Looking for old or aged items, little keep sakes, or large furniture pieces for your living room. Look no further then Jack Chesman's Historical Society. We have all those old and hard to find items, and if we dont have it we will find it. You can find us at the corner of havoc st and little town rd in acdc town. Or if you have already been in the store and want to setup a digital transfer of funds and delivery of the items please send emails to HistoricalSociety@snailmail.com

(HistoricalSociety post in ACDC town is an open post for folks to post in the experiences in the shop. I will be roleplaying jack chesman store owner and operator of Rook.exe. feel free to post in the thread if your looking to role play your operators alittle maybe even role playing getting non-functioning game items like old relics or scrolls. Aka items that add roleplaying value to your toon but no game effect)
TO: Jack Chesman @ Historicalsociety@snailmail.com
FROM: Holly @ CharityEvent@sharofreemail.net
SUBJECT: This Chip's For You!

Thank you very much for the donation. I'm sure the chip's got a lot of useful days still left ahead of it.

In return for your contribution, please accept this Cornshot2 chip. It's just a bit more powerful than the regular Cornshot, which I'm sure you've heard of. Be sure to make use of the neat trick shot!


*Cornshot2 attached*