As much as I hate to say it... while we do need to ensure Garnish's wish is fulfilled, it's also important to make sure RollerMan was not, in fact, cheating on his wife. I think we can establish both that and his actual propensity towards roughness or gentleness at once... In any case, he doesn't sound like he's salivating over Katran's gorgeous body. If he is a womanizer out for pretty new affairs, he's certainly lacking taste!"

Putting that aside, in order to set her plan in motion, Ship would take the lead. "Very good! Well, let's see... I don't think either of us are too particular. Now, we'd both like thorough massages that allow us to get the full VIP experience, but I was speaking to Katran earlier..." She paused here, hoping Katran would recognize this as a wink when the two of them couldn't face each other. "I would like a very gentle massage. You understand, I'm a small, petite thing, and I don't have that much worked up stress, but I do want to relax. Katran, on the other hand, is a tough Navi with a tough job and lots of pent up stress. She could use a harder massage to really work out those knots. She told me earlier that she really wanted to see your techniques, and how rough you got with it." Ship put emphasis on the "rough" trying to make it clear that the point in this was not to make Katran get maimed by RollerMan's hardest massaging, but to gauge how rough RollerMan could be when he was trying to be. This might have the unfortunate side effect of making it sound like Katran had an unhealthy interest in rough massages, she realized... but, frankly, his reaction to that was something they needed to see as well. "Sorry, Katran!" she apologized in her head, hoping she wouldn't take it personally. "Also, if I'm being honest... I really can't stand any more rough play right now. I'm still at my limit from earlier... I hope she doesn't think I'm trying to get payback!" she thought, sounding like she was trying to convince herself even to her own mind.
"Hm? Personally i'm... i can't say i'm a fan of this look myself." A hint of dissapointment in response to Ship's complement, Katran shifted uncomfortably the more she thought about it. " As much as I protest it is unprofessional and gets in the way, Mira refuses to get my code altered." Further elaborating as and prepared herself for what was to come. Her ears drooped a bit as the navi let out a very brief huff, before closing her eyes as she waited for RollerMan. Was it really such a problem to change just one thing about her? As she dwelled on the thoughts further, her tail began to flick angrily back and forth. Mira just giggled softly to herself as she could feel katran's contempt directed at her.

"Aww but you're such a cutie! How could I possibly change you, after all we've been through?" Katran just sighed, resigning herself to her fate knowing the argument would just detour the mission further.

Mira's eyes shifted from the PET, over to Lyn for a brief moment, raising an eyebrow. "Well, we're pretty sure her original creator was either an old man or a pervert. Can't really blame her for that, right?" She noted cheerfully, even though she didn't exactly disagree with Lyn's comment.

Katran almost didn't notice Ship beckoning to her as her mood soured, and as she tried to hide her embarrassment for letting her emotions get the better of her, she complied and lay herself down as well. She couldn't help but feel like she'd never be able to live it down if she failed her mission all over a dispute over her- No, it was best not to think about that anymore. She pushed the negativity down as far as she could internally, and reapplied her serious demeanor as best she could. She could just yell at Mira later, after all.

"Oh wow, you're not kidding!" The operator going wide eyed as she caught sight of RollerMan, thanks in part to Lyn's cursory evaluation. "Guess it won't take too long to solve this mission, right?"

As the operator's converse, Katran tried to keep her composure, but her ear twitched ever so slightly at the odd word spoken by the two. It was at this point Ship so graciously took the reigns and started things off with RollerMan herself. Katran couldn't help but appreciate her work ethic, and dedication to the mission. She nodded along with her words, up until the mention of the feline taking the brunt of this man's strength. Her initial thought was wondering if her body would be able to handle such an experience. "I'm sure it will be fine. I-I'm trained for military combat, what could possibly go wrong?" She reassured herself.

