Saluki.exe's Homepage

First steps into Sal's homepage was accompanied by sand and blistering winds; how the return portal never got swallowed by a dune was a complete mystery. Scanning the horizons revealed nothing in three directions. Walking towards the three wrong paths lead to the edge of the panels where sand fell endlessly like waterfalls. The constant blowing of fresh sand and recycling of old had polished the panels smooth. Looking upwards revealed nothing but the networks background. Random bits of data that is being uploaded and downloaded, bugs being deleted, defragmenting, data mining, preventive maintenance and other background processes. They populated the black abysmal skies like stars; which flickered and burned brighter depending on the scope and scale of the activity.

The only point of interest is a forest oasis contrasting the desert. The forest itself surrounded an inland lake and it looked ancient and at the end of its life. The digital trees heavy and burdened from their own weight, moss and lichens covered the mammoth trunks like blisters, bark curling and peeling away like charred flesh. Towering canopies blocked the light and provided a great deal of shade to the forest paths which where old and well beaten like cobblestone. Still heaps of freshly decaying plant matter and fallen bows littered the trails making the hike worse.

Assuming you managed to wander further the forest center was far more interesting. The lake was shaped like a large oval; its beaches where made of tiny polished stones and rocks. It was unclear how deep it was but it was more than large enough to provide a layer of mist.

There was only one structure near the lake; a small wooden hut and a graveyard next to it. The graveyard had a metal fence that was desperate need of repair, fixed with pieces of wood and rocks but it did little more than outline the borders. Most if not all of the gravestones where completely worn and eroded making it impossible to tell who or when they were laid there. The graves where still tended too; with offerings of fresh flowers, smooth and shiny lake stones.

The hut was no bigger than a trappers hut; it was held together with press wood, clapboard, bits and pieces of insulation, burlap and linen. Of course reinforced with whatever useful bit of wood that had been in the forest. Inside there was a bedroll, a tiny metal stove and a single floating green octahedron. The bed looked large enough for one person, the stove looked large enough to boil a pot and heat the flimsy hut and that was it. The octahedron held data pertinent to the navigator and the operator.
Operator - Kari Sullen style= "color: rgb(0, 0, 0);width: (image width - 6); background-image: url(;"

Upon selecting Operators information a eight inch holographic projection of Sullen was projected into the air above the octahedron. The woman rested her weight on one foot and then the other, rubbing her arms and fidgeting during the whole pose and recording. The NetPolice's official profile scrolling across the base.

Name: Kari
Age: 21
Gender: Female

Appearance: Kari's 'battle garb' covered her body from head to toe exposing as little flesh as possible. An over-sized black overcoat that almost went down to her steel toe work boots, sleeves passed her wrists and covered her white gloves; finally the thick collar pulled up around the base of her mask. It was long beaked porcelain mask with a hair strand thick slit along the front of the beak giving it a grim smile. The eyes sockets fit a rather large pair of spectacles that resembled wielders goggles more than anything making it impossible to gauge any expressions while she was wearing it. Finally atop her head was an enormous wide-brimmed felt-crowned hat with her hair tightly tucked in.

Outside of net battling she was dressed far simpler. A pair of cargo shorts, halter top and hiking boots. Usually black, greens or earth tones. She was short; just barely breaking five foot tall and her build was very slight making her look far less intimidating then when she cosplayed. Her skin was fair, eyes where brown and her hair was black and usually ended up being tied back in a braid, bun or pony tail.

Personality: Her family owns the only mortuary in a small town promising her a job when she graduates and becomes a Funeral Director. It has given her a somewhat twisted view on life and death reflected by her Navigator. At times she was logical and indifferent but she has respect for a person's denominations and beliefs. After all everyone will eventually become a client.

Personal Terminal Modifications: The P.E.T. was roughly the size and thickness of a wallet; its body is crimson with a floral design filling the spaces between the black outer edges. Opening it reveals the keyboard on one side and the touch screen and camera on the other. The PDA had a hand grip at the bottom and the chip slot near the top.

Navigator - Saluki.EXE V2.0 style= "color: rgb(0, 0, 0);width: (image width - 6); background-image: url(;"

Upon selecting Navigator's information a eight inch holographic representation of Saluki.exe, her crosses and her support program(s) projected above the octahedron. It showed her using her various signature attacks followed by the the NetPolice's official profile scrolling across the base.

