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((For those who tl;dr it, there will be an explanation of how to participate in the event linked to this topic once available))

The stage that Holly, the Creel Family's Rank 1, had set up for the charity event was simple and cozy, designed to look like a sitting room with a low wooden table and three chairs, the central being much larger than the others. The rug was soft and brown while the standing walls to the sides and back of the stage were a mellow white color. A fireplace prop burned brightly to the left of the set, but more attention-grabbing was the large light-up board reading donation prospects set up to the right.

Holly was dressed in her usual attire, a green, sleeveless leather tunic and skirt with gloves, boots, and a hat, complete with a jingling bell. The combination of her green upper outfit and red undersuit gave her a festive look. Fixing her hat around her mildly curly chocolate-brown hair, she smiled out into the set eagerly as another navi fixed the camera and gave her an enthusiastic thumbs up.

Would televised events still work in this age? Holly certainly hoped so as she watched one of her two co-hosts stumble onto the stage.

A figure that looked almost like Santa Clause but with dark skin and beady yellow eyes climbed clumsily up the side of the stage, not spotting the staircase to the side. Grunting and baring his sharp fangs, he finally made it up and went to see Holly. "I'm... here, Holly... oof..."[font=eras demi itc][/font] he gasped, using his fatigue as an excuse to throw one arm over her shoulders in an overly familiar way. Letting his hand dangle dangerously, he grinned down at the short girl with his great, overbearing height. "Guess I got here just in time, right? I left the girls like you told me to, and I'm ready to hand out gifts all night!"[font=eras demi itc][/font]

Holly gave him a pleasant but confused smile. "Great! Er... what's your name again? I remember putting in a request for somebody who could fill the suit but..."[color=green][/color] she muttered, worrying that she would sound impolite but knowing no other way to ask.

Looking as though he'd been struck, the man grunted in displeasure. "You must know of me! I am the Teksqp Family's greatest asset, the revered Boss Oni!"[font=eras demi itc][/font] he laughed, slapping one hand to his chest in a hearty way and grinning from ear to ear, a look that was more eerie than endearing. "It's my honor to be here and please, let me say that I'm glad you're here too! Once that NetPolice bastard gets here we'll need your charm and grace to-"[font=eras demi itc][/font]

"Excuse me, Mr. Oni, but the cameras are already rolling,"[color=green][/color] she whispered to him quickly, causing his face to droop.

"Ah... ho ho ho! Yes then! I'll wait for our Netpolice buddy!"[font=eras demi itc][/font] he responded dismissively, looking at the large chair that had been prepared for him with some displeasure. "It's not really a throne fit for a man of my caliber, but...!"[font=eras demi itc][/font] he muttered under his breath, then plopped down in the seat without caution. A loud sound like the chair was about to snap in two rang through the room, but luckily, the chair held.

"Hello everyone! My name is Holly, and welcome to the Netpolice Netmafia Charity Event! I'm here with one of my partners, but we're still waiting for our final guest. I wonder when she'll arrive?"[color=green][/color] Holly asked, giving an amazing display of enthusiasm.

Oni's eyes lit up and he leaned over in his chair, smiling slyly at his compaion. "'She?' Who is it we're waiting on, anyways?"[font=eras demi itc][/font]

"Her identity's a mystery to me too... We won't know until she gets here,"[color=green][/color] she whispered in explanation. Looking back to the camera, she pressed her hands together and continued. "While we're waiting on her, why don't I describe the way that this show will proceed? If you all look at this sign to my right, you will see that we have a donation counter. You folks at home will be sending us chips over the net, which will go to help unfortunate navis. At the same time, we will reward your generosity by delivering those chips and responding to your e-mails with a personalized thank you and a little present of our own, which I believe you'll finnd to be worth the while! Your donation will go to a needy navi and you'll be rewarded for your generosity by the NetPolice and NetMafia's combined resources,"[color=green][/color] she explained.

The person behind the camera clapped loudly, then suddenly realized it was not their job to do so and stopped, thanks to Boss Oni's unhappy expression. As soon as the problem had corrected itself, the navi resumed his cheesy smile.

"There will also be a Miss Santa contest involved. I know it's not entirely in season, but in the spirit of theme, fun, and friendly competition, we would like you all to send in your letters to either me or the fine NP representative who will be joining me shortly. Your votes will decide on the favorite charity event host, and that host will get a little gift of their own! Of course, I'm not concerned about winning or receiving anything, but I'd be flattered if you'd vote for me,"[color=green][/color] the girl continued, giving another rosy smile to the camera. Ordinarily it would sound sort of mock and conceited, but the look on her face seemed so warm and genuine that it was hard to doubt her.

"Ho ho ho! You've got my vote, Holly!"[font=eras demi itc][/font] the big man beside her guffawed obsequiously.

Holly laughed somewhat awkwardly. "Now now, don't be biased,"[color=green][/color] she giggled, slapping her companion on the arm.

The two navis made small talk as they waited for the NP representative to arrive.
As Holly uncomfortably conversed with her large companion in quiet voices, calm music and dim lighting made it obvious that the show was currently in intermission. A beam came down just off-stage, giving her some solid relief and allowing her to get up from her seat to go and greet the new guest. Her eyes widened as she caught a glimpse of the navi's outfit. "Hello!... Th-That's odd... I don't recall saying that you would need to wear an outfit coordinated to our own,"[color=green][/color] she laughed, still somewhat awe-stricken by the suit.

The figure that stood before her was a taller woman with shoulder-length, waving, light brown hair. Her suit was red and in the style of a Christmas nutcracker, including white gloves, tall black boots, and an almost equally tall black fur hat. The suit was completely devoid of sleeves and legs, however, hugging tightly to the outstanding curves of her body with a white band in an X shape across it. A white mask was set over the upper half of her face and her expression and stance were both very military. "Hello there, Mafioso," she greeted Holly, keeping her expression constant.

Boss Oni was quite interested, but Holly was just confused. "Hi there. Um, what's your name?"[color=green][/color] she asked, extending a hand forward for a handshake.

As if in defiance of the gesture, the navi saluted sharply instead. "You can call me Waltz. Rest assured, I represent the Netpolice's Department of Administration. My friend designed this strange outfit for me, but rest assured, you can count on me to co-host this event and keep the order," the new navi assured Holly with a confident smile, as if challenging her to do anything. Holly didn't seem to pick up the meaning though and gave an awkward return salute.

"Ho ho! Splendid! Let's all have a seat around the table and start taking e-mails, okay? I'm sure our audience is dying with anticipation!"[font=eras demi itc][/font] Boss Oni called out from his spot by the fireplace. "Oh, but first, you girls should tell the audience a little bit about yourselves! There's no way anyone can make a fair choice between such beautiful women without knowing a bit about them,"[font=eras demi itc][/font] he said with a stupid smile, leaning one fat cheek onto his fist.

Waltz's mouth curled into a frown beneath her mask with obvious displeasure, but she nodded and started. "Fine then, allow me to begin. My name is Waltz. I am a veteran in the Department of Administrations and my specialties are battle tactics and mid-range warfare. I also am known for skillful imitation of naval bombardments and-" she started, then suddenly gulped, obviously realizing she was giving away too much information that might help discern her identity. Coughing into one of her gloved fists, she took a breath and then continued. "My passions are studying history and famous battles. I enjoy field combat as well as back-line strategizing."

