Name: Scarlett.EXE
Gender: Female
Element: Fire
Subtype: Recovery
Passive: Medical Mastery: All signature actions using the Healing effect and Recovery chips restore 20% more HP.
Active: Panacea: As a free action, you gain one instance of Status Cure. This can be added to an action, or used freely on its own. (One Per Turn)

Appearance: A slender female standing roughly 6ft tall due to the heels over her boots. Her skin had a greyish tint to it. Her eyes and lips both a dark purple color. Long straight black hair, that ran to her mid back with a subtle change to a bright purple at the tips. A few slightly wavy bright red bangs fell evenly on either side of her forehead. Two large ram like horns curled from each side of her head signifying she was more then a humanoid based navi. A slick and shiny black long sleeved latex catsuit fits tightly over her whole body, minus her hands and feet. The catsuit opens up to show the bustline of her medium sized breast, upper chest and neck area. Dark purple leather gloves cover her hands, and run to the middle of her forearms. Short black claws can be seen protruding from the gloves. A matching pair of thigh high heeled boots cover her legs. Scarlett's booty wasn't the biggest but it had a delightful, firm shape that the latex hugged nicely. The center of her back dawned her navi crest which was a black circle with a purple flame emblem that had two two small ram horns poking out either side. Her shoulder blades seemed to sprout two large bat like demon wings that reached out twice her arm span. These wings where just for show however, until the proper program were to be installed.

Personality: A very mature and dominate natured navi. Doesn't do well with being ordered around. She enjoys dishing out pain, punishment... and torture even. In a lot of ways shes the complete opposite of her Operator, yet she cares for Katomie deeply.

Custom Weapon: Uncharged shots take the form of a small white energy ball, fired from either hand. Charged shots take the shape of a purple fire ball.

Signature Attack:
[Dinner Time] - [Melee Type] 40 Fire Damage + Life Drain ( 40pts x 2 = 80). Accuracy: B. Bites into an enemy with her sharp fiery fangs, using their data to fuel her HP.