Showbizz Friendy Feud Homepage

The Showbizz Friendly Feud Homepage held a design familiar to any fans of Showbizz's half-charity, half-profit shows: bouncy, irregular furniture with blue and yellow colors and star prints surrounded the set. DragonierMan seemed distinctly out of place, being neither whimsical nor covered in stars. Even once he managed to locate some of the workers, he had the idea that he'd stick out like a sore thumb: most of them were standard navis working as part of Showbizz's team and therefore clad in star print.

A short, female navi, basically embodying the spirit of the place, began to make her way towards DragonierMan from across the set. Despite her size, she had a relatively glamorous body, although her eccentric and bright blue outfit, which was covered in gold stars, made her look somewhat ridiculous. Her fantastically blond hair, held into two giant, star-shaped tails at the back of her head, made her look even sillier, and the grin on her face capped it off. Her blue eyes shined like they themselves had stars in them... which they did! It seemed like she was wearing some sort of contacts, or otherwise it was just part of her design.

"DragonierMan! That'd better be you!" she called out, sounding impatient despite her grin.
DragonierMan stared blankly at the woman in front of him. He knew that he was here for some competition, one in front of countless viewers, but he didn't dress up for it. He still wore his plate armor, though it was polished to a shine that reflected in the hot lights of the set. He wore his snowy cloak bunched up and draped over his right shoulder. His visor was down, showing off only his dark eyes to identify him.

As he was pondering who the woman in front of him was a blonde head peeked out from behind his cloaked shoulder. Bright gray eyes scanned the room with an open-mouthed white smile. "Oooo!" came the girlish giggle of a child in a circus environment. Then another golden head popped up over the other shoulder. The child-like gleam in this one's eyes were dimmer, but no less radiant. "'Ooo' indeed."

The two heads disconnected from Drago's shoulders, forming separate individuals as their bodies stepped out from behind his broad back. The two were distinctly female, were a head shorter than the warrior, and dressed in much more revealing leather outfits. They brushed their long, straight hair out of their way and adjusted their short skirts. Identical twins dressed in blacks and browns. "I've never been on TV before. Do I look ok Aya?" one girl asked the other as she checked for split ends in her seemingly gorgeous hair. "You look fine Suzume. We've both had a week of R&R and are in tip-top form," the other replied as she stretched her arms over her head, puffing out her chest. "We are going to wow the crowd with our good looks. We might even get offers to be models for some fashion designer."

Suzume lit up some more, if that was even possible, and grabbed onto her twin's hands. "Really, a modeling job? Wouldn't that be great!" she exclaimed as she bounced up and down, dragging her sister with her. Aya was caught off guard by the sudden yanking of her arms that she was forced to jump with her sister. The two beautiful toned bodies made quite the sight with their exposed shoulders, midriffs, and long legs bobbing up and down. Their small tops and skirts straining against their bodies, flapping around a bit, possibly showing off something more than they should have. "S-Settle d-down S-Suzume. W-We h-haven't e-even s-started y-yet."

DragonierMan stepped up and separated the twins with gauntleted hands, stepping between them and right up to the brightly-adorned woman. He then raised the visor of his helmet so that some of his face could be seen. "Yes, I am DragonierMan. Who are you?"
"Who am I? Who am I! I'm Showbizz! The one who's been planning all of these awesome events and handing out all of those cool prizes? The one and only master of live entertainment, Showbizz!" the little girl applauded herself. "And uh... I didn't exactly invite any guests! Who are these girls? Well, they're sexy, but we don't have a place for them! You girls, why don't you sit in the studio audience, huh? Free front row tickets, on me! I'm a generous person, huh?"

She snapped and brought over two stage workers, who led Aya and Suzume over to the audience seating. "Alright, so here's the deal: you're going to be teamed with two of your Neo-Shogun buddies- one general and one subordinate- but you're team leader! The rest I'm going to explain once we start rolling, but in the mean time, I need you to go over there and stand behind that curtain. It's a little, tiny room back there; don't worry, you won't be there long. If you need to change clothes, feel free to do so, but do it fast, because we'll be rolling before you know it!"

With no further time to spend, Showbizz skipped off to one side of the set, where evidently the camera crews were doing everything insufferably wrong.
"But, but!" Suzume started to protest as Aya grabbed her by the arm and dragged her along toward the audience seating. "No buts, come on."