Holly was surprised to hear her co-host speaking so seriously. With a smile, she pressed one hand to her breast and began. "It's good to meet you, Waltz. I'm Holly, a senior member of the Mafia's Creel Family! I really enjoy my job and love brightening the Mafia's image. I like to eat sweets and I love interacting with kids... I'm also crazy about the holidays, but I guess you all can probably tell that much as is,"[color=green][/color] the mafioso responded, giving a more typical answer.

"Two very lovely women! Now, let's start taking those mails, and in the down time maybe I'll even compose a letter of my own,"[font=eras demi itc][/font] the fat man chortled, crossing his arms across his chest.

"You heard the man! Get those e-mails in quick; I can't wait to read them!"[color=green][/color] Holly said with a wave to the screen, then brought out what looked like traditional letter paper and a pen.

Waltz looked away and leaned one elbow on her chair discontentedly, apparently disgruntled that she had not thought that far into the theme and having already resigned herself to entering the e-mail responses as usual.

This event will run till roughly January 15th (some extra time may be allotted if anything unexpected happens). You may send in an e-mail to one of two addresses using the following template by posting in the Charity Event e-mail topic:

To: (Holly or Waltz @ this e-mail)
From: (Navi, operator, or both's name with e-mail address)
Message: (a short description of your navi to help Holly and Waltz choose a chip for you)
Chip: (attached chip that you are sending in for trade)

By doing this, you will trade one of your chips for a new chip, chosen at random from the chip trader list!

Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

P.S.: You can have one e-mail per navi and may send in e-mails for your shelved navis as well.

"Welcome back! I've been exceptionally busy, folks, but we're still getting those chips in and out! Thank you all so much for your donations; we're definitely going to meet our goal at this rate!"[color=green][/color] Holly cheered, clapping her hands together and smiling briefly before returning to her work of writing letters.

Sitting in the chair opposite of the Santa-suited girl, Waltz cringed at her idle hands. Holly had really dominated the vote, leaving her in the embarrassing predicament of only getting a letter to answer every now and then. "Yes, thank you all," she sighed, leaning on her armrest.

The bag of chips that had been on the stage was now joined by another bag, steadily filling up with collected donations as the other one emptied out. The first bag was now all but empty. Boss Oni grabbed it up, flattened it between his hands to show the emptiness, then guffawed. "Would you look at that? We're almost out!"[font=eras demi itc][/font] he chuckled, then put it back down. "Holly, would you do the honors of transferring the last chip?"[font=eras demi itc][/font] he cooed, handing the last one out to Holly with a fanged grin that spread wide across his pudgy, white-bearded face.

Holly giggled and accepted it, writing out the last letter. The chip sparkled in her hand and then slowly disappeared, going off to its intended audience. "Can you believe we're done already? It feels like we just started!"[color=green][/color] she laughed, to the annoyance of the NP operative. Before anyone could say anything further, however, the lights turned out and the room was left dark. "Zazz, sorry, we're not done yet! Turn the lights back on please,"[color=green][/color] Holly's voice whispered in the darkness. The hectic voice of another girl was heard in the distance, but it was hard to make out anything specific she was saying.

The lights came back on after the commotion, with everything apparently still in place and nobody harmed. Waltz was standing up with a large, bayonet-tipped musket pointed towards Boss Oni. With an alarmed expression, realizing she'd been caught, she put the weapon back up and coughed dismissively. "Sorry, I thought you were a culprit in the darkness there," she muttered, then retook her seat.

Boss Oni wiped the surprise off of his face, then dumbly turned back to stare at the bags of chips. The empty bag he'd been holding earlier was on the floor where he'd dropped it, but the other bag was nowhere to be found. "BAAAAAAAAAH!"[font=eras demi itc][/font] he cried out, to the alarm of the two girls. "Somebody stole them! All of the chips we collected are gooooone!"[font=eras demi itc][/font] he screamed in a throaty voice, then tripped over his chair on the way over to inspect the area.

Waltz and Holly both gasped, running over to look over the scene. The chips were nowhere to be found. "E-Excuse us, everyone... we're going to take a small break... while we sort this out..."[color=green][/color] she mumbled, then collapsed to her hands and knees pitifully.

A standby signal came up for a number of minutes, visible to all of the viewers.

When the picture returned, the navis had returned to their seats. Waltz shifted uncomfortably, recrossing her legs, while Holly smiled awkwardly and stared into the distance. Boss Oni was the first to stand, raising a microphone into the air and crying out dramatically. "This is a tragedy! A grave one! But it is a tragedy we are well equipped to repair!"[font=eras demi itc][/font] he announced, clenching one fist at his side as he yelled into the air. Clapping came enthusiastically from somewhere off screen. "We are simply going to tighten security and raise an equal donation to the one that was stolen! How, you ask? We will use the most valuable assets that we posses to compensate our donors! That is, from here on out, this is a STRIP DONATION DRIVE! Every chip you send in will go towards seeing our lovely ladies take it all off!"[font=eras demi itc][/font] he cried out. Holly's face went red, but her expression didn't change. Waltz sunk deeper into the chair and buried her face in her gloved hand.

"I refuse to be the hitch that stops this event from working out properly. I will do it and see my orders out to completion," Waltz announced, standing up confidently.

Holly thought to herself that it was likely she'd be doing most of the stripping, with the way votes had been going, but didn't mention it. "I'm not giving up either! I'll do it!"[color=green][/color] Holly announced, placing her fists on the table with a determined expression.

"Ha ha ha! Very well, let the donation drive continue! We won't stop till that bag is full, will we ladies!"[font=eras demi itc][/font] he cackled, placing one leg up on the table (which bent slightly under the weight) and trembling with mirth.

((Continued here.))
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The donation drive had gone on just as Boss Oni had said it would, with each of the girls stripping in return for each new chip that was sent in. The vote for Holly was still overwhelming. The NP operative Waltz was trapped in a state where she'd removed everything she could but her mask and suit. Holly, on the other hand, had to be more creative. Sitting naked in her chair, she covered herself with her big, leather sack full of toys and removed them one at a time for each donation.

Waltz silently gave thanks for Holly's popularity. "Well, at this rate we've already almost equaled our past donation collection, wouldn't you say?" she asked Boss Oni, crossing one bare leg over the other.

Drenched in sweat, the big man rapidly moved his eyes between the two girls while grinning stupidly. Collecting himself upon hearing Waltz' question, he crossed his arms and shook his head. "No, no! We've got to do a lot more still! More and more, hehehehee!"[font=eras demi itc][/font] he chuckled, rubbing his giant hands together greedily.

Holly grunted, pulling a toy robot carefully out of her bag and placing it on the floor next to herself. Her face was beet red already from what she'd been made to do, but it was growing worse as the bag continued to get smaller. She pressed the loose lip of the bag up against her sizable chest and continued to write letters with her other hand. "This is for the charity! It's the least I can do,"[color=green][/color] she muttered to herself, placing the lip of the bag into her mouth and holding it there with her teeth as she used her other hand to help herself throw out toys and steady the letter.

Waltz sighed, pressing her face into her hand and glaring out of the corner of her eye at Boss Oni. "Who's to say he didn't engineer this whole screw-up himself just to put us in this embarrassing situation?" she thought to herself, rapping her fingers against the other arm of her chair in anxiety. He was certainly enjoying himself enough to warrant the theory.

"You look like you're having a hard time there, Holly!"[font=eras demi itc][/font] Boss Oni giggled, pressing one hand over his mouth like a schoolchild. "Why don't I reach in and pull out your toys for you?"[font=eras demi itc][/font] he laughed, practically slobbering as he lunged one hand out for the bag.

