Name: FlareMan.EXE
Gender: Male
Element: Fire
Type: Normal
Appearance: FlareMan is a rather tall, lanky Navi, with a decidedly robotic appearance.
-His head is orbular, red with a gray face area. However, his face simply consists of two eyes with reddish-brown irises, and a flamethrower that seems to act as his nose and mouth.
-FlareMan's arms and hands are mostly gray, with some red trim on the latter. However, his most noteworthy feature is his shoulders and wrists, which are constantly ablaze. While he can disable this if necessary, it oddly requires more energy to stop than to simply allow them to burn.
-His body is covered with red armor, with a little bit of gray trim. On his chest is his emblem; two flames that form a circular shape.
-FlareMan's legs are exclusively gray, aside from the boots that cover his feet and part of the lower legs. His boots are red with gray trim.
Personality: Since his emotion simulation program does not function properly, he is a rather emotionless, cerebral Navi. He's sometimes confused by Christopher's benevolent nature, but over the years has learned to deal with it. Nonetheless, he greatly enjoys battles, though he will never engage in one without his operator's consent.
Custom Weapon: The flamethrower that serves as part of his face can be used to launch fire at enemies. He can also shoot some Fire-elemental chips from it, though it has no actual effect on the attack.
Signature Attack: Flame Gatling - FlareMan shoots several volleys of small flames from his flamethrower in rapid succession. 3 hits of 20 damage, Fire element. 2 turn cooldown.