Profiles can stay where they are, I think, and links are still in the sig, so I'm just posting the sig mess.

<a href="javascript: togglebar('Asator1'); void(0);">Operator: Duke Rigel</a><div id="Asator1" class="signaturetab">Operator: [URL=]Duke Rigel[/URL]
Key items: Duke's PET, Squalo's tooth, HPMemory x5, [s]NaviCustExpansion x1[/s], SpeedUpgrade x3, Process Upgrade x19, Buster PowerUP x3, Bird God Figurine
Old E-mail (inactive): [URL=][/URL]
New E-mail (not inactive): [URL=][/URL]
Homepage: [URL=](Not Inactive!)[/URL]</div>
[u]Zenny: 10090[s]z[/s][/u]<br><a href="javascript: togglebar('Asator2'); void(0);">Navi: Pianissimo</a><div id="Asator2" class="signaturetab">Navi: [URL=]Pianissimo[/URL]
HP: 200
Level: 20
Actions: 6
Element: Normal
Subtype: Sword
Crosses: RedCross lvl1
Navi Customizer contents: Undershirt
Navicust points: 10/40
Attack: 2
Rapid: 2
Charge: 2
-4x MiniEnergyPack
-0x EnergyPack
-2x Escape</div><br><a href="javascript: togglebar('Asator3'); void(0);">Support Program: Edana</a><div id="Asator3" class="signaturetab">SP: [URL=]Edana[/URL]
Level: 0
Bugfrags: 18
HP: 40
Attack: 10
Actions: 1
Sigs: None</div><br><a href="javascript: togglebar('Asator4'); void(0);">FXP</a><div id="Asator4" class="signaturetab">FXP:
Red: 36 (Level 1 Cross)
Raiden: 15
Nachahmen: 15
Triggerman: 10
Seraphim: 10
Druidman: 5
Broadside: 5
Arcaster: 5</div><br><a href="javascript: togglebar('Asator5'); void(0);">Battlechips</a><div id="Asator5" class="signaturetab">In folder (30):
1x RageClaw - 40, can throw enemies at other enemies for 20 each
1x Sword - 80
1x WideSword - 80, wide
1x Wideblade - 110, wide
1x AquaSword - 80, water
1x StepSword - teleport, 120 wide
1x VariableSword - 80+damage of chip sacrificed, effect varies depending on chip
1x Kunai1 - 30x3, slashing
1x DashAttack - 90, impact, up to 5 targets in a line
1x Aquaneedle1 - 3x20, water
1x Thunder1 - 40, stun, elec
1x AreaGrab
1x Rope1 - 50 wood+hold for three turns
1x PowerBolt - 70+seeking
1x Bubbler1 - 50, aqua, spread one
1x FireBurner1 - 50, fire, line attack
1x PanelReturn - returns terrain to normal
1x FireHit1 - 60, fire
1x Boomerang1 - 60, wood
1x Flameline1 - 70, fire, line
1x Varitails - 10x9, multiuse
1x ElecReel1 - 80, elec, all ground or all aerial
1x WoodTower1 - 100, wood, group, ground
1x RockCube - Creates a 200 HP slab of rock
1x Barrier - 10HP Barrier
1x Candle1 - 100HP object, Regen5 while active
1x WhiteWeb1 - 40+snare to up to three
1x Guard2 - Reflect one attack for up to 120
1x SummonBlack1 - 160+slashing+wide, can only be summoned from broken or missing
1x Airstorm2 - 60+pull to three

Not in Folder (9):
1x Cannon - 40
1x Energybomb - 40x3
1x MarkCannon
1x CornShot - 2x50, Wood
2x HeatShot1 - 40, fire, spread one
1x Drain1 - 50 Drain
1x Powerbolt - 70+seeking
1x Flameline1 - 70, fire, line</div><br><a href="javascript: togglebar('Asator6'); void(0);">Signature Programs</a><div id="Asator6" class="signaturetab">Pool: 740/740
-Enjoy the Silence [4] - Silent effect, gain five instances of Strengthen30
-Cloak and Dagger [4] - 'teleport', then backstab attack, 70 highly accurate damage
-Red Eyes [] - LOCKED
-Nightmares [2] - Create an illusion of hazardous terrain all around an opponent, while making an actual lava panel right where they're standing.
-Silencer [4] - 150 damage to one enemy
-Call of Darkness [4] - Blocks out light, creating a surreal darkness, invisibility to Pianissimo, and a 20-HP barrier
-Speed of Darkness [P] - Passive tactical movement
-Deep Silent Complete [2] - Inflict Silence
-Shadowbind [] - LOCKED
-Dance of Death [] - LOCKED</div><br><a href="javascript: togglebar('Asator7'); void(0);">OOC Crap</a><div id="Asator7" class="signaturetab">"People who quote themselves are wankers." ~Asator
"Swing deletes all the viruses in one shot. Godmoder." ~Twi
"Tearing through these viruses are making their family and friends VEWY VEWY SAD, YOU KNOW." ~PA Master
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