Holly shook her head and held up the latest letter so that he could see it, keeping the bag's upper lip suspended in front of her with her teeth as she did. The letter was clearly addressed to Waltz.

"Oh.... oh! Oh ho ho ho!? What do we have here? I guess it's time for your coup de grace, Miss Waltz!"[font=eras demi itc][/font] he sneered, turning his head towards her.

The NP operative's face burned red as she tried to decide what to do. On one hand, if she removed her mask, there was a good chance that somebody could realize who she was judging by her eyes (at least, that's how she figured it). On the other hand, removing the suit would be the embarrassment of a life time, and unlike Holly, she hadn't come equipped with a giant bag of toys to take cover behind. Still, her militaristic respect for duty absolutely demanded that she follow the rules and avoid abandoning her assignment. "Of course," she muttered, standing up from her seat and turning around away from the camera.

"Ha ha ha! Heeheeheehohoho!"[font=eras demi itc][/font] the big man guffawed, rubbing his hands together anxiously while his yellow eyes gleamed. "Warning, viewers, this show is about to get inappropriate for the young and weak-hearted!"[font=eras demi itc][/font]

The stage went quiet as the sound of the tight buttons on her uniform/bodysuit popped...

She opened it up, holding out both sides akimbo...

She slipped it down, showing the graceful curve of her bare back, just partially covered by the flow of her wavy brown hair... A faint glimpse of her large breasts showed beyond the back...

The costume slipped down just a bit further to the hidden curve of the buttocks, wedged tightly there by the grip of the fabric...

Then suddenly, the lights flickered again and a pile of rubble fell down from the ceiling, burying her entirely. Before anyone had a chance to bemoan her fate, the original sack of chips fell down as well, scattering them a bit but leaving them mostly in tact inside the sack.

"Well, would you look at that! Amazing! It looks like we've now doubled our donation! Thank you all so much for your contributions, and uh..."[color=green][/color] Holly stammered, hugging the sackcloth around her top while glancing around the room to try to figure out where the bag had come from.

"No... NoooooOOOO!"[font=eras demi itc][/font] Boss Oni cried, slamming his fists down into the table so hard that it broke beneath his weight. "I mean, uh... yes... isn't this wonderful...?"[font=eras demi itc][/font] he sobbed, blubbering and sinking down into the chair, unable to hide his disappointment.

"We've got a lot of work to do, unearthing our guest and all, but thank you all so much for watching and giving donations! Thank you so much! Goodnight, everyone!"[color=green][/color] Holly finished out, giving a cute smile and a wave as Zazz ran onscreen to start digging up Waltz and Boss Oni bawled into the sky.

((The End.))
"Ho ho ho ho! Santa's back for another cross-factional, seasonal chip donation drive!"[font=eras demi itc][/font] the voice of Boss Oni rang across the homepage, greeting the audience as a handful of very dim lights began to shine across the set. Contrary to the plain and unassuming set of the last session, Oni and the others had gone to great lengths to get the set feeling festive and welcoming. A large fireplace cast dim light across the homey, carpeted room. Five armchairs surrounded a small wooden table, similar to the last event's three chairs, with the middle back chair being larger in girth to fit Oni's fat bottom.

Rubbing his Santa beard, Oni looked around the set for the girls, who held interest for him beyond simply co-hosting the show. "It is my distinct honor to host this event once more. As you all may remember, this event is a chance for all factions to set aside their differences, placing representatives around a cozy table to read letters from all of you. We'll be collecting your chips to donate to a worthy cause, the aid of underprivileged navis. In return for your contribution, we will match your donation with a return chip of your own!"[font=eras demi itc][/font] he explained, killing time while he waited for the girls. "As great as I am, it's not much of a show with just me, is it?"[font=eras demi itc][/font] he half-laughed, half-grumbled, plopping into his seat with a huge thud. Oni's beady, yellow eyes leered out from beneath his fuzzy hat as he reclined deeply into his chair.

As if saving everyone from having their festive spirit sucked away by Boss Oni's creepy, sulking behavior, Holly appeared on the net with a beam of red and green colors. "Sorry I'm late! To think you had to start the event without me, Santa. How embarrassing!"[color=green][/color] she cried, running past Oni and taking her place in her chair. She dropped two heavy burlap sacks to either side, then placed both hands in her lap. "Have you already explained what we're doing to the audience?"[color=green][/color]

"I'm an industrious man, as you know,"[font=eras demi itc][/font] Oni boasted, pressing his thumb to his chest. "Santa can do more than just sit around on his rump!"[font=eras demi itc][/font]

"Sitting's not so bad either though, right? Especially not with a warm fireplace like this!"[color=green][/color] Holly replied with a smile, sinking deeper into her chair to emphasize the sense of comfort.

"Yeah, and the right rump helps too...!"[font=eras demi itc][/font] he murmured to himself, glaring lecherously over the top of his oversized, phony beard.

"The rest of our guests will arrive shortly, so please be patient, everyone! Santa might not give you a present if you're not,"[color=green][/color] Holly giggled, apparently not hearing Oni. "We've got representatives from the NP, NeoShoguns, and even the little-known Sol Battalion coming to join us!"[color=green][/color]

"Will the lovely and mysterious Waltz be joining us again this year?"[font=eras demi itc][/font] Oni asked, smacking his lips in anticipation.

Holly shook her head, then gave an apologetic smile. "No, she uuuum... I think she had enough last time,"[color=green][/color] she laughed awkwardly, remembering how the NP representative had stripped almost naked and then been crushed by a giant bag full of chips. "We'll meet her replacement soon enough, however, so you be patient too, Santa!"[color=green][/color]
Though it was extremely subtle, as Holly and Boss Oni talked things over, the lights varied in intensity, repeatedly brightening and dimming. It would take one heck of an eye to catch it happening through a PET or TV screen. Around the time they finished, it stopped, and a third Navi floated over. "Hi! Sorry, the lighting was bothering me, so I gave the lighting people a little help!" She waved in the direction she came up, but any positive expressions quickly faded, as something happened offscreen to ruin her mood. "Hey, I was just helping! You don't have to get so upset!"

"...Eh? The what's on?" One look at the camera brought a gasp from the female Navi, who suddenly began to give off a soft glow. "Wow, I didn't know...ahh, sorry sorry sorry!" Without touching the ground, she raced for the chair next to Holly, and sat down. "Ugh, I'm smarter than that! Can't believe I never noticed...anyway, nice to meet you guys! I'm Lite, representing the small but growing Sol Battalion! Nice to meet you, Holly and Boss Oni!"

"Hmph, you could at least wait for everyone to show up before starting the introductions." Another female navi appeared as if from nowhere in the seat furthest away from an occupied chair. Her face below the eyes was mostly obscured by a veil, though strangely her mouth was perfectly visible through it. Many an eye would focus slightly lower, however, as she was exhibiting some cleavage. Not enough to be overly provocative, but enough to notice fairly easily. "Now you'll have to do it all over again when the last girl shows up!"

"H-Hey, who are you?" The incredulous expression on Lite's face made it clear she wasn't exactly happy at the reprimand.

"Sorry, but unlike you, I don't care to repeat myself." The new Navi crossed her legs. Upon looking at her, even at a glance, it was astonishing how nearly all of her, except where her skin was exposed, was some shade of purple. Even her eyes and hair were of that color. "I see we're waiting on the NetPolice representative, still. And here I thought I was a moment late. Ah well. While we're waiting, I'll assure you that this will be an outstanding event. That future is so obvious in this case I don't even need to concentrate to tell!"

