Name: WarriorMan.EXE
Gender: Male
Element: Normal
Subtype: Sword (Sword Mastery/Riposte)
Appearance: WarriorMan stands at an even 6 feet tall.

WarriorMan wears a mostly standard silver Navi helmet, though the forehead area has been changed to look like a knight's helmet's visor. A shin length, snow white ponytail sticks out from the back. Over each earflap is his emblem, a stylized version of his sword. He possesses purple eyes.

From the neck down, every inch of his body is covered in a black Navi suit. Over his torso is some standard silver Navi armor, with his emblem adorning the center of the chest. He also possesses shoulder guards and fingerless gauntlets made from the same material. His choice of footwear is a pair of boots that come up to just below his knees, and are made of the same silver armor as the rest.

Personality: Despite his knight in shining armor appearance, WarriorMan tends to be a bit cold, thinking himself superior to all others. Gary's insistence on him participating in virtual LARPing puzzles him, believing actual battles to be far superior than making them up. That said, like his operator, he has a bit of a weakness for women, though he often manages to show this in the most jerkish ways imaginable.

Custom Weapon: On WarriorMan's back is a sword with a three foot long blade. While it obviously appears to be metallic in origin, it gives off a shimmering appearance that defies all real life materials. It possesses mystical properties that allow it to channel both elemental and non-elemental forces.