Auri's Homepage

Auri's homepage starts you in a square room with gold walls and a vertical red streak of fluffy fabric along the four walls. The floor is covered with a large red rug. In one of the walls is a large brown double-paneled door which leads to a hallway with in the middle a red rug and golden tiles on the sides. On each side of the hallway's rug is a golden square pedestal, but without a statue on either. At the end of a hallway is another large brown double-paneled door which leads to a study room with its walls covered by bookcases. In the center of the study room is a desk with a desk chair behind it. While anyone can pick up a book and read it, only those with access to them can actually find books pertaining to Auri.

People with access to all information on this homepage:
- Zoe Marchand
- Auri.EXE
Title: Battlechip List
Created by: Zoe Marchand
Additional access: N/A

1x Rageclaw [40 DMG; Slashing; 6 Uses; Special: Throw; B Accuracy; Melee]
1x Cannon [60 DMG; Knockback; A Accuracy; Ranged]
1x Guard [1hit Shield; Reflect: 60 DMG, Piercing, Line]
1x Shotgun [50 DMG; Spread 1; A Accuracy; Ranged]
1x PanelGrab [Accuracy Enhancement]
1x MetalGear1 []