The ShowDown ring, unlike its predecessor, was clearly the victim of a lack of budget, both in the form of attention and money. The area was fairly flat and bare bones with four rings set up, only two which appeared to be in use. Each was surrounded by a ring of spectator seating, two bleachers and two lines of chairs. The crowd seemed to be much less, possibly because there were no wrestlers to watch, so a good number of the fans who would be pumped to see some wrestling had already left out of impatience or justified annoyance. The net floor was a dull red color, with the infinite expanse in the darkness being... dark, illuminated by a few spotlights.

A manager's box stood in the distance, rather cramped-looking compared to the other (which hadn't really been first-class to begin with). A tower with a large monitor adorned the box, showing the face of a rather unenthusiastic referee; apparently, the same one standing at the center point of the rings now, attempting to calm rioting fans. He looked like a pretty standard ref, with his black/white, vertically striped shirt and black slacks... except that he also wore a black, metallic helmet, shaped. a bit like a camera and covering one eye with an elongating scope and lens.

"If you read the fine print on the tickets, you'll see that any funds 'lost' in the event of celebrity no-shows translates directly into Showbizz Rewards points, usable at either future shows or any other Showbizz events..." he muttered in a voice that said "I hate myself" with every breath. Fortunately, just as things were getting really crummy, two competitors beamed down into two of the rings opposite each other. "Hold onto your tickets folks. I just received word that we have competition for all of you tonight: in this ring, the newcomer Cheetah and the veteran Ruda. In that ring, the mysterious Lilian Shade versus the intimidating Swat!"

The crowd had begun cheering and funneling back into seats, but promptly stopped and began to mumble in confusion over his last call.

"Technica! I meant the intimidating Technica," the ref corrected himself, sounding mostly unapolegtic. "Wrestlers, at the start of the bell... begin!"

An unimpressive "ding" heralded he start of the action. Technica adopted a ready stance with no pacing, putting two hands into claws for grappling and applying her weight to her back foot. She smirked genuinely, seeming to relish the opportunity to fight. "Ratings are still most important, since that's what goes into my paycheck, but with Showbizz gone... perhaps I will have a chance to use a little more of my Sambo then I ordinarily get," she chuckled darkly. Of course, the Lilian Shade was a heel. She didn't have to grapple just because the other girl dared her to.

"And Technica is readying her Sharoan martial arts to face Lilian Shade. In the opposite ring, Ruda has exited. What could she be going for? Not the same prop sword she pulls out from under the ring every match, right?" the ref droned. Lucia was going to need to be extra exciting to offset this cataclysmically boring narration.
Lucia was taken completely by surprise when the teleport happened, having only been partly paying attention to the announcements and more on the match that she was supposed to take part in. So the shock of suddenly being beamed down and inside a completely different ring brought a faint squeak out of her.

"Wait, what? Where am I now?" Glancing around, Lucia, or rather Lilian Shade flicked her short crimson hair as she took a quick glance around the lower budget arena and ring, huffing softly in annoyance. Still she was standing against the 'big girl' she had wanted to face off against, so that was something at least.

With the bell sounding, Lucia rose up onto her toes and gave a couple of hops, the thin veils swaying and flowing along her thighs as she acted like she was getting a little warmed up for her match, though then she blinked and stopped to watch the other girl curiously. "Wait, what's Sambo? Ah.. Master?"

Response came a second or two later in the private linkup she shared with her PET. " It's an ancient form of military martial arts, focusing on grapples and pins. She's pretty big, but is most likely fast, don't get to close."

Lilian gave a soft giggle at the comment, which probably sounded more like a mock to her competitor since she'd only hear half the conversation. "Don't get close? That's the whole point."

Finally she'd make her move, bouncing and stepping lightly along bare toes as she starts following alongside the ropes of the ring, circling around towards Technica's side. One hand rose as she slowly started to move towards the larger woman, offering to begin the grapple.

Though this was a ploy, before their hands could meet to exchange a test of strength, Lilian slid forward, attempting to dive down between Technica's wide stance where she'd try to grab at the wrestler's jeans. She'd give a firm jerk as she passed through, hoping to pull them right down off her hips if she managed to take her opponent by surprise.
The corner of Technica's mouth perked up into an amused smile as she overheard the Lillian Shade, who was seemingly laughing while discussing the Sharoan military martial arts of Sambo. "It's no laughing matter. I can break your bones if I want to," she taunted in a cool whisper, tilting her chin up slightly as if to challenge her opponent.

"Some awfully heelish words from Technica," the referee commented, as the speech had been loud enough for him and the audience to hear. "Is she really the ally of the Shooting Star? Perhaps her darker side comes out when the two are separated!"

"Shut up or I'll snap your leg off and you'll be shooting your gravure from a unipod from now on," she growled, seeming to have no love for the ref. She turned her attention back to the Lillian Shade, who was now approaching to commence the grapple. "You've got guts, choosing to lock hands with me! Or perhaps... you're going for my legs!"

The crowd gave a gasp and a cheer as the Lillian Shade dove between Swat's spread legs; her small size allowed her to fit through easily. The crowd's expectations were surpassed, however, as the heel wrestler focused on pantsing her opponent. No less surprising was the fact that, rather than protecting her clothes, Swat locked both legs around one of Lucia's, crossing her ankles. She then dropped, first to her knees, then to her butt, sitting upon Lucia's back. To complete the hold, she began stretching Lucia's leg upward and twisting, all disregarding the exposure of her gray-and-blue camouflage briefs, which were unlikely to be any good in a real arctic environment, given the fairly thin, tight elastic material. With her pants around her knees, she wrapped both arms around Lucia's leg and twisted, frowning sternly as she dished out punishment that was probably a lot more realistic than it needed to be.

"The Lillian Shade is caught in a painful submission maneuver! Why, Technica appears to be using her size and strength to overpower her smaller, swifter opponent. I don't really know if the dynamic here is correct at all, but the crowd is excited! What will the Shade do from this position?" PhotoMan announced. It did sound like their moves so far had been effective, since, unlike before, Lucia could actually hear the crowd now... but she needed to break the submission, both for the sake of the show and her own leg.

"In the opposite ring, it looks like Ruda is going at Cheetah with her sword, but I think the Cheetah has had some weapons training of her own. She's expertly dodging every attack. Is it my imagination, or is Ruda going to have to step up her game?" the announcer added. "What's this? Cheetah has taken Ruda's sword! It's a full reversal! I can only imagine what might happen, now that Ruda's going to get a taste of her own medicine!" It sounded like Arch was doing fairly well in her own match.
Lilian let out a surprised squeak when she got caught near the end of her dive. And again even louder and let out a curse that was far from lady like that most likely only her opponent could hear when she was pulled and twisted into a grapple. Scowling and letting out a light cry and gasp, she was limber sure, but not when a grapple was actually being done as intended instead of just a showy maneuver!