"Ah, yes! Well you see, my line of work and training for it is incredibly taxing on the body so... You can only imagine how stiff and knotted my muscles have gotten over the years." She added, as if she needed to justify herself, while trying to trust in Ship's idea. This whole situation just felt all sorts of embarrassing for the feline, fidgeting slightly as she tried to maintain composure.
The over-muscled, under-dressed husband of Garnish watched the two with a rather passive expression, until Ship detailed how she'd like her massage; the small navi followed it up by helpfully detailing how Matram would like hers. "One gentle and one rough... Very well. If at any time the service is not to yout liking, feel free to let me know. I'll start out with something conventional," he responded, his face revealing very little of any emotion, least of all lecherous intent toward either of them.

As each girl lay still upon their respective bed, RollerMan began to work on Ship's shoulders and neck area as softly as she'd requested, working his large fingers around the golden curls of her hair to carefully stroke the skin. It was hard to imagine how Garnish could fail to appreciate such a practiced, soothing gesture.

Got Katran, however, he applied quite the opposite, using pressing one large fist into the knots between her shoulder-blades and balls of said shoulders. It was the kind of massage that felt like exercise just to receive, but the knowledge of that let one know it must be working. Still, as a practiced fighter, she had noticed he was holding not just a little, but a lot, back. He may have had some past experience with others complaining that his rough treatment was a little more than they expected.
Ship held her smile tight and shook her head no in response to Katran's doubts about her body, intending to convey "No, absolutely, you can't change it," without saying so in as many words. Lyn, meanwhile, listened to Mira's explanation. She couldn't argue, but that didn't mean it made her happy. "An old man, a pervert, or more likely both, right? Tch."

Quickly, it became time for massages, both women set for their respective experiences. Ship smiled at Katran going along with her plan, hoping there was some truth in the Navi's words and that she really would get a relaxing experience from the massage. Her smile persisted as she began receiving her massage, shutting her eyes and forgetting her mission entirely as she indulged in some luxurious pampering she felt she'd earned. She felt like she could just lie there as long as RollerMan felt like going, sinking into the table (literally submerged imperceptibly into it, as part of her was required to be submerged by the limitations of her .GMO)...

... Until she remembered Katran was probably receiving quite a different experience, due to the request they'd given their masseuse. "Mmm... Katran, y-you say when you're feeling good, okay? I want to talk to RollerMan when we're done..." She was implying another wink at the end of that sentence, alluding to that mission, but it didn't really come through as a pause since she didn't say anything more.
Katran acknowledged Rollerman's idea with a nod, wondering just what sort of strength he would actually start with. Her ears twitched a bit as she could only imagine how sore she might be after this was all over. She cast a glance over towards Ship, who seemed to be smiling about the situation. it caused her to look back down at the table, and tried to smile as well. Ship had the right idea, it would be weird for a customer to be worried when it's supposed to be a relaxing experience. It would be bad for the mission if she somehow jeopardized it here.

When it came for her turn Katran tried to keep herself from tensing up, after all it was quite the opposite of the point. While she was busy focused on that she suddenly felt a large amount of pressure, followed by something shifting in her back. Her ears folded from the sudden pain, but almost immediately relaxed again. As rough as it was it felt like a huge knot had almost untangled in an instant. If this kept up she'd have never know it was there if it weren't for the lingering sting. If that was just from the first spot, she could only imagine just how many more there might be.

She planned to respond to Ship, but the feline ended up biting her lip to keep her composure as another area was pressed upon with Rollerman's large hands. all she could do was glance over and nod. As he was about to move to another spot she finally found a moment to speak. "Y-your pretty good at controlling your strength. You can go a little harder though... I'm sure there's a lot to work out."
"Harder? Hmmm... Very well," the giant masseuse responded attentively, his voice sounding somewhat contemplative, as though he was holding onto a deep breath. In contrast to his words, Ship would find that her massage continued gentle-as-you-please, more a matter of relaxation than getting the knots out. He'd moved on from the collar briefly down the arm to the wrist and knuckles.