All the shining yellow Navi could do was fold her arms across her chest and tilt her head slightly as she stared at the newcomer, her body language clearly shouting 'Who on earth does she think she is?!'
"It's always my pleasure to make the acquaintance of lovely ladies, hmhmhmmm! And my, that Shogun of yours has a much more pleasant master of clairvoyance than does our mafia, I'd say..."[font=eras demi itc][/font] Santa murmured with a smirk, rubbing the fat chins beneath his beard with one meaty hand. "It's a good thing I brought along-!"[font=eras demi itc][/font]

Before Oni could reveal what it was that he'd remembered to carry with him, Holly interrupted (which wasn't so impolite as one might imagine, considering the man was mostly muttering to himself in an eerie fashion). "Good to meet you all! We've barely started at all, so there's no need to worry about anyone being late. I would like to know your name, though!"[color=green][/color] she greeted the two, then turned towards the one in purple. "I don't remember hearing about a Neo-Shogun member that wears purple!... What's that, Zazz?"[color=green][/color] she asked, turning towards the camera. "There's a spider woman that wears purple? I don't think this is her though..."[color=green][/color]

"What's in a name? A rose by any other name would smell as sweet,"[font=eras demi itc][/font] Oni quoted, raising one hand poetically, then grinning towards his new acquaintance.

"Speaking of names, I can't help but be curious to see who from the NP is going to join us! It may even be someone we know, right, Santa?"[color=green][/color] Holly joked, nudging her fat co-host with one elbow. Oni chuckled dryly but didn't answer; his typical run-ins with the NP were a lot less appropriate for being talked about on a public program than his compatriot's were.

A blue beam shot down from above, illuminating the final seat. The form of a woman, clad in a robin's-egg blue sleeping gown and fuzzy night cap, appeared. Her hair was silvery, but no other features of hers seemed elderly. Her pupils held a distinct purple shade, but her eyes were so nearly closed that it was difficult to see them. She looked almost as though she was about to fall asleep just after arriving (and was certainly dressed for the occasion). "Well I'll be! It's Ms. Somnia, from the Netpolice Department of Justice!"[color=green][/color]

"I'm happy to be here, Holly. However, if you don't mind my asking: why am I the only one that gets a Miss?" the navi in blue chuckled, taking her seat with a slow, graceful motion.

Laughing, Holly waved it off playfully. "Oh, I dunno! I guess it just feels more appropriate for some reason!"[color=green][/color]

"Oooh! With an assembly like this, I guess it really is fortunate that I brought-"[font=eras demi itc][/font] Oni started again, getting up and moving towards one of the large, decoration bookshelves in the background. Before he could reach it, however, Holly interrupted him with another line.

"I hope you all enjoyed the Miss Santa contest last year! This year, we've got something else in mind. With each chip you send in, we're also collecting answers to a few questions and reading some of them on air! Oni made the questionnaire up earlier with the guidelines the two of us set up together. Everyone at home can really look forward to learning about those responses, wouldn't you say?"[color=green][/color]

"Yes, yes... definitely! Mwuhahaha!"[font=eras demi itc][/font]

"And a 'ho ho ho' to you too, Santa! Now, while we wait for the responses to start rolling in, why don't we hear a little more from our hosts? Somnia, we'll start with you. Tell us a bit about yourself!"[color=green][/color]

The blue-clad NP officer opened her eyes up slowly, as if waking from a dream. "Oh, of course. My name is Somnia. I'm a ranked member of the NetPolice Department of Justice. My hobbies are napping and training NP recruits. I like creamy foods and, before anyone goes making assumptions... my favorite color is actually black," she answered, then promptly closed her eyes back once again.

"... Well that's interesting! Lite, why don't you go next? Tell us a little about yourself and perhaps the Sol Battalion as well!"[color=green][/color]

This event will run till roughly January 16th (some extra time may be allotted if anything unexpected happens). Send in an e-mail using the following template by posting in the Charity Event e-mail topic:

To: (this e-mail)
From: (Navi, operator, or both's name with e-mail address)
Message: (anything you'd like to write)
Questionnaire: (write "Completed" here to indicate that you saw and completed the survey; fill out the survey once per character and do so in-character!)
Chip: (attached chip that you are sending in for trade)

By doing this, you will trade one of your chips for a new chip, chosen at random from the chip trader list! Bottom-tier "junk chips" are omitted from the possible rewards.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

P.S.: You can have one e-mail per navi and may send in e-mails for your shelved navis as well.
"Oh, no one said anything about worrying." The purple Navi rose from her seat for a moment, allowing everyone to get a good look at her. It was pretty amazing just how much purple was on her; her chest plate, elbow long gloves, high heeled boots, the armor surrounding the nether regions...all purple. Even the bodysuit pieces covering her arms and legs were lavender. Her headgear was essentially a headband with ear coverings, though it was a little hard to see due to being the same purple as her hair, which extended the way to her ankles. The one part of her ensemble not at all purple was her white veils, covering both her face and belly/back. The latter did very little at hiding what it covered, doing little more than giving it some vague 'air of mystery'...or something. It was clearly done in the name of fashion, and not modesty.

With that, Somnia arrived, whose very appearance made it hard for any who saw her to stifle yawns. "Well, now that we're all here, I guess it's the proper time for introductions. My name is Syki, seer of unparalleled talents. It's quite the pleasure to meet you all. Of course, I knew it would be." Her name finally revealed, the psychic Navi took a seat, and looked over to Lite with a smirk. "That Navi...would be Lite, secretary of the Sol Battalion. As her name suggests, she specializes in light based techniques, both in and out of battle. Her favorite holiday is Christmas, due to its strong association with lights. Before joining her organization, she was the mascot Navi of ElecTown Power Plant #4, until it was shut down. Her hobbies include watching game shows and volunteering, her favorite color is yellow, and her favorite food is angel food cake, particularly with coconut frosting."

The shining Navi stared blankly at Syki, incredulous at what she had just heard. "H-H-How did you know all that?!"

"I'm a seer, hon. That I can read others like a only natural."

"Well, uh...everything she said was right. That's amazing!"

"You doubted me? Well then, I've stolen enough of your pun intended. Feel free to explain the Sol Battalion to us."

Lite closed her eyes for a moment, apparently to gather her thoughts for a moment, before beginning. "The Sol Battalion is a small group, dedicated to bringing peace to the Net! We want the Net to be enjoyed by all, no matter how strong or weak you are! But the way things are now, though, that really isn't the case. So we work tirelessly to achieve this! It's a pretty straightforward organization, really. It's still small, though...currently we only have 5 members. Er, 6, we've gotten another member recently. We're always looking for more potential members, though! Then again, who isn't?" The bright Navi gave a big smile as she looked over at the original question's equally original asker. "How about you, Holly? I know you've done this before, but tell all the first time viewers about yourself, too! Well, unless..." Her bright yellow eyes glanced over at Syki, who simply closed her eyes and softly shook her head. Looked like she was letting Holly fly solo.
Holly covered her mouth and gasped, suddenly realizing that the others were correct. She crossed both hands over her Santa skirt and laughed. "You're right! I did forget to introduce myself, didn't I? My name's Holly; I work in the NetMafia's recently formed Creel Family. My favorite holiday is Christmas and my favorite color is red, although I normally wear green. My hobbies include charity work and making toys. I like to stay in the habit so I'll be ready when the time comes each year. It's just not the same if they're not hand-crafted, you know?"[color=green][/color]

"Sometimes I wish that I was an underprivileged navi, so that you'd visit my bed at night,"[font=eras demi itc][/font] Oni chuckled inappropriately from his place at the bookshelf, eliciting an awkward pause from Holly.