Net Navigator
Name: Saluki.exe
Gender: Female
Element: Wood
Subtype: Wind

Appearance: After transition to the net and the beam of light faded; she looked incorporeal for the first few seconds. Even afterwords little Smokey wisps and strands of her shoulder length hair seemed to float and lash off before disappearing. The fox demon Saluki. She was around five foot four and slender build; her fur and hair was thin and the color of ash. A Long and feminine muzzle with her rosy eyes accented by black mascara and red eyeliner. Her black tufted ears, nose and tail where the only things that deviated from her color pattern.

She wore a gown with long sleeves and hem. Its body was mostly red and pink finished with black around the collar belt and edges; finally the same floral design on the PET filled in the gaps. She wore no gloves or shoes, her clawed fingers and toes made fitting difficult.

Personality: Usually silent, but it doesn't mean that she will not voice herself when she is right or something is obviously wrong. Sal dislikes company, seeing her and other navigators as little more than poppets or plushies. She would prefer to rely on her own strength and cunning; but she will work with others if it is necessary.

Custom Weapon: Sal's Weapons where a vaguely looking humanoid skull held in her right hand; and a bell in her left. The death knell's handle was a raw leather strap used to ring it and to keep it around her wrist. The Arsenical bronze left the alloy completely blackened.

The Skull was bleached white, covered in numerous scrapes, gouges and chips. One of the sockets had completely collapsed and many of the teeth where chipped or broken or missing. She held it forward in one hand for a standard buster attack; the eyes illuminating faintly before firing a dark plasma shot, alternating from socket to socket. For her mega buster she held the sides of the skull tightly, the jaw dropped before plasma accumulated into a larger black festering blast.

Lucia Cross
Element: Fire
Subtype: Wind
Bonuses: +10 Damage to all Fire chips.
Buster: Fire shot
Appearance: Her makeup is completely absent and robes are replaced with more casual summer attire; exposing more of her body. Black halter top which accents her bust, midriff and stomach; while shorts that exposed more of her legs and thighs. Her floral crest becomes visible on her thigh; looking much like a tattoo of the same flowers that usually decal her chips. Finally a red beach wrap around her waist that could double as a shawl or even bandanna. The most interesting changes are fiery cuffs and anklets that literally burn around her wrists and ankles respectively.

Personality: For the most part she is more open, playful, talkative and relaxed; but easier to get an emotional response from.

Custom Weapon: Her bell and skull are absent for the duration of the cross; instead she hangs a leather and fur lined quiver on her back, she adopts a composite bow instead.

Cross Signatures
Active Signatures: Sonic Firestorm: (80 Fire+ Nova 1. 2 TCD) Saluki becomes enraged and surrounded by a burning hurricane to Immolate everything and anything close to her.
Passive Signatures: None.

Gilmore.Sp style= "color: rgb(0, 0, 0);width: (image width - 6); background-image: url(;"

Name: Gilmore.sp
Gender: Male
Element: Normal
Subtype: Recovery

Appearance: Gilmore is modeled off a myth about a priest cursed to the form of a rat. Four foot eleven including the tip of his ears, physically a lean build with little body fat or muscle. The exposed flesh and eyes where pink. His paws and feet are quiet dexterous if awkward to clothe; he has a scaled tail half as long as his body. His fur is snowy, short and well groomed; along with his hair. It is short, narrow with a central strip of upright hair running from the forehead to the nape, with the sides of the head shaven. He wore cotton, sleeveless button up vest along matching trousers; there colors the inverse of Saluki's colors, making them black with a rose trim. The back of the vest held Sally's floral pattern in bright ruby red to show that he was her support program; the front had three buttons when he felt the need to have it done up. His trousers where held up with a lopped rope; the hem stopped at his ankles because it was near impossible to wear shoes thanks to his feral feet.

Personality: Bound to the Oaths of Poverty, Humility, Virtue and Chivalry. The Oath of Poverty; to live a simplistic life of moderation free of extravagance. The Oath of Humility; to be modest, reverential and never arrogant, contemptuous, rude or self-abasing. The Oath of Virtue; to be temperate, prudent, courageous and just. Finally the Oath of Chivalry; to live by one's strength and will, to inspire hope and charity. He struggles to refine his character; to atone for his sins and those of his kin.

Custom Weapon/buster: Swamplands staff. The shaft is solid and straight, wrapped with cloth for grips and rope for a sling; alone this section is as tall as its wielder. The ornate headpiece adds a good foot it length; its gnarled basket cradling a lustrous moonstone sphere. Its prismatic blasts starkly contrast Saluki's black buster.