Katran, however, would experience quite the opposite. Effortlessly, he balanced the soft massage of one patient in one hand while using his whole forearm vigorously on the other patient. He alternated hard presses with the elbow and kneading motions on the hand; Katran would feel every jab and squeeze. It might be therapeutic in the long term, but in the short, you'd have to be, well, a masochist to enjoy this sort of treatment.

As he finished the arms, the navi moved onto the more intimate surface of the back. For Ship, that was covered with a towel and being gently worked with fingers. For Matt and that meant both the uncovered upper back and toweled lower were getting smushed and prodded, mostly using his forearm ironically like a rolling pin. "Some of my customers, at this point, prefer to remove their towels and have the massage applied directly. Is that something you'd be interested in?" He seemed to be asking Katran judging by how his head was turned, but Ship could probably answer as well.

The man's fingers were actually already hooking into Katran's towel, as though he fully expected a yes. If she didn't want to have her ass manhandled, now might be a good time to either reject the offer or otherwise move on to questioning him morr directly. Regardless of how hard he was pressing, it felt like he was holding back significant power, as though other techniques were yet hidden.
Feeling completely relaxed, Ship was briefly worried that Katran's request to receive a rougher massage was going to affect her own experience. "Can he really selectively control the pressure of each of his arms to that degree?" That brief concern faded as she felt her masseuse's soft touch continue. She even let out a brief sigh of contentment, beginning to feel a bit sleepy. "No, please leave my towel as it is, oh, but please take Katran's, I'm sure she'd like the full experience," she muttered, congratulating herself on remembering her own embarrassing condition she had to hide while ensuring they figured out how far RollerMan would go, for the sake of their mission.

This self-congratulation and easy-going response was probably due to the fact that she couldn't see what everyone else was, as Lyn peered into Mira's PET and witnessed the hardcore massage Katran was receiving. "Holy f*ck, call it off! That muscle-headed freak is gonna re-arrange your buddy's skeleton!"

"Oh, Lyn," Ship muttered to her operator in a private, conversational tone. "A battle coach like you sees combat everywhere, I'm sure, but those types of hard stress relief massages are actually a luxury many women pay large sums to experience. Besides, do you really think a hardy Navi like Katran can't handle a little rough handling? She'll call it off herself if she's uncomfortable, I'm sure."
Katran wondered if she sealed her own fate by her request, the moment Rollerman began exerting more pressure. it was certainly impressive that he could work on the both of them at once to this extent, sneaking a glance over at Ship who seemed more relaxed than ever. Still, with each painful motion she could tell her body was getting a much needed fix so she decided to grin and bare it. It was at this point she felt the finger snage on her towel, and her ears bent back immediately. She was going to protest, but Ship almost immediately spoke for her. Was this part of the plan? If it had come to this, normally she would be willing to put her body on the line, but this was so embarrassing. She bit her lip, trying to keep herself from botching the mission.

It was at that moment a tiny screen popped up, with nothing but the words Voice Chat on it.

"Hi Hi! Katran's Operator here. Sorry to ruin the fun, but towels on, please! Mira's rule is final!" She chimed in happily with a grin. Katran couldn't tell if Mira had been waiting till the last second make her sweat more, or was earnestly just trying to help. Either way she let out a sigh of relief.

" W-well, I can't go against her wishes. She knows me best after all. "

Mira cast a quick glance over to Lyn, still smiling all the while. "That Ship can surprisingly be a bit of a troublemaker, hmm? Not that i mind that sort of thing really. " She giggled as her words came to an end. "I'm sure katran can handle everything else just fine on her own now, though."
RollerMan turned his head down toward Ship as she spoke, then towards Katran in turn, with some noteworthy shift in his dark eyes that was a little hard to place. "If you insist-" he began, before Katran's operator broke in and cut him off. Whatever had been there was replaced by the stoic frown he had been wearing a moment ago. "Of course. I will leave it where it is, then," his deep voice continued, as his fingers left the hem of Katran's towel.

