Name: Erysichthon.EXE ("Eris")
Gender: Female
Element: Fire
Subtype: Bug (Floating Point Error/Glitch Eater)


Reference: (1) (2)

For the majority of her appearance, Eris takes on the appearance of a petite, slightly thick young lady, with rocky-red skin. Her chubby face, with its gleaming emerald eyes and jet-black triangles tattooed on her cheeks, is bordered by long red hair. Straight and smooth, it covers her forehead with gentle bangs and flows down to the small of her back, with a very noticeable springy cowlick jutting out from the top. Her ears are covered by black horns, which jut out from the side of her head towards its rear, and grow slightly redder as they approach her skin, seamlessly blending into it.

Themed after a devil temptress, her design continues with her attire being a single maroon tube dress that leaves a modest amount of chest and a very immodest amount of thigh uncovered. Atop the dress, besides her plentiful chest, two pairs of dark red claws of some sort border the top of the dress. The back of the dress has a pair of parallel horizontal cuts that circles around from the sides of her waist to her back. A circular cutout below these cuts has a dark red pointed tail, with its circumference being about her wrist as its thinnest, and its color being the same as the one on the claws atop her dress. Her emblem is hidden under the tube dress, just above her tailbone, depicting a zig-zagging line horizontally across a deep red circle.

Hidden underneath her pretty external design is the last feature, where Eris's full operational name is derived from. Eris's body can split open at any point to reveal a remarkably grotesque maw, lined with sharp meat-tearing teeth and dripping with jet-black, almost oil-like viscous saliva. Its default position is the pointed end of her tail, though it also seems to be rather fond of manifesting in various gaps on Eris's body, even extending her mouth beyond her cheek by appearing inside of it.

The maw will consume anything that is given to it, but its main diet is Eris's own flesh, which appears to have its blood being of the same fluid as the mouth's black viscous saliva. Once consumed, the flesh regenerates at a relatively rapid pace. The maw can also expel various bits of flesh back out, which can either resemble parts of Eris's own limbs, or simply indiscriminate chunks of meat.


Eris is rather happy-go-lucky for what she is, perhaps morbidly so. Perfectly happy to bite off her own fingers for a snack in front of other people, Eris is innocent to a fault, and has no real concept of what is appropriate in social contexts. On the other hand, her demonic maw almost seems to have a personality of its own. Acting almost like a guard dog, the maw aggressively protects Eris from being physically exploited, unfortunately sometimes by her own operator. Those that can manage to look past her appearance and somehow tame her "guard dog" will find that she enjoys any bit of company quite happily, though she might ask for a bite or two, and not from a menu.

Custom Weapon: Eris uses her own two fists to attack more often than not, with her "maw" assisting in methods such as biting down on her targets and belching out its black corrupting saliva.

Signature Attacks: (200/200)

Passive: Black Residue
Eris's maw constantly leaves leaks black saliva wherever it manifests, which has rather strange effects on whatever it touches. Usually the fluid simply seeps back into Eris's body, manifesting into odd effects.
| Glitch | 20 PP/80 SP |

Active: Howl Impact
Eris's maw widens and expels a sound wave powerful enough to launch a target several feet away. Sometimes, this can include Eris herself, if she positions her mouth correctly.
| Microburst | 40 SP | 1 TCD |

Active: Consume Data
Eris bites off a piece of anything she can get her hands on, and assimilates it into her body. She's not a picky eater.
| Life Drain 40, Melee-Type | 80 SP | 2 TCD |