DragonierMan was quickly left alone. A general and a subordinate huh? I wonder. He thought as he looked around for the curtain. It wasn't hard to find and then step behind.
The sounds of movement outside continued right up till the last second, with set workers running back and forth to get things ready and Showbizz shouting at people to take places. If other NS soldiers were waiting behind those curtains, all that separated them from DragonierMan now were thin walls and yet there were no sounds to easily identify them. Any subtle noises would be lost under the noise of the host's shouting and stage setup, of course.

"OFF THE SET! We're live in 5, 4, 3, 2...!"

The lights off set dimmed as the ones over the set brightened. Several set pieces began flashing with color, which DragonierMan could only vaguely make out from behind the curtain.

"Welcome, boys and girls across the world and right here in our studio slash homepage; it's time for the first ever Showbizz Friendy Feud, a show that you will all come to know and love! The Friendly Feud takes two groups of friends and coworkers, pitting them against each other in competitions for sweet, sweet prizes. Tonight's prize is an ElecShock battlechip and 5000z. Who will win?! Let's meet our contestants!" the announcer's voice started.

"First off: a subordinate in the Neo-Shogun empire who is well known by anyone who's been keeping up with the Neo-Shogun Army! Well known for her bowmanship, distinct golden armor, and curvaceous body, this soldier is rumored to be a great strategist and yet is constantly in danger! How will she fare tonight? Everyone, give it up for Arch!" the navi cheered, followed by the audience. Predictably, Arch was too bashful coming out to say anything further.

With Arch being the subordinate, it seemed fairly obvious who would come next. "Our next contestant is a Neo-Shogun general with long tenure, beloved by her troops! She likes to fight and enjoys meeting strong people. Her hobbies include exercising and picking on her sister. Her motto is that all warriors should eat rice! Let's hear it for Lee!" Showbizz called out. It turned out that DragonierMan wasn't going to be seeing his constant companion after all.

While Showbizz was announcing DragonierMan, a small video screen appeared directly in front of his face. It read:

Quote ()





*** Thank you! ***

"... his friends as having dragonic power! If you don't know him yet, get ready to learn all about him! Give a warm welcome to the Neo-Shogun team captain, DragonierMan!" Showbizz announced; as her words finished, the screen before his face vanished. The applause was somewhat lukewarm, as apparently the audience knew a lot less about him than the girls. It seemed like DragonierMan's time to come out had arrived.
There was a sudden flash of light in the eyes of Aya and Suzume after the message played in front of DragonierMan. Suzume jumped to her feet and began to sing. Her voice, clear and beautiful but without words, amplified above the crowd. Aya put her hands on the ground and extended her shadows to the curtain, forming two inky silhouettes of curvacious women. They made a show of gyrating their bodies in a sexy imitation of a dance before opening the curtain hiding DragonierMan in a showy way.

But what came out of the curtains was not the humanoid navi, but a huge black dragon! Large ears fanned out on either side of a huge scaled head. An impressive mane of silver hair covered from crown to tail. The dragon swept forward onto the stage, filling the room with its awesome presence. Aya's clones followed, somersaulting and flipping about like some circus performance.

Suzume's voice became more impassioned and pitched as the dragon flaunted itself. Her voice grew stronger and higher just as the dragon stretched out its massive wings, reared up its long neck toward the ceiling, and opened its fanged jaw of many sharp teeth. Suzume ceased her song just as the dragon roared, white fire belching forth in a great conflagration from its mouth, fanning out as it reached toward the ceiling, though the flames did not burn it.

The two shadow clones erupted on either side of him in an imitation of fire, also inky black. The black fire danced around and combined with the white flames coming from the dragon's mouth, consuming the dragon's form. The two-toned flames didn't last long though, burning out quickly and dissipating into a haze of gray smoke.

A flash of white cloth parted the smoke moments later, revealing a much smaller creature. DragonierMan in his humanoid form. He had blown the haze away with a flourish of his great cloak. The right side of his cloak was thrown diagonally over his left shoulder, giving him a kingly look in his shiny armor and helmet. It was at that time that Suzume and Aya snapped out of the spell that held them, the unnatural light in their eyes dimming. They, embarrassed, quickly sat back down and became a part of the audience once more. Watching the crowds' reaction.
The crowd was momentarily stunned, then picked up their applause, as it seemed only proper. Everyone was a little confused about the identity of the two girls, although those closest to Aya and Suzume managed to pick up on it and commenced pointing at the girls and whispering to their friends. Showbizz stared blankly for a while, trying to decide what she was supposed to think. Happiness that he was doing what she asked? Amazement that he'd turned into a dragon? Annoyance that he was being a ham? Worry that her stage was going to catch fire? No expression seemed just right to fit every feeling, so her smile stayed plastered on blankly.

