This email address is for the author Katherine Stevenson and her Navigator Durandal.Exe. This address is hosted on a Netopian net server.

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TO: KatStevenson@KaenBooks.com
FROM: ChristineEvans@KaenBooks.com
SUBJECT: Manuscript

Hello Kat!

It's Christine. I just wanted to see how you were coming along with the manuscript. Let's meet up for coffee soon to discuss the deadline. Hit me back!

Toodles ~

TO: KatStevenson@KaenBooks.com
FROM: ScKrysarch@YumMail.net
SUBJECT: Re: Offer of Aid

Greetings to you, Katherine.

Referring to your earlier reply, I am happy to convene anywhere. Currently, I am in Yumland, but I have plans to visit a relative in Electopia soon. While there, I would like to visit the Electopian Science Labs complex to purchase one or two upgrades for Terra's use. As such, I ask if it would be acceptable to meet up outside the Navi Shop. If you have another place in mind, I would be happy to accommodate you.

As for my name, I like to be called Scarlet, or perhaps Scar for short. Is it fine for me to call you by 'Kat'? Normal conversation sounds so awkward with such long names.


TO: KatStevenson@KaenBooks.net
FROM: ScKrysarch@YumMail.net
SUBJECT: Time of Meetup

Well, I have my trip to Electopia scheduled for August 1st, so perhaps we can meet on the 2nd, around nine in the morning or so? If the time is too early or too late, I can always reschedule my times. We can meet at the park outside the Navi Shop, which one of my relatives has described as being a good place to meet people.


TO: Katherine Stevenson @ KatStevenson@KaenBooks.net
FROM: Waltz @ CharityEvent@sharofreemail.net
SUBJECT: Charity Event Award

Thank you very much for your concern towards the under-privileged. This cannon will go straight to them. In return for your generosity, I have attached one of my favorite chips; its tactical uses are many. It might be foreign to a navi swordsman, but I feel like it's a chip well suited for one hoping to aid those in need. I hope that your navi will become a powerful force for justice.


*AirRaid1 attached*
TO: Kat Stevenson and Durandal (KatStevenson@KaenBooks.com)
FROM: CharityEvent2@sharofreemail.net
SUBJECT: This Chip's For You!

Thanks for donating! Please accept the attached chip as a match for your own donation.[color=green][/color]

*MarkCannon1 attached*