"Oww ow! I thought I was the bad guy here!" Came the complaint as her hand smacked and grasped, reaching for the rope that was probably too far. Once she was properly sat on her back arched back, trying to use some of her flexibility to ease some of the strain but it wasn't helping much. Soon though she dropped against the mat and let out another cry, hissing out as her elbow rose up, trying to bash her opponent in the small of her back, just above the interesting choice in under garments.

Second elbowing was attempted, though this one had a bit of an unseen addition to the strike. Even as her elbow was tried to jab into Technica's back, a small blast of air came with it, hoping to knock her opponent from her stance and send her toppling. If it worked she'd fling her leg down, trying to make it look like it was a jab accompanied by leg strength that threw Technica from the hold!
It appeared to be difficult to drag Technica for a rope grab, given that her semi-muscular frame made her somewhat heavy, not to mention her comparative side. When that didn't work, she resorted to an elbow attack; this proved similarly ineffective at removing Technica, although she did feel it and increase frowning. She wasn't expecting an unconventional gust attack, however. The air blast managed to push her off, causing her to tumble forward and catch herself, dropping to all fours in a clumsy way that certainly made it look like Lucia really had gotten the better of her. The fact that Technica's pants were still hanging around her ankles only made it more difficult for her to stop tripping over herself, causing her to swear in a way that was just as unladylike and thankfully difficult for the audience to hear.

All of this was probably good for Lucia, as it now seemed that the only way she was going to beat Technica was to really beat her. Her opponent really wasn't one much for acting, it seemed, and Lucia was supposed to be the scripted winner of this match, going on to face "Cheetah" in the final. Luckily, Technica was either winded, sluggish, or otherwise extremely disoriented, because she wasn't regaining her stance and was staying in that position, with her butt towards Lucia and her knees/elbows on the matt.

"The Lillian Shade has pressured her way into a state of advantage. Can she turn this match around and pay Technica back for that painful submission maneuver?" PhotoMan exclaimed, echoing what Lucia knew to be true: she had the advantage now and needed to use it. "Meanwhile, Ruda is fighting hard to get that sword back... It's pretty lame, to have a strategy that revolves so much around using a weapon in a contest where the athleticism of the competitors is supposed to be the focus. Cheetah acts like someone with a lot of weapons experience, though! That will come in handy for this fight."
To play out the part like she used to see all those old entertainers did from ancient video clips; Lucia slowly rolled onto her side, rubbing her leg and owing faintly. It was overly done, but at the same time, it really did hurt!

It took a couple of seconds before she pulled herself together and glanced over to her opponent. Though when she saw Technica's current condition as well she moved quick. Dashing up, she'd move across the ring and slip down into a short slide at the woman's back.

One arm was tucked between Technica's thighs, lifting up to press against the woman's abs while she tried to arch and curl her body against the back of her opponent's knees. Turning her smaller frame to try and force the larger woman to roll over her in a quick surprise pin.

Lucia would roll with her if she could; rising up to double the woman over and sort of lay atop her legs. Sure that meant Technica's ass would be nice and high, but she should have her shoulders pinned to the mat! Other hand snuck around as she peeked for the ref, if it was out of sight she'd try to grab Technica's biker shorts, tugging upon them to try and get more leverage and prevent the much stronger woman from being able to get up. With any luck her daze would last long enough for a successful pin, or Lucia might end up getting thrown off her and have to come up with something else.
Following the trend of not really acting, Technica made no effort to appear winded; by the time the Lillian Shade reached her, she was already back up to her knees, pulling her jeans back up to her hips, where she met some struggle. The Shade capitalized, capturing Technica in a roll-up that gathered audience ovation. It was no small feat, getting the opponent's tall frame down to the mat, especially given the difference in their size, but then again, that was where a roll-up pin came in handy. Lucia tugged on her opponents shorts for added leverage, resulting in a tighter roll. Technica's long limbs were mostly confined in this position, and the upside-down orientation might make it legitimately difficult to get her bearings. There were also other legitimate benefits to the position too... "1! 2! And just short of a three count!" the announcer shouted, although the numbers seemed to be coming up automatically upon the monitor; he was probably narrating rather than doing the actual official count. "Do you suppose the dastardly Lillian Shade is doing this just to shame her opponent? That's a nasty wedgie!"

Technica had kicked out violently, rolling back on her shoulders even further in a display of flexibility. Rather than rolling out, however, she'd flung Lucia off of her legs and across the ring. She braced herself against the mat with one hand while fixing her wedgie with the other, frowning in a serious way that made the predicament all the funnier. "Catching a master grappler off guard is impossible, because her entire stance and every move in her arsenal is meant to anticipate your attacks. That's what separates me and you... well, besides the size," she boasted, acting more and more the heel. Despite having just called herself a master grappler whose every move was focused on defense, Technica's next step was to run forward towards Lucia; it looked as though she meant to either kick or simply bulldoze Lucia before she could get off the ground. Lucia was near the ropes, so she could attempt to dive out... but she might also be able to steal the match back from Technica with a reversal of her own.

"1... 2... 3! Cheetah has picked up her first victory here on Showdown against the malefactor, Ruda. That means that Cheetah and the winner of our other match will compete in tonight's main event!" he announced. "Will we see two martial arts experts face off? Or will the Lillian Shade pull off a victory here and go on to wedgie another?" The audience cheered at the latter option, indicating that the thought appealed to them more than Technica advancing. Part of it was probably them being jazzed about a new face. The other part was probably that, based on what Lucia had seen of "Cheetah" earlier, a lot of people would like to see her with her shoulders down and ass in the air as well, rather than being put into a bone-breaking leg hold.
Being flung not at all gracefully from her opponent, Lucia at least responded well once she hit the mat, doing a quick curled tumble roll. Though as she reached the halfway point she thrust out her arms, uncurling her small frame to lunge herself up off the mat towards the nearby ropes. Only half listening to Technica's rambles, already preparing for something quite crazy!

Her goal was to land bare feet upon the top rope after her leap from the mat, and use the momentum to spring into another counter. Though as she turned her own sense of thrill got the best of her, her legs went up in a wide V while arms tossed above her head. Letting out a not-to-girlish "Yahoo!" As her opponent charged in a bull rush.