Arch held her hand to her face, looking embarrassed. Rather than her usual uniform, she was garbed in her original wardrobe, including tall golden helmet, skirt, and mostly full armor, adorned with several yellow loops and a giant ribbon on the back. "I guess I'm thankful you chose not to show up in the codpiece," she sighed.

The other girl, Lee, gasped at seeing the dragon, then settled down as he turned back to normal. Unlike Arch, she'd chosen to keep with her NS uniform, sporting a samurai kabuto as the fanciest piece of her ensemble. Beyond that, she wore only gauntlets, boots, and a rather skimpy metal breastplate and skirt. "I haven't seen you since the summit! You looked different back then... What was your name then? Sin something... Or was it Xin? Xin something?" she murmured. "All I can remember is your new name; nobody uses the old one around the base any more! Bet you're happy to be the leader for once, huh?"

"Alright, alright, settle down," Showbizz laughed, discreetly hoping to make Lee stop talking so it wouldn't be so obvious that the two of them barely knew each other. "The Neo-Shogun's got a tight-knit group; they entrust others with their lives every day!" she exaggerated, hugging her arms to her body and then spreading them out dramatically. "Let's meet their opponents: another group of folks who work together in the toughest field of battle I know! That battle, of course, is show-business and celebrity interview!"

"First, the field reporter, Kindle, from the left! Set security, Capo, on the right! And finally, the acclaimed host of The Voice, VoiceMan, in the center!" she announced, notably giving the other team a much less flashy entrance. The first woman to step out (from the left, as Showbizz had implied she would) was a shapely woman with long, vibrantly orange hair, held into a long ponytail. Her eyes had a pretty, bright hazel color and her suit consisted of a brown blazer and suit skirt, as well as high heels. She gave everyone a wave; they clapped back fairly enthusiastically.

The next to come out was a shorter girl, dressed in a blacked pinstripe suit and fedora. Her body was more slender and not so filled out as the other's and her face was not nearly so cheerful. Her short, black hair had less impact than the field reporter's as well. She came out with a frown on her face and didn't earn much applause.

The final to come out was a broad shouldered man with a handsome figure and face. Like the other two, his skin-tone made him look Netopian. His hair was long, shimmering, and blond, giving him a pretty distinct appearance. VoiceMan's outfit consisted of red slacks and a blazer with a white shirt beneath and black, shining shoes. "Hello, hello! This is the first time I've appeared on anyone else's show!"[font=Bodoni MT][/font] As everyone clapped, he waved one arm and adjusted his tie with the other. "What a warm reception! I'm flattered."[font=Bodoni MT][/font]

"VoiceMan's team is at a significant disadvantage, having no dragon. Can they compete against the Neo-Shogun Army? That pretty boy might not be able to talk his way out of this one!"

"It can't go any worse than the last time we broke new territory in entertainment programming," the girl in the pinstriped suit grumbled.


"Let's explain the first competition! I am going to give each team two questions: one to be answered by the team captain about his teammates, and another for the teammates to answer about their captain. The team with the most points wins and the losers have to face a penalty! This is an easy game to start out with, but it'll set the tone for our competitions to come, you see!" the host announced. "Everyone, record your answers and display them using the viewscreens that will appear in front of you shortly! You will record three things: the correct answer to your partner's question and your guesses, related to your own question. And remember: no cheating!"

"The first question: leaders, what color underwear is each of your partners wearing right now?!"

"What kinda question is that?! You some kinda wise guy?!" the one in the fedora barked, taking obvious offense.

"I don't mean to rub anyone the wrong way, but that doesn't seem fair... You can almost see the color the one in red is wearing, since she has so little armor on..."[font=Bodoni MT][/font] the field reporter complained quietly.

"And for each partner: what would your leader most like to see you wearing?"

"Ho ho! Sounds like we're on the spot, my adversary,"[font=Bodoni MT][/font] the blond-haired man laughed. "I'll be honest if you will!"[font=Bodoni MT][/font]

Lee thought aloud while Arch shifted uncomfortably, clearly not enjoying the tone set by the first question. "Y-You don't have to be completely honest on this one," Arch murmured, fearing what kind of answers might come up as she remembered having her butt groped while wearing nothing but an apron just a short time ago.
DragonierMan reached up to his head and unclasped his helmet. He pulled it off his head, letting his windswept obsidian hair spill out. His features were obviously Netopian, light-skinned with cowboy stubble, and a strong nose and chin. His eyes were a dark, cloudy-gray. But his stare was not intense, it almost looked unfocused as he set down the helmet on his podium. As if he was looking through a fog, and spoke rather plainly.

