Temple of Divina

Divina's Stats

Recover50Recovery: 50 HP
Accuracy: S
Description: Heals 50 HP.
Duration: Once
Element: Null
Trader Rank: D

Recover30Recovery: 30 HP
Accuracy: S
Description: Heals 30 HP.
Duration: Once
Element: Null
Trader Rank: D

Recover30Recovery: 30 HP
Accuracy: S
Description: Heals 30 HP.
Duration: Once
Element: Null
Trader Rank: D

Recover10Recovery: 10 HP
Accuracy: S
Description: Heals 10 HP.
Duration: Once
Element: Null
Trader Rank: E

IronShield2Effect: 4-Hit Shield
Accuracy: S
Description: Block 4 attacks with Tower Shield, then breaks. Break attacks destroy the Shield.
Duration: Until broken or overridden.
Element: Null
Special: Status Guard: This chip blocks debuffs.
Trader Rank: C

IronShield1Effect: 2-Hit Shield
Accuracy: S
Description: Block 2 attacks with Tower Shield, then breaks. Break attacks destroy the Shield.
Duration: Until broken or overridden.
Element: Null
Special: Status Guard: This chip blocks debuffs.
Trader Rank: D

Candle2HP: 100
Properties: Anchored, HeatBody
Object Damage: 100 Fire + Impact
Damage Method: Telekinesis
Healing Effect: Regen 10 + To-All-Clause (Allies)
Accuracy: S
Description: Creates a healing candle in your area.
Duration: 3 turns or until destroyed.
Element: Fire
Special: HeatBody: Immune to Fire damage.
Trader Rank: C

HeatBreath1Damage: 80 + Medium Lava Terrain Change + Cone Attack
Accuracy: C
Description: Blast up to 4 enemies with a cone of fiery breath. Changes terrain to Lava.
Duration: Once
Element: Fire
Trader Rank: D

Folder Count: 8/30
Extra Chips
- MiniEnergyPack: 2/4
- SmallEnergyPack: 0/4
- EnergyPack: 0/4
- LargeEnergyPack: 0/4
- FullEnergyPack: 0/4
- SneakRun: 0/4
- Escape: 0/4
- Untrap: 0/4
- Bookmark: 0/4
- SPRevive: 0/4
??? / Candle2
IronShield1 / IronShield2
Recover10 / Recover30 / Recover50
- Total: 12
Basic Information
LV 6
Element: Normal
Subtype: Recovery

-Attack LV 1
-Rapid LV 1
-Charge LV 1
-Speed LV 4 (4 actions)

-Buster Damage: 10
-Charge Damage: 40
-Buster Effect: None
- UnderShirt (10)
- ResetStage (15)
Total: 25/55
Spare NaviCust Programs
Signature System 3.5
Buster Shot: Divina Buster
- Divina shoots a small amount of light energy at an enemy.
= 10 damage
Charge Shot: Holy Ray
- Divina fires a beam of light at an enemy.
= 40 Damage
Goddess's Blessing
- Divina eases body and heart with a gentle healing light.
= Recover 30 + Status Cure
+ 2 TCD
Heavenly Light
- Divina summons a light from the heavens with significant healing power.
= Recover 60
+ 2 TCD
Aether Guard
- Divina creates a protective bubble of light that can protect against attacks.
= Barrier 40
+ 1 TCD
Shining Aegis
- Divina forms a protective shield of light, which can then be used to guard against attacks.
= 3-hit Shield
+ 2 TCD
Radiant Partition
- Divina plants a small wall of solidified light on the battlefield. It's not very sturdy, but it obstructs vision and can block an attack.
= 10 HP Object
+ 1 TCD
Sig Points
- Total Points Available: 260/260 (points acquired/max points possible)
- Spare Points Available: 0
- Goddess's Blessing: 40 + 30 = 70
- Heavenly Light: 80
- Aether Guard: 40
- Shining Aegis: 60
- Radiant Partition: 10
= Total: 260/260
- Kabuki: 63 FXP
- Pirouette: 28 FXP
- Glow: 8 FXP
- KiraKōzuke: 8 FXP
- MotionCaptureMan: 6 FXP
- Uprising: 5 FXP
- MadamaSanguine: 3 FXP
- Muzaitora: 3 FXP
- Fuukouhan: 2 FXP
- KenmoeteMan: 1 FXP
Upgrade List
HPMemory: 0
PowerUP: 0/12
Speed Upgrade: 1/3
NaviCust Expansion: 3
Process Upgrade: 5/5
SubMemory: 0/4
Support Programs
Key Items
- PET (Hikari's PET. Divina is currently installed as its NetNavi.)
PvP Win/Loss Record: 0-0
Navis Defeated: (none)
Navis Defeated By: (none)