RP Fluff:

"So why a rat? And why a male? And why a monk?" Saluki scoffed and crossed her arms while the SP base was being reviewed. "We waited long enough and you know how far out of my comfort zone I went in order to get it. Even if it was somewhat entertaining..."

"Well I contacted my paren---"

"How are they? Did you give them my regards?"

"Yes I did and they are fine and don't interrupt. Anyways; they gave me a great idea about a myth off a cursed Abbey. What happened was there Abbot listened to a false idle and everyone went along with it without questioning. So they ended up being cursed to the form of rats and like the plains around there community became swamplands."

"Then why male monk instead of a priestess or nun?"

"I didn't think that it mattered considering that you are a beast navigator so I figured that a beast support program would be fitting. And besides all you hang out with are female navi's anyways I mean think of him like an assistant? Or a brother? Besides I think ill expand your homepage to add a swamp."

"It will have to do I guess; but somehow I think that your parents would have told the story better."
Signature Attacks style= "color: rgb(0, 0, 0);width: (image width - 6); background-image: url(;"
Passive style= "color: rgb(0, 0, 0);width: (image width - 6); background-image: url(;"

Cyanopsia: (Passive Take Aim, 10x4=40SP)
A blue burning glyph hovers over Saluki's forehead; altering her vision and magically increasing her accuracy. Without any somatic or verbal components it is to stressful on her system to use it for more then one instance at a time
Active style= "color: rgb(0, 0, 0);width: (image width - 6); background-image: url(;"

Williwaw: (20 hp barrier = 20SP. 1TCD)

With a single ring of her bell, A gray smoky semi-transparent spherical barrier surrounds Saluki or an ally giving them a momentary screen of protection.

Shockwave: (Microburst: 40 SP. 1TCD)

With three rings of her bell, And an abrupt change forward If she isn't using it for movement she is knocking something back or pushing something around that her usual gust couldn't. Far stronger then a gale but not quite a hurricane!

Overpressure: (Gravity: 40 SP. 1TCD)

After three rings of her bell; Paired up with the shockwave it is a compression, vacuum and drag effect used for aiding her movement or pulling things that her usual gust could not. Far stronger then a gale but not quite a hurricane!

Katabatikos: (4x10 Multi-hit, Null damage + shot Accuracy: A [40SP, 1TCD])

After two rings of her bell; she raises her paws high in the air with her palms flat. Two balls of swirling wind form in each hand before they are launched forward at a single target stirking one after another.

Catechize: (Life drain/Slashing. 20 damage 20 hp. = 40 SP. 1TCD)

With two rings of her bell; A specter of death materializes from the shadows only for a nightmarish instant. Its touch reminds the living of there mortality and eventual death; damaging and draining the targets life transferring it to Saluki.

Ephemeral armor: (20 hp Casing = 20 SP 1TCD)

With a single ring of her bell; Sally creates a temporary armor casing to defend herself and allys with. Surrounding them with half plate armor and a mail skirt.

Iconoclast: (30 null damage Drop attack. Accuracy: B against flying targets; D against ground. = 30 SP 1TCD)

With a two rings of her bell; A dark, gnarled and twisted blade drops from the sky cutting her foes.

Anathema: (30 null damage Ground Attack. Accuracy: B against ground targets; D against flying. = 30 SP 1TCD)

With two rings of her bell; a shadowy minion strikes from the ground like a great dark wave.
Incognito.GMO style= "color: rgb(0, 0, 0);width: (image width - 6); background-image: url(;"

Sally's alternative graphics is the normal navi that her program was upgraded from.

Her work boots, open faced helmet, cowl, long gloves where a solid black; with a pink catsuit and covering her torso and extremities and more importantly her identity. The bottoms/insides of her boots, the insides of her gloves and the insides of her helmet where accented in pink as well. What little exposed skin on her face, was pale gray and her eyes where a solid rose. Under her breasts but above her navel is her round floral crest that is usually used as a decal on her favorite toys.

Personalty: Mostly the same as before, what little expression you could gather from her face was usually serious, sullen or bitter. She is well misanthropic and used to working alone.

Signatures: Her buster would be the generic round cannon and would still be on her left arm; being well left handed. Her signatures would be almost the same minus the fact that she had no bell to ring or a skull to use.
V1.0 history style= "color: rgb(0, 0, 0);width: (image width - 6); background-image: url(;"

Her appearance, custom weapons, personalty remain the same as V2.0

Net Navigator
Name: Saluki.exe V1.0
Gender: Female
Element: Wood
Subtype: Summon

Signature Attacks: Saluki raises her hand bell in the air and chimes it three times. Monstrous degraded and buggy looking HealNavi/NormalNavi rose from deletion. Despite the grotesque appearance they had one key feature; they had at least one arm for a buster.