"Yes, I was SINN before, but I am DragonierMan now. You may call me Drago for short," Drago said to Lee before continuing to the room in general. "My comrades should wear something in the traditional style, as benefits the Shogunate. I do not wish them to be uncomfortable for the sake of appearances," he concluded as he scrawled a harsh script across his answer-board. It was fair money that Arch and Lee were wearing their colors across their entire outfit. Now to find out if he was right.

[1. Arch=Gold, Lee=Red.]

[2. Yukata/Kimono.]

He hoped that his allies would get his hint and not be distracted by what happened in previous encounters. He looked across at his competition and attempted to continue with the cordial facade. "To be honest, I have not heard of any of you. As I am sure that you had not heard of me. Perhaps you could provide some insight into your forms of entertainments."
Arch looked at first surprised by DragonierMan's suggestion, then grateful. Unfortunately, the emotion soon faded to regret as she realized what she'd already written down on her card. "Oh, I wasn't really thinking about it! You seemed to enjoy it last time, so I just wrote it down again," she murmured, becoming increasingly uncomfortable at the thought of flipping the card. "I figured maybe Dee set it up at your request..."

On the other side, VoiceMan finished recording his answers, then shrugged and laughed casually.
"I'm not surprised you haven't heard of us yet. We'd been doing an audio show for a long time, but we finally decided to expand to a full length program with full production features. We haven't had but one episode yet, but you'll come to hear of us eventually,"[font=Bodoni MT][/font] he assured DragonierMan.

"Enough chit-chat! Everyone's got their answers and guesses, right? Let's see the results!" Showbizz announced, combining all of the tiny view-screens into one large board.

Quote ()

"What color underwear is each of your partners wearing right now?"
DragonierMan said: Gold for Arch, Red for Lee
Answer: Gold and Black
VoiceMan said: White for Kindle, Black for Capo
Answer: Sienna and Black

"And for each partner: what would your leader most like to see you wearing?"
Arch said: Naked Apron
Lee said: Armor
Answer: Yukata /Kimono for both
Kindle said: Bikini
Capo said: Bikini
Answer: Bunny for Kindle, Maid for Capo

"... 'Maid?' Couldn't you have played it just a little more normal, boss?" the security guard murmured, looking at her boss suspiciously.

Arch held her hands to her red face, clearly embarrassed that she'd been made out to look so perverted compared to her teammates. Lee snapped her fingers, then nodded enthusiastically. "I should have known! What guy doesn't want to see an Electopian woman in a kimono? I need to stop thinking about the battlefield all the time," Lee sighed.

"1 and 1? It's a tie! How are we going to decide who wins the round and who has to pay the penalty? How about with a bonus question!" Showbizz offered, shooting the view-screens back down to her participants. "Alright, this question is for each of the girls; leaders, ready your responses! Girls, what is your leader's favorite part of a woman's body?"

Lee began writing immediately, while Arch showed some hesitation. The gold-armored girl glanced back up at DragonierMan, as if trying to make up her mind, then began entering in her own answer.
Drago watched the monitor as the results were tallied and the answers given. Black. Huh. Well, he didn't know much about Lee as it stood. Though that would beg the question as to why he was teamed up with one of the generals he knew the least. Although there was another general, what was her name? Vee? That he didn't know very well either. Now that he thought about it, he didn't know much about Yasu too, beyond some basic insecurities. As his colleagues were writing their answers down, he made a mental note to spend some more time after this learning about the other members of the Neo-Shogunate.

Then came another question... What was the part of a woman's body that he found most agreeable. That was a head-scratcher. DragonierMan enjoyed all that a woman's body had to offer. Though Lee, and in a sense, Arch, had their own ideas as to a particular part of their bodies that he would enjoy. Scratching his chin, he wondered which part they would guess based on past experiences. Thinking of one, he scrawled it on his answer key.

[3. Butt.]
Once everyone had gotten what they wanted on their cards, the host clapped her hands to gather everyone's attention once again. "This is it! Don't tie again, or you both have to pay the penalty!" Showbizz informed her players. "What? You thought NEITHER of you would have to pay the penalty if you tied? Let's not be ridiculous!"

