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Buisness E-mails:She's a zoo keeper, what do YOU think?
Subject:Rose's E-mail Address

Hello there Kedamono and Koumori,

This quick little message is just to make sure that you get my e-mail address, since I don't have handy cards like you do.

I'll have to look into getting some for myself!

Well, thanks for the match, I had fun today. And good luck in your future busting.

Rose Dunrae
Re:Rose's E-mail Address
Thanks, I had fun too, I can't wait to meet up with you again, but being a zoo keeper and secondary vet makes some free time scarce, but, i'm sure we can work around that.

And the buisness cards, I always have a few on hand just in case of meetings like this, and for the coustomers that need my attention, but, I mostly make them myself with recycled materials, so they are eco friendly.

And, tell SummonerMan that he's not going to be much of a navi if he has things that close, tell him to work on his stratagies.
Subject: Koumori, Shut the hell up.

SummonerMan would like to remind you who won that Colosseum battle. If any one isn't much of a Navi here, it's the loser. And if said loser would like to argue that fact, they should put their money where their mouth is and beat the winner in a rematch. Anytime, anywhere, it won't matter, as the winner will stay on top.

RE:Koumori, Shut the hell up.

I am sorry, but, you winning, was pure luck, had that sword hit the guard and my attack hit, you would have been needing more than just a rest in your PET, and, sorry to burst your bubble, but, i'm gonna take a break from being around you, I think I cought your sarcasm from the short time we were around each other, but, I'll take you on later, My netop is currently doing something for the netpolice, some game or whatever, and i'm stuck in my PET, with nothing to do but to reply and post on BBS boards, so, if you would so kindly, shut up, I won't have to delete you later, ok?
Subject: RE:RE: Koumori

Dearest Koumori,

As much as I would be willing to place or relationship on hold, as I'm growing rather tired of your unjustified self confidence, I believe that instead we should leave communications lines open and settle our differences. After all, our operators get along ever so well, and it would be a shame if they had to abandon their friendship due to our petty squabble. So why not put this arguing to an end and we'll go up to status quo?

Thanks Bunches,
Subject: Borrowed Chip

Thank you for letting me borrow that chip of yours Kedamono.

I won a new chip as a prize for competing in the tournament (consolation prize), so you can have yours back.

Thanks again!

Rose Dunrae

[ATTACHED: MagBomb1]
Oh! Th-Thanks! W-We really should bust together again one of these days. Koumori has an SP now as well as more attacks. I'm kind of busting with some other navis in ACDC town, and the viruses are becoming...well, numerous. I am also waiting for a mission with some other navis, but, I'm sure we could make time to get together again one of these days.

Data downloaded: Magbomb1.chip.dat

(koumori and her SP are currently in the middle of a large battle)
Subject: RE:RE:Borrowed Chip

It's no issue at all; I should be thanking you.

And I'm sure we should be able to make time to meet up sometime again in the future.

If you're free and looking for something to do, feel free to get in touch.

Your Friend,
~Rose Dunrae, Ace Reporter : )