Operator Name: Stephine Magi
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Appearance: This teenaged girl is Jack's kid sister and she doesn't take the same cues that Jack does in terms of clothing and fashion sense. She tends to be real basic on her clothing choice, usually a short sleeved shirt with a pattern resembling a zebra's stripes in a black and white color pattern, her paints are more brown shorts that reaches her knees, if just barely, quite loose fitting regardless.
The kid sister to Jack is a little on the chubbier side, her height being about 5'9, weighing in at about 190 pounds, a little belly bulge easily seen even under her clothes, she has a moderate bust of a C-cup despite her weight while she is more rounder than an average girl her age, a little flab here and there, rounding her out.
Her skin tone is just as white as Jack's, her eyes a blazing red color regardless of things, her face about as chubby as her belly is, she also wears braces on her teeth due to horrible maintaining of them when she was little, her usual footwear consisting of hiking boots and the like, sandals at the beach, her footwear changing from day to day regardless.

Personality: More or less, she is quiet and shy around people, having been given her navi by the scientists at Scilabs after said navi's incident. Stephine isn't afraid to speak her mind when she is passionate about something, be it computers, cars, video games and the like, she being an Otaku and being overly happy about getting something she doesn't have. She tries to keep calm under stress, trying to avoid going bonkers or hyperventilating, or the general things people do under extreme bits of stress.

PET Modifications: It's light blue in color, that's about it.

Net Navi

Name: Jazz.exe
Gender: Male
Element: Wood
Type: Break (Mass Destruction/Smash)

Appearance: Jazz takes the appearance of an anthropomorphic White Mountain Hare, two pairs of hands with four fingers and a thumb on each, while keeping the general appearance of a rabbit's feet, while having three large toes as well as keeping the pink paw pads of each foot (three smaller ones under where his toes would be at, and one larger one to cushion his heels) as well as the curved, dull black nails (that don't go longer than a few inches, at most when fully out) to go along with the toes as well as his own more human fingers, though those tend to be trimmed to much less lengthy and look more like a human's nails, as well as ears that stick up to half a foot long with a curved design that flows inwards to the inner ear and beyond.

To go into details, the white rabbit stands at an above average six feet tall when flat footed with his body structure leaning to be a bit more feminine than most navis of his structure. There is some errant fat on his body to add to his fluff, making him weigh in at a slightly above average 177 pounds, leaving him for the most part slimmer in the upper body than most navis out there, granting him greater flexibility and speed in battle when it comes down to that. Though his body might be generally slim and compact, a bit of his weight comes from his larger thighs. Much like the animal he is based upon he has large thighs to allow him to hop and jump around better than the more human navis that walk around the net, he is generally quick to move and even quicker to jump out of a situation.

His eyes are a deep ruby red color due to the color of his snow-white fur, the bunny navi's arms a little on the shorter side than most, but his legs help make up for that as he uses them to smash into his enemies. Wearing an aqua colored navi suit to keep decent and covered, the animal-based navi's face looks more like the animal he is based upon, a muzzle that juts from his face forming his little black nose at the end with two small slits for nostrils and a small set of buck teeth that hang down from his upper lip to about three and a half centimeters downwards and to top things off, a small cottonball tail that comes out from his tailbone and a navi emblem with a simple yellow musical note as well as a small brown staff crossing over the top of it.

Personality: Jazz is simply put, a brash individual with ulterior motives behind his actions. He has a tendency to take advantage of a person as much as he can, however he can, when they have something that he wants. Be it money, chips or what have you, if he thinks it might be a bigger help to him than to you, he will try to get it from you. He however DOES have a sweeter side to him, but he very rarely shows this to strangers, very rarely allows himself to be "passive" or "submissive" to another person...though if said person has a big rack and a bigger bank account, then he -might- be persuaded to take the submissive "cute" role to get to his ends meets. He is also a big fan of many musical types, from classical to the newest thing (within reason) and this is something he wishes to practice making one day, a thing that soothes him to his core.

Custom Weapon: Jazz uses his legs to attack foes up close, be it jumping on them or giving them a kick in the chest. For a long range attack, Jazz attacks with a musical note that hits like a ball of steel.

Timothy Ilyich and Nikko.exe 0z 0 BF, 0 Viruses Deleted

Timothy Ilyich
Nikko.exe V2
Timothy and Nikko's stuff

Key Items

Sub Chips
Mini energyx2, smallEnergypackx0, Sneakrunx0 escapex0, untrapx0, unlockerx0, Process Editx0

Nikko.exe Folder (4 Chips, 0 levels)

Normal Chips
RageClaw1Damage: 40 + Slashing (Attack) OR 20 + Impacting (Throw)
Accuracy: B / B then B
Description: Creates an impressive bear claw. Can be used to slash or throw enemies or objects.
Duration: Until Overridden/Broken. Breaks automatically after 6 uses.
Element: Null
Special: Throw: The wielder must first grab the target to be thrown, then the target is thrown in the direction/area indicated. A second check is made if against another object/enemy. Throw deals damage to both thrown object/enemy and the second object/enemy. Damage occurs at point of collision with the ground/wall/ceiling/etc. or an object/enemy, not during initial grab attempt. Objects deal their max HP in damage (instead of the chip's damage) if they hit an object/enemy, then break. If they miss, the object just takes the chip's damage. This chip has a variety of uses.
Trader Rank: D

ShotgunDamage: 50 + Spread 1
Accuracy: A
Description: A gun whose shot penetrates an enemy to hit another one directly behind it.
Duration: Once
Element: Null
Trader Rank: E

Fire Chips
Elec Chips
Wood Chips
GaiaSwordDamage: 180 + Slashing
Accuracy: B
Description: Creates a sword of earth energy to cut an enemy. Rare
Duration: Once
Element: Wood
Trader Rank: C

Support/Healing chips
Recover30Recovery: 30 HP
Accuracy: S
Description: Heals 30 HP.
Duration: Once
Element: Null
Trader Rank: D

Nikko.exe Stats

Active: Glitch Eater (Take one glitch from any target with one, gain Strengthen 20 once per turn)
Passive: Floating Point Error (Every glitch on a target reduces accuracy by 2%, max of 10 glitches/20%)
STAB: +5 to same element
Level: 0 (+0 from chips, +0 from HP, 0 from other sources)
Speed: 0/3 (3 Actions per turn)
HP: 100 (150 with HP+50)
Buster Stats: 1/1/1
Buster Element: None
Buster Effect: None

Upgrades Gained

Processor Increases: 3/Level, HP: 0, Speed: 0, Sub Chip Capacity:0/4, Buster Upgrade: 0/12

Nikko.exe Navicustom
20/40 Points
Used: Undershirt (10, Survive with 1 HP on Lethal Hit), HP+50 (10, +50 Max HP)

Nikko Sig Attacks

Signature Points: 60/60
Smashing Blood Tentacle (60 Fire+Break, Recovery Time 1 (30 points towards cap), 3TCD) (60 points+30 Nerf)

Nikko FXP

Nikko Crosses

Nikko GMOs

Nikko Bounties