Quote ()

"What is your leader's favorite part of a woman's body?"
Arch said: Butt
Lee said: Abs
Answer: Butt
Kindle said: Boobs
Capo said: Butt
Answer: Face

"Ho ho! Looks like the Neo-Shogun soldiers win our first round!" Showbizz commented, rousing cheers from the audience.

"Ah ha... I wasn't just working off of inference that time," Arch sighed, looking pleased and embarrassed at the same time. "Why would you go for abs, Lee? I know we both like physical fitness, but men usually prefer lithe to muscular..."

"Really? But we both wear outfits designed to show off our bellies, don't we?" Lee murmured in response. "I just figured that's where his mind would go!"

In the mean time, Kindle and Capo were both scolding their leader for his sudden change of heart. "I-I don't mean to rub you the wrong way or anything, but why would you say face?" the reporter asked. "I thought, judging by the costumes, that..."

"I was just being honest, girls!" he laughed, backing away nervously.

"Well, you picked the wrong time to sober up and become an honest man, cause now your entire team will have to pay the price!" Showbizz cackled, holding forward a notecard towards VoiceMan's girls menacingly. As she did, DragonierMan noticed that a magbolt chip had been transferred to him... Although, it felt different than the ordinary Magbolt. "This modified MagBolt- let's call it the ShowBolt for now- is your treat from me, DragonierMan!"

She walked down from her podium, crossing her arms with a smug smile. "This super special magnet is designed to pull the metal right out of other people's clothes. I'm going to give you sixty seconds, and you're going to see how much you can pull out from the enemy team... Starting, saaaay... now!" she finished, dashing back up behind the podium. "Remember that it won't work unless you get in range and you only have 60 secs, so you better get running!"

Catching on two late, the other group gawked for a bit, then turned to run. "You better think about it before you zap me or the boss with that magnet, capiche?!" the girl in the fedora called out to DragonierMan.

((Move and use your ShowBolt (for 1 action per use) to pull the metal off of the competition!))

DragonierMan: ShowBolt equipped
Arch: 1 movement to left
Lee: 1 movement to right
VoiceMan: 1 movement forward
Kindle: 1 movement forward
Capo: 1 movement forward

DragonierMan smiled inwardly as he was given a weapon and told to use it for a hunt. Springing into action at the bell, he immediately went for the woman who wasn't protected by Capo's remark, the one known as Kindle. He chased her with the ShadowBolt, aiming for her waist and blazer, seeing if the magnet would work on buckles and buttons.

Then he switched targets to the fedora-wearing Kindle. He aimed for the same locations as he did on Kindle, her waist and suit top. Drago wondered how powerful the chip was and whether it could pull a belt off one's waist, or the top off one's chest.

Then, with time running out, he turned the ShadowBolt on their leader, VoiceMan. Drago ran after VoiceMan, channeling his own energies into the magnet. He wanted to see if he could overcharge the device and increase its magnetic pull.

Then after he was done, he deposited the ShadowBolt and its cargo on Showbizz' podium.

1. Move + Use ShadowBolt [Battlechip]: (Acc: B; 90 Elec Damage + Stun + Magnetic Pull?) on Kindle.
2. Move + Use ShadowBolt [Battlechip]: (Acc: B; 90 Elec Damage + Stun + Magnetic Pull?) on Kindle
3. Move + Use ShadowBolt [Battlechip]: (Acc: B; 90 Elec Damage + Stun + Magnetic Pull?) on Capo
4. Move + Use ShadowBolt [Battlechip]: (Acc: B; 90 Elec Damage + Stun + Magnetic Pull?) on Capo
5. Move + Use ShadowBolt [Battlechip]: (Acc: B; 115 (90 + 25 Strengthen) Elec Damage + Stun + Magnetic Pull?) on VoiceMan
* Draconic Might [Signature]: Passive 25 Strengthen.
Kindle was an easy target to start with, being one of the least quick on her feet. DragonierMan made no attempt to pursue his targets; he simply pointed the ShowBolt and let it do its work. Luckily, the weapon was within range... soon, DragonierMan noticed the zipper poking out of the fold of her miniskirt. Running proved to be a bad ideas the zipper pulled the opposite way, flying out towards her adversary along with the skirt it lined. Her aforementioned sienna panties, rounded with delicate white frills, were put on display. Embarrassed, she turned and crossed both hands over her front, giving DragonierMan the chance to pull every button messily from her blazer. For a moment, he and the audience caught a glimpse of her highly impressive bosom, clad in similar undergarments to the bottom.

