Name: GigaMan.EXE
Gender: Male
Element: Null
Subtype: Variable
Passive: Adaptive: Each of your GMOs can be given an element, set at registration. While an elemental GMO is equipped, you can interact with terrain like you were that element in addition to your original element. This ability does not confer additional elemental weaknesses related to the GMO equipped, only how you interact with terrain types.
Active: Buff: Add (Level + 10) damage to any one chip attack or SP's regular attack as a free action. (Once Per Turn)
Buster Element:null
Buster Effect: N/A
Normal Attack: (1 + 1) x 5 = 10 Null Damage
Half Charge Attack: (1 + 1) x 10 = 20 Null Damage
Full Charge Attack: (1 + 1) x 20 = 40 Null Damage
Speed:3 Actions

Appearance: Originally just a plain Normal Net Navi that came in the mostly white with gold trimming instead of the usually green and yellow. However after coming into contact with the mysterious lost junk data of a powerful super virus from the past, the navi's body has become slightly altered. The navi suit, as well as any armor kept its white with gold color, but his breastplate is a little wider with a large golden glass like spheres serve as shoulder joints that now separate his new large round shoulders from the body. Two big golden spikes protrude from each shoulder. The Navi's hands get almost five times bigger, and instead of fingers he now has four huge white and gold claws. Two circular cannon blaster can be seen centered on the inside of each palm. The Navi's legs are mostly intact except the boots are a little luxurious looking. A big change comes to his helmet, as it stretches out behind him a little longer with a few spikes on top. A black visor covers his face in entirety, only his glowing gold eyes can be seen behind it. A red wine colored upside down triangle serves as his Navi crest and is placed neatly above the visor, a matching wine colored belt rest around his waist ae well as a royal cape of the same color drops behind him from his shoulders.

Personality: Obsessed with Power, and competition he's always looking for more. It's like a hunger that eats away at him. Can be malicious and viscous at times due to the nature of his creation. Somewhat of a split personality, sometimes nice sometimes mean.

Custom Weapon: Uncharged shots take the form of a small white energy ball, fired from either hand. Charged shots Send a large golden energy beam toward an enemy. Shot type chips are fired from his hand cannons.
.GMO Files

Adaptive Element:Fire

The changes GigaMan goes through during this .GMO are very simple. The whiteness of his armor gains a very light red pearlescent tint. Would be hard to notice unless the light hits it at a certain angle. This .GMO change gives him the ability to walk across fire based terrain with ease.
Signature Attacks:
Points: 80

Points used:20/80

[GigaBarrier] - [HP Barrier] 20 HP Barrier. (20:20) = 20 points. ACC: S
Generates a HP Barrier.

[GigaBlast] - [Shot Type] (30 Null)Blast2. (30)(2) = 60 points. ACC: A
GigaMan fires a large golden energy ball at an enemy that explodes into a 3x3 area of damage.
Support Programs


Navi Customizer
Points: 25/40

Set Lava: 15