Perhaps unconsciously, perhaps not, the navi seemed to ease up quite a bit on Katran, and finished applying the message to the legs and buttocks of both girls as thoroughly as was professional for him to cover. Once he finished, he indicated to both girls to flip over to their other side. "Faces up, please. Secure your towels," he reminded the two of them. He turned his back as they complied, crossing his arms over his broad chest.

It would be hard for either girl to overlook that, as he turned his back to them, he let out a deep sigh, one that he hadn't managed to do a very good job of hiding for the sake of his clients. Either the terms of the massage, or perhaps some deeper issues like his troubled marriage, were clearly bothering him.
Lyn kept her arms crossed, chewing on her pipe as Mira drew the line on behalf of Katran. She let out a sigh of her own at Mira's glance, answering her through her half-clenched teeth. "No surprise. Far as I'm concerned, this speed is her coasting. But yeah, I used to reign her in every time she pulled some sloppy hair-brained *sspull like that... Nowadays, it's too much work if I do it every time, y' know? You'll go hoarse before you make a difference." It wasn't clear how much of Lyn's statement was her genuine feeling and how much was an unadmitted affection for her Navi... but if it was the latter, she was doing an expert job hiding it as she glowered at her own screen again.

For her part, even the best massage of her life wasn't able to completely relax Ship as she read into Katran's remarks. "Oh dear, I got carried away again... Do try and think a bit, Princess!" Ship chided herself, frowning as she realized something had slipped in. "Oh, and she said 'Mira knows me best...' she must be thinking I don't know her at all. I hope she knows everything I'm doing is for the sake of the mission!" she worried, telling a little half-truth even internally.

Seeing as neither of them were looking for it (Ship was, after all, turned the wrong way for it), neither operator nor Navi caught any significant glint that might reveal RollerMan's feelings on the developments. Ship tried to enjoy the rest of her massage, rolling over easily in her oversized towel as it came to an end... and getting a look at her masseuse's phenomenally toned, phenomenally bare back. This stunned her slack-jawed to the point she almost missed his sigh. Upon hearing it, however, she instantly decided it must be important to their mission. "I'll have to bring it up when we get to our main topic... just as soon as we finish this massage," she decided, still unwilling to give it up early. Since she would be face up, she decided to observe RollerMan as much as possible as he worked this time, seeing if she could get any further insight...

The Navi had some misgivings about keeping an unblinking eye on their nearly-naked muscle-bound masseuse, especially when she could be sneaking peeks at Katran in a towel, but she weathered it for the sake of the mission, tightening her lips in a purse of determination that really just displayed as a pout. "The mission!"
Mira leaned back, placing a hand down to brace herself as she listened to Lyn's explanation. She couldn't help but wonder if that's how she really felt, but Lyn seemed the type to speak her mind so there was no point in doubting her words.

"Sounds like you've had a rough time, huh. Though maybe now you've just gotten used to it? Guess she's really grown on you!" Mira noted with a grin. the two didn't really seem much alike but the same could be said about herself and katran, and frankly Mira wasn't one to judge.

Meanwhile back at the massage session, Katran was feeling a little more at ease after Rollerman seemingly eased up on his technique once Mira had stepped in. Katran had to wonder if they had upset him, though if she had it begged the question as to what exactly. Certainly he hadn't been about to do something dubious, right? As Katran turned over, she coudl feel the soreness still lingering in her back. While she was more than happen to continue for the moment something else caught her attention.

Between the earlier shift in the massage, and now his general tone and sigh caught by her feline hearing. While Katran wasn't well versed in the ways of love there was certainly one thing she had practiced that was going off in her mind. While she previously would put it to use under more dubious circumstances, she knew had to read a person. Find their weaknesses, lapses in their defenses and strike at the most opportune moments. While it might not be the same as going in for a kill, the situation still was presented to her as a favorable chance to speak up. Hopefully Ship wouldn't get mad at her for going against the plan.