"Ah! I'm not trying to start something, but why does this happen every time I go on TV?!" she bawled, hugging the ruined blazer closer to her chest.

Seeing that there was nothing left to pull, the Neo-Shogun subordinate turned his eyes on Capo. She'd already made it some distance away, so the magnetism wasn't quite as powerful when he got around to using it. Even focusing all of his powers, his only gratification was to snap her leather belt and pull it to him like some sort of airbound snake.

By the time he focused on VoiceMan, the three had made it to the other side of the set. "Whew, thanks for saving me, girls! If I'd known all this was going to happen, I'd have worn my fancy underwear," he joked.

"Not too bad... But if I were grading, I'd give you a C! My craving for ratings is not yet satisfied!" she announced, brazenly giving away her motivation to the viewing audience. "On that note, let's continue to the next challenge! In this competition, each team member will receive a card. Written on that card is an item! Without speaking, each of the team's two members try to demonstrate through pantomime what the item on their card is, while the leader must guess!"

"Oh, I know that game! Cliches...? No, it was Char... Chara.. Chardes!" Lee exclaimed, clapping her hands together. "That's it, right?"

"Hahaha! No, my friend, this is no simple game of chard- er, charades. The catch is that both of you must pantomime together simultaneously..."

"Really? That's it?" the general asked, looking vaguely disappointed.

"And must keep physical contact with your team leader at all times! The team with the leader who first correctly guesses both of his partner's items will be the victor!" the host concluded, grinning and crossing both arms proudly.

It doesn't seem very challenging... So long as I hold DragonierMan's wrist with one hand," Arch mused, setting her slender fingers around the thick circumference of her ally's forearm, "I'll be fine?"

"Sure... If you can play charades alright with one hand, that is! Teehehehe!" Showbizz cackled, as if foreseeing a problem much greater than the golden-armored general anticipated. "Cards are out! Girls, memorize your items..." the host announced, spreading both arms. "And go!"


Arch raised one eyebrow as she inspected her card. Lee, on the other hand, nodded and began enthusiastically, even before the data vanished. To start, she got down on her hands and knees, then pressed both hands onto the toe of DragonierMan's boot. Expectantly, she smiled confidently up towards DragonierMan, as if it was now obvious what he ought to guess.

After hesitating a while, Arch clasped one hand to DragonierMan's wrist, as she'd said she would. With her free hand, she first clenched DragonierMan's hand into a fist, then brought her index finger towards the opening in the center of the circle formed by his fingers. Slowly, she traced a spiral upwards from that point like a pyramid. She repeated the motion a few more times, mostly watching what she was doing, but occasionally allowing her eyes to drift up to DragonierMan's face, to see if he was catching on.

In the mean time, the other team seemed to have fallen on hard times. The girl in black had taken Arch's approach, holding onto VoiceMan's sleeve while doing... something with her free hand, trailing it first up her groin, then across the seat of her pants, then sliding it again across the front horizontally. Kindle, on the other hand, was trying to keep one toe touched to her boss's, while extending both arms out horizontally. The action gave her no ability to hold closed her blazer, and the boss was clearly taking advantage of that fact, as his eyes stayed rooted on her breasts. "B-B-Boss!" she blubbered, clutching her clothing back around herself defensively. Losing her pose, she hopped momentarily, only to step on his foot and illicit a horrible yelp. So as not to lose, she grasped hold to him, pressing her chest against his own. He quieted down, evidently soothed.

"What is Team VoiceMan doing over there? I'll let you off with a warning this time, but remember: no talking, no breaking contact! You girls have to be silent and keep touching your leaders!" Showbizz barked.

"DragonierMan... for the sake of sportsmanship, I'll let you go first," VoiceMan murmured, clearly having difficulty thinking of what either of his compatriots might be trying to convey.
"I am going to say 'boot' for Lee's item." DragonierMan promptly replied to the charades question. "As for Arch's item..." Drago hesitated. He was having trouble understanding exactly what her fellow subordinate was trying to convey. Something held that spiraled up into a pyramid shape...

"... an 'ice cream cone?'" he guessed, looking a little dubious. Although he might have gotten one or both of them wrong, he was fairly confident that his competition wouldn't fair any better. Though what would Showbizz do to them if they tied again was something he did not want to think about.
The red-armored general pouted and shook her head, indicating that DragonierMan had guessed incorrectly. Arch, on the other hand, brightened up and nodded enthusiastically. "Wow! Fantastic! DragonierMan guessed ice cream cone on his very first guess, with so little suggestion! One would have thought it'd take him a bit longer," Showbizz half-hissed from her podium. She wasn't doing a very good job of hiding her feelings towards DragonierMan's anticlimactic display of charades skill. "Let's see if VoiceMan can catch up!"