With any luck, she'd meet bull rush full on with, well her ass. Though given the approach, while it was meant to be a butt to the chest air tackle, chances are Technica would probably end up with a face full of thong covered crotch instead. That, or Lucia would end up sailing over her.

If she did manage to get the unorthodox counter off, and take her opponent to the mat again, she'd once more go for a curled pin, this time reaching back to pull the larger woman's legs up behind her and over her shoulders. Using the, for lack of better words, face sitting to act as a pin!
"A quick recovery! The Lillian Shade is using the ropes as a springboard and it looks like the two are on a collision course!" the announcer cried as quickly as he could; although there was a lot of action, it all occurred in a split second. Technica started to bring her hands in to cover her chest, crossing them in an X in front of herself, but Lucia aimed higher and knocked the other wrestler to the mat using the weight of her body in a seated senton. Her butt smashed into Technica's face, causing her white hair to flay madly around her as her head was smothered into the mat. The Lillian Shade then gathered up her opponent's long legs and stretched them above her head, executing the sort of "quick pin" that smaller opponents often went for when facing larger ones (although, they didn't ordinarily use their butts for that sort of thing). "She's so shocked she can't make the kick out! That's a three count!" the referee called out in a loud, enthusiastic voice. "Wow! What an upset! The newcomer has defeated Technica!"

After the ref had finished speaking, Technica launched Lucia off by rolling her arms, which had been pinned behind Lucia's back, outward, utilizing the terrible strength that she had earlier when she'd tried to break Lucia's leg. Luckily, Lucia was thrown to the apron, which would allow her an easy escape before Technica could get to her feet. The monitor showed a replay, emphasizing Technica's wide and angry eyes as she was squashed by her opponent's buttocks. "Run for it, Shade! You've got another match coming up! If that big lug catches, you, it's all over!" the announcer bellowed. Technica didn't chase immediately after her opponent, instead fixing the announcer with an evil glare. He coughed into the mic and then shut up, as Technica began her pursuit.

Inside the locker area, the Lillian Shade would find very few places to hide (besides maybe a locker). Was Technica really steaming mad at her, though, or was that just part of the act? Whatever the case, the Lillian Shade was definitely being chased right now and there were no cameras on either of the two. Eventually, Lucia came to a dead end, where she found Arch (Cheetah), along with a row of lockers and benches. Arch was dressed in a yellow and black spotted, high-legged unitard, accessorized with tall yellow wrestling boots and gloves, laced from the hems down. The unitard was close-fitting, showing off her curvaceous, yet taut and athletic, body well behind the thin fabric. She also wore a yellow eye-mask, presumably to hide her identity, although it didn't do much in that regard. "Oh, hello, Lucia. It sounds like you were successful," Arch greeted her cheerfully, probably not realizing that Lucia was being chased by a steam-roller. "I was just thinking, I don't believe Showbizz said which of us should win in the final match, did she? If that's the case, should we decide now?"
Lucia was honestly just as surprised as Technica must have been by her sudden win. But she was supposed to after all. Though whatever hope of victory cheer was lost when she was thrown off the larger women yet again, tumbling out of the ring before hopping up, blinking in confusion. Though that was short lived as she tosses her arms up in a cheer, trying to work up the crowd some... Until the announcer mentioned she needed to run!

With an eeped breath she took off, her bare feet padding along the arena floor and into the back rooms out of sight of the fan, it wasn't too hard to make her way back to the locker room. Spotting Cheetah who decided to talk to her, she glanced back before moving up beside the other girl. Sort of running in place and hopping lightly on her toes like she needed to be somewhere else.

"Oh, hi, hi! Yeah, I won! Though I don't think she was happy about how, uhm.. wing it? Wait, isn't Showtime or whoever, the big boss lady supposed to decide things?"

Glancing back behind her, Lucia gave a surprised meep before running a quick circle around Arch. "Ok well it was nice talking to you but-I-gotta-go-now-bye!" The last came out in a rush as she circled her soon to be opponent before running towards the back corner, only to gerk when she realized she was now trapped in the locker room.
The crowd continued to cheer Lillian Shade as she vanished backstage, where there were presumably no cameras (at least not currently). "Yes, ordinarily she would probably decide for us, but as it stands, she's not communicating with the either of us, as far as I know. If that's the case, we could only hear from one of her other supporters... or...?" Arch continued, obviously curious as to why Lucia was jogging circles around the locker room. She grew more cautious as she hear someone running in after Lucia. "Is it an enemy?" she asked, seeming to think that someone with a beef against the Shogunate was chasing her ally down.

The running slowed to a walk as Technica entered the room, then spread her arms and lowered the palms down to the floor slowly. "Relax, I simply came to congratulate the Lillian Shade on a good match," she murmured, keeping a stoic frown on her face. "In the end, what's good for ratings is good for us all. That's my number one mantra and I don't care what has to happen to achieve those ratings... No matter how stupid or degrading or brainless the things Showbizz has us do, they're all ultimately for the sake of my paycheck. And even if I don't always express this openly, it's wise for all of us to keep in mind that correlation... between paycheck and ratings," she finished.

Arch nodded slowly, then lowered her eyes and frowned. "I thought you were wearing pants earlier...?"

"Thank your friend for that malfunction. Speaking of which, I overheard a little of your conversation earlier. That star-haired freak doesn't care whether good or evil wins tonight, so long as people are hanging off the edges of their seats. There's no time to rehearse, so whichever of you thinks up something better while you're in the ring, the other one needs to play along with that. It's all back and forth, easy stuff," Technica explained, crossing her arms across her expansive chest.

Cheetah turned her eyes to The Lillian Shade and smiled. "We have a little bit of a rivalry ourselves. It's not archery, but this is a good stage for the two of us to start settling the score," she challenged her opponent.

A wise counselor would probably tell Arch that she and Lucia were going to need to work together to pull off a top quality match. Technica, however, was no expert in scripted wrestling and instead shrugged. "The audience tonight is easy to get a reaction out of. Just don't be boring and it should be a cakewalk," she responded.

"Ladies and gentleman, it's time for tonight's main event on ShowDown! Coming out first: the Lillian Shade. This match is coming right on the heels of a very physical bout between the newcomer, Shade, and the noted bruiser, Technica. With a few bumps going into this match, she may hold a disadvantage against a fresh and very game Cheetah, who dominated Ruda throughout most of their match," the announcer's voice called. It sounded like Lucia would need to head back out; there was little time to rest.
Letting out a soft sigh of relief, Lucia relaxed quite visibly and moved a bit closer to the other two women. "Oh, well that's ok then. I'm glad you are so forgiving, and uh, professional! Yeah, I mean professional!"