"... E-Er, well, maybe I'll make you a toy some time too! For now, let's dive right into our mail, which is now just flooding in!"[color=green][/color] Holly proclaimed, dumping a huge sack of mail onto the table. "We'll take turns reading out the anonymous mail we've been sent! As those of you who have completed the survey will know already, there are two questions: one asking naughty or nice, and one asking for Christmas wishes!"[color=green][/color]

The fat Santa plodded around in the backdrop, stroking his beard slyly. "You know, based on the way the previous year's event transpired, I came up with another delightful gimmick to get us even more submissions. Do you want to know about it, Holly?"[font=eras demi itc][/font]

The others might already have a pretty good idea that Oni was up to no good, but Holly was even surer. "Oh... Well... What did you come up with, Santa?"[color=green][/color] she asked, tilting her head. She'd never bothered asking Oni to explain his own identity because she thought it best to preserve the feeble illusion that he was Santa Claus, but it was sort of useless when he acted in such a blatantly upsetting way.

"Ol' Santa came up with a special question for all of the donators. See, last year's little strip-show generated a lot of mail, right? I figure that's good enough cause to give everyone another peep! Anything for the underprivileged of the net, right?"[font=eras demi itc][/font] he asked, raising his eyebrows in an uncharacteristically animated way. "I prepared this for the occassion: a treasure trove of all of the best holiday outfits you could wear!"[font=eras demi itc][/font]

With that, Oni flipped one of the prop bookshelves around like the doorway into a hidden passage, revealing a rack of Christmas fetish costumes. The others flipped around simultaneously, showing off more and more of the scandalous articles. "You four don't mind, right? It's for the underprivileged!"[font=eras demi itc][/font]

Holly watched with a momentarily serious expression, as if viewing a challenge from which she could not back down. She then reset her face into a smile, pressing her hands together in a small clap and looking over her co-hosts. "Indeed! Anything to help those navis! The Creel Family spares no expense when it comes to garnering charitable donations. I'm sure the rest of your factions are no different, right?"[color=green][/color] she replied, keeping a cheerful expression.

Somnia opened her eyes, speaking for the first time in quite a while in a sleepy voice, as if she really had dozed off. "I certainly don't mind, if it will help. Of course, if an old body like mine really has any merit to such an endeavor," she chuckled, leaning her head back onto her fist and closing her eyes as she spoke.

"Terrific! Lite, Syki, what about you two?"[color=green][/color] Holly asked, grinning endearingly to try to comfort them. "If you agree, feel free to just jump straight in to reading that mail! We've got a lot to get around to, as you can see!"[color=green][/color]

Oni watched, his thick lips drawn into an unusually tight smile with two sharp fangs protruding from underneath his lower lip. Although his expression was confident, he was secretly thinking to himself what a devastating shame it would be if his plan backfired and lost him the company of two pleasant women for the evening. He loved his faction, but the Teksqp wasn't exactly full of pretty, charitable, or for that matter, sane women.
Lite's smile slowly but surely faded as Boss Oni's lecherous intentions became known. Now she knew why PhoenixMan specifically sent her, and not her icy comrade that seemed more fitting, for this event. Holly and Somnia seemed rather enthusiastic, as well...seemed like she was backed in a corner on this one. Oh well, she was the one Navi in the Sol Battalion that could wear the outfits and not induce eye gouging. "I guess if it makes this an even bigger success, I can't say no!"

Syki, on the other hand, seemed entirely unsurprised at the development, content to casually pick up a piece of mail. "You sound surprised, dear. You don't need psychic power like me to know that this was coming. If I was so against it to begin with, I wouldn't have even bothered to come. Besides, it might be fun to do a little dressing up." With that, the seer opened the mail she had grabbed, and started to read it. "Seems our first survey has quite the naughty Navi. Let's see, things they want are 'a fine sailing vessel, wenches, a treasure map, a stockpile of ale...what is this, Speak Like a Christmas Pirate Day?! Oh, and their ideal Christmas outfit for a woman? It's, and I quote, 'naught but a smile'. Sorry, dearie, it's not happening." With a flick of her wrist, the purple Navi halfheartedly tossed her mail aside, clearly not exactly thrilled with what she just read to the world.

"Guess you didn't use any of your powers to foresee that survey! Hee hee!" Amused, the shining Navi grabbled another piece of mail, though she made sure not to be to entertained by it; she knew what they said about payback. "Uh-oh, looks like I grabbed another naughty Navi's survey! Let's see what they want for Christmas! ...'Please send someone to pick up Arch, Officer Pome, and what most likely will be TrapMan's remains to Coordinates blah blah blah. Please bring along a change of clothing for them, as we found both Pome and Arch in nothing but their undergarments." Lite looked at her mail funny, trying to figure out exactly what it meant. "Um, is this a prank or something?"

"Hmm...Arch was up to something, wasn't she? Mind handing me that one?"

"Um, sure..." She stood up to deliver the piece of paper, but it suddenly gained a faint purple glow, and floated right over to the psychic Navi. At least she didn't act overly surprised this time. "That was wasn't really necessary..."

Ignoring the bright Navi, Syki brought up a pop-up screen, and started typing things into it. "Thanks, hon. I need to write a quick e-mail, so don't mind me. Feel free to keep going."

"Uh...well, you heard her! The show must go on!" Putting on another big smile, she turned to Holly and Somnia, and gestured towards the rest of their mail. "Let's see what else people want! "...Not like you could possibly do worse than me or her..."
"It's good to hear that you guys are in this all the way! Let's keep at it, no less than 100%!"[color=green][/color] Holly cheered, grabbing up some mail for herself to read aloud. Somnia nodded, then sleepily picked up a few of her own. "Let's hope these aren't all full of hostage situations,"[color=green][/color] she murmured, fishing around in the pile. "Ah! This one."[color=green][/color]

"... If I weren't mistaken, I'd say that you were reading that one before you pulled it out of the bag, weren't you? You just don't want to say anything embarrassing over the transmission, hm? Cheating puts you on the naughty list, Holly, and Santa-!"[font=eras demi itc][/font] Boss Oni chuckled, but Holly interrupted him yet again halfway through.

"Santa gives naughty girls a spanking, yes, I know,"[color=green][/color] she giggled, placing the preempted mail back into the bag and pulling out another with her eyes closed.

Oni waddled over to his seat, then sat down with a quick plop. "I was going to say Santa doesn't bring presents to naughty kids, but if that's where your mind goes,"[font=eras demi itc][/font] he responded, shrugging with a roguish grin.

"Let's see... This one comes from an operator with a nice navi. The writer says:' I hope I get to stay around Luke a little more. Being away on business is so lonely...' Aww! Then it says: 'Oh, I wish I knew how to cook. He'd like that. I can't have him eat instant noodles all the time when we're together! Maybe a cookbook. Ah, but I don't really have much time to learn how to cook...' That's so precious!"[color=green][/color] the festively dressed girl cooed, hugging the letter and envelope tightly like it was something adorable. "I wish I had somebody to cook for!"[color=green][/color]

"You could always-,"[font=eras demi itc][/font]

"What does yours say, Miss Somnia?"[color=green][/color]

"Mine comes from another person with a nice navi... Let's see... 'Uh...I honestly can't think of anything. My apartment's got everything I could want, and probably a few more things, I have a great Navi...maybe a boyfriend would be nice? He'd have to be nice, of course,'" Somnia read with a warm smile, then paused for another yawn into her fist. "' And uh, he can be a gift with a package that keeps... oh my, to be young!" she chuckled enthusiastically, leaning back in her chair. Her face was a little red as she pointed to the end of the letter, showing it to the other girls. "It's signed with a wink!"

