Inbox of Viktoriya Erin, of the Sharo Military.
Hello there Viktoriya Erin,
This is Professor Fredrick Kales of Dentech University. I am very thankful that you replied to my message, it was a good find for both of us. I should briefly explain the nature of my navi, and in doing so, I will briefly be able to explain the nature of my experiment.

M.Angel-213.EXE is a mechanical angel Navi, designed to spread the power of the machine and to carry out his will. Or so she is to believe. The nature of her experiment you see, is to test a different approach to the normal and natural thinking behind the concepts of religion. Most come to either rely on the divine being, or to reject the thought of such, tending to hold on their own. They either believe that they will get everything that want and be forever protected, or that there can't be a divine being, due to their own personal experiences, and reject the concept.

I understand that was a bit of a rounded off explanation of the matter at hand. Her purpose is to be logical in her approach of a higher power. This experiment is still in the working stages. I am still seeing how 213 reacts to certain cases and certain activities. She has a custom built faith meter installed to track her progress with faith in the machine. The only thing you and your navi need to do special for 213, is not activity deny the existence of a higher power.

You see, to make this work the best, I had to give her full faith in existence of a higher power. That faith can be altered, but it had to start at full. I don't want this meter to be dropped too low this early. If it happens later, I guess that was the nature of the experiment.

I feel I have explained this in an awkward way. This idea is still in the baby stages, the ideas are merely theoretical, and still fueled by personal observation of the individuals around me.

213 will be at this location soon, its the meet up point. Thank you again for helping with this.

-Fredrick Kales
Professor of Religious Studies

213 Location Data
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