"Er, I'm going to guess... Kindle, your item is crane and Capo, yours is thermal underwear. Is that right?" DragonierMan's opponent laughed awkwardly, only to be met by disappointed sighs from his teammates. "I-It's not easy! Can't you give me some more hints, girls?" Kindle seemed uncertain of anything extra she could do to make hers clear. Capo knit her eyebrows with an irritable frown, then rolled her eyes and started over. Keeping one hand gripped where it was, she placed her thumb into her mouth and started sucking on it. VoiceMan struggled not to laugh. "Er... herhrm... is it a baby?" Fortunately, it appeared he was off the mark again.

In the mean time, Lee tried to revise her position to make her own term more obvious. Keeping her hands were they were, she stuck out her tongue and began enthusiastically licking DragonierMan's boot, completely disregarding the icky metallic taste. Her minikskirt armor swayed back and forth provocatively as she continued; the trail of her brown eyes continued to stay root onto his face as she ran her tongue up and down the boot.

Arch almost said something, then remembered she wasn't allowed to. Hushing up, she gulped and tried to decipher the charade herself.
Drago looked uncomfortable for a moment, standing as still as a statue while one of his superiors acted like a dog... Wait.

"Could it be a 'dog?' Though that doesn't sound like an item... Perhaps a 'buffer?'" Drago asked as he took a wild guess.
Lee nodded happily at DragonierMan's first guess; Showbizz gritted her teeth, obviously not so pleased. "Alright Voice group, break it up! Team Neoshoguns already got their two. Yours were tree and diaper, if you were curious," the host barked. Capo opened her mouth to complain that diaper was much harder to guess than any of the other items, but Showbizz's microphone made it useless to try to talk around her. "Let's have a good punishment round to make up for that massacre, okay? VoiceMan, your team's on the chopping block again!"

"Darn... Maybe I should have looked into hiring on a professional for this like I did with that premiere! I didn't think the three of us could be ruined while we're not even broadcasting our own show," he groaned, pulling out a handkerchief from his coat pocket and wiping his forehead frustratedly. "What is it this time?"

"Let's have a good punishment round to make up for that massacre, okay? VoiceMan, your team's on the chopping block again!" Showbizz warned VoiceMan, grinning evilly to create some tension. "It's fun seeing people forced to behave in silly ways, isn't it? Let's let DragonierMan play the King's game this time! Each other person here gets a number, one through six... Six? Yeah, I guess that's right. Drago here's going to pick a number from the viewscreen in front of him. Whoever's number is picked has to do whatever he says for a minute... and, when he picks the number, he has to say what he wants them to do before he learns who it is!"

"Wait, this punishment game doesn't make sense! Why are we included even though we're on the winning team?!" Arch demanded. A-And furthermore, I think you miscounted! There's only-!"

"Boo-hoo! You deserve to be involved for pantomiming an ice-cream cone in such a boring way!" Showbizz replied, sticking her tongue out at the unfortunate NS Subordinate. "Now, pick a number, DragonierMan!"
Six? DragonierMan pondered as Showbizz laid out the ground rules for the punishment game. I wonder if that means if I'm included. It would be strange for himself to order himself to do something... but then Showbizz stated that he would have to say what his kingly command was before finding out who he ended up picking. So there was an element of risk involved on what he would say would backfire on him. But at the same time, Showbizz seemed bored. The contestants were not enough entertainment for her, and perhaps the audience, thus far. As such he would need to spice things up.

"Very well," Drago stated as he stood up as proudly as he could make himself seen. "Before I choose I will state my command. The chosen individual must do..." He paused for dramatic effect, then reached his arms into the air dramatically. "... A strip tease!"

Lowering his hands, "I chose Number 4," he said before anyone could react.
"Strip tease, huh? A little generic, but unnecessarily bold! That'll do just fine," Showbizz giggled, grinning from ear to ear. "Come on, Number 4! You heard the man!"

"Oh! Right, I'm number four," Lee laughed, realizing after a brief silence during which nobody spoke up that she must have forgotten her own number. "Gee, that's going to be kind of embarrassing... B-But I guess we do need to get a chance to know each other better, right? We'll look at this as bonding time between a general and a subordinate!" she explained, grinning even as she began to blush red. "Still, one who tones their body has nothing to hide!"