Though she quickly tried to turn her head at the mentioning of pantsing her opponent in the last match. "Er.. sorry about that. I was told to do stuff like that, honest! Though I like the shorts, I prefer wearing those myself." Huff was given then, as she turned her attention to Cheetah.

She wanted to comment about how a wrestling match wouldn't settle anything, but the announcer calling out the next match made her groan lightly. "Already? Damn it all!" Huffing again, Lucia took off back down the hall in a hurry, grumbling to herself about not even getting the chance to make a plan!

Still, Lucia was nothing if not a lover of giving a show! So as Lilian Shade returned to the stage, she'd throw up her arms and lift up one leg while standing on her toes. Giving a bit of a pose and cheer for the crowd before starting to lean forward. Dipping as arms lowered down and she started to do cartwheel after cartwheel down the ramp; which soon turned into a running dash towards the ring.

Once close, she'd leap into the air, using a bit of a boost from her subtype to carry her high as she crossed her arms and started to curl and twist. Spinning rapidly as she flips legs over head before carefully landing atop one of the ring's posts. There she'd toss out her arms again, trying to give yet another single foot standing pose for the crowd.
Perhaps I should have worn something like you're wearing, for a more significant boost in viewer interest," Technica remarked, although her face twisted with apparent disgust. "Oh well. The show goes on."

Only, when "The Lilian Shade" and "Cheetah" took their places in the ring, the announcer seemed to grow indecisive. "Hmm... If I'm being perfectly honest, 'ShowDown!' is the outdated framework that ShowBizz provided. I think we might achieve something more inspiring if we veer off script a little. I don't know about you all, but I don't want to see the ladies fight. I'm sure we can come up with something much better to use this hour-long show on," he offered, causing the crowd to murmur in confusion. There weren't a lot of them in attendance, but it seemed like those who were generally favored what they'd come to know.

Cheetah looked around in confusion, then shrugged to show she wasn't aware of any upcoming changes to the script.

"There must be something that Lilian Shade and Cheetah can do that would make for a better photogra- er, better ratings. Lilian Shade- do any ideas come forward from that crafty mind of yours?" the announcer questioned from all around them. "I can provide the props if you name the challenge. Can I recommend model photography? Perhaps... er... model photography comes to mind," the voice suggested, suddenly sounding less inspired.

In no rush to be pushed into that, Lucia's companion shook her head and leaned in a bit. "I may not seem like it, but I'm actually pretty serious when it comes to competition! I may be an archer first, but I wouldn't mind putting other talents to the test. Maybe sword-fighting or something athletic, like gymnastics? Or perhaps a match of wits! I always beat Dee at riddles, though I think she's usually making fun of me rather than trying to win..." she mused, tapping her finger to her chin thoughtfully. "What do you think?" Of course, Lucia would probably need to make sure that whatever they came up with was engaging enough to excite the crowd. Though, ShowDown's standards weren't particularly high for that before, but she'd probably net a larger reward if she could think of something that appealed to ShowBizz's sense of, er, showbusiness.
As Lucia settled into her corner of the ring and started to look across at "Cheetah" as she seemed to be sizing up the other woman to figure out some sort of plans for a match, the match itself seemed to have gotten cancelled then and there.

Then came a confused look from her as she took a few steps towards the center of the ring while listening to the change in plans and the mention of ideas, props and the use of pictures. "So... no fighting? Well I guess that's fine! Not the match I wanted with her anyway!"

It was only after that she looked back over to "Cheetah" and listened in before touching a finger to her chin as she rose up on her toes and stepped in a small circle while thinking. Only to huff out in annoyance as she settled flat on her feet, facing her opponent, "Well, much as I'd enjoy a proper archery contest with you, even I know they aren't the most exciting thing to watch. I'm not sure about some of your suggestions though. I'm not exactly the quickest thinker, I usually leave that sort of thing to my Master. Gymnastics? Like, tricks and flips and stuff? I can do that easily! Though I don't have a lot of experience with sword-fighting, I prefer to be far from my opponents usually."

Pausing again, she'd tilt her head and hmm thoughtfully before finally shrugging, "Well, I don't know much more about contests, I mean, we could do pictures like the announcer guy suggested, I mean, I'm usually wearing less than this anyways so changing wouldn't bother me to much. Hm, something to get the crowd involved might be good. Oh, I know!"

Hand flicked out and pointed towards "Cheetah" once more as a grin crossed the navi's lips. "How about a game of Truth or Dare? Only, we leave everything up to the audience as to which we end up doing, and what we have to do! That would get them involved and give them a show they'd want to see right?"
The blond-haired girl across the ring lowered her eyebrows and frowned, looking flustered. "Archery's not boring to watch... I mean, maybe everyone doesn't appreciate it, but if it's really good archery, then maybe..." Arch murmured, but Lucia was already on to other ideas. "Wait, don't go to the pictures idea... I have a bad feeling about that-"

"I have a good feeling about it. I think we can all agree that modeling is the best idea," the announcer's voice pitched in quickly, still not breaking monotone, but at least speaking more quickly now. Despite his insistence, everyone's cheers picked up the most at Lucia's final suggestion, perhaps because they could take part in it. "Truth or Dare? That's a little... I believe Cheetah might find that somewhat childish," the voice countered.

"No, that's a better idea. Whatever we do, I want it to be a real contest! Like I said, I'll do all kinds of contests, so taking on any kind of dare is no problem for me at all," Arch interjected. "I just hope you're not a sore loser, Lillian Shade! It's clear the audience is really looking forward to our competition. My competitive spirit is probably rubbing off on them!"

"... Yes. Well. That will be fine. However, I'm going to make a modification to the usual flow of the game... Instead of playing Truth or Dare, let's simply play Dare. I hope you won't be offended when I say that we haven't done the sort of celebrity set-up that would make truth-telling particularly engaging. That said, dares should be entertaining for everyone regardless. We'll give each of you a dare from the audience that you have to do. The first to decline to perform will lose... unless both players decline, in which case new challenges are issued. You'll need to summon all of your courage, I'm sure," the announcer explained. The crowd reacted, cheering loudly despite the fact that his voice was not particularly inspiring of enthusiasm.

"Oh... That's fine. It's more like a contest if we're just doing dares anyways. I wouldn't want you weasling out with convenient truths, Lillian Shade! Ha ha ha," Lucia's opponent chuckled, crossing her arms at her chest. "I'm fired up now! Let's hear the first dares."

