Ellen hadn't intended for anyone to ever see her homepage, or even to do much of anything with it herself. It was only designed in the first place as file storage, mostly for school assignments, and the occasional freezer program that she had hoped would help keep her dorm room colder than what the air conditioning alone would allow. Other than that, her homepage is a bare storage space, like a warehouse except not even going so far as to design it to accurately look like one, with an ice-themed wallpaper and several storage units that look like they have almost frozen over scattered about. Fewer and farther between are the freezing units that she has set up, which look like giant ice-encrusted fans blowing out freezing air and mist over the homepage. The only part of the page that differs from this theme is in a remote corner, where a memorial to a former navi of Ellen's is set up.

The homepage remained unchanged from this design until Rachna showed up. Since first appearing and forcing her way into becoming Ellen's navi, the conjurer has tried to liven up the homepage, overgrowing the fans with vines and planting a small jungle in the homepage. The wallpaper is unchanged, but now looks very out of place next to the lush overgrowth and tall trees that Rachna has set up. When Ellen noticed what was going on and tried to change the homepage back, Rachna flooded it with more and more changes of her own so that Ellen couldn't keep up. She eventually gave up and let Rachna have the run of the place while trying to get help on dealing with the problem, then came back to find that Rachna had grouped a freezer fan and several storage units in an unchanged corner of the page, around Ellen's navi memorial, where they could run freely and freeze themselves over without Rachna messing with them.

Ellen has made a few token efforts to reclaim the rest of her page from Rachna's jungle since then, mostly in hopes or recovering old files from the remaining storage units, but for every small step Ellen takes Rachna makes the next increasingly harder, and Ellen simply can't keep up. After one of these incidents, Ellen simply shut the homepage down before Rachna could decide to take back the corner she had left, and only recently has the homepage gone back online.