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Character Data: Cray (2060z)
Operator: Alicia Farrah
Operator: Alicia Farrah
Key Items: Alicia's PET, Goggles
Homepage: [Private Link: Please enter Username and Password to continue.]
Navi: Cray.EXE
Navi: Cray.EXE
HP: 100
Level: 1
Actions: 3
Element: Elec
Subtype: Bug
Crosses: None
NaviCust Contents: Undershirt, SetSolar
Navicust Points: 35/40
Attack: 1
Rapid: 1
Charge: 1
Subchips: 2x MiniEnergyPack
None yet
In Folder: 5/30
-1x TriArrow - 10x3 to up to three targets
-1x Shotgun - 50+Spread1
-1x RageClaw - 40, multiuse, can throw enemies at other enemies for 20 each
-1x Zapring1: 40 Elec+Stun1
-1x Thunder1: 40 Elec+Stun1+Homing
Scramble [Active, 2TCD]: Cray disrupts a target with electrical energy, dealing elec damage and causing glitches.
40 Elec (40), Glitch (20), 60 total points