Holly covered her mouth, then elbowed Lite in a girlish, gossipy gesture. "That's saucy!"[color=green][/color]

Looking somewhat impatient, Boss Oni inhaled deeply and then spoke up again. "So, girls, do they say anything about costumes?"[font=eras demi itc][/font]

"Both of them just say to wear something comfortable, actually! People are practical these days, I guess."[color=green][/color]she answered, giving a shrug and a triumphantly innocent smile.

"... Syki, would you care to open another letter?"[font=eras demi itc][/font]
"Guess she's not quite as nice as her Navi, huh?" Lite squealed as she winked at the others, clearly just as amused as the others...

...Except Syki, who, while entertained, wasn't entirely into it. "All right girls, let's act like adults here. I seriously doubt any of us haven't thought that before. I actually give her a little credit for putting it out there, even anonymously." Pointing at another letter, the psychic Navi levitated it over to herself without getting up. "Seems I've got another naughty Navi on my hands. Their wish is...Breaking, Fire elemental, something that isn't Melee/Sword. They do realize that's not just a place to put the kind of chips they want, don't they?"

"Hey, a wish is a wish! So what if they want a BattleChip?"

"Well, whatever. Let's see what their outfit choice is...a see through nightgown. Must I be stuck with all the pervert mail? From now on, I'm scanning these things ahead of time so I can get a nice, normal one every once in a while."

"Aw, lighten up! It's no fun if you know what it says ahead of time! Though I'm pretty sure we're not doing that outfit..." The bright Navi looked over the pile, looking for that survey that screamed 'read me!'. Her hand hovered over one, before deciding to grab the mail next to it. "Okay, here goes the next one! ...Hey, this one has a nice Navi in it, cool! Let's see what the wish is...I wish that my experiments with my Navi will be a success and I can draw a gap between the modern thinking of religion as compared to the traditional approach. I wish through my studies to understand and expand this for religious purposes. ...Uh, I honestly have no idea what that means, but good luck! Hope you draw that gap, or whatever! Their outfit of choice is anything festive and cheerful. A pretty dress, or maybe a nice sweater. Now that's a suggestion that can be implemented!"

"It's a nice switch, isn't it? Something actually possible? Though, if Boss Oni put in a see through nightgown with the rest of that stuff, I swear that I'm going to telekinetically-""


"-at which point it'll be nothing but a speck of dark matter!"

"...Ahem. Anyway, you really are next, Holly!" Lite let out a heavy sigh, relieved that whatever Syki had ranted about, failed to make it to the ears of the general populace. Crisis averted.
"What's wrong with a night-gown? I'm rather accustomed to wearing one in public," Somnia remarked, opening her eyes slowly.

"See-through nightie, Miss Somnia,"[color=green][/color] Holly whispered, catching her co-host up to speed. With a chuckle and a nod, Somnia closed her eyes back and leaned her head against her fist.

Oni laughed in response to Syki's comment, stroking his beard and grinning in a challenging way. "I've got several tucked away! With this fireplace and lush carpeting, can you imagine the sense of arousal one could draw from seeing one of you, lying in a transparent nightgown before an open flame, beckoning? I sure wouldn't want to sleep that Christmas Eve!"[font=eras demi itc][/font]

"Santa, you really shouldn't talk about your arousal on live television,"[color=green][/color] Holly laughed awkwardly, sliding some mail discretely to cover his lap. "And yes, Lite, why don't I read us off another one! We owe all of our spirited donators that much."[color=green][/color] With a smile, she took another message into her red-gloved hands, opening it up carefully so as not to damage the envelope.

The mafioso cleared her throat, then began. "It's an actual list this time, from someone with a nice navi. It says: 'The new Cherie M. bag, in white... A pair of size 3 Glosetta high heel pumps... Number One, Two, and/or Three from Sharon Cheron's winter line... and a G-L'amour diamond necklace!' I hope she's on the super nice list if she's hoping to get all of that,"[color=green][/color] Holly laughed, stretching out her collar awkwardly. "The writer says that this ensemble is the perfect thing for a girl to wear at Christmas as well... Now I feel under-dressed!"[color=green][/color]

"If you're underdressed, what does that make me?" Somnia asked, tilting her head.

"W-Well... I figured that if you cared about that sort of thing, appearances and all that... you wouldn't come out in a nightgown and sleep through our program... B-But, hey! Why don't you open another mail, Miss Somnia?"[color=green][/color] Holly responded awkwardly, laughing off her indirect insult.

With a sleepy nod, Somnia picked up another from the pile, turning it over thoughtfully before opening it. "This writer has a nice navi... They wish for another cat, or some navis to keep their own navi company. That navi has a cute name, too," she began with a wistful smile. "She says her navi would probably like a new weapon, but will likely be getting new clothes instead. Sounds like a certain stuffy compatriot of mine from the Department of Administrations..."

Finishing, she placed the envelope back onto the table, then rested her cheek on the downy white mantle of her nightgown. "The writer says that women should wear something comfy and playful, ended with a little tilde. My outfit's comfy, but I'd hardly call it playful..."

"All girls ought to dress a little playful on Christmas! It's a night to be animated, after all... Now, er, if you girls don't mind, I'm going to start making an inventory of outfits. You girls keep on stalling- er, reading!"[font=eras demi itc][/font]

Quote (Oni's List)

See-Through Nightgown (NS girl says no, going to push it anyways)
Sweater (letters didn't say anything else with these, might be a loophole)
Nothing (probably not getting this one)

"Well, that one Holly said is rather highbrow, wouldn't you say?" Syki leered over at the not-so-Santalike Santa, keeping track of exactly where she is. "Lite, go ahead and read another one. I'll get to my next one in a moment." She proceeded to close her eyes and rest her head on her hand, as though mimicking Somnia, but her eyes began to glow purple as she did so...

"Right!" Oblivious to the reasoning for the order switch, the shining Navi grabbed another piece of mail, holding it high for dramatic effect, and giving the audience a good view of her. Her appearance was actually fairly simple: traditional yellow Navi gloves and boots, with the same material used for them covering her nether regions. Her chest was covered by a fairly large piece of smooth yellow armor, though whether its size was due to necessity, or just vanity, was unclear. It did, however, look like a light bulb's side, which most certainly had some influence. Her helmet was traditional, though from underneath it, long brown braids extended past her waist, terminating as two light bulbs. Whether it was just hair or brown wires, or even some combination of the two, couldn't be figured out just by looking, however. Everything else was clad in a skintight black bodysuit, save for her face.

After a moment, she sat down in her chair, and began to read what she had selected. "Ahem! This Navi's been nice, it seems. Let's see what else...'All I really feel like I want is a break and some time to operate my Navi. Some better chips won't hurt, though! That, and a woman. And for this survey to really be anonymous. Hmm...too bad for you it really is anonymous, or else we could hook you up with the girl that wanted a boyfriend! Two wishes with one stone! Or something like that...oh, right! Their outfit is...glasses? I sure hope that means glasses along with whatever else they wear!"

"Oh, I'm sure they do. I'm not the one that read it, after all." The psychic Navi was once again sitting normally, though with an odd smirk on her face. "Let's get to that next mail, shall we?" And one levitating mail later..."Let's see. Their Navi's been nice, which is good. What they want is...'headache medicine for my freaking annoying Navi, and more stuff for my boat'. Well, I can't really speak from that experience, but I'd like to remind you...your Navi may be irritating, but chances are they're just looking out for you. Do be a little more open minded with him or her. Perhaps it'll even make a nice vent for all that extra pressure."

