[spoiler=Character data: Eidolon (2585z, 90 Bugfrags)][spoiler=Operator: Andrew Vang]Operator: [URL=http://z10.invisionfree.com/RockmanChaosNetwork/index.php?showtopic=8014]Andrew Vang[/URL]
Key Items: Andrew's PET, HP Memory x5, NaviCust Expansion x2, Speed Upgrade x3, Process Upgrade x25, Buster PowerUP x4
E-Mail: [URL=http://z10.invisionfree.com/RockmanChaosNetwork/index.php?showtopic=8016]Vang@genisi.net[/URL]
Homepage: Server is down.  Please try again later[/spoiler][spoiler=Navi: Eidolon.EXE]Navi: [URL=http://z10.invisionfree.com/RockmanChaosNetwork/index.php?showtopic=8015]Eidolon.EXE[/URL]
HP: 200
Level: 25
Actions: 6
Element: Normal
Subtype: Bug
Crosses: None
Navicust Contents: Undershirt, FloatShoes
Navicust Points: 40/50
Attack: 4
Rapid: 2
Charge: 1
+Glitch Shot
-4x MiniEnergyPack
-2x Escape[/spoiler][spoiler=FXP and Crosses]-Anyis: 40
-Djinni: 10
-Meleeman: 10

AnyisCross (Aqua/Melee): Level 1, +10 Aqua chip damage, 80 Cross Sig points
Signature Attacks:
Cold Spot [Active, 1TCD]: Eidolon channels her spectral navi component and summons ghostly flames to drastically lower the temperature of an area. Combined with the freezing fire itself, the end result is a cold spot with many of the same properties as a large snowdrift.
Large Area Snow Terrain (40), 40 total points

Point Mass Collision [Active, 1TCD]: Not to have her own telekinetic abilities outdone by a giant guardian spirit, Eidolon channels Preon to generate and hit a target with a cluster of point particles. And as it turns out, a large enough mass of infinitely small particles to form something visible makes for an extremely dense battering ram that can probably send targets into orbit.
Microburst (40), 40 total points. [/spoiler][spoiler=Battlechips]In folder (30):
1x RageClaw - 40, can throw enemies at other enemies for 20 each
1x Sword - 80
1x WideSword - 80, wide
1x Wideblade - 110, wide
1x AquaSword - 80, water
1x StepSword - teleport, 120 wide
1x VariableSword - 80+damage of chip sacrificed, effect varies depending on chip
1x Kunai1 - 30x3, slashing
1x DashAttack - 90, impact, up to 5 targets in a line
1x Aquaneedle1 - 3x20, water
1x Sensor1 - 100HP object, 100 Elec+Beam+Stun to anything in its path
1x AreaGrab
1x Rope1 - 50 wood+hold for three turns
1x PowerBolt2 - 90+Drop Attack
1x Bubbler1 - 50, aqua, spread one
1x DollThunder2: 100 Elec+Line5
1x PanelReturn - returns terrain to normal
1x Magbolt1 - 90 Elec+Stun+Magnetic Pull
1x CurseShield2 - 1-hit shield+Counter210 on hit, status guard
1x Flameline1 - 70, fire, line
1x MarkCannon2 - 100+Seeking+LockOn
1x ElecReel1 - 80 elec+Spread3
1x WoodTower1 - 100, wood, group, ground
1x RockCube - Creates a 200 HP slab of rock
1x Drain1 - 50 Drain
1x Candle1 - 100HP object, Regen5 while active
1x WhiteWeb1 - 40+snare to up to three
1x Guard2 - Reflect one attack for up to 120
1x SummonBlack1 - 160+slashing+wide, can only be summoned from broken or missing
1x Airstorm2 - 60+pull to three

Not in Folder (14):
1x Cannon - 40+Knockback
1x Marublaster1
1x IronShield1
1x MarkCannon1
1x Varitails - 10x9, multiuse
1x CornShot - 2x50, Wood
2x HeatShot1 - 40, fire, spread one
1x FireHit1 - 60, fire
1x Barrier - 10HP Barrier
1x FireBurner1 - 50, fire, line attack
1x Thunder1 - 40, stun, elec
1x Flameline1 - 70, fire, line
1x Boomerang1 - 60, wood[/spoiler][spoiler=Sigs]Toward [Passive]: Telekinetic ability salvaged from Arsinoe. Pulls a target toward the user.
Passive pull (10 passive), 40 total points

Away [Passive]: Telekinetic ability salvaged from Arsinoe. Pushes a target away from the user.
Passive knockback (10 passive), 40 total points

Spectral Shield [Passive]: Can create spectral images of shields and shield-like objects to absorb some attacks.
Passive 1-hit shield (20 passive), 80 total points

Apparition [Active, 2TCD]: Temporarily takes on the appearance of another navi. Since it doesn't affect Eidolon's battle systems, it serves little purpose other than distraction, but sometimes that distraction can be very useful.
Illusion (50), 50 total points

Data Drain [Active, 2TCD]: The ability to have foreign navi data incorporated into her own frame is usually something that can only be done from Eidolon's PET. In a pinch, however, she can resort to a more direct method.
40 Lifedrain (80), 80 total points

Data Vampirism [Active, 4TCD]: And sometimes, smaller amounts just aren't enough.
80 Lifedrain (160), 160 total points

Vanish [Active, 2TCD]: Exactly what it sounds like. Eidolon vanishes from normal sight for a short time.
Invis (80), 80 total points

Reappear [Active, 2TCD]: Doesn't have to be used in conjunction with Vanish, but can be. Eidolon simply reappears somewhere else.
Teleport (80), 80 total points

Point Shot [Active, 1TCD]: Eidolon fires a tiny, nearly invisible burst of energy at an opponent. It's nearly harmless on its own, but can track hidden targets.
20 Null+Seeking (40), 40 total points

Ghost Sword [Active, 3TCD]: Eidolon combines her own apparitions with the combat data of Pianissimo, allowing her to strike deeper into opponents and infect their systems with random errors. As a consequence, however, the sword used for this becomes completely ethereal for a short time afterward, making it completely ineffective in combat.
Two instances of Strengthen40+Glitch (60x2), Buster Lock (-40), 80 total points

Corrosion [Active, 4TCD]: Eidolon hits a target with a burst of spectral energy that directly targets their weapons, dealing damage and causing them to lock up for a short time.
80 Null+Freeze (130), 130 total points [/spoiler][spoiler=Support Program: Icaro.SP]SP: [URL=http://z10.invisionfree.com/RockmanChaosNetwork/index.php?showtopic=8015&view=findpost&p=13672812]Icaro.SP[/URL]
HP: 60
Level: 5
Actions: 1
Attack: 10
Element: Wood
Subtype: Recover

-Second Chance

Song of Healing [Active, 1TCD]: Icaro channels healing energy into a target through the power of song and rose petals.
30 Heal (40), 40 total points

Ayahuasca [Active, 1TCD]: Icaro channels spirit energy from plants to create and convey a medicine that cures any one ailment. Needless to say it requires plants of some form to work, but Icaro can grow some in an instant if need be.
Small Area Grass Terrain (10), then Status Cure (30), 40 total points.

Stolen Sight [Active, 2TCD]: Icaro momentarily steals away the sight of a designated target, temporarily blinding them.
Blind (60), 60 total points

Rose Field [Active, 2TCD]: Icaro gathers wind and rose petals around her in a barrier cyclone. The barrier is easy to break, but whoever does is immediately hit with a strong gust of wind.
20 HP Barrier, then Counter (Barrier broken): Microburst (40), 60 total points [/spoiler][/spoiler]