The Swan Theatre

The internal server in Mikhail's PET has for many years now, housed The Grand Swan Theatre, a creation entirely of Pirouette's own design. It follows the traditional formula of red velvet seating and plush carpets, many rows of stalls on the ground floor, with the dress circle and the gods above, and eight boxes on the sides. The stage itself is broad and deep, polished and waxed wood flooring that shines under the lighting, and a thick, bunched red drop curtain. A single trap in the centre of the sage leads down to the under-works of the theatre, while the wings lead back and around, eventually to the dressing rooms, warm-up bar, and other amenities.

Though the theatre remains quiet and empty most of the time, it can generate an audience as a simple data entity, and also simulate every possible feature and function a proper theatre might have. Whenever Pirouette is practising any of her pieces, the theatre becomes her captive audience, and she has, guiltily, been known to give herself a standing ovation any time one of her practice sessions goes particularly well. She would never actually admit this to anyone, though.

The star dressing room bears Pirouette's name on the door, and is actually the young woman's bedroom. It had all the normal features of a spacious dressing room, and retains that classy theatre feel, but as well as the change screen, extensive wardrobes, short bar and full mirror, there is also dresser with make-up mirror, and a large queen-sized bed covered liberally with thick, snuggly sheets and blankets.

Currently, with nothing much on her mind and little else to do, Pirouette herself is lying on her bed, feet kicking in the air as she reads slowly through a thick Sharoan novel.
The next day saw Pirouette assisting her operator with his introduction classes for most of the afternoon. Her mind was still buzzing quietly with thoughts of the dramatic conclusion to her book, but working with Mikhail, and watching him teach the little girls who were just learning their first steps delighted her in a way that few things did. He had a marvellous way with the children, even moreso than with his mature classes, and she was always happy to be a part of his classes.

The evening as more exciting, of course, as they worked over the far more daring and difficult script of the ballet troupe's latest production piece. It was her personal belief that Mikhail was the most skilled male dancer the troupe had had in many, many long years, but of course, she had to admit she was probably biased. Even so, she found herself longing, as she often did, that the technology that allowed her projections could handle physical contact more effectively as well. It was a shame to always have to break the rhythm of their dancing, because she couldn't actually lift her, or respond accurately to weight she didn't actually have, when out as a hologram.

The evenings, where they would sit and relax, and just talk to one another, about any manner of inconsequential or mildly interesting thing, always slipped away swifter than she realised, and before long it was almost time for Mikhail to get some much needed sleep, though not, apparently, before helping her make a run to the depository to collect the next few books in her series. One on hand, she felt slightly guilty for keeping him up a little longer than she ought to. On the other... she just had to see where the series went from that last ending. So it was with a small grin and the edges of anticipation that the young lady found herself jacking in to the DenTech nets.

((To -> DenTech Net))
((Returning from -> Dentech Net))

When her vision cleared, Pirouette found herself, as she usually did, just outside the door to her dressing room, surrounded by the warm quiet and the antiquated feeling of her old theatre. It was good to be home, even if the trip out had only been short. Still clutching her new book in one arm, the girl was smiling to herself as she pushed on the star-marked door and slipped inside.

Her eyes wandered over the cosy dressing room-cum-bedroom, pausing briefly to glance at her own reflection in the wall mirror, then decided that her bed was calling her more than anything else. The book rested on the edge of the bed temporarily while Pirouette stepped to her dressing table and unfastened her Tutu, hanging it neatly. Her wings arched up as she reached back for the clasps on her leotard, ruffling softly as she undid them and pulled her arms free of the long sleeves. She had worn many different costumes, for different performances, but none of them had ever felt quite so comfortable on her as her own personal leotard, and she glanced up at herself again in the mirror as she quickly stripped it off he rest of the way.

Despite herself, a small blush made it to her cheeks while she undressed. It was bad of her, she knew, to simply step out of her outfit without properly undoing all the bindings on her point shoes and taking them off first. and real ballerina who did that would end up getting scolded for poor care of her equipment... but some nights she felt like she just couldn't be bothered, and in truth, regular wear and tear of that sort didn't really apply to her. After all, she hadn't needed to replace the shoes either, in seven years.

She only lingered completely bare in front of the mirror for another moment, before darting over to her gloriously over-sized bed and snuggling under the covers gleefully, pulling her novel with her. With the excitement that only came of opening a new story for the first time, she pulled a pillow under her chest, to prop herself up, then pulled in a few more either side to create a more sturdy pillow-and-blanket fortress. Her wings were folded in against her back, pressed down by the covers, but it was perfectly comfortable; Pirouette always slept on her front naturally anyway, because of them, and it was a fact made easier by her stunted proportions.

