Name: John Montagliati
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Description: John is a very tall individual at 6'6", but a scant 190lbs. He has light brown/dirty blond hair and blue eyes, and has fairly pale skin with very few freckles. His hands and feet are rather large, and has a prominent jawbone. His wardrobe is rather varied, for a good reason, but he normally wears baggy blue jeans, a white shirt, and a black leather jacket as dark as his size 16 shoes. He doesn't wear glasses or contacts, in fact he has 20/10 vision.
Personality: John is an average college student, bright-eyed, open minded, and curious. He's fairly extroverted and willing to start conversations with others, even in the midst of virus busting. However, he is truly fascinated by the abnormal; not so much alien or completely foreign, rather something simply outside of the norm. This is one of the reasons why he became so interested in KaijuMan, who he found in a park near his house. "Kai's" almost anarchic behavior is genuinely interesting to him, and wants to see how his Navi will develop.
PET Upgrades: The PET wasn't originally his, he found it along with KaijuMan. it has a green and gray color scheme with his emblem printed on the side. It has different buttons and switches, which have no function other than to look impressive, like a movie prop.

Name: KaijuMan.EXE
Element/Subtype: Fire/Break
Gender: Male
Description: This beast stands nearly 10 feet tall, but his length from nose to tail reaches almost 15 feet. He weighs in at almost 1 metric ton of muscle, armor, and teeth. However, KaijuMan looks more like a Navi in costume than an actual "b-movie" monster. KaijuMan's face is almost completely hidden inside the reptilian maw of his outfit, and the only features that can be seen are his eyes. The maw has a full range of movement, and moves very naturally, even when speaking. When his maw is completely closed, KaijuMan continues to see clearly thanks to the yellow, reptilian eyes affixed to the head of his outfit. His reptilian head is set down near his chest, with no neck to speak of, so turning his head is difficult, nigh impossible. His Navi emblem, a silhouette of a person towering over a city landscape, is situated between his eyes. He has three pairs of bumps lining the top of his head, and each one has a long, spine-like spike that extends almost 2 feet away from his head. These spines have a limited range of movement, and help convey emotion on top of making him look even more intimidating. His shoulders have long, blade like bones protruding from where his shoulderblades would be. These bones are a dull gray color with a partially rough surface.

KaijuMan's reptilian body is covered in small, dark olive drab scales to allow him a wide range of movement, from his neck all the way to his tail. His muscular arms are fairly human-like, but covered in muscles. His forearms are covered in dull gray vambraces, which have four claw-like blades circling the front edge, ready to spring forward and surround his clawed hands with jagged steel blades. His hands weren't the only sharpened parts of his body, the armor covering his thigh each have hardened spikes extending down to his clawed feet, and his spine is lined by dorsal spikes. To complete the pointy ensemble, a metal sleeve with four blades is secured at the end of his tail.

Personality: KaijuMan's personality is like a conglomeration of several different quirks; a mix of competitiveness, introversion, bloodlust, and a slight superiority complex. He prefers solo rampaging to a monster tag-team, and whenever he has allies he tends to become very competitive. He hates to have an ally defeat more enemies or cause more destruction than him, and may become aggressive towards him/her as a result. He tends to be rather stoic and silent outside of battle, but becomes much more outspoken and active in a fight. If he can't defeat a foe, he would still try to prove his superiority by destroying anything around him, anything to prove that he is the "king of destruction." KaijuMan tolerates John to a point, but he does appreciate the relatively high amount of freedom he now has thanks to his NetOp. After being trapped in his PET for months, he truly appreciates the opportunity to stomp around the open net.

Background: KaijuMan was originally created as a mascot/advertisement for an up-and-coming film company, specializing in monster movies. Unfortunately for them, Netopia wasn't really in the market for the genre, and the company went under. KaijuMan was out of a job, and was essentially caged in his PET for several months. Needless to say, the monster Navi was not amused by this. He became more and more aggressive, which caused the owner to have second thoughts about keeping the Navi, and abandoned the PET in a Yoka park. That was when John found him.

Custom Weapon:
Melee: KaijuMan uses any part of his body to bludgeon the enemy, like his claws, head, and tail.
Melee Charge Attack: KaijuMan charges his opponent and delivers a devastating headbutt and takes a bite out of his opponent.
Ranged: KaijuMan fires a blast of air from his mouth, damaging the enemy.
Ranged Charge Attack: KaijuMan adds a liquid propellant to his air blast, and ignites as it passes over his white-hot teeth

Signature Attacks: [60/60 (90)]
Drain Crunch: KaijuMan takes a bite out of the target, causing damage and restoring some of his health. The influx of energy into his system causes him to become slightly bloated and sluggish. (30 Drain Fire + Self Slow + 1TCD) (60pts + 30 Nerf pts to cooldown)

NCP: Undershirt, HP +50