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FROM: Dave&Raider (springfield@oneshot.net)
TO: timpy@exstudent.com
SUB.: Teaming up?

Hi, this is Dave and Raider,

I'm glad you got interested in our advertisement, and replied so fast.
I suggest to meet somewhere, for example in ACDC town, I know some good coffee shops here, you just got to tell me when, if that's okay for you.

Dave & Raider


TO: Enchanter and Timothy @ timpy@exstudent.com
FROM: Holly @ CharityEvent@sharofreemail.net
SUBJECT: This Chip's For You!

For your contribution, I hope that you'll accept this sword battle chip. It's a handy weapon that almost every navi is familiar with.

Don't worry; I won't underestimate the value of a cannon. I'll be sure to warn the new owner about the knockback!


*Sword attached*