Discussion: Seasonal Offer from Soryu's Chip Shop!

Local ACDC Town chip shop owner, Soryu Gosthe, is getting into the spirit of the season and is having a special discounted promotional offer with his chip trader. According to Gosthe, the chip trader will be rerouted through the email server allowing anyone to send it a single chip via an email with the subject line reading "Season's Greetings!". In doing so, the sender will receive a random chip in return. Gosthe has also supposedly removed the more common chips from the possible results, practically guaranteeing something interesting for everyone. This offer will apparently last until the end of next month, ending on January 31st. This date also coincidentally coincides with the annual tax return deadline.

The chip trader's email is ChipTrader@SoryusChipShop.com
This offer is only valid for one trade per person! ONE TRADE PER PERSON! So don't go thinking you can buy my Minibombs in bulk and empty my precious trader and milk my generosity!

With the holiday season having passed, the chip trader email will no longer be accepting further incoming emails. Soryu wished to express his gratitude towards everyone who participated in this offer and hopes that he never has to do it again.