The arena darkened slightly, before two spotlights began to flicker on and off like a strobing effect, moving from one audience member to the next, before settling on two specific members. One looked to be a heel-navi with a t-shirt on over his navi-suit, displaying Lucia's face with a smile and a wink. Showbizz had certainly rolled that merch out quickly. "Alright! I've got-"

"You will provide a dare for Cheetah. And our next..." the announcer's voice continued, but was met by a chorus of boos, the loudest coming from the heel-navi in the t-shirt. "Fine, you will provide a dare for Lillian Shade. I was trying to be unbiased." The crowd cheered. "And next, you will provide one for Cheetah..."

The other figure was a large man in a cooking apron and white navisuit, with a chef's toque. His face was mostly covered by a very bushy black mustache and his arms were covered by similarly bushy black hair, where his navi-suit was sleeveless. "I'll be going first then, ya? I'm Big Willie Number One-Forty-Three, proprietor of Big Willie's Jumbo Dogs Number One-Forty-Three, in the ShowDown concessions area! You all will buy my dogs, ya?" he asked, raising his arms and flexing. The crowd booed in response; they hadn't come here to hear his sales pitch. Glowering, he crossed his arms and looked back to the ring. "Bah! The dare! Shut it, yoose!" he snarled, pushing aside the two people next to him, who were already keeping a respectful distance from him. "The great white is my all-star, my bee-yooty! I dare you to stick the whole thing in yoo'ur mouth, though, much deeper than anyone should put it in for a single bite! There's a reward at my stall, anyone who can do it eats free! But nooo one can do it! And even if you do it in this instance, you don't win a thing from me!"

Arch looked like that didn't please her one bit; she looked red-faced from a mixture of irritation and impending embarrassment. "Th-They don't want to do it because it's stupidly, overtly sexual! Is that an alfredo dog? Gross..." she complained, backing away from his side of the ring a bit. The crowd was already beginning to heckle her, so she slapped her cheeks to psych herself up, then stood up straight. "Fine! Give me one and I'll show you that the Cheetah doesn't back down from a challenge!"

"Ha ha! Free advertising! Get her the dog," the big man chuckled, slapping another navi on the back with one meaty hand. The navi, a normal-navi dressed in an apron with the Big Willie's logo on the front, grumbled and produced one of the dogs from thin air, then ran to the ring and offered it up. "Yeees, good. Swallow it all now..." the proprietor cackled. "Do it for free!"

Arch rolled her eyes, then eyed the long, obsequiously alfredo-coated wiener and bun with growing disdain. "Gross gross... super gross..." she groaned, then began to slide it into her mouth delicately. That approach would only get her so far... soon, she was forced to widen her maw and really stuff it. "Mmmff... mrrrf..." she grumbled, fighting back tears as she tried to get it in further. She tilted her head forward and cupped a hand beneath her jaw, to stop the alfredo from dripping down onto the chest of her outfit. Her eyes winced, one slightly more closed than the other, before both closed entirely. it didn't look like a healthy way to eat a hot-dog. At the point where the bun was obviously tickling the back of her throat, the big man interjected again.

"A-Alright! Alright, uh, you eat the dog for free, yeah? I didn't think you would get it so far in! Holy moley. Just don't sue Big Willie's," the man cried, waving his arms to make sure she was focusing on him. Arch readily complied, pulling the dog out (a pretty unpleasant image), before gulping noisily, with alfredo covering her nose, lips, chin, breasts, and inside of her mouth (the crowd seemed to find that pretty appealing, one way or another).

"... I'd say she advances. Now, let's hear Lillian Shade's dare," the announcer offered.

"Geez! You called on me first, I shoulda gone first. Bad booking, dude," the heelnavi scoffed, giving a thumbs-down high in the air. "You're a terrible announcer, it's way better on Showbizz' show, but that's why this is the B show. Anyway, Lillian Shade's the best, we gotta push her all the way to the top! Her gimmick where she strips the other girl is the best! She's gotta keep going with that. So obviously, the next step is to strip Cheetah! I dare the Lillian Shade to strip Cheetah down right now! Yeeeeyah!" he roared, raising both fists into the air and jamming his head back and forth wildly. The crowd cheered, but the announcer tried to interject with logic.

"Er, you understand that's really more of a dare for Cheetah, to endure that, than it is for The Lillian Shade to actually do it, right? Right?" he asked in a droning, completely ignored voice. "Fine. Let's see if you can do it. You have just eighty seconds to strip Cheetah to her underwear. Don't worry... it's right under the leotard. I designed the costumes, so I know," the voice sighed.

"No, come on! Th-That's really stupid, I don't like that dare at all!" Arch complained, already moving to cover herself despite being fully clothed. "Well, I'm not just going to let you do it! In fact... if you don't get to, then our contest's over in the first round. A clean sweep!" suddenly, her mood seemed to improve. She smirked and got into a ready stance, almost as though she was getting ready to wrestle again. "Ha, sorry, Lillian Shade. This wasn't a fair contest. But all I have to do is stop you from taking my clothes off. Seeing as I am a Cheetah, I could just run... but I never run from a challenge! I'll stand my ground, fair and square, and keep all of my clothes on!"

"Okay, but remember, you're not actually wrestling... don't be offended if the Lillian Shade uses another type of tactic to defeat you. Regardless, we'll start... on your marks... get set... go," the announcer called. His voice was so droll it was hard to muster up the proper gumption when he hit "go." The good news was that 80 seconds wouldn't give Arch much of a chance to react to whatever Lucia decided to do. The bad news was that, with just eighty seconds, Lucia was going to have to think up something sneakier than just running up and trying to pull off the cheetah-spotted leotard. The other good news, of course, was that it looked like it would tear pretty easily.
Lucia blinked when the announcer decided to finish her suggestion for her in offering the dares to the crowd, quickly pointing over to him with a smile. "Yeah! That! We have them pick our dares for us to do! That's what I meant!"

She was quite happy with how things had turned out, at least until the first dare was offered up, which seemed to only have her confused as she listened in on what Arch would have to do.

"How is eating a hot dog a challenge... Oh, that'd probably do it then." She turned up her nose and shook her head lightly before offering a smile over to her opponent and a bit of an innocent grin, "Good luck!"

Truth be told she seemed more surprised that Cheetah had actually gone through with it, as she herself probably never would have touched the gooey looking thing even if it was free food. So she'd no other choice but to offer a soft clap when the announcer said she succeeded and gave a faint hop in cheer. "Hey, great job! Was it nasty? I bet it was nasty, who'd eat something like that, honestly."