The sound of occasionally turning pages continued for several more hours into the night, before she eventually fell asleep.

((Returning from -> Bayonet's Office))

When Pirouette arrived back by the door to her dressing room this time, she stood quietly for a few moments, a contemplative expression across her features while her wings slowly rose and fell with her breathing. A copy of the general codex wouldn't be too hard to track down ,even if it wasn't standard issue, and the lack of formal work hours would really just make this entire endeavor of hers easier to work around her already busy teaching schedule with Mikhail. The lack of a formal uniform that was enforced was annoying, but it was somewhere she could start, at least. Decided, she nodded to herself then turned the handle, letting herself into her room and settling down at her writing desk to begin sketching designs.

Part way though, she paused, looking at her work, then took a break to stretch out on her bed and read a few more chapters of her current romance novel. Errant thoughts wondering about the people she'd interviewed kept popping up, and a disproportionate amount of them seemed to be about HoundMan. More than once she caught herself biting her lip over some thought or other, before clearing her mind and getting back to work. Eventually she settled on a design and sent it through to the other functions to program properly, trying the outfit on in front of her mirror and examining it thoroughly. With a satisfied nod, she did a last turn, smiling with a small amount of personal satisfaction.

"Mikhail, have we arrived yet? I have finished the project I set to, and I would like to show you." She plucked lightly at the collar and straightened her cap carefully. Mikhai's voice answered after a moment.

"Nearly, my dear, I am just pulling in now. I am looking forward to hearing all the details of your outing. We will be home soon." Her eyes dropped slightly at his words as she looked herself over in the mirror; she wasn't completely certain that she'd tell Mikhail every detail, considering how the outing had went, but overall she was hopeful. It was another minute or two before he gave her the signal that the PET was set up correctly in their home, and she activated the advanced projector.

((Cross link to -> Mikhail's Home))
((Pirouette, from -> Syne's Office))

Upon returning to her own home, Pirouette pushed into her dressing room and threw herself with a surprising lack of grace onto her bed, face down in her pillow. After a minute or two, she shifted, sitting up again and stretching, before moving across to her costume screen and restoring her default attire instead of her police uniform.

Frustrated thoughts warred back and forth. Every step she took was going to be battle, and she knew that going in. Even the honest members of the organisation seemed to employ practices that ranged from lax, to dubious, to completely unacceptable for someone expecting the trust and confidence of civilian navis. She looked at herself in the mirror, straightening and flexing her wings for a few moments, the returned to lie on her bed again, pressing one cheek into her pillow as she brooded.

Syne was a good officer, and honest, of that much she felt sure... but she didn't seem to understand that her methods were as like to drive a good person away from the organisation purely because they wanted justice and fairness. A certain element of clandestine activity was necessary, especially in something like Internal Affairs, she suppose... she shouldn't be getting annoyed over it. Hadn't she herself tactfully deceived a superior officer in order to get him to incriminate himself?

She rolled over onto her other side, sliding her feet back and forth against the covers. It wasn't the same; she'd worked against the man directly, and hadn't involved anyone else. Syne had misled and lied to an innocent officer... but it had been to test if she was... but the method was still wrong; if she was innocent, and left to the information she'd been given, then it made the department look like it was committing a grave miscarriage of justice... and wouldn't any honest net police officer object to that, and resist it?

A small chime sounded and Pirouette waved a hand in the air to open the channel. Mikhail's voice came through a moment later.

“You are back, lebedёnok, but you have been silent for several minutes. Is everything alright?” He didn't sound worried, just attentively concerned for her, and Pirouette roused herself, sitting up with a sigh.

“I am well, Mikhail. I have returned, and the mission, it went well.” She paused, shaking her head to herself. “But it is difficult, you know? Even the good officers, they are wanting. The work will be uphill all the way. It makes my mind weary.” A soft chuckle came back to her.

“Well, little one, why do you not rest a short while, and I will finish with these reviews, and then, in a few minutes, perhaps I will make fresh tea, and you can come and tell me about all of it, and I will be sure to remind you of the good that you are managing.” Though she couldn't see him, Pirouette knew Mikhail well enough that she could easily picture the amused expression he was no doubt wearing at the sound of her moaning. She smiled, despite herself.

“Da, I would like that, Mikhail. Have you reviewed the beginners' recording yet?”
“No, lebedёnok, I have saved them for you. We will look at them together in a little while... just give me a few more minutes, yes?” Pirouette nodded, before giving a verbal response, then lay back and closed her eyes again for another few minutes.

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