The homepage is arranged in a general T-shape, with the access point to the main Net placed at the point where the lines intersect. Once a Navi enters, there are two short paths to either side, and a longer path straight ahead.

The left path simply leads to another warp hole, though this is unusable by most. It's simply where a Navi jacking in from the owner's PC will emerge.

The right path leads to a series of links, providing access to each other major country's Net regions: Electopia, Yumland, NetFrica, and Sharo each have multiple warp holes, leading to major places in their Nets.

The straight path leads to a larger area, featuring statues of four Navis, with a brief description of each them. However, it's obvious that this place hasn't been maintained for some time, as their names, featured in large print over the descriptions, are damaged and illegible in spots. The descriptions themselves are all but unreadable by now. From the path leading from the warp hole, and in clockwise motion, there are:

- A tall Fire Navi, '-lar-Man with flames constantly erupting from his shoulders and wrists
- A short Aqua Navi, '--lashM--' with water cannons on his back
- A cute girl Navi, 'Ta---t', featuring a buster designed for sniping
- A small Elec Navi, 'F----Man', which lacks legs and hovers in the air

Behind the statues appears to be a path leading farther ahead, but a powerful firewall blocks any progress forward. A sign hangs on it, stating 'Currently Not Business' in large, clear letters.