Red Bar - Anyone can enter, if accompanied by a follower of Divina

Pink Bar - Only priests and Divina have permanent permission to access; others may temporarily access with their direct permission

Yellow Bar - Only Divina has permanent permission to access; others may temporarily access with her direct permission

- Entryway: A simple space, with no decorations aside from a few ancienty Netopian style columns. This is fully intentional, to prevent traffic congestion due to everyone staring at an inspiring painting or statue.

- Main Temple: A grand stage, that combines elements of a church and an ancient ampitheater. Grand colums surround much of the stage, which itself is covered with a vast mural of Divina holding her staff and a shield of light, blocking a sword of darkness from striking down a group of helpless Navis. To either side is a statue of Divina, clasping her hands as though she were praying. From this stage, the goddess preaches her divine word. The area can currently seat up to 5000 normal sized Navis, with each seat providing divine levels of lumbar and buttock support.

- Welcoming Hall: A smaller area, off to the side. Its primary function is for volunteering believers to provide orientation to new followers about the main tenets of the faith. Each wall has a painting of Divina performing various tasks:
* The painting to the left shows Divina presenting a teddy bear to a crying child Navi.
* The painting straight ahead, and visible from the doorway, shows Divina lighting a Navi's path with her staff.
* The painting to the right shows Divina having taken a blow from a fist of darkness in the place of another Navi.
* The painting next to the entrance shows Divina wrapping a bandage around an injured Navi's leg.

There are a couple of tables with several chairs each, and a board that functions much like a dry erase board that somehow manages to not block any of the paintings.

- Side Rooms: These three rooms serve no set purposes, and are used by various followers for various things. To prevent multiple Navis from trying to use the same room, there are sign-up sheets next to each entrance where they can reserve them. Each one has no decorations, in order to represent their flexible nature. Currently, the rooms are used as follows:
* Room A - Empty
* Room B - Had been empty until very recently, but it's now an office filled with various financial and legal documents related to owning and running a hot spring service in Yoka. Has been reserved indefinitely by SteamMan, with the official approval of Divina herself.
* Room C - Has been set up as a classroom that can seat approximately 50. A banner inside states the subject matter: 'Zenny and You - How To Provide Happiness To Yourself And Others On A Budget'. It has been reserved for the past several weeks by a Navi whose handwriting is too illegible to make out, but according to the dating, their reservation is about to end.

- Warp Room: A room filled with warp pads, for out of town/country members to attend sermons or other religious activities. Warps to Netopia, Yumland, Sharo, and Netfrica are currently active, with other various local areas dotted between them. A new warp has recently been established, notable by its purple color instead of blue. It provides a link to a certain hot spring facility in Yoka.

- Rec Room: A room for rest and relaxation, with various game equipment available for usage, as well as several TVs and accompanying couches. To prevent equipment thefts, outsiders cannot enter this room without being escorted by a known follower.

- Antechamber: A hallway that leads to the innermost room of the temple. It's currently littered with paint and stone debris; an examination would reveal that they match up with the various statues and paintings around the facility. Only a priest, priestess, or Divina herself have access to this area, though anyone is capable of entering it with their permission.

- Divina's Personal Chamber: After a short hallway is the personal quarters of the goddess. It consists of an enormous, extremely comfortable purple canopy bed, with a large nightstand next to it, and a couple of equally comfortable reclining chairs. In a far corner is a hot tub, capable of melting away even a goddess's stress. Not unexpectedly, only Divina herself, or someone in her company, can enter this area.
Book of Divina
(Author: Hikari Takahashi)

- Chapter 1: Basic Tenets

- Chapter 2: The First Sacrifice
(TO BE ADDED; subject matter is the Divina/Kabuki mission)

- Chapter 3: (TBD)
(TO BE ADDED; subject matter will be the Divina/Kabuki/Pirouette mission)