"Yeah..." Strangely, the admonishment sent Lite from smiling to somber in the blink of an eye.

"Hmm? don't need my foresight to tell that something about that bugged you. Mind sharing?"

"U-Umm...I'm fine, really!" And back to smile. "It's nothing, really! So, er, whose turn is it now?" She looked around, trying to snap out of it. "And, uh, why's 'Santa' moving kinda funny?"

"Oh, no reason, I'm sure. No reason at all..."
Oni craned his head out far, trying to get a view of Lite's back to compliment the front. "I wouldn't mind a new girl or two myself,"[font=eras demi itc][/font] he commented, jotting down a quick note on his list. Not noticing Syki's activity, he crossed his arms across his chest with a smile. "Now, which of you would look best in gl- aaaass!"[font=eras demi itc][/font] he cried out, suddenly moving his hands from his sides to his groin.

Somnia covered her mouth with one hand, her eyes widening a bit as she stared. "Now Santa, you've got to be a little more discreet when you-!" she started, but Oni grasped hold of her nightgown hard with one hand to shut her up.

"I'm on fiiiire! For the love of all that's good and holy, I'm-!"[font=eras demi itc][/font]

"Santa's on fire with the spirit of giving! He just loves giving to the underprivileged so much that he can't contain himself!"[color=green][/color] Holly started, waving one gloved hand playfully and standing up to match his own animated behavior.

As she did, he stood up as well, grasping desperately with one hand to find something to grip on to. His sharp, yellowed teeth were clenched tightly and tears sprang from the corners of his creepy, yellow eyes. "Somebody help me here! My balls! I feel like my balls are falling right off my-!"[font=eras demi itc][/font]

"Tree! The hooks on all of those colorful, shiny balls are about to slide right off of our tree. Gee, Santa, I thought the tree was supposed to be trimmed with care!"[color=green][/color] she chuckled, censoring him once again.

"Gone! Holy hell, I think they're actually gone! I can't feel them!"[font=eras demi itc][/font]

Having an increasingly difficult time keeping up the act, Holly jumped up and looked around with only half-faked panic. "The chips! Did that thief come back to take our chips again?!"[color=green][/color] she shouted, shoving her head into the bag of chips to check.

Continuously flailing his arms, struggling just to stay on his feet, Santa took three clunky steps away from his chair, plunged one hand back to his telepathically injured crotch, then stuck the other hand forward, falling forward in wheezing pain. His hand caught hold of the back of Holly's plushy red skirt, dragging him down with it as he toppled forward on his face despite her belt. The belt stayed on while the skirt slid to her ankles, revealing cutesy white panties with a mistletoe print around the hip, as well as her round, healthy bottom.

She yanked her head out with a face so red it nearly matched her outfit (what of it was still on). "S-Santa! You just made your own naughty list!"[color=green][/color] she complained, crossing both hands in front of her panties briefly before properly realizing she could just pull back up the skirt. She did so quickly, refastening her belt just to be careful.

As she watched him lying on the floor, reeling in pain and nursing his devastated junk, she decided that she hadn't gotten the worst of it. "... While I help Santa get back to his feet w-with some uh... cookies... and an icepack... Why don't you keep reading, Miss Somnia!"[color=green][/color]

As if nothing had happened, the NP operative nodded, then picked up another message from the table that Oni had nearly tripped over. She cleared her throat, then began in a poetic voice: "'I'd like a world where all classes are equal, where man does not fight his fellow man, and which no struggles of class or warfare tear us from each other. Even more so, I'd pray that those who have the desire to make the world a better place display the competence to make that dream a reality.' What a stately message. Oh, and the sender recommends that women wear suits," she finished, folding her hands in her lap.

"Need to write it... in my list... girls in suits are sort of... Aaaaah, it hurts just to get a boner!"[font=eras demi itc][/font] the mafia Santa whimpered from the floor, managing to crawl back up to his knees with some effort.

Quote (Oni's List)

See-Through Nightgown (NS girl says no, going to push it anyways)
Sweater (letters didn't say anything else with these, might be a loophole)
Suit (with glasses and heels? a miniskirt too... they might let the shirt go unbuttoned if I push it)
Glasses? Heels? Accessories? (need something else to put with it, girls refuse to go tastefully nude)
Nothing (probably not getting this one)
Lite looked on dumbfounded, unsure exactly had suddenly gone wrong with 'Santa'. She then proceeded to feel extremely embarrassed for Holly, revealing a bit more mistletoe than she was comfortable with, especially on live television. "Um, is everything okay back there...?" The general response seemed to comfort her enough to dismiss it, and listened to Somnia's reading, having to quell a yawn in the process. Not that she was boring or anything, she just...had the ability to induce sleepiness or something. "It's nice to have a selfless wish or two, to be honest! Really reinforces the good in people! I'll read the next one, okay?" Not giving her NeoShogunate counterpart a chance to beat her to the punch, the bright Navi reached over and grabbed another piece of mail, if only to not worry about nodding off against her will. "All right! This particular Navi was nice...thumbs up to that! Let's see what their wishes are...'Well, the biggest thing, I guess, I'd wish for my sister to track down that certain someone she's been looking for. Certain someones, maybe? We're not totally sure, but it'd be great if she could find them before they find her! That's really important, okay? For myself, well, just keep the hunting good into the new year, yeah? I'm happy as long as I have lots of viruses to play with!' Quite the fighting spirit, aren't they? I wonder what the whole tracking down someone's about, though..."

Almost jarringly, Syki hadn't even flinched at the chaos around her, almost as if she had expected it. In fact, she seemed more amused than anything. "Well, if she wants to find someone, she should hire me. There's nothing in this world I can't see!" Seemed she wasn't about to say anything about it, though. Instead, another floating survey ended up in the psychic Navi's hands, who promptly opened and read it. "This Navi's been naughty, it seems. Tsk tsk, seems you may not get a visit from Santa this year. "Not that that's a bad thing, mind you... Let's see what they want...'A night light, for a certain someone to stop being so depressed, for this mission to not screw up, something sharp, something deadly, something wrong'. Well, I think I topped yours in fighting spirit, Lite."

"Yeesh, a little easy on the violence, people! 'Tis the season, ya know?"

"Indeed. By the way, I'm pretty sure we're obligated to mention it, so...what did yours say about outfits?"

"Oh, sorry! They say 'something that's light and easy to move in, I guess'. Now that one I agree with 100%! I hate being weighted down!" To emphasize her point, the shining Navi floated a few inches above her seat, and stretched for a moment before plopping down.

"Mmm, that's a big reason I wear so little armor." The seer Navi also took the opportunity to her case, however, it was little more than extending her arms sideways as she stuck out her chest toward the camera. Whether that was intentional or not wasn't clear, nor did her body language give any hints as she sat down "Ah, yes. The outfit they mention is a Santa outfit. A bit cliche, but it's hard to argue with the seasonality."

"Personally, I'd rather be that reindeer with the fog-piercing nose! I forget his name..."

"Even though I didn't see into the future, I'm completely unsurprised at that...perhaps you could wear antlers with Christmas tree lights decorating them."

"Ooh, that's a nice idea! Wonder if Boss Oni has something like that with all the outfits?"

"Somehow, I seriously doubt it... Speaking of which, where, exactly, are he and Holly? It doesn't feel quite as Christmas themed without them."