Still, now it was her turn, and she turned to watch on in the crowd with a large grin on her face, that was, until the heelnavi started explaining his dare for her. The further along he got, the more her grin faded to a dulled expression and slight annoyance.

Only to finally groan when he finished and Cheetah tried to interject as well. "See, that's more for her than me, that's a stupid dare. You're stupid mister designer, what kind of challenge is that, to strip someone else of their clothes? Dares are supposed to be a risk, a thrill! Something that get's the blood pumping and cheers going! Stripping another girl is dull, besides I did that last time."

She paused then and listened once more as the announcer tried to play it off anyway, glancing over to her opponent once more before letting out a faint huffed breath. "That's stupid though, how about a kiss?" She'd glance back down to the audience as she took a step closer to Arch. "How about that huh, I'll give her a kiss, right? Right!" She'd say matter-of-factly before turning to take another step or two towards Cheetah.

She'd put up her hands even, to show she was coming up unarmed and smiling. "See, kiss, maybe tease them yeah? A simple kiss on the cheek, punishment for the stupid dare. Here, I'll even put my hands up and keep them there, so you know It's not a trick! Honest it'll just be a kiss!"

Again she'd continue to casually approach, and if allowed, even start to step right up to the other girl, and with little to no ceremony, lean in and press her lips to the other girl's cheek, it would be a very quick peck before it was over and she hopped back a step with a smile.

What wouldn't be so quick, if she was actually permitted to go through with it, would be the effects of the kiss, as only a brief moment after, Cheetah's form would start to feel warmer as the effects of her signature kicked in. Quickly a burst of flame sprouted up and surrounded the other navi in a surprisingly invigorating warmth and glow, and while the signature itself was designed to heal, there is something to be said about being completely enraptured within a large burning flame, and who's to say of the costumes they were given were fire proof.

That said, Lucia's smile would turn up in a grin if she was successful, bouncing on her toes with a soft, "There, done."
"It waaas... not exactly... very good," Arch admitted of the alfredo dog, dabbing at the corner of her mouth with one finger, before realizing she'd really gotten the sauce everywhere. She wiped it away as much as she could, while the man from earlier complained.

"Bad! I don't like my dare! That is bad advertising!" he complained, starting to pitch a fight. "It's better if you're eating it bite by bite, instead of shoving it all down! That was just a promotion!"

"I will grant you this: that would have been better," she agreed in a dry, critical tone. Next came Lucia's challenge, which swiftly earned her ire rather than her praise.

Given that the navi who'd given the idea had a helmet for a head, it was a little hard to read his expression, but finally he laughed and nudged the navi next to him. "Ha! That's a 'heel' thing. It's actually a really good idea, but she's just insulting me cause that's what heels do," he explained to the navi, who was hopefully his friend... otherwise, his behavior would be even more awkward. The crowd booed, but it wasn't clear if that was for his lack of creativity or for Lucia's apparent refusal to strip her foe.

Cheetah had been nodding along with Lucia's sensible observation that the dare was stupid until suddenly that turned into the suggestion that she be kissed instead. "Well... well that's hardly any better," Arch protested, still a bit red in the face. "Though I guess it's not so embarrassing as the alternative. Fine..." But even if she hadn't conceded, Lucia was still moving in for a smooth anyways, and planted one right on her cheek. The crowd cheered, though it was more of a cute gesture than a saucy one. "How did I get myself into this situation?" the blond archer asked with a sigh, crossing her arms contemplatively. As it turned out, it was a good thing she did, because soon enough, her body began to light up, then expel flames outward. "Ah! What did you do to me?!" She started to panic, then clutched her arms back, realizing that the fire had done quite a number on her wrestling costume... that is to say, it had been burnt completely to ashes. It was barely meant to stand up to rough play, let alone arson. She collapsed to her knees, squeezing her legs to try to preserve a bit of modesty. "You jerk!" she complained, stopping short of calling the act unfair.

The crowd began to cheer uproariously, while the announcer slowly joined in with an observation. "Yes, I'd... failed to account for the possibility that The Lillian Shade would target more than the leotard. I hadn't planned for anyone being set on fire. I'm not sure we can broadcast this, but..." the announcer murmured. Several loud, mechanical clicking noises were sounding from the speakers as well; those seemed new.

"S-Somebody... I need clothes, I can't refresh right now," Arch pleaded, though one couldn't fault her, given that she'd ended up preserving her modesty through nothing more than a combination of crossing an arm at her chest, one between her legs, and sitting on her butt. There wasn't much left to the imagination. "I-I'm not giving up though! So don't think you've won already... I won't be beaten on the first contest!"

"I think we can stand to give Cheetah a change now that the first challenge is over. I'll just dim the lights to pick the next competitors. For now, hopefully, someone will be generous enough to offer Cheetah something." The lights went out again, allowing Lucia's competitor to scoot towards the edge of the ring discretely.

Soon enough, the flashing lights stopped to focus on two audience members. Before the announcer had a chance to say anything, one of them spoke up; it looked like one of the apron-wearing heel-navis who were sitting around Big Willie's proprietor. He yelled out very quickly, so as to stop anything else that was going on at the moment. "I dare Cheetah to keep going wearing just a Big Willie's apron!" he shouted, waving an apron above his head. Cheetah sighed again, then tilted her head slightly to indicate he should come up. "Great!"

"Advertising!" the boss concurred. "A raise for you! Maybe not a big one! You can take your raise in Big Willie's jumbo dogs, yes? Ha ha ha ha!"

The heelnavi seemed less enthusiastic now that he'd heard that, but he still brought the apron up. Thankfully, it was still pretty dark since the spotlights hadn't gone out, so Arch tied it around quickly. It was a rather long apron... unfortunately for the crowd, not a frilly one or particularly accentuating to the bust. Furthermore, it came with the unappealing image of a hot dog dripping with alfredo sauce printed across its belly. It did come with the advantage of leaving her bottom completely bare, though. For now, she continued sitting to keep herself as well covered as possible. "All things considered, it's not that hard a dare. I guess I lucked out this time. I guess it's your turn now, though, Lillian Shade!" Arch added, trying to keep up some semblance of confidence. Her face was red as a tomato, though, so that kind of killed the image.

