Don's Navi Profiles

Here's the section of the board where I keep the navi profile's I've written. I've got... three completed, I'll upload those later. But just for the record, I'm going to be going out to report on a lot of navis new to the grind soon. If you'd like a report, make sure that your navi shines above the rest!

... Do I seem more enthusiastic than usual? Hrmm... Maybe it's because I'm doing freelance writing for a profession now instead of a hobby? I guess that could be it. Anyways, watch this space for the uploading of new articles and my old ones; I'll have them rebooted soon.

-Donald Murdoc
So lately I've been doing a little bit of research on the up-and-comers on the navi circuit. The Colosseum's getting a lot more activity nowadays, bringing in new fighters and promising new events for the future. In this article, I'll talk about a bit about a few of the navis I've been keeping my eye on so far.

Navi Article #01: Count Edgar.EXE

Now, I know that the announcer called him by a different name, but my research definitely points to the fact that "Ed-gur" is the way you pronounce his name. Edgar is a water/recovery navi, very pale, very refined in his appearance. Despite this, however, he seems to have an extremely eccentric personality. Not just eccentric as in fancy, I should mention. He is unusual in his attacks, tastes, and even the sort of challenges he accepts.

His operator, Anthony Winnicot, seems to be a normal enough guy. Reminds me a bit of myself, getting wound up over his navi's ridiculous behavior at times. I'd estimate him to nearly be college age.

Edgar has undertaken many tasks in the few months since he appeared on the scene. Among these are a .GMO mission from the Netpolice (I've no idea what he actually did with it, except that it supposedly alters his appearance entirely) a Colosseum battle against a navi named Claw 7705, and even aided in the destruction of the Cybeast Kuman, as he has reported on Netpolice request boards.

Edgar's attacks are bizarre; some of the strangest I can recall reporting. With his abilities, he is able to utilize his own blood to attack his opponents, beating them with it as if it was a solid arm or morphing it in other ways. He may have other abilities as well, but this is the only one I can recall him demonstrating. He is very free with his programming; just as he's entered the Colosseum, he's already utilized propellers mounted on his feet for movement.

For certain, the progress of Count Edgar will be interesting to follow, and I'll be on it, even if I'm too lazy to right an article about it.

Navi Article #02: Claw 7705.EXE

The name of this navi alone is pretty strange. It's like a call back to the old massively multiplayer online RPGs, where players were so torn over names that they resorted to adding numbers. Name aside, he must be one of the strangest looking navis I've ever seen. He's a fire/breaking type, but his appearance is startlingly unique. An eight-ball floats in place of his head, connected by no neck whatsoever. His stature is something like a gorilla or an ogre; his movement is aided by the knuckles of his enormous gauntlets. You'd have to see him to understand the exact magnitude of how different this guy is.

Despite his stature, Claw doesn't seem at all violent or imposing in attitude. In fact, the guy's downright "gentle-giant" material, which seems very strange for someone battling in the Colosseum. I hope it turns out to be a strength for him rather than a fault.

The guy's signature attack is a lightning quick punch to the face; a lot more impressive than it sounds due to the navi's massive stature and huge fists. You wouldn't think he'd have that kind of speed in him.

One of the strangest factors to me about Claw is that he's taken a netbattle with Count Edgar, a seasoned fighter who's even been up against the threat of Cybeasts, right out of the gate. With that kind of motivation for taking initiative, he's got to amount to something.

Navi Article #03: Valkyrie.EXE

It's always interesting to follow navis with a personal thirst for battle. It's even more fun when they're modeled after mythological female warriors, I must admit. With that said, keep such comments stowed away when meeting this navi face to face, or you'll regret it. Valkyrie is a Normal/Sword type navi who wields a massive lance during combat. I'd also like to point out that she has a cute parasol she uses for other attacks. Remember, kids, I only type this safely because I'm on the other side of the screen. She is typically clad in the full armor of a knight from the Medieval ages; blond hair, slim, Spartan figure.

Valkyrie's skills in combat seem to be almost entirely intended to boost her own power. I'm not certain where she's going with all of it, but she can really escalate her power tremendously. What's quite odd is that none of her powers actually appear in the form of a blow; they all seem to boost her physical or regenerative powers somehow instead.

Valkyrie was involved in some event recently involving a navi hospital that exploded, supposedly from a bomb planted somewhere by terrorists. I'm very sketchy on what all happened there, but I'm fairly certain that Valkyrie nor any of the other navis that entered recently where the threat in that situation. I'm just assuming this off what I've recorded with my own investigation.

Valkyrie is currently battling another navi, Druidman, in the Colosseum. Both have had a great deal of battle experience considering how recently they each started making appearances, so it should make for a great fight. I'll be buying popcorn at the sidelines for this one.

Navi Article #04: DruidMan

DruidMan, operated by a man named Steve, is another navi with very unique powers that separate him from the mainstream crowd. His appearance is pretty wild; brown hair like a beast that trails behind him, dressed in furs, very fit. He's definitely not a guy who's appearance would fade from anyone's mind. He is a wood/normal type, baring an element that is currently a rare find for some reason. From what I understand, he's already crossed with another powerful navi.

Saying the navi's new to the world of netbattling is actually somewhat misleading. DruidMan has been around for quite a while, back even during the days when DimensionMan and I were still virus busters. The only thing I can assume is that he took a break from netbattling and is just now reemerging on the scene.

DruidMan's achievements are already pretty impressive, even though it's only a short time since his return. The navi, along with a group of his peers, defeated the Cybeast Drauchen; this is especially impressive considering his element is thought to be fundamentally weak against a fire opponent's.

The powers of DruidMan are something you'd never expect to see from a wood elemental navi. Despite his affinity, he is capable of unleashing several types of powers varying in elements. I would imagine he's well prepared for a fight against any element of opponent, wood, fire, aqua, or lightning. Well, especially lightning.

DruidMan is currently battling Valkyrie in the Colosseum. The referee, a student of the former GameshowMan, is certainly putting on quite a show. Uh... so DruidMan's in a wedding dress. This should be interesting. Maybe I'll report on this again later.