Name: Fenixia.exe
Gender: Female
Element: Elec
Subtype: Cursor (Reload/Launcher)

Appearance: Standing about 4 feet and 5 feet tall, Fenixia is a small navi, this much was sure. She is based upon the wild (and sometimes domestic) canine known as the Fennec Fox, potentially where her name was derived from as far as she knows. She is covered in a silky smooth red-brown fur that covers the entirety of her back and sides, with her front being covered in a white-cream colored fur. Her ears, much akin to Fennecs are very large, they are a couple inches in length with tufts of fur on the inner brim of the pair, allowing her to hear at a far greater capacity than most navis. Her face has a simple muzzle that stretches from her face with her mouth containing small, sharp teeth and a broad canine tongue. On that muzzle is a little black, triangle shaped (and wet) nose with a few whiskers growing from the sides of her muzzle. Her eyes a deep stone-brown hue. And coming from her rear, a bushy brown-red tail that is several feet in length that is absolutely covered in soft fur.

Her usual attire that she wears around her body is a simple one-piece ruby red and black jumpsuit with a hole where her tail comes out at, with her navi emblem fastened atop the middle of her some-what buxom chest. Adorning the suit is a simple belt that could be considered a utility belt more than anything, several capsules and other such things adorning it, along with a rather large ammo pouch on her left thigh. And with the belt, holds several weapons, mostly of a futuristic and embellished towards the sci-fi realm of things, guns with a silver sheen that glints off them in the light, as well as small spheres that act as grenades and the like on her right thigh. Her feet are in the shape of small, squishy paw pads with the fur and claws that come with it, her hands are in the shape of a simple furred five-fingered human hand, with paw pads because why not?

A minute detail that only she knows about and has kept a secret from her netop is a sort of sereal code that seemed to be "branded" onto the outer part of her upper thigh, a simple string of numbers and letters that she has no memory of getting in the first place; K-912-C-01135

Personality: A simple way to describe Fenixia is...straightforward. She is a girl that will not be afraid to say what she has on her mind, as well as assault those who offend her in some way. Seemingly a military-grade navi, she was made to be stern to those around her, including her impromptu netop who discovered her data in the first place. She does not -mean- to be so cold hearted, she does indeed want to open up, but she finds it easier to push the feelings down to keep on trying to "train" her netop to open up, come out of her shell. But despite everything, she is committed to one thing; a sense of justice that she feels in the deepest recesses of her core data, and as such, has encouraged her netop to become a licensed net battler to better protect, not only herself, but the net at large.

Custom Weapon: She carries with her a complement of weaponry, mostly of the ranged or explosive variety. Each gun on her belt either firing a simple laser, or a blast of heated plasma. The explosives on her belt in a variety of flavors, thermal, flashbang, smoke bomb, etc.

Signature Attacks

120 total Points

Plasma Grenade: Fenixia grabs a grenade off her belt and throws it at her foe, the weapon "attaches" upon hitting them, burning them for light damage before exploding moments later, dealing more damage afterwards.
(Multi-Stage: Deal 10 Elec contact damage to target, then, Time-Delay(1 of Fenixia's actions later) deal 50 Elec damage to same target, 2TCD, 60 points)

Medigel: Fenixia pops open one of the pouches on her belt and brings out a goopy, viscous and slimy substance that, when applied to wounds, heals her and bolsters her strength for one attack. (Heal 30 HP+Strengthen20, 2 TCD, 60 points)