This is Donald Murdoc, bringing you a declassified report by Netpolice Official DimensionMan.EXE, a navi under my operation. DimensionMan has been given authorization to release some information to the public detailing some of the outcomes of the netpolice vs. netmafia battle that recently occurred. I doubt there's anyone out there who is not familiar with it, so I won't say much about it here. Know, however, that this report has been declassified as to the actions of netpolice officers and mafia members alike, giving you the full detail as to what happened without bias. The words below this point are those written by my navi...



I don't have to tell most of you all about the gruesome, terrible battle that occurred recently, involving the Netpolice, the mafia, and even innocent civilians. We saw brutality, cruelty on both sides... But also, we saw some of the braves acts of heroism that have ever been displayed upon the net. The crisis brought out the truth behind people's personalities: good and bad. I've detailed a full report of all that I surveyed myself and secondhand information.

Section 01: Personal Engagements


Section 02: Apprentince Involvement

At the time of the incident, I had two navis working closely under my wing as apprentices, studying to become officers in the netpolice forces. One was deployed into the field of battle due to the demand of officers. She was close to completing her training, a master of a new technique of DimensionSword control, but I will omit the specifics of this discipline as they are not valid to my report. Her name was Libertine.

Libertine had been deployed to the area late and by the time she arrived she was already charged with the difficult task of rescuing a group of navis under attack by an experimental Mafia weapon. We later recovered some data on this navi, recognizing him as CravenMan, a navi who dropped off of the face of the net shortly after his creation. He'd been modified to be an unwilling soldier. My apprentice, Libertine, engaged him. Two other navis were present at the scene, mafia members, though their names are not available. Unsettlingly, two civilians were present as well. These navis, cooperating with the netmafia, killed the force that Libertine had fought to protect. They then turned to Libertine herself, ultimately destroying her. She failed to jack out and was lost, along with her Prototype DimensionSword. Another netmafia navi was later spotted at the scene, retreating with the sword in her possession.

Even in a report like this, I cannot remain totally detached. The acts of these civilians, in my book, has branded them as enemies of the Netpolice. These two navis, whom we have been unable to positively identify, deliberately cooperated with the netmafia to delete my greatest apprentince. I will not pretend that I'm not affected by her loss.

Eyewitnesses say that another netmafia operative, identified as PachinkoMan, later engaged NetPolice Officer Saucer. Neither navi was destroyed, and luckily, the fighting concluded with Saucer's safe withdrawal.

Section 03: NetPolice Officers MIA or Deleted

This is by no means a complete list of netpolice officers deleted or missing after the incident, but rather, the toll of officers that I have done specific research upon.

- Libertine: Her deletion is detailed in Part 02.

- WoodwindMan: WoodwindMan was killed, along with his troop, by the same rogue navis and netmafia officers that slaughtered Libertine. He was a fairly high ranking officer. His jurisdiction was limited to basic peace-keeping patrol; in my opinion, like Libertine, he was unfit to be out on the field. A comrade, BrassMan, who works in the department of officials, gave me a description of his personality, which I have concluded for psychological or background analysis, in case it proves useful to anyone studying the case. He was an ambitious employee, moving quickly through the ranks. He was known for his use of force. BrassMan respected him as an ally, but said that he had a strong competitive side and seemed discontent with his position.

- Patriarch: A navi in WoodwindMan's troop who was killed along with his commander. Like WoodwindMan, he was unfit for the field. It was a strategical error or our part to bring him out. We recovered what seemed like fragments of his data, but he'd been scorched and ruined before the jack-out barrier fell. There was no saving him. BrassMan told me briefly that he was a manipulative fellow whom Brassman felt little respect for. The deceased navi had a bad record of politeness in person and cruelty off the job.

- DisciplineMan: Like Patriarch, he was a low-ranking officer killed along with Patriarch. BrassMan had little to say concerning him, besides that he matched many of Patriarch's traits, but to an extreme. Still, he, nor the others, deserved to die in the manner in which these navis were slaughtered.

- Spine: An officer under Commander Cranium, also killed in the line of duty. I knew little about him, but apparently, he was also attacked by a group of mafia navis working alongside a civilian accomplice. The mafia navis all died in the battle, but the others, including the civilians and Cranium himself, escaped. Spine was reportedly a good man, abandoned as a navi and taken in by Cranium, formed into an officer under his care. From the way Cranium describes him, he was a credit to the force. His deletion is again an example of the tragic release of under-trained personnel into the battle due to a lack of intelligence on the situation at the time of deployment.

Many other navis were killed apart from these, remember; these are just those whom I recovered information on following the battle.

Section 04: NetMafia Navis Deleted or Escaping

I felt it would also be important to detail the netmafia navis who were deleted in the absence of jack-out capabilities during this confrontation. Only those that we could manage to identify are mentioned. Note that we were unable to identify many of those who escaped, so information on them is sparse.

- MaulMan: This navi was deleted by the civilian navi Seraphim. He reportedly had an acute ability to incite rage in nearby navis and exploit it. Little is know about him besides the fact that he was an active recruitment officer for the NetMafia.

- Guy Bates: This navi had been a civilian up until the point at which he met the mafia. After being inducted mid-battle, he fought against netpolice and civilians alike. He somehow obtained the power of a dark chip during the battle, which built frothing rage in the minds of others. Luckily, he was defeated. The chip data was destroyed following his deletion.

- ManMan: A navi deleted in the absence of the jack-out barrier. Fighting against civilians and netpolice officers. He was ultimately slain by his own ally, Guy Bates. Sadly, he'd been abandoned only a few days earlier by his operator.

- Dark Angel 1015: A navi who managed to escape the confrontation, avoiding being killed alongside Guy Bates and ManMan. Like ManMan, she'd been abandoned only a few days earlier and was, until MaulMan's intervention, a civilian. She has now gone missing and is being considered a NetMafia navi.

- CravenMan: Along with two accomplices and two civilian navis, CravenMan participated in the destruction of Libertine. He was later recovered by the NetMafia before any further information could be gathered, along with the Prototype DimensionBlade.

Section 05: Concerning Civilian Navis Involved in the Battles

Most civilian navis, we are pleased to report, acted cooperatively alongside officials during the battle. Some, however, aided mafia officials and even participated in the destruction of NetPolice enforcers. If you or someone you know has any information on these navis aiding the mafia, please contact our information office as quickly as possible. We can't do anything more than we are to stop NetMafia sympathisers, but nobody has the right to injure or kill Netpolice navis over their view and these navis must be hunted down and prosecuted just as if they were the Rogues of old.

Those navis who aided the Netpolice during this time of crisis have my deepest thanks. If only all civilian navis had your sense of justice, Libertine wouldn't have ended up like she did. I can only thank you all for making the right choice in the heat of battle and proving the bravery of the fine and upstanding navis that inhabit our great net.

Section 06: Conclusion

Never before has such a great and catastrophic event gripped the world of the net. Neither the threat of the Rogues nor the crisis of the Cybeasts can be compared to a disaster of this magnitude. This clearly shows not only that public opinion has moved away from the Netpolice, but also that we are lacking preparation for an event of this magnitude. In the future, we must be ready to handle such a threat and must have more of our high ranking officers at the ready to avoid the deployment of our under-trained officials. At the very least, we must be ready to dispatch our men in a more concentrated fashion. As I understand, the netpolice defense force has been beefed, so anyone reading this report can be assured that a repeat of this event will not occur again.


*Some sections have been omitted due to classified content.