Zombie Summon #1: 10HP light object [10SP] + 10 Null Damage [reoccurring] [30SP] =40 *3/4[due to subtype] =30SP total, 1TCD

Zombie Summon #2: 10HP light object [10SP] + 10 Null Damage [reoccurring] [30SP] =40 *3/4[due to subtype] =30SP total, 1TCD

Barrier: 20 hp barrier. A gray smoky semi-transparent spherical barrier surrounds Saluki giving her momentary protection. = 20SP. 1TCD

Knockback: Long metallic 1.1cm thick strings extend from her nails like a puppeteer; pushing her unfortunate victim away from her. = 10SP. 1TCD

Pull: long metallic 1.1cm thick strings extend from her nails like a puppeteer; pulling her unfortunate victim towards her. = 10SP. 1TCD

Apparition: A specter of death materializes from the shadows only for a nightmarish instant. Its touch reminds the living of there mortality and eventual death; damaging and draining the targets life transferring it to Saluki. Slashing/life drain. 20 damage 20 hp. = 40 SP. 1TCD

Folder Database style= "color: rgb(0, 0, 0);width: (image width - 6); background-image: url(;"

Upon selecting Folder Database a eight inch holographic representation of Saluki.exe projected above the octahedron. It showed her using various chips; each looping over every few seconds till a new chip was selected. The detailed statistics scrolled slowly around the base. Italicized chips are no longer in her current folder.

Damage: 40 + Knockback
Accuracy: A
Description: A decent sized cannon with a single shot.
Flavor: From the elbow down Saluki.exe's arm and sleeve transforms into a long and slender crimson cannon; the floral design that was on her garment acts as a decal for her new weapon.
Duration: Once
Element: Null

Damage: 50 + Spread 1
Accuracy: A
Description: A gun whose shot penetrates an enemy to hit another one directly behind it.
Flavor:From the elbow down Saluki.exe's arm and sleeve transforms into a long, slender, two barreled crimson cannon; the floral design that was on her garment acts as a decal for her new weapon.
Duration: Once
Element: Null

Damage: 40 + Slashing / 20 + Impacting
Accuracy: B / B
Description: Creates an impressive bear claw. Can be used to slash or throw enemies or objects.
Flavor: Saluki.exe's left hand becomes covered with a large Krueger-esque razor gauntlet.
Duration: Until Overridden/Broken. Breaks automatically after 6 uses.
Element: Null
Special: Throw Damage may vary. Success is entirely dependent upon RP Quality. This chip has a variety of uses.

Damage: 40 + Piercing + Ground Attack + Line Attack
Accuracy: C
Description: Sends a narrow, but long, shock wave rolling in front of an enemy. Slow, but difficult to jump over due to its length.
Flavor: A heavy pick materializes in Saluki.exe's hands, having to heft it onto one shoulder to carry it.
Duration: Once
Element: Null

Damage: 80 + Panel Crack + Blast 2
Accuracy: D
Description: Throw a bomb that damages or breaks panels in a small area.
Flavor: Several beetank like bombs materialize in her hands; red and covered in her favorite flowery pattern.
Duration: Once
Element: Null

Damage: 80 + Slashing
Accuracy: B
Description: Creates a sword made of solidified energy, with a very short blade. Hits one target per slash
Flavor: A long and slender hybridized Rapier/Cutlass appears on Sallys right hip; complete with pink scabbard and belt. The whole hilt from pummel to hard guard was decorated in a complex; albeit her favorite floral pattern.
Duration: Until Overridden/Broken. Breaks automatically after 6 swings.
Element: Null

Damage: 70 + Object Triggered Blast 2
Accuracy: A (Primary) / B (Blast)
Description: Fires a sound wave. If it hits an object, its range is amplified, hitting anything near that object in a blast of noise.
Flavor: From elbow down Sally's left arm changes into a fat barrel with a stubby end. Inelegant but effective.
Duration: Once
Element: Null

Recovery: 30 HP
Accuracy: S
Description: Heals 30 HP.
Flavor: A round multi-triangular Gilmore surrounds the feet of the target; followed by a few black flashes with a few lingering black partial's afterwords.
Duration: Once
Element: Null

Damage: 20 x 3 Needles + Variable Targeting
Accuracy: B
Description: Three needles drop on enemies
Flavor: Both hands raised in the air three frozen spikes vaguely shaped like spears materialize in the air upon Saluki's command.
Duration: Once
Element: Aqua
Special: Variable Targeting: Allows the user to select a target for each individual hit of an attack. This means they may strike the same target multiple times, multiple different targets, or a mix of the two as they wish.

