Name: Skye.EXE
Gender: Female
Element: Normal
Subtype: Speed (Base Abilities: High Gear/Overclock)
Appearance: Skye's a fairly petite 5'3". From neck to toe, she's fully clad in thin black Navi armor. Over it is a blue tunic, that extends to her thighs, and has slits that rise to her hips for maximum ease of leg movement. She possesses more typical, thick Navi armor, which she wears as a breastplate and shoulder guards, as well as armored fingerless gauntlets. On the breastplate is her emblem, a stylized feathered wing.

Her helmet is mostly a standard blue Navi helmet, though it has wing decorations that extend slightly backward. It also possesses a retractable clear visor, to prevent visibility issues while traveling at high speeds. From its back, extends a long sky blue ponytail that goes down to her ankles.

Her mount is a typical Fishy virus, with reins attached for Skye to hold and give non-verbal directions.

Personality: Skye is a very passionate Navi, seeking to master the nearly lost art of virus riding. This is balanced with a very calm demeanor, seldom getting upset. This said, she has a tendency to blame herself if anything goes wrong, even when it clearly wasn't.

Her mount, Ray, is a virus that has a deep bond with Skye. Unless directed to by her, he wouldn't harm a fly, much less a Navi. He has a great love of going fast, and will get antsy if he doesn't get to cut loose as much as he'd like.

Custom Weapon: A lance with a head of two interlocking wings, that form a point at the tip. Skye is skilled in close range combat with it, and can even throw it as a ranged attack. She can wield it when not riding her mount, but since she's focused entirely on mounted combat, she's less capable in that state.

Also, unlike most Navis, Skye always fights while riding a virus; her beloved Fishy, Ray. In battle, they are inseparable, even by the strongest attacks in Cyberworld, and they even feel each other's pain when one is hit, as though just two parts of one entity.