The other contestants watched with a mixture of awe at her bravery and gratitude for their own exemption as Lee began the punishment she'd been assigned, despite successfully completing the last round. "Come to think of it, have I seen someone do something like this before? I guess I'll use what I know from those videos the soldiers are watching some times!" she exclaimed, then suddenly summoned her spear. For an alarming moment, it looked like she was raising it to slam it down upon DragonierMan's head. Instead, she stuck it point first into the floor with a noisy crack, causing it to stick straight up out of the set.

At some point, Showbizz had taken the initiative to set on some music. Putting on a carefree smile, Lee circled the spear with a cheesy cat-walk strut while keeping one hand around the shaft. After making it once around, she faced DragonierMan and crossed both hands behind her head and the spear. She squatted slowly with both legs spread angled beneath her, removing her gloves discretely as she did. While the measure showed some finesse, the gloves weren't really made for a strip tease and fell to the ground with a noisy clatter once slipped off.

She stood back up, then made another once round. At about 270 degrees back around, she paused and dipped her curve of her buttocks against the staff. Dipping her upper body down, she skillfully unlatched the straps of her boots, then kicked them off with two simple motions, sending them clanking across the stage as the gloves had moments ago. Both her hands and her feet were bare now.

"Is that enough yet?" the gold-armored general asked Showbizz. The host smiled and shook her head, saying "not nearly." Arch sighed, then turned her head back to watch.

After a few more struts, Lee paused again to raise one leg up against the spear, then tilt her head back. She worked with her upper armor as she did, managing to get it off a little more gracefully than the other segments. With how skimpy the armor already was, it was easy to imagine that something raunchy would be on underneath. As it turned out, there was little stimulating about it: beneath it, she wore a strapless black wrap-around, covering her breasts about as fully as the armor had. Her chest was nicely sized, easily more than that of the little ninja DragonierMan had seen at the summit, but not nearly so much so as that of Dee, whose bust the knight had become intimately familiar with.

With a few more quick circles finished, Lee stopped again, grasping one hand mid-way onto the spear's shaft and leaning her rear end backwards towards DragonierMan. In a simple motion, she unlatched the buckle holding her armored skirt on as a belt, then pulled at the loop with teasing slowness. Eventually, the whole article came off as a belt, revealing a pair of close-fitting black shorts. While the undergarment was unremarkable, the general did have a butt worth noticing.

Now stripped to her undergarments (yet still wearing her samurai helmet), the general made a few more easy circles around the embedded weapon. The crowd was cheering now, evidently liking the pace. "What do you think? I'll bet you thought Dee was the sexiest general out of the four of us, huh? Maybe you're changing your mind about it now!" she joked, giving him a playful wink. Her body looked a good bit younger than Dee's, as well as more athletic and slender, but without nearly the same baggage, for better or worse. Although her catwalk was unpracticed, there was still enjoyment to be derived from watching her move her hips. "That was a pretty good strip tease, wasn't it?"
Lee finished her unpracticed, but still sexy striptease, and asked for an opinion. Drago looked over to Arch for a moment, seemingly to weigh his next comment against any reaction she had. Arch was reacting similarly to what he expected from his time spent with her, shy and bashful, still unused to the more daring antics of her colleagues. Or perhaps she saw those actions as unladylike. Whatever the reason, he replied as the crowd's reaction died down, "You're right to think you're sexy. Seems like the crowd agrees."

"Although I don't think our beautiful, talented host is truly satisfied yet," he continued. "This was supposed to be a punishment game after all. Why not have the two lovely ladies of VoiceMan's team also perform their own striptease? Together." Drago ended with a sly smile, brushing his obsidian hair back a little with his hand. He winked at the audience afterward.

The last bat of his eye caught Aya's attention, as Drago's wink was aimed squarely at her. He made a slight motion with his head toward Capo and Kindle. Aya's eyes narrowed in a squint, concentrating on trying to figure out what her master was attempting to convey. Drago then made a cyclonic, twisting motion upward with his index finger, like a twister. At the top of the arc he closed his fist, and then opened it just as quickly, like an explosion.

Aya brightened suddenly with an idea. She turned to her sister and whispered in her ear. Suzume's eyes bulged outward for a moment, then she grinned. They ducked down in their seats and put their hands on the floor and waited. Ready to send their shadows out. The intention was to provide a clone of both Capo and Kindle that would mimic the strip tease they preformed, then explode at the finale to add a little more flare. Assuming Showbizz went for the idea of a second striptease.