Name: Hector Guerrero
Age: 35
Gender: Male
Appearance: At 5'11" and 170 lbs., Hector doesn't garner particular interest from his vital statistics, as while he is muscular and in good shape, he isn't so to the point that it makes him look particularly different from a normal Whazzapian.

He possesses unkempt black hair that extends to the very top of the shoulder, and his face appears to be covered in a permanent 5-o'clock shadow. Despite normally being 'the windows of the soul', his dark brown eyes tend to reflect very little of what he feels, which tends to give him a half-dead, uninterested look, even when such is not true of him.

His clothing is highly simple, choosing to wear a long sleeved, midnight blue shirt with black jeans, and dark gray boots. His one oddity in dress is what seems like the back half of a black poncho, which he wears like a cape. On its back is SharpMan's emblem, twin sickles that cross at both handle and blade level. Of more interest to most, however, is the unevenness of where the poncho ends, as though it had been ripped, and not cut. A closer look would even reveal some very dark red spots near the front edge, but if asked about what they are, Hector would simply shrug it off.

Personality: Most would expect Hector to be cold and distant, given his former profession. But while cynical, he's surprisingly friendly to those he cares about. He's even somewhat warm to strangers, but this is more of a former professional courtesy: who knows if the person asking for directions is actually his next employer? Yet since he has taken his leave of his job, this is no longer the case.

PET Modifications: Hector's PET is jet black, with gray trim. It's been covered in anti-glare coating, both to prevent the screen from receiving glare, and the PET from giving it off.

History of Hector and SharpMan
For generations, the Guerrero family functioned as a band of assassins and mercenaries. They fought with few peers, able to eliminate any target, or complete any task given to them. The advent of the Net did nothing but add a new dimension to their skill set, and their Navis thrived in the cyberworld as their operators did in the real world. Around 35 years ago, a new generation of Guerreros were born; twins Hector and Dawn.

Hector fit into the mercenary lifestyle like a glove, but Dawn proved to be a rarity; she had neither any talent for killing, nor any desire to do so. While reluctant, her parents allowed her to attend business school instead, becoming the first member of the family in over 100 years to seek a more 'normal' profession.

Unable to comprehend his sister's inability to perform the family business, Hector never questioned his station in life. He became an expert in stealth, and eventually, death. However, one day, it occured to him that by restricting himself to the real world, he was missing some prime opportunities. After some work, he created a Navi designed to eliminate anything or anyone.

Not much time later, a Navi became well known in some underground circles. One with allegedly unparalleled power and precision in the art of swordplay. The name...SharpMan. And why wouldn't he be skilled? His operator was none other than Hector Guerrero, skilled in all forms of ending life. However, perhaps because of his Navi's incredible skills, he began to receive more and more contracts to acquire rare chips, a highly profitable task considered more difficult than regular Navi deletion. As a result, he had one of the greatest chip order businesses in all of southern Netopia. Over time, a rivalry formed between Hector and another man with a similar business, and their Navis became well-known in the area for their constant clashes over various opportunities. However, thanks to family connections throughout the criminal world, SharpMan seemed to emerge victorious more often than not, a fact that, though frequently whispered, was never proven; as with any Guerrero, no one was stupid enough to confront Hector on the matter.

After leaving SharpMan in his sister's care, he set off on several jobs, of seemingly trivial importance. Yet, upon clearing them, he proclaimed himself completely free of all criminal charges. Deciding to call it a career in his unsavory profession, Hector decided to reclaim his Navi, and dedicate himself to being the operator of a professional Navi deleter...


Name: SharpMan.EXE
Gender: Male
Element: Normal
Subtype: Sword

Appearance: SharpMan stands at 5'10", blades not withstanding. While he appears as though all of his blades would weigh him down at least a little bit, he weighs surprisingly little, a measly 141 lbs. by real word standards. However, this tends to rarely come up, as his blades tends to absorb any and all attention placed on him.

Aside from his face, SharpMan's entire head is covered by a gray helmet, adorned with four large metal blades. Two extend like tusks from the ear coverings forward, and two more stick up about an inch from the helmet, then extend and curve back down to approximately halfway down the back. One would think they would easily snap due to only being connected at the one point on his helmet, yet it would take an extraordinary effort to break. Facially, he possesses brown eyes, and his mouth is usually in a smirk or grin, in anticipation of being able to rip apart his enemies.

From shoulder to below the elbow, he simply has thin black armor. His forearms, however, are a thicker gray color, and possess the largest blades on his body; each arm has a 40 inch, sickle-like edge from the bottom and outer side of each forearm. These blades can extend and retract at will, allowing SharpMan to cut and slice in a variety of fashions. He possesses hands, but are simply covered in thin black armor, and have no special factors. Especially when compared to those blades.

The chest and upper back are both covered in that same gray armor. Surprisingly, the only blades on this part serve as shoulderpads...razor sharp shoulderpads. The chest also contains his emblem; two sickles that cross each other at both handle and blade levels.

From the chest armor to the boots, SharpMan has absolutely nothing beyond the thinner armor. His boots happen to be fairly generic, but each outer ankle has a small, dagger-like edge that serves as decoration.