The other one who'd been called on was a man in a gray navisuit, patterned with the breast of a suitjacket and tie. The shoulders were wide, as though padded. The most noteworthy part about him was his helmet, which was relatively plain except for a tall set of antennae, flat but criss-crossed like radio-towers, extending up from either earpiece. Once the announcer urged him to continue, he suggested: "The kiss was good, but the Wave Master demands more. I dare the Lillian Shade to make out with Cheetah for no less than two minutes. We also demand at least one other form of petting behavior, which The Lillian Shade may choose herself, as long as it is something that shows intimacy. Before Cheetah protests, we also anticipate that she will be trapped into agreeing to this, as she does not want to ruin the challenge just by not reciprocating. She wouldn't want to win on a technicality like that."

"You... You...!" Arch protested, wringing her apron in her hands for a moment before realizing that doing so almost exposed her front again. "Fine, you're right! I don't want to screw up the contest before we get to someone who will actually give us some real challenges! Go ahead, Lucia," she encouraged her companion. That said, she was still sitting down, and furthermore, not exactly puckering up... Lucia would actually find this make-out session more challenging than it appeared. To have the action reciprocated, she'd probably have to ease Arch into it... or at least trick her into opening her mouth.

"Oh, and...if a minute passes after I finish speaking and you have still not begun making out, you'll forfeit, Lillian Shade," the announcer added. "Not that I would ordinarily rush these things, but... we have to do something to make this like a challenge. As for getting to the 'real challenges'... Well, you must have had some semblance that this would be the sort of request you'd get if you ask give audience members blank checks. My apologies. Either one of you are free to forfeit at any time, there's no shame in it."

"I'm not forfeiting!" Arch retorted, locking eyes with Lucia as though urging her to get it over with.
Lucia watched on as Arch's clothes disappeared, along with everything she had underneath, which she actually looked quite surprised over when the competitor dropped to the floor and covered herself. "Er, oops. Weird normally it doesn't get rid of everything, sorry!" She even offered a faint bow though the lights went out before she could look up again.

Looking around curiously for a few moments as she tried to see what was going on and hearing, not to mention Arch's shout to not giving up, which did at least bring a smile to her face.

Though when the lights came back on, and she was able to look around and see just what clothing her opponent was given, she couldn't help it, she burst out laughing. "Bwahahaha! Wow, really? Sorry, sorry! That's just.. no no dear that look just does not suit you at all!"

It took her a moment to settle back down, though when she did, she glanced over to the announcer and the navi that had given Arch her deal, hmming thoughtfully as she glanced over to the other woman again. "So, wait. Does that mean if I yank that off her, she'd loose? No no! I won't, I swear! It was just a random thought, honest. I already did that once, and it did look like it hurt your feelings, sorry."

Still it was hard to feel bad when you were holding back a giggle over the apron's design, at least now she could focus more on the dare she was given, arching a brow as she looked towards the navi who was speaking up. "Two minutes? That's a pretty long kiss you know. That sounds like it'd get boring pretty quick, or are you just a weird creepy dude? Well, I'm sure my Master could talk to yours and get you formatted or something, obviously you need a system cleaning."

Waving off Wave Master, she'd step lightly upon her toes as she moved towards Arch again, "Well, I'm glad you aren't forfeiting, though not to fair that I have to keep doing things to you huh. Oh well, can only say sorry!" Though that apology came with a heightened voice, as with it, Lucia pounced!

Quite literally, in fact, as she tried to tackle the other girl and pin her down against the mat, given she hadn't gotten up she was pretty confident that she was supposed to be taking charge. So why not run with it she figured. Quickly she would drop a hand down and cup the other woman's cheek, only to lean down close, letting out a faint whisper near Arch's ear. "Really am sorry, tell you what, you ever want, I'll strip for you, just you though, not them. Ah, right, this is my first time doing this too by the way!" With words spoken, she tilted her head, and tried to press her lips to her opponents to capture her completely.
Lucia's laughter was met by a withering glare from Arch... well, it might be threatening if Lucia knew Arch as anything other than a pretty girl with a knack for ending up in compromising positions. Still, by the time Lucia was into it, she couldn't help a dry laugh at her own expense as well. "Well, it seems you and I are the only two who think just an apron is a bad look for me. This isn't the first time I've ended up wearing something like this..." she muttered, still mostly interested in making sure she was decent from the front. She panicked again for a moment at the thought of having to defend her single garment from Lucia, who so far had proven an adept at finding ways to remove garments, but settled down again once Lucia announced she had no such plan. It might occur to Lucia that Arch seemed a little too trusting... Lucia had, after all, just tricked her into a kiss moments ago.

"My will has nothing to do with it. I am not the Wave Master. The Wave Master, or Dream Master as he is also called, feeds me radio waves and I in turn deliver them to you, the masses," the armored navi spoke up, beelining the conversation onto a confusing detour. "Two minutes."

Arch mostly ignored him, focusing on Lucia instead. "You keep saying sorry, but it really isn't making me feel any- argh!" the former wrestler known as Cheetah gasped, extending out both hands to catch Lucia. That was the best she could do, given that any attempt at movement from where she was seated would risk some slippage, apron-clad as she was. The position they ended up in, with Lucia sitting adopt Arch and the other lady with her back just off the mat, was actually fairly merciful for Arch, since hiding her back was really what was important for the moment. For a bit, it seemed like Arch's only reaction to this impromptu kissing section was going to be further annoyance and struggling to get into a less embarrassing position, but whispering into her ear and stroking her cheek solicited a nice, bashful reaction from her. "I- I don't want you to strip! Don't be ridiculous..." she whispered back, still wiggling rebelliously.

"She's such a bottom it kinda hurts..." the Lillian-Shade shirted heelnavi from earlier remarked. The crowd murmured agreement, but in general the scene stayed pretty quiet, as people tried to catch snatches of whispering and possibly even sloppy make-out noises.

As it turned out, it felt pretty wrong to make out with someone who was determined to make the kiss as impersonal as possible; while Lucia was seemingly putting some heart into it, Arch seemed to have planked up a bit, becoming very stiff though no longer trying to yank her head away. If Lucia was into girls, she might appreciate Arch's meticulous hygiene, the tone of the majority of her body, the softness of the rest of it, and so on. If she was a lover of eastern Netopian cuisine, she might appreciate the taste of alfredo in her mouth. If she didn't find either of these things appealing, the next two minutes would just be awkward for both of them.

The audience watching with the enraptured attention of a voyeur trying something new and waiting to see if it clicked. All in all, the two minutes seemed like eternity, with Arch yielding very little intimacy. That was pretty annoying, on one hand, but Arch having consented to the make-out in the first place was probably about as generous as she could be. Finally, the minutes were up, though it was a few seconds later before anyone finally made them aware. "Alright. Your time is up. That was... a bit less inspiring than I'd pictured it in my head," the announcer admitted.

