Name: Nikko.EXE (V2/Corrupted)
Gender: Female
Element: Fire
Subtype: Bug (Floating Point Error/Glitch Eater)

Appearance: After her busting in a hidden network that nobody had seen (read: Rogue Net), Nikko had been ejected from it by great force by a grey colored Metool (that she had later learned was a Metool Omega, amazingly enough) and was almost deleted in an instant from the sheer force her body had been hit with. Afterwards, she remained in a catatonic and chaoticly critical state, body trying to self repair the damage sustained. Her repair operator, a man by the name of Jay, that her netop had befriended years prior, managed to fix up the beaten and very much broken navi. However at great cost to her internal programming that Jay had no way to repair. Replacing it, however, was a different story. By removing the singular cross the navi had obtained with a one Majinman Junior, he would splice that into her original data and repair her from the outside in. This was not without drawbacks however. The process would change her entire elemental structure (From Normal into Fire) and even with a successful repair, her original typing would become far more chaotic, eventually "evolving" into the now known and recognized Bug.

Her appearance had also been given a fairly hefty overhaul to boot, to say the least of this. Her appearance now taking on that of a young 20-somethings woman with animalistic features that pertained to her original self. Full red lips colored a deep purple with lipstick, a cute little black colored cat nose with six whiskers coming from near it, three on each side that she can control within reason. Big aqua blue feline eyes, a head of thick and soft blonde hair to accentuate her head with two large pointed cat ears coming from the top, white fur with black tips and on the inside of them a full dullish pink. Her body standing at around 5 and a half feet tall, with around 190 pounds distributed around her form, some of it being pure fat, other being toned muscle that can be seen at a glance. Her skin a full tone of a white woman, wearing a purple navi body suit that clings firmly against her body to show off her every contour and curve with her feet, ankles, wrists and hands being fully free.

With an above-average bust size of around a D cup, her bust sticks out just a bit thanks to her tight fitting Navi Suit that Jay designed for her. Nikko does not wear shoes or gloves with her design, opting for her feet and hands to remain bare, and for good reason. Her toes and fingers are adorned with cat-like nails that curve downwards, though when not fighting they look like painted, oversized human nails with a glossy pink finish. And to finish, her behind is rather flat, but does have a slight curve to it; as well as having a long, fluffy white tail that sticks out from where her tailbone would be at, drooping down behind her and hangs around at the ankle level. Nikko is able to use this to grab onto things, albeit loosely outside of battle or signature attacks.

Personality: Nikko, despite her brush with death from a well placed pickaxe to the entire body, her personality has not exactly -changed- per-say. Her mind has undergone a bit of reconstruction due to the cross now quite literally installed inside her core data, having a far more flirtatious and...well, lets say, promiscuous personality. She does not think much about her physical well-being without someone there to tell her to straighten up her act, without such words (or baring that, physical restraining) she is quite known to go off the handle, and even so far as to physically attack whoever she is with. Even then, her personality has become quite erratic, nobody knows the -how-, but some have blamed her forced cross, others blame the Bug subtype.

Custom Weapon: Even after the incident, Nikko opts in to fight at close range with her claws and feet, opting in for more acrobatic maneuvers as she fights. But also summoning weapons of blood, much like Majinman Junior before her, if she wishes to fight at range
Signature Attack

Smashing Blood Tentacle: Exhibiting her control over the now defunct cross and remembering a rather..."trying" busting run with Majinman Junior, Nikko summons up a blood tentacle that, instead of healing, smashes into the enemy with great force in defiance of what had happened previously. Though she is still...inexperienced with this kind of thing, requiring a chance to catch her breath afterwards lest she become lightheaded. (60 Fire+Break, Recovery Time (30 points towards cap), 3TCD) (60 points+30 Nerf)