Personality: After years of serving as a Navi deleter, SharpMan has little problem with cutting apart others, even if they're only guilty of being the enemy of his current employer. In fact, he seems to relish using his blades for their primary purpose, regardless of the reason being standard virus busting, unstandard Navi deletion, or anything in-between. However, he falls a bit short of insanity, knowing when to halt the slicing and dicing if he must. This has allowed him to expand from being a mere killer to being more of a Navi mercenary, using his four main 'talents' to escort weaker Navis, gather chips for well-paying clientele, and so on.

Outside of battle, his tongue proves as razor edged as his arms, absolutely not afraid to make remarks, witty or not, at another's expense, and not caring of the possible consequences for doing so. Perhaps because of his days as a Navi mercenary, he rarely assists others without some kind of compensation as reward; charity is not a word in his vocabulary.

Custom Weapon: The blades on his arms can be used to slice the target in any number of ways. They can also absorb the effects of most sword-based chips, granting them identical abilities. They can even be detached and tossed for ranged slashing.


SharpMan - 150/150 HP - 1390[s
z[/s] - 93 BugFrags]
CustomSword (???, B, Slashing, LifeSword Range, +40 attack power after each turn, up to 2 uses) Rare
WideBlade (110, B, Slashing, Wide Attack, up to 2 uses)
Sword (80, B, Slashing, up to 6 uses)
FireKnife (60, Fire, B, Slashing, up to 6 uses)
AquaKnife (60, Aqua, B, Slashing, up to 6 uses)
ElecKnife (60, Elec, B, Slashing, up to 6 uses)
BambooKnife (60, Wood, B, up to 6 uses)
Boomerang1 (60, Wood, B, hits up to 3 enemies)
NeedleCannon1 (10, Wood, B, hits 8 times)
CornShot1 (50, Wood, A, Trick-Shot Spread 1)
CornShot1 (50, Wood, A, Trick-Shot Spread 1)
HeatShot (40, Fire, A, Spread 1)
AquaTower1 (100, Aqua, D, Group Attack, Line-Chain)
AquaNeedle1 (20, Aqua, B, hits 3 times)
ZapRing1 (40, Elec, A, Stun)
RedFruit1 (S, Recover80 to first that hits it, 1 HP object)
Recover30 (30, S, Recovery)
Barrier (S, creates 10 HP barrier)
PanelGrab (S, raises accuracy for remainder of turn)
Attack+10 (S, increases all hits of selected chip attack by 10)
Folder Count: 20/30
Extra Chips
- MiniEnergyPack: 2/4
- SmallEnergyPack: 0/4
- EnergyPack: 0/4
- LargeEnergyPack: 0/4
- FullEnergyPack: 0/4
- SneakRun: 0/4
- Escape: 0/4
- Untrap: 0/4
- Bookmark: 0/4
- SPRevive: 0/4
- Total: 27
Basic Information
LV 6
Element: Normal
Subtype: Sword

-Attack LV 1
-Rapid LV 1
-Charge LV 1
-Speed LV 4 (4 actions)

-Buster Damage: 2
-Charge Damage: 8
-Buster Effect: None
-UnderShirt (10)
-HP+50 (10)
Total: 20/40
Spare NaviCust Programs
Signature System 3.5
Buster Shot: Sharp Buster
- SharpMan's right hand becomes a generic Navi buster, and fires an ordinary energy shot.
= 2 damage
Charge Shot: Single Edge
-SplashMan: SharpMan performs a single slash with his arm blades.
= 8 damage
Tornado Blade
- SharpMan detaches one of his arm blades and flings it with great spin, dealing multiple hits to an enemy.
= 20 damage x 3 hits + Slashing
+ 2 TCD
Razor Shield
- SharpMan raises his arm blades to block a single attack, then counterstrike with a slash.
= 1-hit Shield; Upon successful block, 20 + Slashing
+ 1 TCD
Sig Points
- Total Points Available: 60/60 (points acquired/max points possible)
- Spare Points Available: 0
- Tornado Blade: 60
- Razor Shield: 40
=Total: 100/100
ExorcistCross (LV 1) (Wood/Sword)
+10 to Wood Chips
Buster Shot: Exorcist Buster (2)
Charge Shot: Spirit Carver (8, Wood)
Signature Attack:
- Wuji Cut (30, Wood, Slashing, Sleep)
Total: 80/80
- Exorcist: 45 FXP
- Kindle: 15 FXP
- Capo: 6 FXP
- VoiceMan: 5 FXP
- Agent: 5 FXP
- Utopia: 5 FXP
Upgrade List
HPMemory: 0
PowerUP: 0/12
Speed Upgrade: 1/3
NaviCust Expansion: 0
Process Upgrade: 1/5
SubMemory: 0
Support Programs
Type: Fire/Speed
LV 0
40/40 HP
Attack: 10, Fire element
Actions: 1
Special Abilities: (none)
Hector's E-Mail Address
Address Book:
Key Items
- PET: Hector's PET. SharpMan is currently installed.
- Straw Hat: An Electopian style straw hat, picked up in Yumland Area as a souvenir.
Win-Loss Record: 0-0
Wins: (none)
Losses: (none)