Na'im bin Asad.
25 years old.
Na'im is thin-bodied, approximately 1.90 meters tall, and a man who looks like he couldn't even punch a dent in a pack of butter. His skin has been tanned since his birth.
He is entirely bald. His eyes are topaz colored, but this is hard to tell as his eyes are squinted as if closed and normally hidden from view by the pair of dark gray sunglasses he wears.
He wears a gray denim jacket with a flame pattern in red, orange, and yellow at the end of the sleeves. Under this jacket he wears an entirely black shirt with an image on the front of a roaring lion pictured from front-view. At his neck and over his jacket he wears a long, red, wool scarf with orange and yellow flame patterns at both ends.
Na'im wears a pair of gray denim jeans on his lower body with a flame-pattern like the one at his sleeves. The jeans have more pockets than a usual pair. He wears a pair of black shoes on his feet.
First of all, Na'im is always collected. Whatever he does in his daily life, he remains calm and always thinks things through before acting. Because of this he is very hard to get scared or to get freaked out over things. He has a kind spirit, always showing off a smile whenever he's with someone. Besides being kind, he is also very gentle and enjoys helping others out. Most of the times he remains silent, stuck in thoughts, but doesn't forget he could be surrounded by others and will always react to them if necessary. A habit of his is that whenever he talks, he will try to rhyme unless it is impossible for his choice of words. This originated from his job as street musician. He lives by the sentence 'If something good can happen, it will happen.'
PET Modifications:
Na'im's PET is built into a portable electric keyboard that has a shoulder strap attached to it so he can always carry it with him. It's lightweight and has a fold out stand on the back so he can set it on the ground. In the middle are the keys with on the right side the PET's window and a slot for chips on the side. It's entirely operated by touch screen and a few voice commands. It can be hooked up to a computer for eventual updates on Djinni or the OS of the electric keyboard.

Name: Djinni.EXE
Gender: Female
Type: Fire / Summon

Djinni has a slim body of 6 feet tall with cupsize E. While it's not obvious from a quick glance, Djinni's body is fairly muscled but does not take away her feminine figure. Her skin is tanned, just as Na'im's.
She has long crimson hair fitted in a ponytail with most of her hair covered by a white turban wrapped around her head. Beneath the turban and upon her ears are golden round objects familiar to Navis. On the top of the objects is Djinni's emblem, which is the image of a flaming crosshair. Connected to the round objects is a transparent veil that reaches from left to right and covers everything from her nose to her neck.
Covering her body is a white 'crop top' that reveals the underside of her breasts. On Djinni's back, through her top, is a diamond-shaped ruby embedded into her skin. Two golden rings float behind Djinni's shoulder blades, not capable of moving elsewhere except for their current position, that each have four long flames pointing outwards in a wing-like pattern. Circled around her wrists is a floating golden ring that is suspended in its position, incapable of touching Djinni's skin directly. On the back of each of Djinni's hands is a diamond-shaped ruby embedded into her skin. On her left hand, on her ringfinger, is a small golden ring with the word 'Efreet' embedded into it.
Around Djinni's waist, at the height of her hips, is a wide golden ring with five rubies embedded into it with equal empty spaces between each ruby. Below this she wears silk-like pants, wide in shape and white in color, and wears a white bikini bottom underneath it which is somewhat visible through the pants. Around Djinni's ankles are a levitated golden ring each. Djinni wears no shoes and has proper human feet. A diamond-shaped ruby is embedded in the front of each of Djinni's feet, just below the ankle. Djinni is capable of transforming her legs into a transparent red trail of fire coming from the ring around her waist at will.

Being in the spotlight could be considered Djinni's most favourite hobby at this point. She will do anything to be seen by everyone and everything only so she can get the attention she so desires, usually she will use her sex appeal for this task. Generally Djinni is a cheerful person, but loves to complain if she doesn't get her way, and despises serious and sad atmospheres. Djinni is always seeking to be better than everyone else. Usually she's a sore loser, but with time she will accept defeat only to struggle to become better than before. There is one thing she will never improve herself with though and this is her intelligence. Even though she is a Navi with the internet at her side, she is a ditz and her strategies consist of shooting stuff and then shoot it some more, unless her Operator Na'im knows something better and reacts on time.

Custom Weapon:
Custom Weapon: Djinni carries a six foot long magic scepter of flame summoning. The scepter's silver shaft is slender enough to fit comfortably within Djinni's grasp, and is also light enough to easily wield with one hand. Welded to the top of the staff is a vertical silver hoop with mystic runes enscribed all over it. A free-floating golden ring hovers around the shaft of the scepter where the shaft merges with the silver ring. Floating within the center of the runed silver ring is a ruby sphere that glows faitnly with an ever burning aura of flame. The butt of the staff features an identical free-floating gold ring that is centered around a socket in which a diamond-cut ruby stone is inset.

