New Officials HQ

DragonMan's Stats

FireSwordDamage: 80 + Slashing + Wide Attack
Accuracy: B
Description: Creates a sword imbued with flame energy, and capable of effective wide slashes. Can hit up to 3 targets per slash with good RP.
Duration: Until Overridden/Broken. Breaks automatically after 3 swings.
Element: Fire
Trader Rank: C

HeatShotDamage: 40 + Spread 1
Accuracy: A
Description: Shoots a fireball whose explosion penetrates an enemy to hit another one directly behind it.
Duration: Once
Element: Fire
Trader Rank: D

FireHit1Damage: 60 + Impact + Double Attack
Accuracy: A
Description: Throws a blazing punch from a distance, Hadoken style.
Duration: Up to 2 uses before the end of the turn
Element: Fire
Special: Double Attack: After spending an action to attack with this chip, you may choose to spend a second action and attack with it again before the end of the turn.
Trader Rank: D

LineOut1Damage: 40 + Break + Medium Broken Terrain Change + Line Attack
Accuracy: C
Description: Summons a Flamey to smash panels in a line, and anything on them.
Duration: Once
Element: Fire
Trader Rank: D

ElecReel2Damage: 100 + Spread 3 (Side + Behind)
Accuracy: B
Description: A small bolt of lightning that spreads sideways and behind the target upon impact.
Duration: Once
Element: Elec
Trader Rank: C

ShotgunDamage: 50 + Spread 1
Accuracy: A
Description: A gun whose shot penetrates an enemy to hit another one directly behind it.
Duration: Once
Element: Null
Trader Rank: E

Folder Count: 6/30
Extra Chips
- MiniEnergyPack: 2/4
- SmallEnergyPack: 0/4
- EnergyPack: 0/4
- LargeEnergyPack: 0/4
- FullEnergyPack: 0/4
- SneakRun: 0/4
- Escape: 0/4
- Untrap: 0/4
- Bookmark: 0/4
- SPRevive: 0/4
??? / ElecReel2
??? / FireSword
- Total: 8
Basic Information
LV 1
Element: Fire
Subtype: Break

Subtype Passive: Mass Destruction
Subtype Active: Smash

-Attack LV 1
-Rapid LV 1
-Charge LV 1
-Speed LV 3 (3 actions)

-Buster Damage: 10
-Charge Damage: 40, Fire element
-Buster Effect: None
- UnderShirt (10)
- SetLava (15)
Total: 25/40
Spare NaviCust Programs
Signature System 3.5
Buster Shot: Dragon Claw
- A catch-all for a physical strike delivered by DragonMan, be it a slash, bite, tail slap, wing attack, or anything else he can think up.
= 10 damage
Charge Shot: Dragon Breath
- DragonMan breathes fire on an enemy.
= 40 Fire damage
Dragon Ball
- DragonMan spits out a fireball that melts the target and the ground below them.
= 50 Fire damage + Small Area Lava Terrain Change
+ 2 TCD
Sig Points
- Total Points Available: 60/60 (points acquired/max points possible)
- Spare Points Available: 0
- Dragon Ball: 60
= Total: 60/60
Upgrade List
HPMemory: 0
PowerUP: 0/12
Speed Upgrade: 0/3
NaviCust Expansion: 0
Process Upgrade: 0/0
SubMemory: 0/4
Support Programs
Ruby's E-Mail Address
Address Book:
Key Items
- PET (Ruby's PET. DragonMan is currently installed as its NetNavi.)
- FreePass (A special ticket that allows free travel between countries via plane. Only valid if used by Ruby.)
PvP Win/Loss Record: 0-0
Navis Defeated: (none)
Navis Defeated By: (none)
The self-proclaimed base for the New Officials is a simple square shape, fairly small in size due to the present lack of traffic. The floor appears to be polished marble, with ancient Netopian-style columns placed at each corner, each decorated with some ivy. In the middle is a large, yet simply made fountain. The entire area seems to be hovering over some sort of plains, though visitors can't actually fall off; hitting the edge would feel like hitting a wall.

Two monitors on the far wall from the entry point and stand out from the otherwise classical appearance; one is restricted to Ruby and DragonMan, and possesses a full list of New Officials (of which there are currently only two, themselves). The second can be used by anyone, to input problems they're having, and allow the New Officials to learn of the problems and do what they can to settle them.

List of New Official NetBattlers
- Ruby Knighton and DragonMan.EXE

Trouble Board
- (no problems recorded)