Damage: 100 + Homing
Accuracy: B
Description: Summons an Elebee virus, and sends it flying at an enemy. The Elebee is tenacious, and will hunt down its prey. It vanishes after stinging it's target, or after two turns.
Flavor: Saluki draws several dark glyphs in the air, lasting long enough to summon the virus and let it do its dirty work before vanishing once more.
Duration: Once
Element: Elec

Damage: 60 + Impact + Double Attack
Accuracy: A
Description: Throws a blazing punch from a distance.
Flavor: Saluki's paws burst aflame and she changes her stance befitting a boxer.
Duration: Up to 2 uses before the end of the turn
Element: Fire
Special: Double Attack: After spending an action to attack with this chip, you may choose to spend a second action and attack with it again before the end of the turn.

Damage: 50 x 3 Targets + Freeze 10% + Snow Terrain Boost(Freeze 100%)
Accuracy: C
Description and Flavor: The navi slams their fists together to make a loud noise. A shower of snow drops down on up to 3 targets. There's normally a 10% chance of freezing a target on-hit, but a guarantee if the target is on Snow Terrain.
Duration: Once
Element: Aqua

Damage: 60 / 60 + Group Attack + Ground Attack (next turn) / 60 + Group Attack + Ground Attack + Aqua Boost 30
Accuracy: C / D / C
Description: Throws a tree seed that powers up when hit with Aqua.
Flavor: This seed pulses and throbs with life waiting to be released.
Duration: Varies
Element: Wood
Special: Throws a seed at one enemy. If the seed misses, it will remain on the field until next turn. If the seed is untouched, it will execute a Wood Tower attack on a random group of enemies. If the seed is hit with an Aqua Attack, by anyone, while it is on the field, it will explode into a deadly Wood Tower attack on a random group of enemies. (Aqua Boosted damage is 90 Wood.)

HP: 200
Properties: Normal
Object Damage: 200 + Impact
Damage Method: Throw, Knockback, Airshot, Telekinesis
Accuracy: Special
Description and Flavor: Creates a RockCube on the field directly before you.
Duration: Until end of battle or destroyed.
Element: Null

Effect: (1 Hit Shield) + (Reflect(up to 60 + Piercing + Line Attack): On Hit)
Accuracy: S
Description: Generates a 1-Hit Shield upon activation. When this shield blocks one hit from a non-Break attack, it responds with a hyper-fast damage ray.
Flavor:Saluki equips an ancient Roman styled Scutum shield. It was large, rectangular and had a semi-cylindrical face; decorated with circles, spirals and a Skull for an umbo. The guige was long enough that she could sling it over her back when it is not needed.
Duration: Until broken or overridden.
Element: Null
Special: Negated by Break. Ignores Impact.
Special: Reflect: Damage returned is equal to the damage of the attack blocked or the damage cap listed, whichever comes first. Reflect is not subject to negation by Impact.
Special: Status Guard: This chip blocks debuffs.

HP: 100
Properties: Anchored
Object Damage: 100 + Impact
Damage Method: Telekinesis
Attack Damage: 80 + panel break
Accuracy: B
Description: Summons a Control Tower in your area and a Remote Bit to rain down lightning upon the enemy.
Duration: 3 turns or Until destroyed
Element: Elec

Damage: 30 + Blast 2 + Stun
Accuracy: D
Description: Magnetic bomb pins target
Duration: Once
Element: Elec

Damage: 70 + Aqua Panel Change (on-hit) + Gust Guided
Accuracy: C for the first target, then Random
Description: Summons a water spout, and sends it towards the designated target. The tornado then veers towards a second random target the following turn, and yet another the turn after until it has attacked every enemy on the field, encountered an object, or been blown off of the field by a Wind effect. Beware: it can turn on you.... It leaves a Sea Panel behind whenever it strikes something.
Duration: Once
Element: Aqua
Special: The accuracy and targeting parameters of this attack are affected by Wind. (Not Northwind.)

Bubble Wrap
Protection: 1 Non-Elec attack, per turn.
Accuracy: S
Description: Bubble deflects 1 Non-Elec attack each turn. Destroyed by Elec.
Duration: Until end of battle, hit with an elec attack, or overridden.
Element: Aqua
Special: Status Guard: This chip blocks debuffs.