[b][spoiler=Net Operator - Na'im bin Asad style="font-size:100%; color:#000000; width: 340; height: 12; border:0px solid #000000;background-image: url(; letter-spacing:0px;padding:6px 5px 6px 5px;text-align:right;"][URL=]Na'im bin Asad.[/URL]
Key Items: PETBoard; Broken Net Katana (Yasu), Battlesuit.GMO.
Subchips: 2x MiniEnergy.
MAILTO: [URL=][/URL][/spoiler][spoiler=Net Navigator - Djinni.EXE style="color:#000000; width: 340; height: 12; border:0px solid #000000;background-image: url(;padding:6px 5px 6px 5px;text-align:right; letter-spacing:0px;"][URL=]Djinni.EXE[/URL]
Type: Fire / Summon
Level: 21
HP: 180
Attack: 1
Charge: 1
Rapid: 1
Buster Atack: 2
Buster Upgrade: Knockback
Speed: 4[/spoiler][spoiler=Support Program - Fhyre.SP style="color:#000000; width: 340; height: 12;padding:6px 5px 6px 5px;text-align:right; border:0px solid #000000;background-image: url(; letter-spacing:0px;"][URL=]Fhyre.SP[/URL]
Type: Fire/Shield
Level: 10
HP: 70
Attack: 20
Speed: 2
GMOs: Avatar.GMO[/spoiler][spoiler=2971 [s]Z[/s]enny - 130 Bugfrags style="color:#000000; width: 340; height: 12;padding:3px 5px 3px 5px;text-align:right; border:0px solid #000000;background-image: url(; letter-spacing:0px;"][/spoiler][spoiler=Battle Chips - Total: 26 style="color:#000000; width: 340; height: 12;padding:3px 5px 3px 5px;text-align:right;border:0px solid #000000;background-image: url(; letter-spacing:0px;"]2x Machinegun1 [30 DMG; 9 Shots; D Accuracy; Spray Fire; Ranged]
1x Quake1 [100 DMG; Impact; Medium Cracked Area; C Accuracy; Ranged]
1x SandZone [Create Large Area Of Sand Terrain; S Accuracy]
1x SandWorm1 [80 DMG; Impact; +50 Sand Boost; Back Stab; B Accuracy; Virus]
2x SandRing [Hold 1 For 2 Turns; Ground; S Accuracy; Ranged]
[color=crimson]1x FireBomb1 [60 FIRE; Blast 1; 10 Burn; C Accuracy; Ranged]
3x Heatshot [40 FIRE; Splash; A Accuracy; Ranged]
3x FireBurn1 [50 FIRE; Strikes Up To Three Enemies; A Accuracy; Ranged]
1x Firehit2 [90 FIRE; Impact; Double Attack; A Accuracy; Ranged]
1x ElementFlare [40 FIRE; Line Attack; Ground Attack; Creates Lava Panels; B Accuracy; Ranged]
2x Meteor9 [100 HP Object; 30 FIRE x 3; 3 Turns Or Until Broken; D Accuracy; Ranged]
3x Meteor12 [100 HP Object; 30 FIRE x 4; 3 Turns Or Until Broken; D Accuracy; Ranged]
2x LavaCannon1 [90 FIRE; +40 FIRE If On Lava Panel; B Accuracy; Ranged]
1x Magnum1 [120 FIRE; Breaking; Panel Breaking; 1/2 Charge For 1/2 Extra Targets; A Accuracy; Ranged]
1x Candle1 [100 HP Heatbody Object; 5 HP Regen To All; 3 Turns Or Until Broken; Ranged][/color]
[color=orange]1x Thunder2 [80 ELEC; 1 Stun; Homing; C Accuracy; Ranged][/color][/spoiler][spoiler=Upgrades style="color:#000000;padding:3px 5px 3px 5px;text-align:right; height: 12; width: 340; border:0px solid #000000;background-image: url(; letter-spacing:0px;"]Process Upgrades: 18
HP Memory: 4
NaviCust Expansions: 8
Speed Upgrades: 1
NaviCust [80/80]
Equipped: AirShoes, FloatShoes, UnderShirt.
Unequipped: Shield.[/spoiler][spoiler=Cross Information style="color:#000000; width: 340; border:0px solid #000000;background-image: url(;padding:3px 5px 3px 5px;text-align:right; height: 12; letter-spacing:0px;"]Acquired Crosses:
- [URL=]BroadsideCross LV2[/URL] [Elec/Break; +15 Elec; +20 Max HP; +1 Speed Up To 6]
- [URL=]EternalisCross LV1[/URL] [Aqua/Recover; +10 Aqua]

Amount of FXP:
Broadside.EXE - 89
Shisho.EXE - 6
Voulge.EXE - 3
Exorcist.EXE - 2
Splashman.EXE - 2
Eternalis.EXE - 37
Rhea.EXE - 29
Validus.EXE - 26[/spoiler][spoiler=Signature Programs style="color:#000000; width: 340; height: 12; padding:3px 5px 3px 5px;text-align:right; border:0px solid #000000;background-image: url(; letter-spacing:0px;"][URL=]Extended Descriptions.[/URL]
Total Pool: 780/780

Flame Eating Performance - Bad Luck [2 Sig Chill; Self Slow; 1 TCD]
Flame Eating Performance - Offense [40 Fire DMG; Sig Chill; 2 TCD]
Flame Eating Performance - Illumination [Accuracy Enhancement; Sig Chill; 2 TCD]
Earth Heater [40 HP Fire Element Object; One-Time Medium Area Lava Panels; 2 TCD]
Meteor Knight I [40 HP Fire Element Object; Passive 40 Fire DMG At Specified Enemy; Blast 1; Passive 20 HP Barrier At Self Or Ally; 6 TCD]
Meteor Knight II [40 HP Fire Element Object; Passive 40 Fire DMG At Specified Enemy; Blast 1; Passive 20 HP Barrier At Self Or Ally; 6 TCD]
Evasive Flames [Shadow; 2 TCD]
Flare Burst [40 Strengthen; Imbue Fire; Movement; 2 TCD]

Cross Sigs
Towering Topaz [4-Hit Shield; Self Slow; 1 TCD] [BroadsideCross]
Bit Rocket [60 HP Object; Passive 20 Elec DMG At Specified Enemy; Blast 1; Self Slow; 3 TCD] [BroadsideCross]
Jello Buddy [20 HP Aqua Element Object; Passive 20 Heal For Specified Ally; 2 TCD] [EternalisCross][/spoiler]