Going off the looks of the homepage alone, one would not by any means expect that Arch was a qualified Net-Architect. The page less resembles a virtual environment, and lands more in the land of modern art...or perhaps eldritch lore. The sky is void of colour, graphics long-since corrupted into a perpetual static haze. The code making up the ground has rotted away in some places, leaving a series of gaping holes in the floor that, were a Navi to ever visit the homepage, would be a hazard at best and a veritable death-trap at worst. In short, an utter dump...and that's not even the half of it.

Taking up the majority of the homepage space is a monolithic construct, skyscraper-like in scale and dominating the environment. The structure is an abominable gestalt of what appear to be any number of various building materials and environments, crushed together into a series of jagged, angry spires and angles that, put bluntly, defy physics and even logic itself. Burning Lava panels pool at the bottom, dripping upwards towards nothingness; cavernous rooms appear inside towers that shouldn't be wide enough to accommodate them; solid parts of the tower seem to fold in on themselves in ways that hurt to look at. Nowhere in the code is there any hint of gravitational control, or even Magnet panels, but nonetheless trying to scale the tower would invariably end up being turned around and having one's sense of orientation twisted into knots. The Escher-esque geometry of the matter shouldn't be possible, and yet the tower stands regardless, a monument to glitches.

Perhaps most horrifying about the tower (or sometimes towers) is that the entire construct can and will move on its own, like a living being. Arch ran several checks for autonomy encoding, all of which came up blank, but nonetheless the structures can move about...and to his horror, code completely new parts for itself. The sentient homepage exists almost as an extension of Hex, or failing that, a by-product of his creation. Seemingly by instinct, any intruders that meander inside the homepage will find the monstrous tower growing around them, attempting to ensnare them and lure them closer to the core deep within; Arch only knows this due to an experiment he ran, which involved sending a standard-issue NormalNavi in to try and troubleshoot the homepage. He has not tried again since.

In the past, Arch used his homepage as a sandbox environment to code as he pleased, and subsequently filled his allotted space with a variety of virtual constructs and environments. As he attempted to try his hand at coding Navis, his failed attempts were subsequently tossed into the homepage, for lack of anywhere better to put them and not having the heart to just delete them. It was in this very homepage that Hex was created, his original form of a rogue data-entity absorbing and consuming the hundreds of Navi bodies, gaining enough data in the process to forge a patchwork sentience. The resulting flood of glitch data corrupted Arch's homepage so far beyond the point of repair that the homepage actively rebuffed attempts to fix it, and tried to use the link to SciLab Net to start 'growing' into the public Net before Arch shut it down. As a result, Arch keeps this page locked down tight, and put the computer containing this homepage into storage. His current computer lacks a homepage, and simply re-routes Hex into the public Net directly.