Virus Database style= "color: rgb(0, 0, 0);width: (image width - 6); background-image: url(;"

Upon selecting Virus Database a eight inch holographic representation of the selected virus was projected above the octahedron. It showed the creature using various attacks, defending, dodging etc. The detailed statistics along with what chips they dropped for Sal/Sullen scrolled slowly around the base.

Note: These are based on my experiences; results may vary.

Description: A somewhat small and unassuming virus, its round black body and adorable little feet; it is covered by a helmet large enough that it can hide under.
Known attacks: It can defend itself and it somewhat cowardly and easily frightened. The virus can produce a shock wave with its pick axe and has been known to throw it as well.
Known Chip drop: Shock wave
Location(s) Observed: ACDC net

Description: Also in the adorable class of virus, little feet, round colorful pink body and two rabbit ears. It looks almost like it was made of wire.
Known attacks: Bunnies are a lot faster then they look, augmented with there zap ring attack which can stun!
Known chips drop: Unknown.
Location(s) Observed: ACDC net

Description: A large green and yellow accented sentry cannon; that appears to be anchored to the ground. Bet he wishes for feet every Christmas.
Known Attacks: Never seen it attack, can assume it shoots!
Known chips drop: Unknown.
Location(s) Observed: ACDC net

Description: It looked like a unholy union of a panzer and a beetle. Orange and black is kinda nice colors it reminds me of a pumpkin. The cannon appears to be its nose. It can move but seems to prefer to shoot at range.
Known attacks: It has a bomb that can crack pannels.
Known chip drops: Cracker Bomb.
Location(s) Observed: ACDC net

Description: Billy was just about at the edge of adorable and bordering mean looking viruses. The little yellow bugger had lightning rods for arms! He also has quite a temper tantrum. Sorta like a cooler mix of a Bunny/Metool.
Known attacks: a slow moving ball of lightning that seems to have a mind of its own. It can also shoot lightning bolts of course.
Known chip drops: Unknown.
Location(s) Observed: SiLabs Net

Description: Looks like Cannons bigger brother, smarter and better looking too. Also appears to be anchored.
Known attacks: fires a hail storm of machine gun bullets; it doesn't do a lot of damage but it fires a ton of them.
Known chip drops: Unknown.
Location(s) Observed: SiLabs Net

Description: A tall green segmented cactus, it appears to be anchored.
Known attacks: it sort of throws itself in your general direction, thankfully somewhat predictable to dodge.
Known chip drops: Unknown
Location(s) Observed: ACDC net

Description: Short little fire bug with two mean flaming fists that like to teleport around instead of moving to much. Looks like he just got out of the gym.
Known attacks: the old one two punch (they really hurt wood types :C ) he teleports around making him hard to pull or control, knock back might work fine but I never tried it.
Known chip drops: Unknown
Location(s) Observed: SiLabs Net, ACDC Net.

Cannon Guard
Description: another one of the Cannon family though alittle more introverted. Has a shield that covers its front.
Known attacks: it shoots and it hurts, though it doesn't seem to do anything with its shield down.
Known chip drops: Unknown
Location(s) Observed: SiLabs Net

Description: its a real weird looking punching bag thing that flaps and hops around like a bunny. Trains with Champu maybe?
Known Attacks: It turns itself into a heavy weight and drop's itself from high altitude.
Known chip drops: Unknown.
Location(s) Observed: ACDC net, Beach Net.

Description: a ghostly floating suit of armor thing with a sword and likes to teleport. Seems to be quite a bit smarter then a Metool that's for sure. They come in several varieties it seems but they are all basically the same.
Known Attacks: Teleport and then slashing with its sword!
Known chip drops: Sword
Location(s) Observed: ACDC net

Pulse Bat
Description: A bat that likes to swoop and fly around. Very anoying. Can carry little viruses, but not really sure why. Transpiration? food maybe? I never seen two virus fight another.
Known Attacks: obnoxious screeching. Letting it hit zombies is bad.
Known Chip drops: Pulsar 1
Location(s) Observed: ACDC net

Description: It really was hard to tell if they are birds or a fishes, either way they are extremely fast and hard to track. Green and yellow trimmed, three fined flying virus.
Known Attacks: An extremely fast dash!
Known chip drops: Unknown.
Location(s) Observed: ACDC net

Description: A purple ghost with a skully face mask and a nurse's hat.
Known attacks: Licking (ew) and healing (EW!)
Known chip drops: Recovery 30
Location(s) Observed: ACDC net

Description: A walrus dressed up like a french sailor having a day at the beach.
Known Attacks: Shooting its tusks out like projectiles.
Known chip drops: TwinFang1
Location(s) Observed: Beach Net.