Turned over but chose to sit up as well, and trained her eyes on him. " Forgive me for prying, but my professional opinion tells me something is wrong. Would that be accurate?" The navi said flatly, choosing not to sugarcoat it thinking it would be the best for someone of his nature. " I wouldn't mind a brief moment anyways, since it's been... longer than I can remember since I've last went through something like this." She added, trying to create a space for them to talk. of course for her, the last time she felt this sore was a battlefield so the request wasn't a total lie.

" So would you mind talking about it? I'd feel a lot more comfortable if you did, if I'm being honest." She finished, holding her towel in place all the while.
Ship and Katran both had various concerns on their mind, although one girl's were very different from the others. For that matter, RollerMan clearly did as well, and Katran knew it was her part in the mission to get to the bottom of it. "Ah, no. Nothing is the matter. I apologize if the massage has been going too quickly for you," he responded, masking his emotions again, ironically for the sake of his custkmer who'd really have preferred he open up. He also misinterpreted the issue of force for an issue of speed, perhaps still holding on to what Ship had said earlier about how rough Katran liked it.

Katran pressed on, unwilling to take his gracious "nothing" for an answer. "It's really nothing to concern yourselfwith. I was just thinking to myself... about my wife," he sighed again, now pressing one bodaciously large hand to his square jaw and rubbing the surface thoughtfully. "We're coming up to our anniversary and things have been... a little rocky. I'm a little worried that nothing's going to be good enough... I just can't ever seem to give her the right thing. It's as though the nicer I am to her, the more she pulls away." He opened up surprisingly wide, it seemed, once pushed; this had clearly been on his mind as much as it had his wife's.

"When she gets that way... colder and more distant the more I try to love her... it makes me..." he murmured, his eyes suddenly growing darker and his brow tensing deeply, though his mouth was still hidden. The hand not on his chin tapped up and down eerily on the table with a frighteningly hard "smack" each time, given it looked like an unconscious tick. "Frustrated," he finished. Ship and Katran would have to decide what to do with that ominois reaction. "With myself," he added, as an afterthought.
Lyn grunted in response to Mira, keeping her eyes on her own PET. "Eh. She's just taking more time than most of the Navis I train, and it'd be more work to track down the *sshole that shoved her on me than it is to try and whip her into shape. It's a work in progress, but I'll have to hang up my hat if it ain't done before he eventually shows his fat face again." Coming up with that took Lyn's mind back to a fact she rarely considered anymore: that someone had given her Ship, and that person might theoretically come back to reclaim her at some point. "Not likely, anyway... that was pretty clearly a ditch and dash," she mused.

While her operator took a brief detour to the past, Ship allowed Katran to take the reigns on information collecting in her own way. "Cutting straight to the heart of it, like a true professional," the Navi remarked to herself with a smile. She hadn't caught every shift in RollerMan's demeanor, but it wasn't hard to agree he looked troubled. Sad as it was, she was happy to hear he appeared to already be aware of the same rut Garnish had perceived in their relationship: that would make it easier to get to the point of their visit. Which was not, Ship reminded herself reluctantly, a complete massage.

As Ship was determined to pull her weight watching RollerMan's behavior carefully, she noticed his darkening demeanor as he spoke of his problems. However, the "smack" that would ordinarily have seemed like a method of venting frustration felt like it carried a special significance here. "If we could only help connect the pieces here..." she thought to herself, flushing slightly as she considered it. "If I may be so bold as to suggest, sir, have you ever treated your wife to a massage? And, if so... have you treated her to... the full breadth of your massages? That is to say, as you've just heard, Katran and I enjoy different types. I can imagine you've treated her to my kind of massage, but have you ever treated her to Katran's? " Ship would wait to see if hoped to convert the progress she made in this conversation into her ultimate plan she'd developed in Garnish's office, but she'd first press lightly to see what kind of reaction she'd receive.