"Beats me. Why don't you use your future sight to find out?"

"I can't just do that all the time. Sometimes it's better to be surprised than to know. Not a lot of times, but they do exist. If they're not back soon, go ahead and read another one, Somnia. We can't have our viewers getting bored, after all."
"Ho ho ho ho!"[font=eras demi itc][/font] Oni laughed, plodding back from offscreen and practically shaking the set as he moved. It was hard to tell whether his "ho ho ho" was coming heartily from the gut or was triumphant and arrogant. "What sort of Santa would I be with limited providence? Of course I have reindeer outfits available! We can string the lights on, no problem. I also brought strings of lights just in case... it happened to come up,"[font=eras demi itc][/font] he coughed into his fist. All of the pep seemed to have returned to his thunderous step.

A bag of ice dangled from the belt around his waist, hanging obscenely right at his groin. As he plopped down, it settled upon his lap. "Ah, yes... That Holly is a master of recovery techniques! I feel soothed and ready for more,"[font=eras demi itc][/font] he chuckled, rubbing his hands together eagerly.

"That's too much praise! Frankly, I'm surprised you managed to recover so quickly,"[color=green][/color] Holly expressed, returning from off-screen with a tray of cookies, held in a pair of red oven mitts.

"Hm hm hm... As a sho- er, as Santa, I must possess a great deal of fortitude. Assassinations could come at any time, even by poison. Keeping a hearty constitution and sound body are musts for me."[font=eras demi itc][/font]

Holly stared at him for a moment, trying to decide if she ought to remark that his body didn't seem very sound at all, even if his constitution was hearty. "Wh-Who would try to assassinate Santa? You're silly!"[color=green][/color]

"Yes, who indeed?"[font=eras demi itc][/font] he grumbled, his yellow eyes shifting to glare at Syki with thinly veiled contempt.
"Whoever would do that ought to remember: Santa's naughty list doesn't go away after the holidays are over."[font=eras demi itc][/font]

With a quick motion, Holly set the cookies down, then popped a hot cookie into his mouth to shut him up. As he sat gagging on the far-too-hot cookie, Holly took her seat again. "Eat up, girls! I'm going to start on another letter,"[color=green][/color] she encouraged the others, picking up another envelope. She quickly realized that she couldn't open it with her oven mitts still on, then promptly removed them, revealing her bare hands. "Whoops, I left my gloves in the kitchen!"[color=green][/color]

"Muffng t'murry mver!"[font=eras demi itc][/font] Oni gasped around a gluttonous mouthful of cookies, which he'd slammed in despite burning his mouth and nearly choking earlier. After a heavy gulp, he grinned provocatively. "Won't be needing those soon enough, anyways."[font=eras demi itc][/font]

Ignoring the fat Santa's lewd suggestions, she unwrapped the message and then read it aloud. "The sender's navi is nice! It says... whoever it is wants to quit being broken and doesn't really care what a woman wears. Not much to do with that one, is there?"[color=green][/color] she sighed, grabbing a cookie from the table and nibbling at it, providing a humorous contrast to Oni's ravenous eating.

"I think I'm too sleepy to eat, so I'll just read instead. It says: 'To get out of this cast! My friends and I to be together, always. For my navi to be the greatest martial artist in the whole networld.' Quite an aspiration. I've seen a lot of martial artists in the NP, you know. Still, young men and women should have a good dream of their own," she continued on with a sleepy smile. "Ideal outfit is Mrs. Clause. I think it's a pretty popular outfit, perhaps because Holly's modeling it so well."

"You think so? I think it's just natural to like to see people dressed that way,"[color=green][/color] Holly suggested.

"It's a good sentiment though, isn't it? I wonder who the lucky Mrs. Clause will be tonight? Ho ho ho!"[font=eras demi itc][/font] Oni laughed, licking his lips as he briefly allowed himself a degree of imagination. "After a hard night giving out presents, maybe I'll remind Mrs. Clause what it means to be married..."[font=eras demi itc][/font]

Quote (Oni's List)

See-Through Nightgown (NS girl says no, going to push it anyways)
Sweater (letters didn't say anything else with these, might be a loophole)
Suit (with glasses and heels? a miniskirt too... they might let the shirt go unbuttoned if I push it)
Glasses? Heels? Accessories? (need something else to put with it, girls refuse to go tastefully nude)
Reindeer with lights (good one, I think I've got Lite's)
Santa suit (that's an easy one, brought lots of types)
Something light and easy to move in (open to interpretation, keep it as a fallback)
Nothing (probably not getting this one)
Syki immediately raised an eyebrow at Boss Oni's speedy recovery. Either he was hardier than she expected, or he didn't really have much to psychically crush. Either way, she'd underestimated him. "Yes, well, on the plus side for them, they'd still have a whole year to get back on the Nice list. This IS a time for optimism, after all."

"That's right! Peace, goodwill towards men, all that jazz! Well, it's not really jazz, but..." To avoid digging a hole she couldn't float out of, Lite grabbed a cookie and took a big bite into it, using the moment to distance herself from what she said. "...Wow! These cookies are great, Holly! Try them, Somnia and Syki, you'll love them!"

"I'll respectfully pass. I'm not very big on sweet foods. Besides, I'd have to take my veil off, and that kills the 'mystic seer of the future' image I have going on worldwide television. And I certainly can't have that."

"...Suit yourself! More cookies for the rest of us!" Lite's crunching and munching accentuated her point. "Seriously, I'd ask for the recipe for these things, but no one in the Sol Battalion can cook worth a included!"

"I suppose I'll continue with the letter reading." Another letter found itself levitating to the psychic Navi. "Let's see...this Navi's been naughty. They want......"

"Yeah? What do they want?"

"...Unreal. They just spout off a bunch of BattleChips and upgrades. I think some of these people didn't get the point of this survey."

"Hey, if it's what they want, it's what they want!"

"It's so specific, it's a little sickening. 'Santa', if I'm getting a present this year, you can skip it, so long as you don't fulfill this one's. That's all the present I need."

"Lighten up! What happened to that optimism you were talking about?"

"I'm being optimistic. You should see me be pessimistic. But anyway, their outfit of choice is a 'sexy santa suit'." The purple Navi looked up and over at Holly for a moment, seemingly looking her over. "You know, I have to agree with Somnia on this one. You really do pull off that look marvelously. It's no surprise so many letters have asked for it."

"Yep, I agree, too! Not just anyone could wear that and look as good as you, Holly! Pretty sure I couldn't..." Taking a brief timeout from her cookie munching, Lite reached over to snatch another mail. "Next letter! This Navi's been nice, and their wish is 'justice and the strength to enforce it'. You know, that sounds simple enough, but at the same time, I bet all five of us would give different definitions of justice..."

"True enough, but I think we can all agree on certain things. I mean, if a Navi deletes another, perfectly innocent Navi, I'd say that all of us would want that Navi to face some sort of justice. Our methods of doing so might be different, but our hearts would be in roughly the same place."

"Hmm...good point! We've all got our different views, but in the end, I think we all just want the world to be a better place!...Oh, right, almost forgot about the rest of the letter. Their outfit suggestion is...'a dress'. Doesn't get much simpler than that..."

"I guess they're the kind that likes to be surprised. A lot of room for interpretation with that." Syki leered at 'Santa', in a vain attempt to dissuade him from taking that comment and running much too far with it.

"I guess..." The shining Navi grabbed another cookie, and looked it over for a moment. "You could probably start a cybercookie business with these!" CRUNCH!