Description: A blow fish, sea urchin like thing. It puffs up when it gets mad.
Known Attacks: Shoots its quills or spikes or whatever they are from its back, hitting several times.
Known chip drops: AquaNeedle1
Location(s) Observed: Beach Net.

Description: A honey bee thing that stings; oh electric, very nice.
Known Attacks: An electric based sting, getting right in a the fray.
Known Chip Drops: Arrow1.
Location(s) Observed: Beach Net?

Description: Another Electric bug thing, it reminds me of a grasshopper that merged with a transmission line.
Known Attacks: A ranged bomb, that can stun I think.
Known Chip Drops: MagBomb1
Location(s) Observed: Yoka Net, Beach Net?

Description: A strange nefarious silhouette of navi, or at least I think it is. It seems to be smart enough to get other virus to follow it, even in wrong networks
Known Attacks: Kinda Belly flops, not the most threatening.
Known Chip Drops: Unknown.
Location(s) Observed: Beach net?

Fort Fighter
Description: A strange virus that hides behind a snow fort and throws snowballs. Has anywhere between one and two hit shield depending on what its sitting on. Aqua I think.
Known Attacks: Throws snowballs, it kinda hurts not really.
Know Chip Drops: Snowfort1
Location(s) Observed: Beach net?

Description: A very very mean Tree monster with massive arms covered in snow. Don't be fooled! It can heal on grass too.
Known Attacks: Triple corpse Hammer blow, if you dodge/misses worse things happens.
Known Chip Drops: Avalanche 1
Location(s) Observed: Beach net?

Hard Head
Description: It has a very hard head, it opens and closes; being real protected when its closed.
Known Attacks: I think it it attacks when it opens it mouth it was destroyed before ever attacking.
Known Chip Drops: Unknown.
Location(s) Observed: Si-Lab net.

Description: some... twisty little monster with a control tower, something to do with satellites. Honestly I cant be good to be on the receiving end.
Known Attacks: never seen it attack, can speculate off the chip.
Known Chip Drops:RemoteBit1
Locations(s) Observed: Si-Lab net.

Description: It's a floating eye! Spooky well sorta. Most likely electric.
Known Attacks: Bisected it before it could.
Known Chip Drops: Unknown.
Location(s) Observed: Si-Lab net.

Description: A mechanical rat thing that shoots missiles. Seriously like a mouse from hell.
Known Attacks: Missiles rat missile; seeking rat missiles.
Known Chip Drops: Unknown.
Location(s) Observed: Si-Lab net.

Description: I love these guys! its like a giant mechanical hand, so bad they are just so bad.
Known Attacks: A ticking time bomb! Do not let it blow up.
Known Chip Drops: Unknown.
Location(s) Observed: Yoka net.

Description: A really big shrimp, almost wish that these things where frozen.
Known Attacks: A bubble shotgun I think...?
Known Chip Drops: Bubbler
Locations(s) Observed: Yoka Net.

Description: A big scary...crab water monster. Really I don't want to think about it.
Known Attacks: It can charge through more then one person!
Known Chip Drops: AquaWhirl1
Location(s) Observed: Yoka Net.

Description: It's ah... a hockey puck? shuffle board rock? umm curling stone? I'm not really sure its pretty weird.
Known Attacks:Wasn't paying attention; it might have been deleted first.
Known Chip Drops: Unknown.
Location(s) Observed: Yoka Net.

Mud feesh
Description: A mud fish? fish like virus caked in mud that flop around. I have the worst luck.
Known Attacks: Its a floppy fish? I don't think I have ever seen it attack.
Known Chip Drops: Unknown.
Locations(s) Observed: Yoka Net.

Shell Geek
Description: A virus inside of a shell that opens and closes (much annoying). Iron body when closed.
Known Attacks: Fires Arrows of all things
Known Chip Drops:BubbleWrap from one of the next four?
Location(s) Observed: Yoka Net

Description:A submarine! para scope and everything.
Known Attacks: An anchor in a bubble
Known Chip Drops:BubbleWrap?
Location(s) Observed: Yoka Net

Description: Umm a ghost misty thing. not really much to its body.
Known Attacks:Teleports/punches?
Known Chip Drops:BubbleWrap?
Location(s) Observed: Yoka Net

Description: Some sort of weird squid thing inside of a shell. Ick.
Known Attacks: Aqua tower (can go through objects) and a 10 HP Barrier.
Known Chip Drops:BubbleWrap came from one of the last four?
Location(s) Observed: Yoka Net