"Agreed. I do not believe the dreams were fulfilled. And yet, my request has expired. Unfortunate," the radio-head droned, matching the announcer's tone.

"Very well. Let's see if we can get something good for the next ones. I'll pick the next assigners," the announcer concluded, before turning back on the spotlights.

Arch took the time to finally break from Lucia, scooting back a bit and straightening her apron. "The only thing that worries me is that this could go on forever... you and I are both too brave for this sort of game," she sighed.

The first contestant that was selected was a normal navi dressed as a fireman, red with a yellow coat. He looked both ways for a moment, then sat up in his seat. "M-Me? I wasn't expecting to go! Gosh, I haven't thought of anything," the poor sap stammered.

"Go on... there must be something you want Cheetah to do," the announcer encouraged him.

"Uh... alright... how about I shoot you with my fire-hose?" he asked, producing said hose in two hands. "And have to stand there, and if you don't try to move outta the way... you win?"

"... Well I guess that does sound like a real dare. Fine, we'll do that. But note that it isn't dependent on her remaining standing, only being shot. Because there's a good chance she'll be taken off her feet... also, is the pressure that of a real fire hose? Because that would be dangerous," the host's voice droned on.

The firefighter shook his head, then cranked down the nozzle on the handle at the end of his hose. "Nah, see? It won't be so bad if it's like this." Once he had approval, he stepped up to the ring and readied his weapon. "Ready?" Arch nodded, blushing as she stood back up to her feet and moved both hands cover the critical area of her bottom, which would otherwise be shown to one side of the audience. There was still a nice cheer as she stood. The fireman nodded, then suddenly released his stream, sending Arch immediately off her feet and sliding towards the corner turnbuckle. It was over almost as soon as it started. "Oh, darn! You okay?!"

"Y-Yes, I'm fine," Arch groaned, quickly adjusting the apron again to be decent in the front... though, the water was making it cling to her front a bit, as well as sag around the bust. Thankfully for her, it wasn't light-weight, being a work apron rather than a maid's apron, so it didn't take on any transparency. Now dripping wet and defiant, her look took on added eroticism. "Not so bad... I told you all, I'm tough. It's going to take more than that to rattle me..."

Across the ring, another navi had the spotlight now. It was a bit hard to tell the navi's gender, but they were dressed in an unappealing gray and black alternating jester's costume, with thin eyes and a wide mouth, fixed in a permanent smirk. She carried a large, metal bat in one hand, nearly half the length of her short body, which just barely identified her as a her. She grinned and tilted her head. "Goodie! I was hoping I'd get called on. Me personally, I feel like it's torture just sitting through this, so I'm going to take this another direction! I dare the Lillian Shade to beat the crap out of-"

"We're not doing a request like that," the announcer interrupted.

"What, reallly?! Well there goes my idea! Okay, instead... I dare the Lillian Shade to forfeit the match!"

"No... A real dare, please... No Catch 22s."

"Bah! You're starting to annoy me... Okay, fine! I dare the Lillian Shade to make the announcer say anything in a voice that's not that same dull way he kind of talks like this," the jester announced, imitating a robot voice.

"... That's really more of a 'bet' than a 'dare.' As in, 'I bet you can't make the announcer say something in another voice,'" the announcer complained, in his monotone voice. "But that is rather challenging. We can take that as a dare. Though I should warn you, the only way to make me change my voice is to really inspire me..."

"Psh! Not necessarily. You could also beat the crap out of him, tickle him, or give him a prostate exam! Any of those things'd probably change his pitch," the jester cackled, slinging her bat over her shoulder with reckless abandon, heedless of whoever was behind her. "Go nuts!"

The announcer was presumably in the area of the arena that matched the box where they'd met Showbizz earlier. Lucia knew the way there, if she wanted to go meet the announcer face to face. Of course, there might be something else she could do right there in the arena that would work.
The make out season was probably more one-sided than Lucia might have liked, even if she had tried to make it 'real' for the fans, not to mention herself, though really her heart wasn't to into it either. Once time was finally up, she'd sit up and touch a finger to her cheek in thought while straddling atop of her opponent, glancing down to her. "Hm, well I won't say it wasn't fun, though I didn't really feel anything like the last kiss I had that was kinda like that. Then again that was my best friend, not rival."

Shrugging, Lucia simply stayed there atop of Arch for the moment, straddling the other woman's hips until the challenge had been issued and she absolutely had to move to let her up. Though after hearing the dare, she was all to quick to hop away to the far side of the ring, bouncing on her toes the whole time until she found a safe spot away from the water.

Though she did let out a faint squeak when the blast of water was released and slammed Arch into the far corner, watching in surprise and maybe a bit of shock at how fast it had happened. Shaking her head a bit, though it seemed she was keeping to this side of the ring for now and avoiding even the pool of water on the ring as it drained, if it did anyway. "Okay that was kind of impressive there Arc-er, Cheetah, glad it wasn't me that had to do that."

Then came her dare, or at least the one asking her to do various things, which did seem to amuse her somewhat. "Naah, don't wanna do that first one, or second either. I mean sure I want to beat her, but I don't want to..beat..her... Well, announcer guy was nice enough about it so it's fine."

Then the real dare came, and that had her looking around somewhat in confusion. "Wait what now? Make mister voice change? That's an odd dare..." Though she shrugged, and hopped up onto the turnbuckle to sit lightly atop it with one leg crossed atop the other as she crosses her arms and looks to be thinking.

"Well let's see here... Mister voice didn't really act any different when me and her were making out, though most of you weren't." Lifting her head up towards where the box should be. "Not into girls? Mister announcer do you like guys maybe? I mean, it'd make sense right, you spend all day long watching women like us grabbing and groping one another. It'd make sense they'd hire someone who doesn't have any interest right? Or are you even a navi? I don't remember seeing you, maybe you are just a Mr. Prog, if that's the case there is no way I could make your voice change, they don't do that at all. Nothing against Mr. Progs, they are just dull most the time. Which is what you've been since I got here, kinda sad really."

Again she paused to think about the task some more, while half glancing around to see if the small jeer worked before finally hopping up to land upon her bare toes in the ring. "Well, come down here then. If we can't see your face, it's kind of a pointless dare. I mean, if I come to you, I could just pretend to be someone else and speak for you and no one would know the wiser. Or maybe you aren't even on the net at all, just some fat dude sitting at a desk somewhere in the outerworld, typing on a computer. Is that it? Are you just some lonely, basement living kid? That's pretty sad you know!"