Name: Frio.EXE
Gender: Male
Element: Aqua
Subtype: Ground
Passive: Preserver: All terrain changes created by you can resist one instance of being overridden, unless you allow the change. Geomancer and other effects that forcibly consume terrain may instead consume the override resistance, if you choose.
Active: Tectonic Shift: As a free action, select two terrain types currently on the field and swap them, including positions. (Example: 5% A, 10% B becomes 5% B, 10% A) This counts as a terrain change. Restricted terrain types cannot be selected. (Once Per Turn)
Buster Element:null
Buster Effect: N/A
Normal Attack: (1 + 1) x 5 = 10 Null Damage
Half Charge Attack: (1 + 1) x 10 = 20 Aqua Damage
Full Charge Attack: (1 + 1) x 20 = 40 Aqua Damage
Speed:3 Actions

Appearance: Appears to be age 16, standing 5'5 128 lbs (If he were to be real). Not very large, but packs a punch. A humanoid body, with the skin and hear of a lion. The short hair that covers the majority of his body is a very light shade of blue, almost white if you weren't looking hard. The hair that surrounds his neck, and head, as a lion's mane is dark blue. The mane parts, to reveal a young mans face with slight lion like features, a dark blue lions nose, and dark blue eyes. He has a thin, slender body, but is very, very, VERY cut. Definition can be seen all through out his body, besides his covered legs. His hands are more human like, with five fingers ending with small claws, but his feet on the other hand, are paw-like with three large claws protruding from them. Only clothing he wears is a pair of Black cloth kung fu pants that close up right at his ankles, a black cloth kung-fu belt also rest around his waste.

Personality: Still a playful child at heart, but full of pride, and courage to match his lion-like body. Does not like to accept defeat. Very hyper, and energetic nature, and is always ready to better himself.

Custom Weapon: No buster, instead a snowball appears in his hand and he throws it at his enemy. Charged attacks, are bigger snowballs.
.GMO Files

Signature Attacks
Points: 200

Points used: 200/200

[Icicle punch] - [Melee type] 60 aqua damage + Ice + Break (60 + 20 + 20 = 100). [2 TCD] Accuracy: B
An Icicle covers his closed fist as he punches at an enemy that will cause freeze effects on ice and snow terrain, and will change sea to ice, and freeze things underwater.

[Ice body] - [40 HP Casing] (40:40 = 40). [1 TCD] Accuracy: S
Frio surrounds himself in a thin layer of ice, that protects him till destroyed.

[Tundra Spikes] -[Ground Type] 40 aqua damage + Ice (40 + 20 = 60). [1 TCD] Accuracy: B(Standing)/D or lower(Flying)
Frio uses his ability to bring forth a few thin frozen spikes from underneath an enemy, that will cause freeze effects on ice and snow terrain, and will change sea to ice, and freeze things underwater.
Support Programs

Navi Customizer
Points: 25/40

Set Ice: 15


WarriorCross v1
Warrior Cross V1
Element: Null
Subtype: Sword
Bonuses: +10 to all chips of the Null element
Passive: Sword Mastery: All Slashing attacks gain an additional Accuracy rank. Accuracy with slashing attribute attacks can surpass A rank.
Active: Swordplay: Free action parry/dodge after 2 consecutive Slashing attacks. (Once Per Turn)

Appearance: Frio get's a matching set of WarriorMan's armor, with a few minor adjustments to fit Frio's style. Most noticably the armor has a icy blue tint to it, while the designs around the helm became little snowflakes, but if given a closer look the ends of the snowflake twist into tiny little sword designs, this snowflake/sword mixture becomes the NaviCrossCrest, which appears again in the center of his new breastplate. Unlike WarriorMan, Frio gain's an icyblue colored flat cape that drops from his shoulder pads down to the back of his ankles, also bearing the new crest on the back in a light grey color. A pair of plain black boots now cover his feet up to just below the Navi's knees. His newly dawned navi suit is a dull grey color and can be seen underneath his armor from the neckline down.

Custom Weapon: On WarriorFrio's back is a sword with a three foot long blade. While it obviously appears to be metallic in origin, it gives off a shimmering appearance that defies all real life materials. It possesses mystical properties that allow it to channel both elemental and non-elemental forces.

Signatures (80/80)
1. [Blade Combo] - [Melee] 20 Null Damage x 3[1 TCD](20 x 3) = 60. Accuracy: C(B due to Sword Mastery) WarriorFrio repeatedly slashes an enemy with his sword. While weak, the hits add up.
2. [WarriorShield] - [1 x Hit Shield] - [0 TCD](20). Accuracy: S WarriorFrio holds up a freshly polished icyblue knight shield to protect his front from one attack.