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Roller and Block
Two navis clad in shiny white full-body armour, decorated with very specific spotted patterns and a large circular red visors. Very little is known about there types despite the flurry of elemental attacks and Terran effects they where subjected to. They had vicious melee signatures and specialized in Navi to Navi (NvN) combat. For the most part they had an army of 'coins' and could summon more in combat. They also used an exotic selection of chips; at the time they had rock cubes, Vulcan's, Double Cubes and number balls. One was EJO the other fled the battle yelling about a mysterious RNG but Sally and Lucia where not able to investigate the matter further thanks to an exhausting battle that went down to literally the last chip. Nevertheless we wont think twice if we see knights and paper dolls.

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This is just a section for me to play around with signature formats, posting organization, templates etc.


<Navigator> Summary [i][/i]
1: Battle Chip; <Insert Chip Name>: <Insert Properties, positioning, effects, duration, desired target, element etc.>

2: Signature Ability; <Insert Ability name>: <Insert Properties, positioning, effects, duration, desired target, element etc.>

*Free actions or Passives under the previous format.

3: Strategic Attacks/Movement/Interactions/Aiming/Bracing etc.

<Support Program> Summary [i][/i]
1:<Support program action(s)>

Party Status[i][/i]
-<Navigator>: XX HP
-<Ability> X TCD.
-<Battle Chip> [X/Y Uses].

=<Support Program>=
-<Support Program>: XX HP+ [XX hp <Barrier/casing>]

- <Object>: HP: XXX
- <Object>: HP: XXX

<<< From Science Labs: UnderSub Apartments <<<

He knew what to expect this time, so upon arriving at the homepage entrance, Recon wasn't surprised by the sandstorm that greeted him. The EAAS' clarity system activated again, revealing the clearing he'd seen on his last visit. He pushed towards it, spitting sand out of his mouth every so often.

Eventually the winds died down, and Recon was able to see the forest in full detail. It looked... sad. He'd seen some forests in the training program Steve was forcing him to use, but the greenery he looked at now looked decayed and almost lifeless. Recon went to reach for one of the peelings, but it retracted slightly as his hand moved forward, as if it didn't want the attention. Surprised, but not amused, the dark navi left it alone and continued making his way through the dense jungle. A slight lapse of focus caused Recon to trip on some floor material, but the contact hardly phased him. There was a sort of clearing up ahead, but it was impossible to see anything in it at this distance.

Wading his way through the final bush, Recon was met by a large clearing, centred around a large body of water. A subtle mist emanated from the body, but Recon wasn't deterred by it. What had his interest was a group of large stones sticking out of the ground, bordered by some kind of poorly constructed fence. As he approached it, he asked his advisor, what is the meaning of this?

It... looks like a graveyard.... the EAAS wondered out loud. It's a respectful way to store the remains of the dead. This one isn't very respectful for those in it, though... he related to his master, studying the fence.

It's irrelevant then, Recon replied, realising it had no relevance to his goal. The small residence next to the graveyard may provide some assistance. He strode over to the dwelling and opened the door to find such a modest setup. A small bed, a stove, and a green information system. The floating device stared at him, as if it was aware of his presence. He fiddled with the information system, learning a little more about the operator/navigator pair he'd be subjugated to last night.

Well, I guess that's about it, Recon confirmed with his visor as he closed down the display. He tapped some commands into the air and created a textnote file, and then wrote a message for the homepage's owner. Happy with its wording, he placed the flashing file underneath the geen device and left the hut. Steve would almost be ready now, so he activated his emergency jack-out locator, not bothering to walk all the way back to the portal. His emblem flashed, and seconds later Recon was back in the laptop.

Quote (Note left at Saluki.exe's Homepage)

So your name is Saluki? Interesting choice. Obviously I checked out your homepage, like I said I would, and I must say, your theme of death seems to be prevalent in the entire site. Not that I'm one to judge, my homepage is a box with interactive and customizable screens.

Anyway, I left my operator's email address attached to this note. If you ever want to meet again, or maybe go busting with some backup, I'm not too strong yet, but I was apparently a soldier in another life, so I can't be too bad. Just add something about "old gravestones" in your message; my operator usually makes me delete any emails that come from addresses not in his contact list, but if I see that, I'll know who sent it.

It's entirely up to you.

~ Recon.EXE

*Jack-out: Recon.EXE*

>>> To Science Labs: UnderSub Apartments >>>